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  1. Comments like that make me think Hankins needs a urine test.
  2. Well nothing else can stop the Pats including rules and penalties. maybe the curse can.
  3. That would explain it. I'm allergic to reading. also shows my age i guess. thank you kinda like that darn Fargo show that keeps changing actors for characters. At least the mountain had his helmet on most of the time so you didnt notice. And them switching Calisi's boytoy had me confused for a couple episodes. come on man!
  4. Is the Hulk Bruce or David? Thats who ii meant. you'd think with as much tv as i watch (too much) i'd remember that.
  5. I'd say whoever Ballard hired to procure hotel rooms for road trips is our "sleeper pick" -(er)
  6. He and DAVID Banner maybe would help....... maybe
  7. I had to do it. I could no longer sit by and not address this. now i know i dont necessarily have a great history of thread creation, but here goes. I think our fearless leader has done it again i think. I cant remember when i was this excited about the future of the Colts. And i dont mean for the upcoming season. LONG TERM BABY! This has the potential to be far bigger than the drafting of a Peyton Manning or Andrew Luck. it appears that our front office is finally getting the attention it has need d so desperately. From the top down we should see a drastic shift in the level of accountability for om the top down. Ballard has stated numerous tikes how he will own his mistakes. This will breed accountability down to the hot dog vendors. He is demanding, but approachable and understanding. he is the perfect person to keep the big egos of the new big name hires. He's intelligent, engaging, very likable, and charming. But steadfast in his dedication, attention to detail, and drive. What a change! Ive seen writers saying hes building a team of "rock stars". One said the "avengers of scouting". I like that one. Another compared them to the "beatles of front offices". Remarkable stuff. For a team of hat typically is the brunt of snarky remarks especially toward Irsay, how the tide has changed. I mean EVERYONE is raving, almost like they cant believe it, about th "team" being put together. But why arent they giving he "big guy" some love? Its disgraceful and unprofessional, imo. It is also my opinion that there isnt an owner in the league that more sincerely loves his team than Jim. He wears his heart on his sleeve, its almost palpable. I love the guy. The personal battles he's endured has makes him even more special in some ways. The guy is a winner in my book. thanks again Jim. i'm hoping "we" win another ring (or three or four) more tor you than even for my enjoyment. you deserve it big guy. i wouldnt want anyone else as my owner. Somehow the team would lose something in my eyes:
  8. Better than my "stuff"?
  9. This is the hi-light of my Colts forum life. i've been "quoted" by Gramz. Smily face too. i feel so honored. TY your highness. Go Colts !
  10. I heard Goodell paid EA Sports 20 million of his own money to get Brady on the cover.
  11. Well at least this thread didnt get locked like my Yuka one oh, and how do i get rid of the browswer notice for ads at the bottom? It appears the only way to get rid of it is to accept. Im tired of the ad games these sites play:
  12. I think i'm in love. ok, maybe not love, but you guys know what i mean. delicioso! my fave fo sho !
  13. Start cying. Those wiley Pats used a seldom used "loop-hole" to make it difficult for him to sign anywhere. They will have him this year for 1.1 milion dollars. Another kinda cheesy move by the New England Asterisks. tho Blount kinda deserves it for what he (with help and direction from the hoody) did to the Steelers. gotta give ne credit tho. They know ALL the rules. They often don't follow them, but they sure know them.
  14. If it was NE, they'd be closing schools. just sayin. i'll bet you are a hit at parties with that energetic , optimistic vibe. i kid, i get what you are saying. Hard to argue that. but it seems the media thinks its a pretty big deal and i'll choose to as well. Feels like an alternate universe since a year ago. Especially on this forum. Refreshing.
  15. Was that it? I just remember when the door closed, that music started. Hilarious. also, i know i'm a little "out there" but i always think banana hammock when i see bananabucket. I know, i need medication.
  16. Like a amateur and a pro, my friend. you have NO idea. Trust me.
  17. Sorry jules, my threads never seem to go anywhere. i just got excited i guess. hey, just be happy there arent the 50 some doom and gloom threads like the last ...: well.:.. forever it seems. And not even 1 fire pagano thread? Ballard sprinkled his magic dust and we're all high from it. it would be nice, however, to give Mr Jim Irsay for apparently making up BIGTIME for the Grigs hire. And before him, Jim chose a pretty good one too that happens to be a HOFer. Nice job Jim! Mine might be bad, but this "thread" that Jim has started certainly IS going somewhere.
  18. I didn't like cream cheese till i tried it. I'm into ALL female persuasions! VARIETY is the spice of life, so to speak. I spent ALOT of my college days in the buffet line and tried all the spices of the world. don't knock it till you've tried it. After you've tried it, "knock" it again For good measure.
  19. Isnt "bananabucket " the name of that club they walked into in the Police Academy movie. cue the music.........
  20. Maybe thats why i like her. i have a pointy elbow fetish.
  21. I'm hoping Yuka infuses a lil "japanese schoolgirl" look into the uniform.
  22. No you aren't kidding! btw, LJ, how are you holding together?
  23. I can see mathis locking one of the LBs in a closet and stealing his uniform to sneak on the field.
  24. This is awesome! this should also help with the transition of locker room leaders. and he can still do his dance after wins. now if we could get Reggie to come by on occasion.
  25. I feel sorry for you bud if you can't enjoy the "finer" things in life. i love me some Colts but my love for the team comes in WAAAAYYYY behind my love of the ladies. hence my "knighted" fraternity name of "WM".

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