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  1. WoolMagnet

    Rodney Harrison on nbc sports radio

    Heath "the groper" Evans
  2. WoolMagnet

    Andrew Luck is throwing a football

    I was messing with you because your "prediction" was common sense. A person can celebrate when the sun comes up every morning too, but come on. And upset? Really? Upset that someone was right that the sky is blue? Or that grass is green? Really? go out on a limb next time with "water is wet" or something.
  3. WoolMagnet

    Post OTAs 53 man roster

    Only 4 wr? I doubt that , especially when hilton and rogers are somewhat "slight" in size. Who knows, but i sure hope we keep 5 on roster. But what do i know, i'm just a caveman living in a modern world.
  4. WoolMagnet

    Colts Minicamp 6/14/18

    I'm at my mom's trimming bushes and trees sweating up a storm. Its amazing how some of these guys manage the heat in pads, etc. i remember practices in my younger days being tuff, but i wasnt a 300lb guy running around in this heat.
  5. WoolMagnet

    Colts Minicamp 6/14/18

    I think Turbin and Ebron are gonna come out ballin' to prove something. We could use the veteran leadership from Turbin (with RBs) as well. Very good to the the "older guys" showing a good example for the "young-ins." I always liked Turbin and his bruising style.
  6. WoolMagnet

    Andrew Luck is throwing a football

    Who am i? i am the WoolMagnet. Duh! who are you? Besides someone who apparently likes to pat himself on the back and toot his own horn over making common sense predictions. Lighten up, i was just messin with you. oh, and my prediction is the Colts will wear blue and white next year.
  7. WoolMagnet

    Andrew Luck is throwing a football

    Feel better about yourself now? Of course he was throwing behind the scenes. I thought this was understood. i'd be much more impressed if you predicted lottery numbers. throw your fellow forum members a bone and give us some powerball numbers Mr Nostrodamus. Pretty Please?
  8. WoolMagnet

    Andrew Luck is throwing a football

    I would think he doesnt go from 0 to 60 right away. Maybe every other day unless he only throws 10 or so for 10 yards like today. but, any way you losok at it, its GREAT news.
  9. WoolMagnet

    Jim Irsay tweeted today... let's overanalyze & dissect it

    Back-handed shot at Jim, I'd say.
  10. WoolMagnet

    Twitter news

    U beat me to it
  11. WoolMagnet

    Nunez-Roches a Sleeper?

    Whenever i see or hear Nunez - Roches I picture Cheech saying something to Chong with squinted eyes and a big smile.....:
  12. WoolMagnet

    My theory on luck situation.

    Bunch of worry warts around here. if so........ Mr Brissett...... come on down. seriously tho, at this point, i waste NONE of my time anymore worrying about Luck. I just refuse to dwell on it anymore. Is it odd? Yea. But i just cant believe Reich and Ballard..... (A) wouldnt bring in a "serious" starter to battle Brissett , and (B) would be acting like there isnt an "issue". These arent used car salesmen. who knows what will happen, but not much longer to wait and we will know his status. I suggest we all cross our fingers/
  13. WoolMagnet

    Great article on hines and wilkins

    Sounds about right, unless someone surprises i guess.
  14. WoolMagnet

    Great article on hines and wilkins

    U think Wilkins would be safe on practice squad. If so, it might be a good move. We could carry an extra QB for a few weeks just in case, or a CB, OL, LB, etc.
  15. WoolMagnet

    Great article on hines and wilkins

    Thats what i think, but cuts are gonna be brutal. you think 5 receivers?