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  1. Prospective head coaching candidates [Merge]

    He would be a much better hire than Pagano was. I think people underestimate the role of a ST coach. Can forget that Belicheck(throws up) started as a ST coach as well
  2. GM Candidates, including Jimmy Raye (merge)

    I got a bad feeling if we make the playoffs next year(which won't take much to do so) it will mean that Pagano will keep his job.
  3. Prospective head coaching candidates [Merge]

    No the Chargers fired their coach. But you're right the Broncos just recently got a head coach but they were interested in Toub earlier this month
  4. Prospective head coaching candidates [Merge]

    People have compared him to John Madden/Jim Harbaugh. Chargers and Broncos have requested to interview for a HC position
  5. Prospective head coaching candidates [Merge]

    If we hire Ballard, I hope he brings Toub along as a package deal