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  1. Langford regressed also in the 4/3. Maybe this will be a blessing for him. Hope to see some batted balls at least
  2. And we get out from under his contract. Not to shabby!
  3. Not sad, he never bounced back to his rookie promise. Trying to read through. What did we get for him?
  4. Poe. It's all starts in the trenches
  5. Big signing means overpaying. Not sure I'm in for that mess. Some key cogs would be nice but I'm not trying to break the bank
  6. I'm Bob Sanders same height, same weight, same build and mentality. Rip your arm off and beat you with it. Argghhhh lol
  7. Me too, I'm in Ft Wayne and have never had the need to go. But I don't care about all that autographs and stuff. Just want to watch the games
  8. Okay thank you for clarifying that. I was seriously like wth man?!? Lol
  9. What the Sam hell?!? How can a Stanford grad and professional football player do stupid crap like that and why?!? Pretty sure you're paid enough not to rob people and or get a damn uber. I'm really mind boggled by stupidity at times
  10. Wayne
  11. No 10#'s is easy. But that's what? 6'2 230? Still pretty small
  12. To small to move inside. Especially in a 3-4. The added weight also could lose speed. Also could cause more injury. Hard to say. ive added over 50#'s of muscle and I can definitely tell the difference in everything. I know we train different but I also get injuried more and more frequent with the heavier lifting. Okay okay, age may be a factor also heh
  13. I hope it wasn't last year. Cause it sure didn't help
  14. I'm looking forward to it also. When we heard awhile back about Grissom forcing players on Pagano it really pissed me off. Let the man coach. You hire people to do their jobs so let them do them. Don't handcuff and micro manage them. If he's going to sink then let him sink.
  15. Those are actually pretty cool

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