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  1. Your Welcome Aniston is a total hottie BTW
  2. I bet the film was Idle Hands. It's the best she ever looked.
  3. I looked her up. She's not bad. I'm not wake up to watch the weather just for her though.
  4. Katy Colloton C7f9_1LWsAAoc71.mp4
  5. I was never into Megan Fox honestly
  6. Yes true but Spears was never attractive.
  7. Rosamund Pike
  8. Not sure about how tall she is. Aguilera is a bit trashy to me.
  9. I don't care for Christina. The prettiest of the pop girls is Mandy Moore and even she is average.
  10. I love Scarlett in Lost in Translation.
  11. Does anybody else like Rosamund Pike?
  12. 1. Forrest Lamp 2. Adoree Jackson 3. Tanoh Kpassagnon
  13. It's crazy Lauren Graham is 50 years old today. She's so freaking hot!
  14. Briga Heelan

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