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  1. Retired Numbers.

    Gino Marchetti was one of the greatest defensive lineman ever and his number isn't retired.
  2. Frank Reich's Staff

    Reggie is probably making way more more money on NFL Network minus the headache.
  3. I like Allen the best. Has a huge arm. But hopefully won't come to that .
  4. Jack Del Rio?

    He got fired because he fired his OC when the offense was humming and this year Carr regressed badly under the replacement. He gambled and lost.
  5. Should we really keep McDaniels hires?

    I would imagine 1 or 2 of them will choose to have a contract buyout or have another job lined up.
  6. Florio still maintains agenda....

    Unfortunately the garbage he spouts about Jim is skewered as fact all over the place now. I corrected one simpleton on Twitter who was spouting all that nonsense as fact today.
  7. McDaniels rejects Colts.

    Mcdaniels burned every bridge in the league but one. He is gambling that they are going to hire him for the HC position . By that time Brady and Gronk, etc. will be gone. The Pats will be in decline because they stupidly traded Jimmy for nothing. Makes you wonder if he really thought this through . Only way he survives this unscathed is the unlikely event the Pats dynasty goes past Brady. He may be fired faster than his head could spin.
  8. McDaniels rejects Colts.

    That would be a home run if they got both to come. I would much prefer that to the weasel anyway. The Eagles would likely promote Defilippo though to OC to avoid the loss. Eagles coaching tree is pretty good.
  9. He saw him up close. I think they were on the Rams for a year. Venturi was assistant HC I think.
  10. What is G. Doyel's problem?

    Doyel was right turns out.
  11. Colts Have Three Interviews Lined Up.

    Yeah, he just committed career suicide outside the Patriots. Greg Doyel is writing his victory column right now, rightfully so, looks like he was right about this guys character.
  12. Colts Have Three Interviews Lined Up.

    Pagano should have been gone last year.
  13. Colts Have Three Interviews Lined Up.

    I actually have been contacted. My Madden record speaks for itself. Just kidding .
  14. How does McDaniels win over the fan base?

    Exactly. I really could care less about Mcdaniels. The guys he uprooted and hoodwinked , that's classless.