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  1. Florio is the biggest tool of them all.
  2. Devildog

    The OL

  3. Devildog

    Luck throwing HEAVIER balls than footballs

    His right arm will be bigger than his left one, lol.
  4. Devildog

    Anyone else worried?

    Nah. Not worried at all. I would be more worried if we mimic Grigson/Pagano's Build The Monster.... lol
  5. Devildog

    Peter King Column

    After the Super Bowl, it's the Eagles, lol.
  6. Devildog

    How does McDaniels win over the fan base?

    The fact that he choose to leave New England. The fact that he chose us over other teams.
  7. Devildog

    Chubb or Barkley at #3?

    How about we draft Barkley and make him a pass rusher!
  8. Devildog

    What type of coach would you prefer?

    The new coach should have "Grit."
  9. Devildog

    I know the feeling

    You guys want Tolzien back?
  10. Devildog

    How many yards will fournette have.

    Our defense definitely will in the second half.
  11. Devildog

    PFF Analysis of Colts Performance

    Should be easy to find Pagano. He would be in the bottom 5.
  12. Devildog

    Colts/Trade Deadline

    I'd trade Tolzien for a bag of peanuts.
  13. Devildog

    AFC South