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  1. The Walking Dead *spoiler alert*

    I'm happy it's back on. It looks like the next episode gets crazy.
  2. Who Is Going To Be The Starting Rb?

    In Carter's last year at Syracuse, he had the 3rd most carries in the Big East and didn't fumble but one time and it was recovered. I think last year's fumbles were a fluke or rookie jitters.
  3. Who Is Going To Be The Starting Rb?

    I think after training camp is said and done, Delone Carter will be #1 on the depth chart. He is the type of player Arians is used to. A smashmouth guy that can run north/south between the gaps. If he hold on to the ball and improves in the offseason, I don't think he'll have a problem beating Brown out of the spot. I do like Darren Evans as well. Maybe save the RB for next years draft. Montee Ball?

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