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  1. Colts sign Tyrell Adams

    MY favorite is "Miss" Universe
  2. Colts sign Tyrell Adams

    Yea, like 2 alternate universes around here. on one side, you have us optimistic types. on the other, the negative nancy, sky is falling types. no middle ground it seems. some people just assume the worst, some assume the best. i'm glad i live in the latter world, its a MUCH nicer "world" to live in. and in MOST cases, things turn out ok. Why on earth would someone go thru live with a negative outlook? I will never understand those types. Its like a self-fulfilling prophesy for them, i actually think some of them just enjoy being miserable. Sad really.
  3. Gambling, drinking, strip clubs apparently. or maybe nail-biting. THAT is a terrible habit.
  4. Anyone else worried?

    I always medicate BEFORE I come here. it helps.
  5. Luck throwing HEAVIER balls than footballs

    Dilly. Dilly, your highness!
  6. Steven A Smith on Luck and the Colts

    If they were paying attention, they would have noticed Ballard addressed the DL and defensive backfield. Alot was spent here in $(hankins) and picks (hooker,wilson,hairston). He also put some bandaids on LB. (Cant do it all) he made us not miss a pretty good punter, and he infused youth everywhere. Theres no reason to not think he"ll address OL, LB, wr, HEAVY in free agency (we have mucho $) and the draft (great position). just like the roster turnover last year, we'll improve subtly everywhere and in larger jumps at the positions we all know we will improve in. the surprises might be players our HC or coords like for potential in their systems. sure, we have holes still, but this team will look very different come game 1. These guys know this. Its just the easy, lazy story.
  7. Wht havent we heard of McCarron to Cleveland? They wanted him last year. I guess they would still draft a QB, but perhaps not at #1.
  8. Luck says in Peter King interview that...

    The only thing he's throwing is SMOKE SCREENS ! (sorry, couldnt resist)
  9. Well, you are the king, so i guess you can do pretty much whatever you want. Just take my advice and hire a royal food taster. You can never be too safe.
  10. Colts Town Hall is Tonight

    That was great. I especially liked that McDooDoo was the target of several jokes by several people. They kept it classy, but, somewhere near Boston, a little man with no soul was bothered this evening by a ringing in the ears. Hilarious. I found it funny how our new DC described not being sure if he was staying or going. Several times, i'm sure i saw Ballard beaming as Reich talked about his plans. He looks like a guy who just narrowly escaped a car crash. and I'm thinking we just did. Let NE keep that lying cheat. We got the better man in the end.
  11. Reggie to be inducted into Ring of Honor

    Is that similar to the circle of trust?
  12. Colts Town Hall is Tonight

    If you arentwatchig this..... YOU NEED TO BE ! its pretty good.
  13. Colts Town Hall is Tonight

    Did it start yet?
  14. Reich on Golic and Wingo at 7:30am (Luck talk)

    Sorry for getting everyone excited.
  15. Reich on Golic and Wingo at 7:30am (Luck talk)

    No new info really. but i like what i hear from Reich. You just get a feeling he and Ballard will have no trouble working together. I'm getting a good feeling about whats brewing in Coltsland. We just need to be a little patient.