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  1. I like Jack. I think he's the perfect Colts TE. I wonder where he would stack up in the league with the same QB. He's far from the most athletic, but he makes up for it in smarts, heart, and hard work: jack will be there when you need him. i am more concerned with depth behind him. If doyle goes down, especially now with swoope out, who do we have? Williams? we've always heard how TE-centril Chuds offense is. Even if this isn't true, i'd still feel better with better depth. Even with the drops, Allen was a red zone machine and very good blocker. The wr receiving corps, which i recently felt was crazy deep, now gives me a lil concern too. Remove Hilton , and you have banged up #2 moncrief, #3 rogers, #4 dorsett. Its early in camp but still concerning.
  2. It seems whatever we do now has a different feel to it. amazing what bringing in a confident, direct, and no-nonsense GM can do for an organization. the general feeling/confidence in this organization (long term) has done a complte 180 in the last year. jim apparently hit a home run with Ballard.
  3. Winter is coming
  4. Today feels like xmas morning. colts football, big brother, and the cherry on the top? GAME OF THRONES ! feels like my birthday
  5. Does anyone know if the new system will be used this week? i'm excited to see this.
  6. I dont think its actual 3D. It might be called 3D-view or something. its where they can do a 360 degree "turn" around an object due to cameras all around the stadium. great for replays. There was an article recently and a post i think but i cant find them.
  7. Literally EVERYONE. players and coaches alike.
  8. Bring back Samson Satele !
  9. Ty sir. ballard likes players like i like my women. younger with lots of energy.
  10. My gut instict (now) is no. I'm only really basing this on Ballard seeming to like younger and Vontae will bring big $$. alot might depend onnwilson and hairston. if vontae plays pro-bowl style.... maybe. how old is vontae now? 50?
  11. So if its the 41st and 61st years watching, what age are u guys thinking u STARTED watching? Age 6? Age 10? In the womb? my brother started taking me to Baltimore games at memorial around 1970. I still have VERY vivid images of memorial stadium.
  12. He's experiencing Andre Johnson's career.
  13. Well, you are a Texans fan. so we understand Quiz.
  14. She sounds like a strong woman that was fortunate to have a loving and supportive family and group of friends around her. But no one should. Go thru that. Women get "beat up" enuff in the workplace, and even that is too much. Let alone worse things that happen.
  15. agree 1000% i guess you arent so crazy after all CrazyColt
  16. He played db in college too. Wonder if he could make the transition like Richard "the mouth" Sherman?
  17. Yea, u never know. Some look good early, then stink (RG3), and some take time to develop.... if they do at all. we just need to get our guy back on the field, or they can bring Osweiler back and beat us.
  18. Kinda like the least ugly girl at the ugly girl's dance.
  19. That dude needs to be "put down" if u know what i mean: on the bright side, he'll be on the opposite end of "date rape" in prison. Too bad castration isnt a potential punishment.
  20. It was his 1st preseason game. takes time. He looks like he has more potential than they've had in a while..... a long while.. but i guess he's no tom savage.
  21. You hit the bullseye with that "arrow", Archer.
  22. Worst thing? No. 2nd worst thing? Yes.
  23. My rant, mr banana hammock, was not toward zeke, but ANY punk who bullies the weak. why so mad? U a rapper?

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