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  1. Since manning was drafted we have been wanting to address the lines. They've tried "DT from OH who wanted to play video games" to signing a couple guys. Fatso from philly who couldn't stay healthy or stop eating. To booger, when healthy him and sanders killed it in the Postt season
  2. Rob Morris short?!? Lol, oh that takes me back
  3. Man I sure hope Luck will be able to hit the weights. Dude is going to get killed with that little frail body heh. Half kidding....
  4. So far he's been a second round bust with a ton of athletic ability. But at this level it takes heart and what's between the ears. With that being said I know if you really want it you can make huge changes in a years time. So hopefully for his sake he buckled down and trained his butt off. Got two 6'8 guys on the team with him and Banner
  5. Banner is a mountain of a man. Get his body dialed in with strength and speed he could be a force
  6. I love it! Put it up in the board and use that crap as fuel. I know people telling me or doubting me had driven me to ridiculous goals. Even at age 41 I'm still at a very high level of not highest I've ever been. Just a lot more humble now
  7. Manning on SNL was the best ever. Made me love him that much more lol. I miss the manning era. Was some great great times.
  8. Stretching and flexibility helps with injuries. Not putting on size. I'm 195, can bench 425. I get injured more now than ever. Muscle strains
  9. Langford regressed also in the 4/3. Maybe this will be a blessing for him. Hope to see some batted balls at least
  10. And we get out from under his contract. Not to shabby!
  11. Not sad, he never bounced back to his rookie promise. Trying to read through. What did we get for him?
  12. Poe. It's all starts in the trenches
  13. Big signing means overpaying. Not sure I'm in for that mess. Some key cogs would be nice but I'm not trying to break the bank
  14. I'm Bob Sanders same height, same weight, same build and mentality. Rip your arm off and beat you with it. Argghhhh lol

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