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  1. Ross Travis

    You two are always at each other like a married couple. the banter between the two of you has been more entertaining than this season. thanks for the laughs. Its sorely needed around here.
  2. The First Down Measuremnt In The Dallas-Raiders Game

    This is the first time i've seen this is over 30 years of watching football. It will probably be another 30 before we see it again. marking the ball is a "rough estimate" anyway. the measurement really isnt the issue, the marking of the ball is. thete is technology thatcould eleviate this. We've seen it demonstrated in baseball. But this could make the game sterile. Human error is a part of the game untill they add gps or sensors to the ball and field.
  3. Per Rotoworld...expect house cleaning at end of season

    Maybe u should step down as a Colt fan. Jim is the biggest Colt fan of us all. Thank god he doesn't give up on this team like so many of you have. I, personally, dont want anyone else as owner. Its funny how quickly people forget our recent success of more than a decade.
  4. Per Rotoworld...expect house cleaning at end of season

    i know, i think its hilarious how we fans sometimes think we know more than owners, GMs, and coaches. i dont know who i would want as coach, OC, etc. there are pluses and minuses for most. I have been impressed with what Ballard has done so far. The fact that these players have stuck together and fought , imo, shows the culture post-grigs is changing. It will be very interesting to see just what happens after the season. These 1000s of "fans" (if we can call them that) that will stop watching the Colts are the same ones who jumped on the wagon when Peyton came on board and will be the first ones begging to get back in in a year or two. Good riddance, and we should direct them to the Jags forum since that is the flavor of the day. These "fans" obviously werent around in the lean years pre-Manning. this year has been disappointing but its still better than being a fan of any of the other 31 teams, imo.
  5. Review of Ballard's first year

    I tried, but i didnt have 30 minutes to read the post. sorry
  6. Per Rotoworld...expect house cleaning at end of season

    Well that settles it then, he works for FedEx and talks to 1000s of people who dont know what they are talking about either. The greeter at Walmart said we should keep Pagano and the greeter talks to 1500 people so i guess he knows more than the FedEx guy. call Irsay, maybe he can fire Ballard this week and hire one our "friends" as GM so we hire a "real" and acceptable coach to the fanbase. after all, its much better to talk to 1000s of fans like us than to actually work in the league and truly understand what they are doing or talking about. At least he's not a UPS guy, they dont talk to nearly as many people. the best cure for unhappy fans is winning. And i'll put my money on Ballard, not "some guy" who's a package pusher. Sheesh
  7. Per Rotoworld...expect house cleaning at end of season

    Way to go out on a limb Roto(Rooter)world. now that is journalism at its finest. i see you figured out how to copy and paste a story. There might just be an emmy or something for this "scoop".
  8. New England (-3) at Pittsburgh (12-17-17)

    Thats why i "trade up" every couple years like a car.
  9. Ongoing Colts 2018 draft talk........

    Is that because we would have same number of wins with other teams i guess? Hopefully no more coin tosses.
  10. Ongoing Colts 2018 draft talk........

    So we lose our 1st round pick if we beat Houston?

    I'd rather have an innovative OC as the OC. i want my headcoach to be a great motivator and game manager.
  12. Per Rotoworld...expect house cleaning at end of season

    I stand by what i said. The contract extension was "lately"? Really? and i have no problem with what Jim said to Dungy. Dungy is the one with the big mouth in that scenario. And Jim has done great staying off social media. Its Jim's team, you know, the guy who owns it. If someone told me to stay out of my company's business, i'd fire them or tell them to "shop" (fans) somewhere else. who are WE to tell Jim how to run the Colts? ridiculous to even consider.
  13. Per Rotoworld...expect house cleaning at end of season

    What? As of late? Really? i'd say irsay's decision making is better than your decision to post this. Jim has been quiet for QUITE a while.
  14. Per Rotoworld...expect house cleaning at end of season

    Kinda what Steeler fans said when they hired Tomlin.
  15. Per Rotoworld...expect house cleaning at end of season

    You know how they operate in NE. they probably illegally hacked into Ballard's personal Emails.
  16. Ongoing Colts 2018 draft talk........

    Has anyone seen Barkley compared to Cook and Fournette from last year. Like If the three were in same draft, how they would rank? im wondering how they rank barkley compared to those top backs from last year.
  17. Ongoing Colts 2018 draft talk........

    Does kiper have Barkley as #1 player (talent wise) or #1 player (draft eise)? i imagine its talent wise. But as we know, and some are pointing out about Nelsons "rating", being the best player, doesnt mean you'll go #1 for many reasons including position. BPA is relative. #1 "player" in the draft doesnt mean (necessarily) #1 selected.
  18. Ross Travis

    It was a joke. i always thought Fleener played a little timidly for his size. He wasnt as physical as i'd like a TE to be. I liked him as a receiver, but he got pushed around . and i respectfully disagree about Doyle. I think he does whatever asked. And i think he does it pretty well too. Im not sure that he is worth the big contract (not many are), but without him on the team, our TE position would be very weak. Whats the guy gotta do? He's unselfish, a good blocker, and is leading the team in receiving.
  19. Ross Travis

    He plays like a male versin of Coby Fleener.
  20. Broncos at Colts

    I think over-saturation has affected interest as well. games on 3 out of seven days makes it less "special". the same thing happened in golf. Professionally, then trickled down to amateurs. Less people playing and watching.
  21. Do The Colts Need Another TE?

    I think they expected Swoope back. i too would like to see someone making plays besides Doyle. the Dilger / Pollard days were good. good TEs are a definite commodity in the current NFL. Its hard for LBs or DBs to cover them.
  22. What is confusing me is that ALL these guys are named. I am in offices all the time where women are saying some pretty direct suggestions to me (a male). While i am not offended or feel unsafe or threatened, i do ,often in fact, feel uncomfortable. Mainly because if i were to say the exact same things they are saying to me, it will "feel" totally different from man to woman (or usually women in my case). Perhaps its partly because of the fraternity boy atmosphere on set . Espn and nfl channel are very "loose" now and bordering on unprofessional on camera: whats also surprising is that there is female representation at the networks too. Im surprised big corps arent being mote proactive on this right now. Harrassment of any kind is wrong and unacceptable, but something doesnt smell right here. Google the girl, i just dont see half the on-air talent having this girl in their dreams at night: i expect a book to follow soon from the girl. I need more details on the situation to make a judgement.
  23. Broncos at Colts

    I understand your feelings on the kneeling and respect them. i havent been as interested in recent years. Mainly due to , what i see as, a lesser product on the field. I wlso am tired of the "me" attitude of players rather than a "we" culture. This isnt the game i remember. but to stop watching because of knerling, etc is kinda like cutting off your nose to spite your face in some ways. Half these nitwits dont even know why they are kneeling. Disrespectful, yes, but not earthshattering. Its funny, we see video of Ray Rice punching a woman, a TE from NE involved in a murder, numerous cheating scandals, and what pushes people away? Kneeling during the national anthem. Its time we all moved on from the kneeling thing i believe. There are far bigger issues in this country right now to focus on, imo.
  24. Broncos at Colts

    Really? why will i watch? why do i breathe ? why do i eat ? why do i sleep ? because i NEED to ! GO COLTS !