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  1. Has anyone heard ANYTHING about Pat helping our new punter get up to speed. he doesnt even have to be on the payrolls ll, i dont care. i would think he would enjoy hangin with the guys, tellin some jokes, keeping his leg loose, and teaching some punting wisdom. he still is arguably one of the best to play. i would think it could be done. even if just during camp. heck, pat can practice his new material during breaks. a win - win for everyone. sign dome autographs, do some promo for the new gig. hes got to nuture and "fertilize" the fanbase hes created somehow
  2. Maybe some swimming instruction then.
  3. i bet Pat is kicking himself now for getting rid of that monkey a few years back. He would've made a great sidekick for his podcast. they could have been "McAfee & Cheese" or somethin'.
  4. Well duhhh ! actually, for me its more stressfull/exciting than opening day.... by far. so many variables. So many choices. you see a guy you like, then count down the picks to us, then *BAM*... somebody picks them right before us. Later we find out the Colts had no interest in the guy anyway. this year is exciting because we have a new "picker" and there is talent depth at positions we are looking at. i cwn't wait. the guy has a plan. LB and TE have already been targeted. Even an OL, DL, wr, rb and s were signed back. He really helped to narrow our focus in the draft. defensive backs, nt, lb are primary i would think. Manageable. Rb and ol could be strengthened eary or later in rounds depending on plans. But we are in hood position to get good players that can start in the first 3-4 rounds. If the stars line up, even later. the other interesting thing is we'll get an even better look wt what a "Ballard" guy looks like. A glimpse of what this team will look like in the future. exciting i think. The FAs he picked up arent as true a representation of ballard as draft picks will be. FASare more like bandaids, especially viewing the shorter contracts given.
  5. That the new "average Colt forum fan" mantra. well at least Grigs' ears can stop ringing.
  6. Did he come here for a visit ? Did we sign a Geraldo Rivera? i swore we signed him. Thats weird. I can see the article. anybody see "the man in the high castle?" this is kinda like that. Well not really but almost sort of , a little bit.
  7. Anyone know of a concise , organized website which shows free agent activity for all teams. It seems like we have been VERY active and it would be interesting to compare activity among teams so far.
  8. Boy, looking at some of those contracts, i'm glad we're not going that route. so much guaranteed, and cap hits... no wonder some teams can't get out of the hole. Its one thing to invest BIG on a guy you've developed, seen every day, your doctors and trainers see them regularly, you know how they are off the field, etc. you basically know all their strengths, weaknesses, demons, and skeletons. Much better odds of duccess. Grigson did alright in not handicapping the cap too. but look at what some tesms have invested for how long on basically question marks. .............. SNAKE EYES !
  9. This site has Mychal Rivera going to the Jags
  10. Thanks I guess i'll be giving up on my journalistic dreams. (as the forum breathes a cillective sigh of relief)
  11. I'm sooooo proud of myself! Talk about "activity". This has got to be the thread of the year. i'll have to call the NY Times or Washington Post to see if they are looking for a guy to write creative, popular, and insightful stories. much like this one obviously is.
  12. I cosidered considering that too. But after further consideration, i considered to not consider considering it in the first place.
  13. The story was for humor. tho i dont see odrick as tier 1, he would improve the team. (as long as no team picks up my nephew i guess.)
  14. Meh, Odrick couldnt stop my nephew (a TB SIZED FB) in high school. My nephrw had a big game the week before so Odrick's coach (at Lebanon HS in Pa) moved him to MLB for the game, presumably to stop my nephew. My nephew made him look like a fool and ran up 3 TDS that day in route to a big win. My nephew was so quick to the hole that LBs never had time to react. Odrick was so much bigger than EVERYONE else on the field. Looked like a college player playing against middle schoolers.
  15. I,ve got it. wear "cargo" football pants. heck, you can fit 3 or 4 beer cans in EACH of those pockets. that should at least move us into the top 15 i would think.
  16. Maybe they should wear looser fitting pants.
  17. Lydell mitchell, lenny moore, marshall, and edge (in no particular order) dickerson is a ram in my eyes
  18. There has been talk of luck not always going thru progressions. (I'm not starting a bash-luck topic) perhaps its because andrew is running for his life too. we all remember (well,some of us) how jeff george was affected by pressure. Dorsett was thought of as a deep threat because of his speed and theres no time for the pkay to develop maybe. But i see something in dorsett too.
  19. Ok, trade him to the saints to replace cooks. (i actually hope dorsett proves us wrong this year and goes off, if he sees any action, that is
  20. I bet NE would be all over that. they could make him a star i bet.
  21. Yes yes. Yes. you get it. some arent seeing the big picture. They've been complaining for years about no quality depth and now they are complaining when it happens. This team will improve much more by improving depth all-around than by signing a couple high-priced "big names" . The "big names" really should come from quality drafting and DEVELOPING. There is gonna be some hitting and gamesmanship at camp this year. i think the tone is being set. You will be judged by your play on the field, and management wants guys that can stay healthy. This influx of youth might even light a candle up some of these guys butts and perhaps it will translate into faster starts. Wouldnt THAT be nice? One can dream. Ps... is your first name Santa?
  22. I agree with all you are saying. it did cross my mind tho after the Allen trade. he could ball too. They both can, as long as they can stay on the field which i think was part of the original question. I personally think his frame could handle another 10lbs or so.
  23. With all those physical attributes you stated i would expect his production (other than redzone) to be higher, especially opposite TY. i see more there too but its time to play to those attributes. And hopefully missing 8 games is an anomaly. Perhaps the OC could help better utilizing his skills too. i dont think he's easily replaceable, especially the 7tds in 8 or 9 games. 33 receptions for 300 or so yards and being available for 8 games a year is.... which is what i thought the original post was getting at. I didnt take it as Moncrief hating. But, in some ways, his production/ injury status does resemble that of Allen. Another player with measureables that had injury/less than adequate (debateable) Yards (somewhat due to injury but does that matter?) with a really nice redzone production. Different situations, sure, but also surprisingly similar. much like you feel about moncrief, i felt about Allen. and as we've seen, ANYONE is replaceable, even the GOAT of Coltland.
  24. Thats NOT what she said!
  25. All this discussion about the new LBs and i forgot we brought him in. time will tell, but Ballard TOTALLY revamped and added ALOT of competition to probably our weakest position. He seems to be addressing the problem areas head-on. he's trying at NT, but is smart enuff not to overpay. Build thru the draft and fill in the gaps and add some depth thru free agency. Create competition at all positions. I REALLY am liking ballard so far. i really liked his "video message to colt fans". He said all the right things, checked all my boxes, and seemed so damn sincere and transparent at the same time: how refreshing. If he gets this draft right, its gonna be an exciting and interesting camp. cross your fingers.

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