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  1. He knows how to tackle, that's for sure.
  2. I thought maybe I was alone in wanting to keep Toddman. He's bigger (maybe more durable) and at least as fast as Bray. ......I'll be rooting for Crossan to supplant Ferguson.
  3. No surprise to me.....
  4. I absolutely agree with this.......I don't know if Green will ever be a good player, but I do believe it is too early to tell.
  5. I wonder what fans on this forum think about Dorsett being a number one pick. I've never read anything negative, so I guess everyone is ok with it.
  6. The Colts aren't ever going to punt
  7. He's the exact height - 5"11"...and weight - 213/214 that Addai was....I don't know how good he'll be, but size should not be a problem....
  8. I know he looks on the lean side......but he is exactly the same size as what Joseph Addai was. Mack is listed at 5'11" 213 lists Addai playing at 5'11" 214 lbs.
  9. As everyone knows, the players, and their friends and families who are with them, are notified by phone from the team before the TV announcement. They were not notified by a lower primate. They were not disrespected.
  10. I was just thinking the same thing......I don't remember being this optimistic with draft picks....
  11. If you can't build a monster.........draft one !
  12. I think it may be 2018....which would be great....high 4th instead of low 4th
  13. It's a 53 man roster. Plenty of room for Green. Long gone are the days of fielding the same 11 guys game after game or even within one game. The Colts (and most other teams) rotate players so much on defense both on the front end and the back end, that when we watch games we can hardly keep track of who's on the field. When it comes to Green's ability, or usefulness, I'm surprised that so many fans assume that what he was in his rookie year is all he will ever be. There have been many good to great Colt players who were not great or good in their rookie years.

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