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  1. Colts vs Titans predictions

    The entire NFL is filled with mediocrity this year. If the Colts win tonight they will have the 4th best record in the AFC!.....
  2. Colts vs Titans predictions

    If the Colts win they will be alone in 1st place in the south, having no losses (yet) in the division or conference.
  3. Colts vs Titans predictions

    Defense plays it's best game. Colts 23-16.
  4. Jack Mewhort (Update: placed on IR)

    Don't feel bad. You will vindicated. With the way it's been with the O-line for many years now, it's reasonable to assume that Castanzo will soon disappear in the Bermuda Triangle, leaving the Colts with no above-average line-men. What about Kelly? You say?.....In the first series of Mon. night's game, his foot will fall off. Mark my words.
  5. Grades: Week 5 vs Niners

    Agree about the O-line. I know the coaches know more than I do. But, seems like Mehwort is better than Vuk. at left guard, Hage is better at right guard than right tackle. Is Clark such a liability that he can't play right tackle? (at all?), even if they help him with tight ends and Gore/ Turbin?....He showed such promise last year. I don't get what happened to him....
  6. 2 Blowout losses and one thing remains true

    Yes, that is what I was getting at ....both blowouts were "abnormal".......
  7. Vontae Davis

    Many of you will remember that Davis did not have a good year last year, and last night he looked just plain slow. I hope I'm wrong, but I think his better days are behind him.
  8. 2 Blowout losses and one thing remains true

    Another thing is true: In the two blowouts The Colt's offense was directly responsible for 30 points.
  9. Chuck - Where is the line?

    I'm not either.
  10. Vontae Davis

    5 or 6 3rd down or long completions I looked to see who was (not) covering: 21.
  11. Ballard's work ethic

    Yea, whatever it takes. I am so tired of the Colts year after year trying to cobble together a line with poor results. I'm sure Ballard doesn't like what he sees either. Something will happen.
  12. Ballard's work ethic

    Agree 100%. This team is going nowhere without a much improved O-line. Colts will have enough cap money to sign two legit starting linemen (a guard and a tackle) free agents in their mid-twenties and lock them up for four years. Spend most of the draft on defense (again).
  13. Players listed out Sunday

    Other than Luck, Kelly's absence is the most detrimental to the team.
  14. Colts are last in the league with a 2.7 yd ave. per rush. They also lead the league with 16 negative rush plays. There must be a huge improvement rushing the ball for the Colts to have a chance.
  15. Rashaan Melvin and Secondary

    Agree. Bottom line is: Melvin is playing well, better than any of us thought he would or could.