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  1. Draft pick 2018?

    at least we didnt call each other names
  2. A Statistical look at the Colts

    Me too
  3. Fournette

    Don't go into comedy bud. you'll starve.
  4. Draft pick 2018?

    Then when our starter (who we dont know when , if ever will be back) is Tolzien again. i get it, a team might offer enough to consider trading him. But i remember Bortles looking BETTER than Brissett at one time. Hoyer and McNown have had their moments too. Brissetts sample size is too small to predict his future success. i dont disagree with you, i just dont see us offered enough for me to trade him and put us back to having no chance with our backup. Exactly where we were for the last 20 years. There are also some good QBs coming out in draft this year so they will lower the value of Brissett too because there is inventory of new young exciting QBs entering the market. i'm ok with whatever Ballard decides.
  5. Fournette

    Missed last 2 days practice (ankle) anyone hear any details?
  6. A Statistical look at the Colts

    Agreed. I dont know why people cant see this. ballard spent most money on DL...: hence the run defense improvement. We all knew we'd struggle at MLB and pass rush. He couldnt fix everything in 1 year. But he did arguably solidify CB and safety for years. If wilson comes along, a class of hooker, wilson, and hairston could be VERY special. Especially when you add in geathers and fairley. If we can get 1 decent passrusher and a mlb that can cover, suddenly,imo, this is a defense you can win with. Add a couple OLmen and im good there. Better game management (coaching) and we're 4-2 right now. this year is gonna be hard on us. But i'm getting more and more excited about the possibilities of next year and the future week by week. I'm 100% in on Ballard and his capabilities.
  7. Notes On The Colts Choking

    I've said it before. Teams take on the persona of their coach. think NE, raiders, caughlin's giants, pittsburgh for the best examples. anytime you hear "keep chopping wood", fire the guy. I want a coach who will throw a ay the axe and bring a chainsa and some dynamite with him. Its quite dimple really just like in the "real world". produce or theres the door. Nothing less. Thes people are paid FAR too much to be mediocre. Ballard is gonna blow this up. And a new culture of winning must be cultivated: its an attitude. A confidence. It should start with the coach, and it just hasnt happened. bring in a hard nos d demanding type. Think belichek, parcells, tomlin, caughlin type personality. The players have to be a little afraid of the coach, imo. Accountability, not hugs is what these players need. They've gotten fat, lazy, and comfortable (so to speak). does anyone think its a coincidence our hardest hitting, most physical camp players can remember happened in Ballard's 1st year? Of course not. Ballard and pagano are very different in their approaches. He'll change that soon.
  8. Draft pick 2018?

    Proved to be a starter? i like him as our back up, i'm glad he's here, but he beat 2 winless teams that are worse than us. And we BARELY beat them. i know its not all on him, but his play in 2nd halfs (after adjustments) is under-par. At least now anyway. for almost 20 years we havent had any quality at back-up. Thru the manning and luck years. Now we have one (i think) , and some wanna trade him? I wouldnt. It could take another 20 to find one and we now know how important they can be. Just my opinion.
  9. Luck being shut down from practice this week.

    Are you in 5th grade? whats the confusion? i SAID mack, wilson, walker, etc. you are reading between lines and inserting uour own perception on it. WHO CARES? its gonna get handled one way or another. lets re-visit this after the season. Until then its PURE speculation by both of us. I'm sure the answer will be somewhere between our thinking. Putting thoughts here in typed words is diffuicult because you cant fully explain a subject without a mile-long post. I have a feeling our views are closer than we think, but we "read into" what we read because many thoughts are not fully developed as a typed opinion. relax, its probably gonna get wors around here before it gets better.
  10. He over-rated but 75% of the teams in the league would sell their souls to sign him. Stupid article.
  11. Luck being shut down from practice this week.

    Well, A). We have mostly rookies and fringe players now that are playing. Plus, i would argue some of our rookies (mack, wilson,walker) may give us a better chance to win. Many of the starters are 1 year bandaid contracts so they, in fact, are fringe players. What Pagano is doing usnt working, so that o continue on that path is stupid. B)the season is over! What does it matter. And pags SHOULD WANT to play these guys because his "approach" isnt getting results (luck or no luck). And btw, fringe players to me arent the bottom of our roster, they will be gone anyway this offseason. I consider fringe to be 2nd and 3rd stringers that you may keep or replace . THEY are playing now! And i already said dont hire coaches until s ason is over. C)like i said, pags will be coach until end of year because Ballard told irsay he'd get a chance, and the best coaching candidates have jobs now. No big secret here. D)thats what i said. You are repeating me. and if you think there wont be "try-outs " for next year, then you just dont understand. EVERYONE is being evaluated EVERY DAY. And next years preseason is too late. Ballard needs to know who to replace in offseason and draft. Hows he gonna do that if he waits till next preseason? Can he see the future? every team starts playing the full roster (in spots) when the playoffs are out of reach: and here in Indy, the fat lady is warming up her pipes.
  12. Luck being shut down from practice this week.

    Yea, THATS logical. so we look for a coach mid-s ason when all talented, qualified guys are with other teams and wont talk until the end of the season. yea, thats smarter........in an alternate universe. if you wanna fire Chuck now, i'd put chud or the qb coach in charge till the offseason. bringing in a "scab" till the end of the year makes no sense. and you dont have to sit starters to evaluate the team.
  13. Should we consider trading Andrew Luck at this point?

    This thread is a "FalseStart"
  14. Should we consider trading Andrew Luck at this point?

    Welcome to the bizarro world of the Colts message board. never a dull moment. at any time, the oompa loompas will come out to add milk and sugar to the chocolate river.
  15. I like when Cornholer talks about golfing. The guy only breaks 100 when he quits after 12 holes.