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  1. This is playing out so nicely for us. Even our division rivals are helping us with who they've taken.
  2. Please no.
  3. That first one is a 10/10. Plus we've had pretty good success drafting edge rushers named Mathis in the fifth round. We should try that again.
  4. They sure do like their high character guys over there in Cincinnati. I don't particularly see the need for him with them though, Hill and Bernard are pretty good.
  5. This place sure can be a funky bunch sometimes.
  6. I wouldn't go with Shields but I agree they ought to bring in somebody. Maybe they're waiting to see how the draft plays out but as it stands right now, we have nothing at corner besides an aging, inconsistent, and somewhat injury-prone Vontae Davis. I would not be opposed to bringing in Jason McCourty if he doesn't cost too much.
  7. Yeah all the rich, white owners promote their cis heteronormativity and it's unacceptable in current year.
  8. As opposed to all the trans women of color that litter the NFL?
  9. I like seeing Russell Wilson get a lot of love. A lot of people seem to knock him for having a strong defense, but something that gets lost is how consistently terrible his Oline is, as well as the sea of mediocrity he gets from his receivers. I know to some Colts fans it's pretty much sacrilege to put him over Luck, but at this point in their careers I would.
  10. He did go there my friend.
  11. Don't feel bad, you know what time of the year it is lol. You know you're better than the Washington Compost. As to your OP, I go to Spotrac and the PFF Free Agency tracker.
  12. I hope you're right fam. I'm getting tired of those guys.
  13. It's the Russians, they've hacked the NFL to help the Pats keep winning.
  14. I think that's sarcasm, but he's definitely better than above average. He may be in his prime but how long does that prime last? He'll be turning 29 in a few days and corners tend to start falling off a bit around 30. He has a cap hit of $13 million for the next two years, then when he's 30 he'll still cost a lot of money to keep. It's just too much of a risk for me. It may be cliche, but I want to build through the draft. Trading for him would not be what puts us on top so I wouldn't be willing to offer more than a second.
  15. I believe he is the best corner in the league and his man coverage ability is underrated. He has been used to shadow opponents' number one and has been great in that role, he's just better as a cover 3 left cornerback. That said, I wouldn't want to give up a first for him. I would for a second, but I doubt Seattle would take anything less than a first.

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