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  1. I hope you're right fam. I'm getting tired of those guys.
  2. It's the Russians, they've hacked the NFL to help the Pats keep winning.
  3. I think that's sarcasm, but he's definitely better than above average. He may be in his prime but how long does that prime last? He'll be turning 29 in a few days and corners tend to start falling off a bit around 30. He has a cap hit of $13 million for the next two years, then when he's 30 he'll still cost a lot of money to keep. It's just too much of a risk for me. It may be cliche, but I want to build through the draft. Trading for him would not be what puts us on top so I wouldn't be willing to offer more than a second.
  4. I believe he is the best corner in the league and his man coverage ability is underrated. He has been used to shadow opponents' number one and has been great in that role, he's just better as a cover 3 left cornerback. That said, I wouldn't want to give up a first for him. I would for a second, but I doubt Seattle would take anything less than a first.
  5. Dan Marino was a boss. I agree with Jules, he really should be put in more conversation as GOAT. He was better than Montana in my opinion.
  6. Typically your edge players are much stronger than your off-ball LBs. If Mingo isn't strong enough to be an off-ball LB he is definitely not strong enough on the edge. But I agree other than that. Mingo is supposed to be an athlete, so I'd be curious to see if he has the range/cover ability to move inside. Simon moving inside on base downs would make more sense than on passing downs, but I still don't see it working. I want him on the ball. You don't see many 6'1", 260 pound middle linebackers.
  7. I'd say that of the three new LBs, the only one that could project to be an ILB is Mingo. Simon is a pass rusher/edge player.
  8. He's not targeted a ton, but when he is he just makes plays...or prevents plays. I wouldn't say he gets a lot of help either as he is regularly on an island. Giving up a QB rating of 29 is impressive no matter how you slice it.
  9. Following the format of @Superman , I just wanted to do a little armchair scouting of some of the guys that I particularly like in the draft that would be possible options for the Colts. First one for me is Quincy Wilson.... Junior CB, #6 for the Gators Size: 6'1", 211 pounds, good arm length. You couldn't get a more prototypical cornerback in terms of body structure for today's NFL. 10/10 Athleticism: Not an outstanding athlete, but pretty solid for his size. His combine numbers didn't pop out other than his 20 yard shuttle. He had a poor vertical at only 32", which is surprising when you watch his tape. He is excellent at out-jumping his man to make a play on the ball. He is not a sudden mover, so I would not match him up against the shiftier Antonio Brown's of the world. He definitely has the athleticism to make it in the league, especially going against opponent's bigger receivers. 7/10 Fluidity: Much more of a fluid mover than a sudden mover. He is the guy you want on the outside. He will turn his hips and run with people, with excellent balance and mirroring ability. Not the guy you want playing in the slot as he wouldn't be quick enough to react to the different route combinations that are often run out of the slot. 8/10 Physicality: Tremendously physical against the receivers but far less physical while being blocked. If coaches are able to get him to use more physicality against the run, I believe he would be a good run stopper as well. Does need to improve his tackling as well, but I'm not dinging him too much for it as I somewhat subscribe to the Deion Sanders school of cornerbacking. If you're asking your corner to stop the run, you're doing it wrong. He is strong and demonstrates a willingness to get himself involved against the run. As for playing his man, he is physical to a fault. Great at running his man down the boundary and getting a strong jab off the line of scrimmage. Excellent at breaking up passes at the right moment. The only problem is that in the NFL he will have to tone it down a little bit or risk being penalized, but the ability is absolutely with him. 9/10 Technical ability: Some of the scouts seem to like him better in zone schemes, but I disagree. He occasionally gets lost when a receiver enters his zone and may not have the best route recognition in such a scheme. He's not bad, and against simple routes he'd be fine covering the curl/flat in a Cover 2, or a deep third in a Cover 3, but when receivers are stacked on his side, he seems to struggle with knowing who to pick up. In man coverage, he is nasty against routes that are outside the numbers, but when a guy uses an inside release he allows too much separation. Gave up a passer rating of 29.9 and a less than 40% completion rate. 8/10 Ball skills: Considering he played predominately in man coverage and was targeted only 49 times on the year, his 3 interceptions and 9 pass break ups speaks volumes to his ball skills. He knows when to attack the ball in both man and zone. 10/10 Run defense: Needs to improve here. He is slow to react to the run, but that also has to do with his man coverage style. He will learn to react faster. Needs to get better at keeping his head up and making tackles like a professional. He is also very easily blocked downfield, which is a shame given his physicality. I do believe the coaches will get the best out of him in this area as he does show a willingness to get involved. 4/10 Consistency: Prone to being beat inside and against the smaller receivers, but will stick to his man like Jerry Rice's sticky gloves when he is given favorable match-ups. Needs to get better at beating blocks downfield, as well as recognizing run plays. 7/10 Scheme fit: I would have liked to see him move around a little bit. He doesn't appear to have much experience at all other than playing the right cornerback position. I know that some teams prefer to leave their corners on one side, but I'd like to know if he could be moved around effectively. He can play different kinds of coverage, and if we play predominately man, he will be a perfect fit. 9/10 Intangibles/Potential: He has football in his blood, his father was a corner for the 'Canes and now a coach. Appears to be of high character and have a passion for the game. I don't see anything to indicate he would be a poor locker room presence. Strikes me as a guy that will be willing to work and perfect his craft. 10/10 Overall: 82/100 One of my favorite prospects of the draft, and he seems to be projecting anywhere from the middle of the first to the middle of the second. I don't know if I'd want to draft him with our first, but if he's there in the second I would be ecstatic to land him. Based on his physical brand of man coverage, his lack of targets, and his exclusive right cornerback play, he is comparable to Nnamdi Asomugha from his Raider days. Also somewhat comparable to my 2013 draft crush; Xavier Rhodes.
  10. It's a strong defensive draft throughout. I believe it could rival the 2011 draft with numerous mid/late round talents having good careers.
  11. New to the game of American football I see.
  12. Doesn't change the fact that he was payed to do his job, and threw a tantrum about actually being asked to do his job.
  13. Poor guy. It must be very hard on him to make $12 million and also be expected to play.
  14. Anyone think Akeem Ayers could play ILB? He's got the body type for it and he had more picks (1) than all of our ILBs combined.

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