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  1. I'm fairly surprised their adjusted completion percentage was so close, Peyton had the higher depth per throw, and Luck was better under pressure. All counter to the narrative I've built in my head.
  2. Definitely making for a nice change. I've been hard on Pags but he's a dude that I really want to succeed. Not just because he's the coach of my team but because he's clearly a good dude. Maybe a change of culture with Ballard is just what he needs to get things turned around.
  3. Have him cover TY in practice so when he covers some big, fat TE in a game, he'll be able to shut him down. Pagano is just playing 13D Korean Starcraft, while Billy B is still playing checkers.
  4. The way that Edwin Jackson and Sean Spence played I can't wait to see Bostic and Morrison. If they're winning the camp battle they must be looking pretty solid.
  5. I'm with you Blue. These players develop kind of a muscle memory for a certain side and it's hard to switch it up every other down. It's one reason I was surprised to see Mewhort and Haeg switch sides. I would like to see them try Quincy out at LCB though, at least get him some preseason reps there. I do think Melvin starts though and Quincy plays a lot of slot corner with his ability to jam receivers and be active against the run.
  6. Man I hope our quick passing game is better and more utilized this year. The way Luck hangs out in the pocket for five seconds trying to make a big play and ends up taking unnecessary hits, it's gonna shorten his career and he'll constantly be dealing with issues like this year. Thing is, we have the personnel to make it work. TY is quick and shifty and can get open in a second. Moncrief is big and strong and can outmuscle little DBs to make catches. Our supposedly bad pass blocking Oline is being forced to protect for more seven step drops than any other team, its ridiculous. If Chud has another poor year of play calling, I really hope he's replaced next year.
  7. Everyone on D, especially the rookie DBs.
  8. I'd rather win the Super Bowl if I'm being honest.
  9. Man I hope he can get in for the third preseason game. He's not a Peyton type of timing based QB but I'd like to see him kick off some rust. We can beat the Rams with a rusty Luck or Tolzien.
  10. Hell yeah I'll still be watching. Not about to sacrifice 40% of the games because the coach doesn't know exactly when Luck will be back to full health. This is my first year as a Colts fan where I'm actually more excited to see the defense than the offense. I don't have much confidence in Tolzien but with our cake schedule I think he can get us to 3-3. Then we get General Luck to lead the offense and Sergeant Geathers to destroy anyone who tries to carry a football and I think we've got a good chance at a deep playoff run. And this is all assuming he's not ready week one.
  11. Andrew to Marvin bout to break Peyton to Marvin's record.
  12. Holy crap I didn't realize dude was 40 now! After this year, if he still plays like he did last year, I could see the evil empire trading him and rolling with Jimmy. I'm not sure Bill and Bob would do him like that, but from a business perspective it would be smart. Jimmy's got potential and they could get a high draft pick.
  13. As solid as Spence has been throughout his career, it must say something special about our LB group that he's running with the 3rd team. That was the position group I was most worried about this year, so I think that's promising.
  14. Yeah I've rethought it. I think Butler should play SS and in a Cover 3 look should jump down in the box and play the flat. He's always been a slot corner so that would be his natural fit at safety. The flat is where he seemed to make most of his plays last year. Malik plays the Ed Reed center field role. Man I wish Geathers was healthy though.
  15. I'm curious to see how they use Butler and Hooker at the same time. They're both ideally deep safeties and I'd much rather let Hooker develop there and see how Butler looks in the box. He's small but he's a good zone back and I think he would be alright playing the short middle, trying to jump routes. Not sure if they're trying more cover 2 looks with them.

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