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  1. I am on board with going all in on Norwell as well. I think he is a perfect fit. I also like Allen Robinson as I think he would be the legit #1 receiver we need with size. I like Todd Davis too as a nice solid rangy ILB. I would not mind LeVeon Bell to help take pressure off of Luck but I went to school in Pittsburgh and I’m a bit biased. That would be my ideal offseason with a highly drafted guard and some pass rush help via draft or FA.
  2. Pointz

    After OL, ILB is the Biggest Need by Far

    I would like to see what Jermaine Grace can offer at ILB. I too wanted Zach Brown in free agency but Bostic has actually graded out better. I think we will draft an ILB but there aren’t many options in FA except maybe Todd Davis (Broncos) and maybe Hitchens (Cowboys). I think a lot depends on who our next coach is too.
  3. I wouldn't be opposed to this considering we have some guys coming off injury on the D-Line and he only has a year left on his deal.