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  1. No Doctor Who fans?
  2. Jodie Whittaker. Fantastic choice.
  3. I'm convinced her and Cindy Crawford are robots. They never age. She's gonna be a hot 80 year old one day.
  4. who made you say this Was it her Did she hold you at gunpoint
  5. I prefer brunette but thats probably because I usually like brunettes. She was at her best in Walk the Line as June Carter.
  6. My favorite film of hers is Rocket Science. She plays a debate champion but is a huge B.
  7. Tatiana Maslani is pretty cute. She's incredible in Orphan Black!
  8. That's Dominique Moceanu Um hot mom alert
  9. Do you like Reese as brunette or blonde? Oh and DM is still hot
  10. Sara Rue the sheep girl in CHW. Talk about a 180 damn.
  11. Believe it or not the hottest girl on can't hardly wait isn't JLH it's the creepy you are all sheep girl ik ik hard to believe but wait...
  12. Oh hell no
  13. My favorite is and has been for last 10+ years Coldplay They just released a new song yesterday too off their new EP
  14. I started watching Gilmore Girls recently and can't help but gawk at the screen everytime Lauren Graham comes on. She's gorgeous and 50 at that. She looks better than most 25 year olds. She's probably top 3 for me currently

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