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  1. They probably asked some of the league’s greatest thinkers like the Bennett brothers and Adam Jones.
  2. Should we consider trading Andrew Luck at this point?

    For 10,000 first round picks, yeah I’d probably take that trade. At least consider it.
  3. Luck being shut down from practice this week.

    Time to take this season behind the old woodshed and put it out of its misery.
  4. Offensive Line is Offensive

    Let’s not be so hard on OP, he’s a D-lineman, you can’t expect him to understand the intricacies of offensive line play.
  5. If this OL could start to run block at a high level

    Everybody sure does like to make Castonzo their oline whipping boy, and it's so unfounded. People act like he should be on Joe Thomas' level, but honestly, there's only one Joe Thomas. Yeah Castonzo gets beat sometimes and he's not going to be an all pro, but the dude is solid. He is our best lineman and has been for 6 years. The reason people put Kelly and Mewhort ahead of him is because they don't get beat as much in pass protection, which is how it tends to work when you're double teaming some 300 pound DT on an interior rush versus being on an island for outside speed rushers. Plus AC is always available. If he were ever hurt for an extended period of time you'd see what bad LT play looks like. Right now, AC is rated 14th out of all tackles in the league. Not just Left Tackles, but ALL tackles. That firmly puts him in the better half of the league, possibly in the top 25% among LTs. Also, keep in mind he's playing next to Vuj, who is doing him no favors and the play calling often makes his job even harder. He is the least of our problems on the oline.
  6. Is this the same Patrick Robinson?

    Good point for sure. One thing that I don't like about PFF is that they seem to only apply a grade to a corner if the ball is thrown into their coverage.
  7. Is this the same Patrick Robinson?

    True, I actually was happy to sign him, although I preferred Casey Hayward over him, but I am really surprised to see that he's rated THAT high as of right now. For the record, Rashaan Melvin is ranked 10th. Casey Hayward is 8th. Vontae Davis is 107th. The combined cap hit of Robinson, Melvin, and Hayward is 6.5M for this year, while Davis alone is 10.2M. Not trying to start a bash Vontae thread or anything like that, I really like the guy. Just super bored and looking at personnel moves in hindsight.
  8. Is this the same Patrick Robinson?

    Sure doesn't support the narrative of Pagano being a DB whisperer.
  9. Is this the same Patrick Robinson?

    Did he do some sort of Nicholas Cage/John Travolta 'Face Off' with the ghost of Darrelle Revis or something? Where was this dude last year? PFF's top rated corner this year
  10. Don't sleep on SF, this game is NOT a gimmie!

    Hey maybe he's just a big fan of Baltimore Ravens Linebacker, Jonathan Freeny with his two career sacks in six years. A relative perhaps?
  11. Don't sleep on SF, this game is NOT a gimmie!

    Not a gimme game by any means, but the guys better find a way to win one for the big man upstairs, Sheriff P.
  12. The best Peyton Manning stories you've never heard

    There's too many to list but my favorite was him and Saturday going at it on the sidelines. Just shows the passion that both guys had for winning a game. They may have had a heated argument but they both wanted the same thing; to put points on the board. Plus Good Guy Tarik Glenn playing peacekeeper was pretty funny. I just loved that team. Second favorite moment was probably this iconic image.
  13. Why would anyone want Luck behind this line?

    Manning played behind some really bad lines, but he mitigated that by getting rid of the ball. It is the single greatest issue that Luck struggles with. When Brady's line isn't up to par he does the same things. I fault the offensive coordinator most with the lack of quick hitters and crossing routes, but the bottom line is, an elite QB can avoid hits and stay healthy even with a porous line. Look at the Seahawks game; we were getting decent pressure on Wilson but it barely phased him. The Hawks have a far worse line than we do but it doesn't matter with an efficient QB. Getting Kelly back will help a ton, plus the understated effect he'll have on Mewhort. The weakest link is Vuj but everyone else is at least competent. No healthy starting QB is going to sit because his left guard is below average. Once he's healthy, he has to play. We don't want him going 18 months without playing real football.
  14. Things I'll watch this weekend.

    I wish they still had Brandon Browner so we could watch TY steal his lunch money again.
  15. JB did really well....

    He was our best offensive player today. I've been really impressed by him, and I wasn't expecting him to be as good as he has. Being only a second year player, I'm wondering what kind of draft pick we could get for him when he enters his fourth year. At that point we'd be smart to get what we can because he'd definitely leave for a starting job somewhere if he continues to develop and improve on what's been a great start.