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  1. I want the Colts to do whatever it takes to field the best run blocking and pass protecting O-line they possibly can. If that means taking Lamp at 15, I'm all for it.
  2. I have thought about AV's replacement, but don't know who it might be. I do know, and many others know, that the Colts have a very long tradition of fielding great kickers (and punters).
  3. lists Woods at 307 pounds. True NT's are closer to 350.....just another DT if you ask me...
  4. I will check the USA Today NFL transactions section every day and let you guys know if he signs.
  5. He probably wants to find out who has the best cafeteria.
  6. Roto world still has him on the Colt's roster listed as a restricted free agent.
  7. As of now (March 13) the Colts have 64 players on their roster (This includes the most recent signings). Only 5 are of the age 30 or older: Viniteri - 44 Gore - 33 Overton - 31 Langford - 31 Jones - 30 Only 3 others are over the age of 27: Tolzien - 29 Castonzo - 28 Davis - 28 6 players are now age 27 (including Luck and Hilton)........and 50 players are age 26 or younger.
  8. Considering the amount of money and risk involved, I was wondering if Irsay would have to approve the deal. Now I know.
  9. If you use a stop watch, it's 2.9 seconds. Would Jack Doyle have fared any better? It was was a terrible play design.
  10. When Allen was traded he made a very sincere statement about how much he appreciated the Colts. People here are slamming him using the Clowney play as evidence of poor play when, in fact, that play is a perfect example of how Allen was misused. Go back and look at the play. There are exactly 3 seconds from the snap of the ball to the strip. How many tight ends in the league could hold off Clowney with the game (and the playoffs) on the line for more than 3 seconds?
  11. that's better!
  12. poor tackler...gotta wrap up. yes, I'm kidding
  13. Hope he's right about Butler and Turbin.
  14. The holes are much smaller in the NFL if they are there at all. I'd love it if the Colts drafted him.

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