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  1. I LOVE to see that #33 on the field. i get flashbacks of Dom Rhodes literally running over the Bears D in the Super Bowl. Good times
  2. I thought maybe Samson Satele was back.
  3. Ballard doesn't need sleep apparently. its his superpower. "leave no stone unturned" should be his motto. i'm loving the culture change happening in Indy.
  4. DHB has shown better hands with the Steelers
  5. I think most just are surprised he isnt more effective outside of the red zone. But i agree, nothing wrong with his red zone production. I'm sure some of it has to do with the rest of the vertically challenged receivers. If i'm not mistaken, our new receiver from the ravens had success in red sone too. we cant blame it all on moncrief. Luck and chud are involved too.
  6. Hmm. I swear i remember him getting bumped off routes, etc. perhaps manhandled was a bit strong. i just dont remember good separation. And i watch most games 2 or 3 times. i actually hope i'm wrrong. I do hope Rogers gets more touches tho.
  7. Just messin with you. i like Moncrief. LOVE his production on the goal line, but i dont think we're getting the most out of him.( besides in the red zone.)
  8. i thought i was responding to CrazyColtFan, not LuckyColtFan. and no, not short, vertically challenged: and i too have a soft spot for green eyes. And blue, and brown, and hazel.... well, you know.
  9. I thought it was green clovers and blue stars my crazy leprachaun friend.
  10. One-trick , manhandled then. ha
  11. Moncrief needs to play a little "tougher", imo. at times i think he gets manhandled and looks a little " Fleenor-esque."
  12. What is the green banner with the heart in it on my post? is that from likes? THATS a first for me, if so.
  13. dont you have a dog to kick around or something? Did u not watch the progression last year? another perfect human beingwithout fault but who points out everyone else's weaknesses. big man.... feel better now?
  14. Especially since Grigs was an OLman himself.
  15. Hey, i get emotional about the Colts too. but we don't need to EXPECT the OL to continue to be bad. the rookies got ALOT of game experience last year, and greatly improved by years end. Mewhort will be back, the line has been working together in the offseason, and we added a couple players in FA and draft. The pieces should be here. Now the players and coaches need to work to continue to grow and inprove. I'm actually excited to see how they do. They are young and motivated. Lets at least give them a chance. hopefully andrew and chud can help too with playcalling and getting the ball out quicker. The running game could also help.

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