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  1. Couldn’t afford all that my friend, but it sure would be a sexy offseason.
  2. Why did Haeg replace Good?

    His injuries aren’t good for his development, but for a third year, seventh round draft pick out of Mars Hill College, I’m not gonna fault him too hard for getting beat by Von Miller a few times. Just by staying on the team for these last three years he has surpassed expectations, and should definitely have a roster spot over Le’Raven Clark. Same for Joe Haeg; late round pick in his second year as a pro, he’s going to have growing pains. Offensive lineman take the longest time to develop so when they show actual development in their young careers, you don’t cast them aside because they get beat by the best pass rushers in the game.
  3. Ongoing Colts 2018 draft talk........

    Anybody have an opinion on Michigan's DT, Maurice Hurst? I'm not a Michigan fan so I haven't watched him, and I've barely watched film on anyone, but everything I read about him makes him sound like he could be on the same level as Aaron Donald. Honestly, for my money, Aaron Donald IS the best defensive player in the league. He has surpassed a healthy Watt at this point. He was drafted 14th overall and I'm imagining that's around where Hurst will go, being a little undersized. Either way, I'm pretty firmly in the 'trade down' camp, and drafting Hurst looks like a solid idea based on what I've read. He jumps out in print much more than Chubb or Barkley, and as much as I believe Nelson will be a great guard, he still is just a guard.
  4. Ross Travis

    Pretty solid game but players with their names switched around don’t usually pan out; see Ulrich John.
  5. Ongoing Colts 2018 draft talk........

    Eli goes out with a win in his last career game, giving his big brother’s franchise the number two overall pick, which we trade for a king’s ransom, thus ensuring the next 15 years of Colts reigning over the rest of the league. Eli gets a statue next to Peyton in Indy.
  6. Who do you want to see in/win the Super Bowl?

    Yeah for sure, I was just messing with Jules and her desire to be Mrs. Discount Double Check.
  7. Who do you want to see in/win the Super Bowl?

    You and your Aaron Rodgers infatuation.
  8. Do The Colts Need Another TE?

    Trey Burton was looking pretty good in the last Philly game. He doesn’t have big numbers but he looks like the type that would be a very respectable #2 TE if given more opportunities. Can’t imagine him getting much in the way of cash this offseason so I think he’d be a solid, cheap option.
  9. Contract projection for Jack Mewhort

    No way my friend. Unfortunately his body isn’t holding up and there have been rumors that he’s considering retirement. Had a ton of hope for the guy after a solid first two years, but he’s just had such bad luck with his knees. I’d honestly only bring him back on a depth player contract.
  10. Yeah man I really believe that being a GM or scout has a large element of luck involved. These guys miss on players ALL the time. Even good ones are gonna draft a lot of busts. Most offseasons I do a little amateur scouting like a lot of us here, and not to sound like I think I’m smart, but I feel I’ve done a solid job on determining which players are gonna turn out good versus which ones bust. One thing I can guarantee is that I would have put our first round picks to much greater use than Grigson did during his tenure, and he was making millions while I was watching draftbreakdown cut ups.
  11. Who do you want to see in/win the Super Bowl?

    I confess to not watching the Jags as faithfully as a Jags fan does. I know their defense scores a lot of points too, but I do believe the offense is a little underrated, especially with all the Bortles hate I see. I agree though on Telvin. I wanted him out of the draft, and I wanted him to hit free agency this offseason so we could nab him. Those three LBs are the best group in the league.
  12. Who do you want to see in/win the Super Bowl?

    The Jags really have the type of defense that could beat the Pats. Very strong pass rush with Campbell, Jackson, and Ngakoue, fast LBers that can blanket Gronk, and probably the best corner tandem in the game. Seriously every position on that side of the ball is really solid. Their offense is inconsistent but they have the ability to score points. They put up 30 on Seattle and Pittsburgh, and 44 on Baltimore. If they are on their game they can absolutely beat the Pats in Foxborough.
  13. I’m riding the Vikings bandwagon pretty hard right now. They’ve always held a special place in my heart being something of a lovable loser type franchise. Definitely pulling hard for them to make it in the NFC. In the AFC I’d like to see Rivers take the Chargers to the big dance. It’d be pretty great to see him go out on top this year. Not a lot of better dudes in the game than Phil Rivers, even though I hated him a few years ago when his team was such a thorn in our butts. I also wouldn’t mind seeing the Jags get in there. Basically I just don’t want to see the Pats or Steelers in the AFC or the Seahawks in the NFC.
  14. Yeah it’s all such a crapshoot. I believe he’ll be a great guard, but I could also see him being just a guy. As much as I’d love to be a scout or GM, the pressure would kill me in trying to decide who to go with your early pick. So many guys busy and if they don’t bust they’re massively mediocre, and I’d probably be worse than Matt Millen.
  15. Quincy Wilson played well

    Yeah as big a fan of Quincy as I am, yesterday was not the type of game where you can evaluate anyone. But it was fun as hell to watch.