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  1. mahagga73

    *** Colts UDFA Tracker ***

    Me too. Wish they would have drafted Berrios.
  2. mahagga73

    Henry Anderson Traded To Jets

    If these guys work out Ballard will be a genius. If they don't, even his most ardent supporters will turn on him , and he will be run out of town. Too early to tell.
  3. mahagga73

    Everyone’s a Critic...

    He's either a genius or just set us back another 5 years. Time will tell.
  4. mahagga73

    2018 NFL Draft Thread

    So they got a midget QB and a rookie WR.
  5. mahagga73

    2018 NFL Draft Thread

    And just passed on Chubb, lol
  6. mahagga73

    Colts 2018 Schedule Announced [Merge]

    I've got 6- 8 wins. The back end is brutal.
  7. mahagga73

    Season Tickets

    I bought 2 tickets mid- level for 30 bucks each for 2 games last year. Face was 80 or something. Cant remember the exact amount. Are you serious? You could have went to a game last year for a buck and a song . I'm talking last couple years.
  8. mahagga73

    Season Tickets

    Yeah, I didn't go to a game for years in person (after going to lots of them for decades ) , mostly due to the fact I was broke , lol, but last couple years been taking advantage of the mediocrity and fan apathy by getting darn good seats for a few games. I also loved the excitement of the pregame , atmosphere , etc. Love the ease of Indy , the close downtown, nice people , etc.. Found I missed it. But not sure I can do all the games like I did. Getting old I guess. If Ballard is on point they might be worth the cost. Mulling it over. The Manning days were exciting.
  9. If he's there at 6 , he's getting picked.
  10. mahagga73

    Season Tickets

    You were paying above face value ? I've been getting great seats on stubhub for half off for years. You got to be taking a loss on that. 5 extra games , 2 preseason nobody wants. If and when they get good again it could be a good investment. Had them for years , high on the wait list again. Thinking of pulling the trigger again maybe.
  11. Both those teams were way more talented than this one.
  12. Warriors or Cavs are hardly shoe-ins this year.