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  1. Love Reggie but if you make a statement like that you should offer examples. And no, Kap is not the answer:
  2. WE aren't. I see ONE person. probably a Texan fan.
  3. He's in the C's with his dictionary reading.
  4. I am more interested in the "bubble guys" playing than the score. we've got alot of new faces and need to see them play in order to make the tuff decisions of cuts. Sure the starters need practice, but actually the depth chosen behind them may be more important. we're gonna get pushed around with that philosophy of course. the only real concern, for me, is QB. But,imo, if Luck cant go, NO available QB can get this current team to the playoffs anyway. it is what it is. we do have some young exciting prospects though.
  5. What am i missing? Does he not know the playbook? Did he hit on an Irsay daughter? Does he have "cooties?" To my eye, he's the #2 behind luck. He Looks more confident and just smoother...: more relaxed. Seems accurate and has a pretty good arm, imo. To my eye, tolzien and walker arent close. what am i missing?
  6. I sort of agree, but with the line playing fairly well at the end of last season, along with expected growth from these young guys, i think DEFENSE was a more glaring offense. During the draft, i sa far more "draft all defense" threads than i did draft OL threads/opinions. lets not forget mewhort is coming off injury, haeg was down recently, kelly isnt in there, swenke hasnt been in lineup, and our 2 guards switched spots. With kelly out, i thought they might flip haeg n mewhort back, at least temporarily.
  7. Cowboys crew on nfl channel. Im trying to get radio on internet now
  8. I remember the days when commentators did their job. Now they just ramble: CALL THE GAME NITWITS!
  9. R - E - L - A - X people. Its the 2nd preseason game with mostly new faces learning the defens and each other. We're still evaluating these guys. if you cant handle the heat, turn off the tv. I mean really: i just wonder what these people do when life REALLY throws a curveball. This is football, A GAME. put it in perspective. Or dont, and drive yourself nuts.
  10. Yea, he was paid to get those
  11. No one. The other 31 teams try to obey the rules. theres a reason theres only been one "dynasty" in the modern free agency era. If there is anything i've learned in life, its that there are no coincidences in life. There is no luck, or fate, or divine intervention. WE make, or don't make, our futures by our actions, the actions of others, and the positions we put oursselves in. In my experience, you can always follow the breadcrumbs so to speak.
  12. Sorry, i had to add to some of the craziness around here.
  13. This is what i thought. How many rumors do you think start from this forum? Eisen will be saying monday that Luck is looking fro a new team. (Another crazy thread here)
  14. For the love of Jehovah and all his witnesses......
  15. Seriously? come on. i'm sure Ballard is sitting there (after improving basically ALL positions already) thinking "i'd like a BIG hole at center so i'm gonna ignore it." Maybe swenke is soon ready, maybe they are talking to someone, or maybe,just maybe, they know what they are doing: we found out for years how difficult it is to fing quality centers who are available. And perhaps those available are greedy cuz they know the need we (and most teams) have at center. but to act like it is being ignored is off the mark. You are better than that LPB. Or maybe you were being funny.

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