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  1. I am on board with going all in on Norwell as well. I think he is a perfect fit. I also like Allen Robinson as I think he would be the legit #1 receiver we need with size. I like Todd Davis too as a nice solid rangy ILB. I would not mind LeVeon Bell to help take pressure off of Luck but I went to school in Pittsburgh and I’m a bit biased. That would be my ideal offseason with a highly drafted guard and some pass rush help via draft or FA.
  2. After OL, ILB is the Biggest Need by Far

    I would like to see what Jermaine Grace can offer at ILB. I too wanted Zach Brown in free agency but Bostic has actually graded out better. I think we will draft an ILB but there aren’t many options in FA except maybe Todd Davis (Broncos) and maybe Hitchens (Cowboys). I think a lot depends on who our next coach is too.
  3. I wouldn't be opposed to this considering we have some guys coming off injury on the D-Line and he only has a year left on his deal.
  4. I like Perine. I think his grinding style is similar to Gore and he could provide a smash mouth element to the offense. Maybe a McNichols late as third down guy.
  5. Colts select Malik Hooker [Merge]

    I liked Foster's nastiness and Allen's flexibility but they both came with a little concern. I was initially a little bummed (I liked Foster's nastiness for our D) but if Hooker continues to develop he could be an amazing game changer without the injury concerns.
  6. Colts select Malik Hooker [Merge]

    I like Takk too but he showed a lack of restraint in the interview with Deion but we got a solid playmaker so I'm happy. Not to mention kudos to Malik for doing charitable work at a children's hospital on the biggest day of his life. I like the character already.
  7. Best and Worst Drafts

    The best was the 49ers or Browns. The worst was easily the Bears.
  8. Ditto. The biggest shock was the Trubisky trade. Allen's drop was not totally unexpected but still shocking.
  9. Predict Round 2 Pick

    My gut is telling me Sidney Jones. I would be ok with Cordrea Tankersley too. If we could mix in some Tim Williams with magic I would be fairly pleased for Day 2.
  10. Some Twitter reports are saying the accused is Gareon Conley.
  11. I would see who drops and if it was Foster I would draft him without question. Angry linebackers who can cover are needed and can set the attitude for the defense. If he is gone I could see a trade back in the first with a 2nd/3rd rounder as a gift and take the most talented because we need a lot of playmakers and there are good ones to be had in this draft.
  12. I hope we are targeting Samaje Perine in the 3rd or 4th round. He reminds me of a "bigger" yet younger version of Frank Gore. Awesome to watch defenders bounce off of him. He flat out runs people over. That's the first tape I've seen of him and I am for taking him in the second possibly.