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  1. Very well stated. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little disappointed, or that this is how I'd have played free agency if I were Ballard. However, we aren't behind the scenes. We don't know how these negotiations have played out. It really could be as simple as these guys we've gone after not wanting to come here regardless of how much they were being offered. Ballard has so far earned my trust, as he really did kill it last offseason. I remember thinking how much we overpaid Hankins, how Sheard and Simon were average, and how Woods and Bostic were both really bad, yet each of those signings turned out far better than I expected. While this offseason has not played out the way I wished, and I am not afraid to say that I disagree with Ballard, he has definitely earned the benefit of the doubt so far.
  2. Jensen to Bucs

    Pouncey is a bad idea. Hoping we can get Pugh without breaking the bank.
  3. I trust Ballard, I really do...

    I would have liked to keep Melvin and throw in a little half million sweetener to keep him, but I’m guessing this was similar to when we lost Jake Scott to the Titans. He overpriced himself and ended up taking less money than we would have given him out of pride.
  4. Pretty sure he could barely push Vuj for a roster spot based on his time with the Giants but maybe last year was a fluke.... I’ll see myself out.
  5. Has either Pouncey even been good in the last few years? I think they’re living off past reputation.
  6. Colts announce 4 rights have been tendered

    None of these four guys have even made the All Pro team in their three years in the league after going undrafted so I don't see why we'd sign them to minimal, non-guaranteed, camp body contracts. #FireBallard
  7. Geathers staying at safety

    Yeah we don't have a Cato June, but we've got plenty of Gilbert Gardners we can build around since he likes below average LBs. Polian must have gone off the deep end if he thinks Cato June is a measuring point for quality LB play.
  8. Armchair GM's annual "My Guys" List

    Spare no expense.
  9. Browns trade for Tyrod Taylor [Merge]

    I hope this means they take Barkley. If they do, that’ll be the second solid they do us, the first being trading for Landry so we didn’t make that mistake. Good Guy Cleveland, helping out their neighbors to the west without even realizing it.
  10. I’d say at least 89% of overall cap space over any given four year span until the new CBA goes into effect.
  11. I haven’t seen a more unanimous opinion than that we should sign Norwell and he’s the most costly free agent out there. Just because we don’t want to trade for Landry just to pay him 15 million a year doesn’t mean we don’t want to see the team use its cap space. He’s good, but he’s not ‘break the bank’ good.
  12. I’m pretty sure they’re just going to rescind the franchise tag. They won’t get anything more than a third for him and that’s what they’d probably get in a comp pick anyway. Teams don’t want to trade high draft picks for the rights to pay a slot receiver 15 million a year.
  13. You wouldn’t be in the 10% happy crowd, you would be the only one happy to exchange Luck for a RB, guard, and a second round tackle.
  14. "Landing spot"

    Ballard probably just doesn’t want to give up draft picks for expensive, aging, coming off an injury type players. We want to get younger. If we were a Richard Sherman away from making a championship run he’d probably be more likely to make that move.