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  1. More places to hide cameras and needles in you own stadium i guess.
  2. All that and i dont see perhaps the most important factor (in last 10 years anyhow. the NFC has had MUCH more parity. The AFC has been primarily dominated by 2 teams... NE and Pitt. Pitt had a more difficult division than NE which explains the bye theory in the AFC. Which is, the #1 seed is much better than the others. In the NFC , its a more level playing field so the team that gets the bye isnt far better than the others. For me, i'll take the bye. It not only guarantees a win in first round, but all other games are at home which is where the REAL advantage is..: all other things being equal. pretty simple in my view.
  3. I'm hoping Chester "the DB molester" rogers makes it. TY, Moncrief, Aiken, Dorsett, Rogers is a nice group. Chud should be able to work with that. With the uncertain depth at TE, more 3wr sets (and 4) should ease the TE group into the offense. We have speed and some size at wr... i'm excited.
  4. When pigs fly or when Belichek and Brady play by the rules. translation: NEVER
  5. Oh go count your asterisks.
  6. Maybe a statue of him can be erected down by th canal.
  7. I'm for it. Yet another way to change their culture of this team. You can't practice tackling by pulling flags. i think a more physical tone to camp and practice is just what this team needs. sure you risk more injuries, but it cant be worse than normal (with the injuries). If they cant make it thru camp, how will they last a season? as they say, iron sharpens iron. We've adhered to "sponge sharpens sponge" the last decade or so.
  8. So i read draft mid rounds , keep refreshed thru draft with a rb drafted every 3 or so years. Run them into the ground on their "cheap" rookie contracts and then let them walk b4 the average decline and bigger $. You should have the next man up if you've drafted well. This is for your "planned" rb #1 and #2. Plus you can fill out the roster or get lucky with UFA and guys cut. but it sure looks like the years 2 - 4 are the average "peak." This really hints toward having a great RB scouting team to really improve your success. then again, thats just good overall personnel planning. You GOTTA build thru the draft. The cheaper salaries give you such an advantage to sign or keep key pieces that demand bigger $. sounds so simple, doesnt it?
  9. I loved that heavy package. We had good success with it. we seemed to march right down the field with it. i hope we have 3 TEs that can run it now. or just put Banner out there.
  10. Hopefully your seat is not next to the bathroom.
  11. Literally ALL their "championships"
  12. There truly must be something in the water up there. Boston seems to breed nit-wits. Angry, self-conscious and self-absorbed tools. sox fans are the same as pats fans. Nit-wits. ignore them. so basically you can print any drivel or falsehood as long as you have some illegible disclaimer hidden somewhere? really good reporting. Does he work for TMZ too?
  13. Elliot Harrison played girls field hockey in high school. its a fact. Well, about as much fact as his lists.
  14. That brings up a good point. Did Grigsons comments motivate Pat to get better? If so, grigs should be looked at in a different light. In this case anyway.

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