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  1. Represents the Colts' right now and the mood I'm in:  
  2. 2013 Prediction Contest Smack Talk Thread

    The Minn-GB game does not count and is disregarded because I only keep count of wins.   Also, a reminder to people who have missed weeks. If you made your picks on another site (like Yahoo), you can screenshot the pictures and I can put your results in my spreadsheet.
  3. 2013 Prediction Contest Smack Talk Thread

    I'm going to go with the Jags to win their first game this week.
  4. Dumb Questions

    I should probably know this but I don't...   How do they chose which team plays at home and which team plays away? Like the divison teams it's obvious, but why do the play Miami in Indy but San Fran in San Fran?   One of the very few questions I have about the rules/logistics of football. 
  5. 2013 Prediction Contest Smack Talk Thread

    I'm making a rule, which helps some of you guys that forget.   If you missed the 1PM deadline, you will have until 2:15 to make your picks, but will have a 3 correct pick deduction.    How does that sound?
  6. 2013 Prediction Contest Smack Talk Thread

    Please direct yourselves to the other Prediction Contest page to see the latest rankings and the excel spreadsheets.    If you have any questions, comments or believe there are any MISTAKES, please let me know. For mistakes, tell me the error and what week it occurred in and I'll review and most likely change it. 
  7. Elysium with Matt Damon, it's coming out in August and looks amazing. Im going to see that.
  8. What would Peyton think? What would he think?
  9. Why is he giving me the deeds to Lucas Oil? Previous owner Peyton Manning?
  10. HELP! I am being held against my will! Why is Jim making me do this?
  11. Source: Jabin Sambrano: Will he Make the Team?
  12. Happy Birthday Rose, I hope you have a fantastic day; you deserve it!!
  13. Make me Smile

    they always seem to find a great amount of talent on britains got talent...

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