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  1. Agree but i was just referring to WHEN it was done. someone can still jump ahead of the Jets. if anything, i think it helps us more now, because on draft day, teams would look at trade above #3 before #3. Unless they have 3 QBs rated the same, which is doubtful. I dont know how Ballard could have got any more from Buffalo or Denver or any team really. I initially wasnt crazy about trading down. I was worried the talent level would drop and we wouldnt get a playmaker, elite type. I may have fell for some of the hype of Barkley,chubb, nelson also. but still picking (for the moment) at six, and having those two at the top of 2nd round (that almost feel like 1sts), plus the rest makes me excited. If we get lucky and "ballards guy" falls to six, we can get 3 SOLID guys in the 2nd. We could EASILY be sitting at the end of the 2nd round with 2 GOOD OL , and a very good RB. Or a very good OL, LB and RB. the possibilities are endless! There is some real talent in those first 2 rounds.
  2. This is the only real positive i see for us. if a bidding war erupted between jets, buffalo, etc , the NYG would make a trade with us less attractive: if theres still a QB at six, we could get more offers. either way, i see at least 3 QB GOING IN FIRST 5 picks now. Even if more trades happen. but, any way you slice it, chubb, nelson, , or barkley...: at least one should be there. With the 2nd rd picks added, we could go alot of directions. 2 of those top of 2nd could be packaged to move up if someone slips in first.
  3. Question: who does it benefit to do this deal now vs waitibg until closer to draft vs last minute? do we think the Jets were pushing? Do we think Ballard should have let oressure build? i'm just wondering why NOW? And who the timing mostbenefits.
  4. The 2nd Rounders

    Could you imagine a #12, a late 1sst round, 5 - 2nd round, and 4 - 3rd round picks? Ballard would be GM of the millenium! i'm waiting for Denver to trad the #5 to Buffalo now.
  5. Hankins Released

    So we dumped a large salary on a guy who doesnt fit our future . Doesnt sound so bad that way.
  6. I would do it strictly for entertainment value. i didnt read into it that far. it was merely a joke, for humor's sake.
  7. Wasted my time reading it. it was just a rant. sounded alot like any thread around here.
  8. Hankins Released

    Anyone know hit dead cap hit?
  9. Hankins Released

    Kinda what i expect. hilarious how we were all complaining that Ballard wasn't doing anything. Well............... "insert cliche here"
  10. Now we trade #6 to buffalo for #12 , their other #1, their next years #1, and some more #2s.
  11. Pugh to Cards

    I'm starting to think the free agents are reading this message board and thinking "i dont want to be a part of this CRAZY fanbase!"
  12. OK, looks like we're drafting Nelson ...

    I agree with what you are saying but i'm not so sure the bulk of it stemming from a current lack of quality Guards on the market at this time. We see it cycle from CB to WR to OT to C. I see it more of a splly/demand thing. There are s geral teams (us included) with holes in the OL. I think you are right, in that the importance of controlling the point of attack has increased. We have it drilled intobour heads every game we watch. OTs have historically got paid, but we've also seen the contracts of G and C increase rramatically too. I also think that Gettleman had alot to do with the crazy Norwell deal. He helped escalate the pric as he then did with Solder. He was getting OL NO MATTER the cost. I still think pass rusher still trumps all positions except QB as that seems to be the 2nd hardest position to find a playmaker or elite talent. I guess,in my mind, the difference between elite and "serviceable". Means alot more to QBs and pass rush than any other position as it affects the outcome of games.
  13. Colts trying to fly in OL Pugh

    I'm in Pennsylvania. Pick me up on the way and i'll split the driving and gas money.
  14. Chris Ballard’s Moneyball (BallardBall)

    Theres EVERY reason for it. salary cap or not, you HAVE to use this approach. Its common sense. Obviously. The salary cap is not infinite: more savings everywhere, means more spending everywhere. if you do your homework and tind guys that, for whatever reason were underutilized , used incorrectly, or (my favoite) "hidden" or un-noticed behind a strong positional group (think simon last year). Too often i find thes "big splash"!guys have trouble transitioning to a new team, scheme, players beside them, etc. plus, you spent 10% of your TOTAL budget for the year. It BETTER work out. builing a solid team has been and always will be grounded in good scouting, good drafting, good teaching and development of YOUR OWN players. Its just your best, most consistent and reliable way to build a solid consistent winner. IMO, of course.
  15. Mike Silver Calls out Ballard

    Jim would have more if he didnt have to pay those pesky NFL salaries.
  16. Mike Silver Calls out Ballard

    Silver needs to flap those Dumbo ears and fly away!
  17. Mike Silver Calls out Ballard

    Jim thinking: "Hmmmm, Norwell or Prince's purple Rain guiter? Jim to Ballard: "Sorry dude, i've got priorities" note: once again, just joking to keep from crying.
  18. Mike Silver Calls out Ballard

    I'm a lil disappointed at the lack of signings too. however, i'd be more didappointed if Ballard pays elite money for above average players. And when i look realistically at this free agency, i dont see elite talent. things will calm down and we will get some solid players at team-friendly contracts....... like last year. you DON't build your team in free agency. You supplement and add depth, imo. You only over-spend if you are a player or two a ay from a super bowl. Draft well! Draft well! Draft well! that is the blueprint.
  19. Mike Silver Calls out Ballard

    Any BIG guitar auctions coming up? relax, i'm joking, not trolling.
  20. Mingo to Seattle (Merge)

    tell that to USC
  21. [Merge] Colts Sign Denico Autry

    I haven't heard anyone mention it, but Ballard may have helped get guys like Norwell, Huthchins,Robinson,etc their very lucrative paydays. Ballard may have been in the auction, but decided the $ they were getting to didnt equal perceived future value. Hey, i'd like an Aston Martin, but.......: , well......::, i'd just like an Aston Martin, it really has nothing to do with the Colts.
  22. I come here because i dont want to waste time scouring the internet for stuff i should be able to get answered here. I thought that is what the OP was doing. I've seen this topic addressed before. Someone around here should know the answer. Sheesh , the stress of FA has us turning on EACH OTHER! EDIT: Ok, i just noticed who the OP is. Makes more sense now.
  23. Early FA winners/losers...NY Post

    Holy cow!! i feel violated. Those pop up ads are crazy!
  24. Free agency is weak on playmakers too, imo. looking closer, this really looks like this free agency is void of top-talents. Even most of the "top" free agents already signed have question marks. i personally wouldnt throw that much money at a player with injury history, question marks, etc.