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  1. The Peytonator

    CB Bashaud Breeland likely to sign with Colts

    A couple years ago TY announced on Twitter that he was about to shock the world. Everyone thought something big was in the works but all it was about was him switching agents.
  2. The Peytonator

    CB Bashaud Breeland likely to sign with Colts

    People like to exaggerate. Kind of like when TY said he was about to shock the world and he ended up just switching agents.
  3. The Peytonator

    Daily dose of optimism for Andrew Luck's return

    Who cares if he can’t throw a football, the dude looks like he could throw the guy throwing the football. Maybe he just needs to adjust to his body from his ‘treatment’ in ‘Europe’. He just doesn’t know his own strength yet and him not throwing is more for our receivers benefit than anything.
  4. The Peytonator

    NFL Network Power Rankings

    Not surprised, we've had a very unsexy offseason. Signing Denico Autry and Ryan Grant and using our first round draft pick on a guard is not something to get the talking heads excited about. But sexy offseasons don't typically win championships. Ballard is building this thing right.
  5. The Peytonator

    What does "BTM" stand for on Luck's T-shirt?

    Ballard’s Thunderous Manmeat
  6. The Peytonator

    Darius Leonard & Skai Moore

    I did too but not that early. I don’t think he’ll ever be an all around LB that can stack and shed blocks. Not that Leonard or Moore will either, but they didn’t go top ten. I’m definitely happy with Nelson, Leonard, and Braden Smith. After that it gets a little wonky with me, but I’m not beefing with Ballard yet. He makes about 50% of moves that I love, 25% that I’m lukewarm, and 25% that I don’t like. That’s a pretty good hit rate with me.
  7. The Peytonator

    Darius Leonard & Skai Moore

    Leonard and Moore were two of the three LBs I wanted in this draft so you can imagine my excitement. They’re going to become a dynamic duo and we’ll call them ‘Lenny Moore’.
  8. The Peytonator

    Who’s our #2

    Hurst and Jackson fit exactly what we want in our new defense, so I'd really like them to be 2a and 2b. We really need some LBs but there is depth throughout this draft at the position so I'd hate to see us reach. I like Darius Leonard, but he's so small I think he's going to drop quite a bit. If we can grab him and Fred Warner in the middle rounds I'd be very happy.
  9. The Peytonator

    For You Roquan Smith Lovers.

    Roquan has been high on my list all offseason. He is the prototypical WILL and would be a tremendous cog in building the athletic defense we want to implement. It will be very important to keep him clean by having some fatties up front taking on blocks, but that is really how you want your defense to operate anyway. He will need to improve at taking on blocks though, or at least slipping them with his quickness.
  10. The Peytonator

    State of the 3 Linebackers - Draft

    The position is definitely barren but this draft class is absolutely loaded with potential for off ball LBs, from the top to the bottom and the undrafted guys. I know they’re saying Simon is a DE, and I think that holds true to a degree, but if we run a similar scheme to Seattle I could see him playing the strong side OLB in base packages. He has plenty of experience in a two point stance and in their scheme the only coverage we’d be asking of him is to cover the flat. His primary responsibility would be to contain the outside run and throw in some blitzes. Then we have a few interesting bodies that will at the very least fill out some depth. Jeremiah George looked competent when he was thrust into the lineup and Jermaine Grace intrigues me as a possible WILL. Anthony Walker was another competent guy who could play MIKE and hopefully improve on a decent first year as a late round pick. Then we added Najee Goode who has barely started but you never know what an organizational change can do for a guy. Not saying I’m counting on any of these guys to be lights out or even start but there’s always potential with some of the dregs of the roster. Nobody expected Jerrell Freeman to come in from some CFL team and be a stud. Nobody thought Gary Brackett was gonna turn out to be what he did. In the draft I think we can count on Ballard to bring in two or three LBs and I hope the first one is Smith or Edmunds. After that there’s an absolute plethora of options. Vander Esch, Darius Leonard if he beefs up a little, Malik Jefferson, Skai Moore, Fred Warner, Tegray Scales, and possibly Jerome Baker but he’s gotta be taken late, any of those guys I think will go a long way into building a legit group of off ball LBs. My ideal scenario is to get Smith in the first after a slight trade down, hopefully get another pick that we can grab Vander Esch with, then grab Warner or Scales in the 4/5 round. TL;DR I ain’t too worried about the LBs. There will be growing pains, but that’s what the first year of a rebuild is to be expected.
  11. His personality would fit in well in New York. I really like the guy and honestly think he’s the best QB in the draft. I only hope the Jets can get some help around him. I wonder if he’d sit behind Bridgewater for a year, but I think he’s as pro ready as anyone.
  12. Personally, I really like Mayfield and see nothing in Josh Allen to make me think he’s anything more than a massive bust. I believe Baker will have the best career out of all the QBs in the draft and would absolutely build a franchise around him. I know he’s got more of a Johnny Manziel personality type rather than an Andrew Luck, face of the franchise type of personality, but the dude is just sooooo much better than Manziel, and I don’t think he’s going to fall into the traps that Manziel did. Obviously, with both guys you’re going to need to get them in the right environment, and I hope they do. If Allen is number one off the board to Cleveland, they better sit him for the entire year and get him a new coach for 2019, otherwise he will go the way of many a Cleveland QB before him. I think he has the intangibles you want in a QB, but not the arm talent. He can throw a million yards but that doesn’t do you much good if you can’t hit your guy ten yards downfield. He needs a great QB coach to help him home his craft. Mayfield on on the other hand, has all the natural ability you want, but will need a strong locker room to keep him from doing stupid crap and being out of the league in three years. I would say Denver is a great spot for him to land, sit behind Keenum for a year or two, and take over the reigns. I’m not including the other three QBs in this poll because I wanted to make it solely for the two most contentious QBs that will be drafted early. I think Rosen will be better than Darnold, but they both have middling careers, never reaching elite status, and Jackson is too hard to project for me. He’s going to have to live by the Russ Wilson/Aaron Rodgers method of mobile QBs rather than the RG3 method. Bottom line is, Baker Mayfield is going to be a nasty QB for a while.
  13. The Peytonator

    Andrew Luck is freaking ripped

    Reading is for nerds! But I would bet he’d be one nerd you’d have a tough time stuffing into his locker.
  14. The Peytonator

    April Mock

    Big fan of a lot of those names. My only change without going too deep would be the Oliver pick. I’d go with Josh Jackson over him if they’re both there.
  15. The Peytonator

    left guard - right guard....what's the difference?

    I’m not sure that it’s necessarily about your dominant hand as it’s more about muscle memory. It’s kind of like how corners have their preferred side, especially if you’re talking about zone corners. You get used to setting up on the same side, making the same drops, you’re going to have a heck of a time transitioning to doing it the exact opposite way. It’s one reason I prefer zone defense to can make things a lot easier on your guys rather than moving them around.