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  1. Matthias Farley - Trade Bait??

    The Colts don't have enough good players to be trading away the ones they do have.
  2. The most sacked QB this year. You guessed it.

    That was when Harbaugh got his nose broke and Marshall Faulk had a dismal 3. something yds per carry.....There had been some changes to the O-line and the blocking was terrible.....
  3. The most sacked QB this year. You guessed it.

    I remember that both were FA at the same time and Colts thought they could only afford to re-sign one. That was Lija. But he soon got hurt, and was never quite the same player......
  4. Jason Vander Laan

    He used to sell Latex....VanderLaan Industries.....Worked for his father Art VanderLaan.....
  5. I agree with both points. The Colts defense had 4 bad games out of 10 and will only improve. The offense will be scoring a lot more points with Luck, or even a more experienced Brissett. I'm very optimistic about next year.
  6. Freeney

    I seem to remember that he wasn't offered a new contract and he made a statement that he was surprised and disappointed because he wanted to play out his career with one team.
  7. Winning out

    There's a good chance Jags and Titans both make it this year. If the Colts and Texans get their starting QBs next year, the AFC South could very well be the best division in the NFL.
  8. Colts defense is getting better. No, really.

    Good article. They are improving. They went toe toe toe with a high powered Steeler's offense that, 4 days later put up 40 points on Tenn.
  9. The defense played well enough to give the Colts a 6-4 record. The Colt offense lost these three games: 1) Cardinals.... With 7:38 left in the 4th, Phoenix gets their first TD cutting the Colts lead to 13-10. In regulation the Cardinals would get one more field goal, and the Colts offense would punt 3 times. Then, in OT, the Colts offense throws a pick at the IND 21 giving the Cardinals an easy winning field goal. 2) Bengals....The Colts lead 23-17 with 7:05 left in the 4th when the Colts offense threw a pick 6 giving the Bengals what would become the winning score at 24-23. The Colts offense had two more possessions where they punted and failed on 4th down. 3) Steelers....The Colts lead at the beginning of the 4th quarter 17-9 when the Colts offense threw a pick at the IND 10 yd line giving the Steelers a 1st and goal resulting in a tie game 17-17. The Colt offense would not score again and the Steelers kicked a game winning field goal when time expired.
  10. brissetts ranking

    This is so well said....and in addition to all this, he was thrown in behind an O-line that was is complete disarray and have only recently begun to not completely suck.....
  11. Colts 2018-19 Super Bowl Champs???

    It says they will make a surprise run in 2018 and 2019, then be SB favorites in 2020.....I agree that the Colts very well could make the playoffs next year and play well in the post season. No, not win the Super Bowl, or even get there.
  12. Desir and Hairston

    Colt's secondary is ranked 8th in the NFL with 56 passes defended. They are definitely trending in the right direction with some promising young players.
  13. Frank Gore

    When asked about it a couple of weeks ago, Gore stated emphatically that he did not regret signing with the Colts. I believe him.
  14. What If Jimmy brings Chuck Back in 18?

    I'm told by others that he is often called Jimmy.....I misunderstood your post. I sincerely apologize.
  15. What If Jimmy brings Chuck Back in 18?

    Ok......Never having been to Balt. or Ind....I guess in those places he has been/ is called Jimmy.... honestly never heard it until the recent Dadich (or whatever his name is) interview where it sounded like he was upset with "Jimmy Irsay" and his false promises......But if he actually is called Jimmy by many, I stand corrected.....