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  1. The 2nd Rounders

    Taven Bryan just skyrocketed to the top as far as needs go.
  2. Hankins Released

    Taven Bryan FTW
  3. The 2nd Rounders

    Between those 3 I prefer Penny his YAC is tops in the league I believe
  4. The 2nd Rounders

    If Ward is chosen best available OL at 36
  5. The 2nd Rounders

    We currently have 3 2nds. Who do you think the Colts will select 36: Taven Bryan DL3T 37: Malik Jefferson OLB 49: Rashaad Penny RB We draft Nelson or Ward in first.
  6. This completely made my day
  7. The Colts were Free Agency winners few years ago when Trent Cole Andre Johnson and Frank Gore were signed. The point is just because you spend money doesn't make you a champion and Ballard is building us the correct way!
  8. Your best pick was Ballage. Absolute steal in the 4th.
  9. James Washington seems like a solid selection plus I like Allen but I'll reserve judgement until I see theit rookie years
  10. Final list 1 Quenton Nelson 2 Taven Bryan 3 Rashaad Penny 4 Shaquem Griffin Thoughts
  11. Texans select Terrell Edmunds Colts select Shaquem Griffin
  12. I saw he had the most yards after contact which is very beneficial for colts
  13. So... thoughts on my 3rd rounder?