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  1. TheMarine

    Sirianni's written tests to players

    Given that this is going to be a variant of the Philly O, this testing makes too much sense. The motions Philly uses constantly puts players into new positions, you HAVE to know where everyone is. Guaranteed that theres going to be times where the RB will run WR routes out of motion. TE will go in motion to act as a FB attacking the A-C gaps with a pull from the guards and/or a tackle. Hilton, Doyel, and/or Hines are probably going to be in motion nearly every play, Ebron is probably going to motion out of the line and flip the field constantly. Bet that we'll see "Heavy" formations, with Earl Grey sometimes moving out to a tackle look for some bullying and bagging.
  2. TheMarine

    Earl Grey

    Not what we're saying at all. Being bullied into the ground on the receiving end of a block is intimidating when you're a millionaire in the NFL expected to be the man. Being sat on then by the road grader who decimated your rear is just a mind and physical game
  3. Its weird. He wants his scouts to see the players through the players eyes, and then he shared that vision with the media. Hes educating the media from a straight shooter point of view, and its clear they dug the HELL out of it. And, from all takes it appears that it was approached by Ballard as if he were making them part of the team. Trying to imagine Polian or Grigs doing this... Nah, I cant.
  4. It was discussed. Short version is they're comfortable with what they have thus far, and will continue to look in this 2nd wave of free agents and undrafted players to look for guys who fit what they do. They were not comfortable picking those players (CBs) when they had a chance.
  5. TheMarine

    Earl Grey

    Im sure Nelson is a great/fine guy off the field and when he's not working out. I want him being the nastiest SOB out there on the field, when engaged with "the enemy." One of my best buddies growing up, we'd go to Church together, volunteer for stuff around Fellowship of Christian Athletes and their events, etc. He even became a Pastor. Get him wrestling, and it was WW3. Instantly changed to a focused, dominating brute. Wanted nothing more than humiliate you and make you quit. In turn, I pushed myself to not be humiliated, turn it on him and make him quit. We fought more than once during practices
  6. TheMarine

    Colts draft class ranked #3 in power rankings

    I just read the article from one of the writers about the 2 hour meeting with Ballard the other day. Holy cow thats some great insite. Trying to imagine Polian or Grigs doing that... yeah, nah m8. I feel good about this draft. Certainly fits the scheme of both the coaches and Ballard, and the culture they want to build. All the picks are high character guys, all of theme freak athletes.
  7. TheMarine

    New philosophy on WRs?

    Pederson called the plays, but it was Reich who was called to design the offense and its plays and the scheme of attack. The call flow will certainly be different, but the overall play design will be identical: Minimum 3 levels of attack while passing, and rush plays which mirror the pass attack. Think of the Manning "Stretch" days
  8. TheMarine

    New philosophy on WRs?

    Some examples of what you could see this year
  9. TheMarine

    Earl Grey

    I want a guard who walks the line. How demoralizing would that be, to be an NFL player and get Earl Grey'ed, and how much of a Mind Game will that create? Theres a couple positions that I want players like this: Guards, DTs, and MLB. These guys can walk the edge like no other position can, and they should. And, not once did that I can find an example with Nelson that this results in a bad play or a flag
  10. Listening to Venturi on JMV today, he explained "Reaches" I think very well: Theres X# of players who rated Round 1, then the fall off was to Round 3. For teams needing X position, if they dont take those R1 talents, they'll "reach" down to pull them up 1 round where they "should" go due to lack of talent at that position in that particular draft. Teams use this "gamble" as they expect players who they rate higher to drop if theres a lot of those type of players in the draft. See LB's this year: There were 6 LBs rated in the top 3 rounds, 4 taken in the 1st round. Those 4 Venturi had as R1 talents, but the other 2 were R3. Meanwhile, other positions such as Guards (example only) were in greater supply, likely bringing down several to lower positions where they would be available. So, take the rare talents over the common talent. Similar to last year's draft, where there was a plethora of Defensive players near the top, while only a few Offensive players. This lead to a rush on Offensive players, which pushed Hooker down to us
  11. TheMarine

    Adam Schein a Fan of Colts Draft, Quenton Nelson

    I'll buy his jersey straight from the pro-shop as soon as he Earl Greys' Watt, Clowney, or anyone from the Jaguars during the regular season
  12. TheMarine

    Colts select Braden Smith OG at 37

    I just want our O-Line to Earl Grey the ever lovin #@)$( outa whatever D-Line/LBs they will face coming up.
  13. TheMarine

    Q. Nelson, R. Kelly, B. Smith

    I may be a fan of our offensive line again. Let me know when you see it
  14. TheMarine


    How DARE you talk about the Binder like this! SHAME