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  1. Drafting Nelson he comes in as a rookie amongst the top guards in the NFL. Perinni pro bowler
  2. Hankins Released

    Well crap, looks like we'll be going back to our old 4-3 ways of getting torched in the run lol
  3. Hankins Released

    What the heck is going on?!? I thought he was one of the best if not the best d linemen we had?!?
  4. Don't tease me with a good time!!
  5. Please dear baby Jesus, 6 pounds 9 oz. please let us draft Nelson with the 6th pick.
  6. Really hope his means we can snag Nelson
  7. Fun Fact

    Freeney was 11
  8. What if Denver calls?

    I'm taking Nelson over Chubb
  9. I wouldn't be mad at all. I'd snatch up Nelson in a heartbeat.
  10. Add him with what we have our front 4 would be looking really good
  11. I'm going to be happy with either of the three. Barkley, Chubb, Nelson With Barkley we get a dynamic back who will help the offense. With Chubb we add a really good piece to our strength on D, the line. Which then makes our backfield that much better. with Nelson he helps make our front a force in the run game and pass blocking. He makes our backs better and keeps Luck off the ground.
  12. Same could have been said about Freeney/Mathis
  13. "The T.J. Green Project"

    To soon just to give up on him. This year will be huge to show if he has made improvements or not
  14. Looking forward to watching him play again...

    I think the non colts fans forgot how much of a beast Luck was.