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  1. Grover Stewart when he breaks the season sack record while weighing 350 lbs.
  2. I really like Geathers, and think he could be a top SS in this league. I just hope his disc issue clears up because that can be some serious business. I've had two surgeries for them and it's wrecked my mobility.
  3. I just see a serious regression from Houston this year. Their QB situation is going to cost them. In Watt's rookie year they won the division, and the next year they had the number one overall pick. Not saying that'll be their fate this year, but the NFL has a funny way of doing things sometimes. Agreed about the Colts with 12 wins. I've got a good feeling this year, and it'll be even better if Geathers is healthy.
  4. My hunch is that we win, the Jags take second at around 9-7, the Titans are third at 8-8, and the Texans regress to about a 5 win year. I know the Jags always have a "good" offseason, but this is the first time I've believed it in a while.
  5. Agreed. I definitely don't want to change Luck but our 3 step/7 step drop ratio is insane. This comes down to the offensive coordinators and it's been the same since Arians. We have receivers that can get quick separation and I just can't figure out why they choose to run these long developing routes all the time. Could be because we haven't been an effective screen running team, but there are other ways to get rid of the ball quickly, we just rarely do it. Anyway, Luck is a special player, I'd just like to see him take on some Peyton/Brady like attributes rather than opting to be a Favre/ Roethlesberger type.
  6. Yep that's been my biggest gripe about him since he's been in the league. Some of it seems to be by design. Hoping to see it change a little bit going forward as Ballard seems to have indicated that it's a problem. Gotta disagree with you on Castonzo though; he may be about the oldest guy on the team not named Vinatieri, but he's a lock on the left side. Not that he's elite, but he's an above average LT and I think he'd look a lot better without being asked to block for 7 step drops half the time.
  7. Not sure if this has been posted about Mack, but he appears to have a solid pass protection grade as well. He may have had limited snaps at it, but it's at least promising. I was really stoked to get him, the only one that would have made me happier would have been Hunt, but I didn't want to draft him that high. I think we have a complete back. Edit: If that's hard to read, Marlon has the third highest pass block efficiency out of qualifying RBs.
  8. If we start mixing in some more 3 step drops, Luck stays healthy and consistent, the dude is going to be the best in the league. Our Oline isn't nearly as bad at pass blocking as they're made out to be, and I like the future there with Haeg and Clark on the right side. I'm pretty excited to be honest, especially with the defensive heavy offseason.
  9. We've definitely got a nice three-headed attack at RB now; Earth, Wind, and Expired Molasses. JK....Love you Gore.
  10. He will be. Keep in mind he's only 24, was a udfa, and is only going into his third year. He's been a solid rotational player and I'm looking for him to start this year. With good health, he, Anderson, and Hankins should be as good a dline we've had in a while.
  11. I don't want to trade for another Richardson. Plus why would we need him when we've got T.Y. Mc freaking Gill?
  12. Chuck loves his coachspeak. But I really did like the Mack pick. Then again, I also liked the Josh Robinson pick from a couple years ago, so disregard my opinion.
  13. I thought he was signed by someone else a while ago, but I wanted either him or Minter from the beginning of the offseason. I would really like this move as I think LB is our weakest spot. Morrison and Walker are not answers to that problem, I liked Poundcake but he should be a role player, and Spence is a stopgap. I guess Hodges would be a stopgap too, but a pretty solid one I reckon.
  14. I'm biased, but on an individual level I would put Peyton at #1. Super Bowl wins are a bogus way of rating QBs. One of Peyton's SB wins came during his worst year as a professional. He was honestly a bottom 5 QB in 2016, yet he won a SB. Peyton was consistently taking sub par teams to the playoffs, where they would often be bounced by better teams, with better coaches, and better defenses. Without Peyton, Indy would have been perennial top-10 drafters. I wish that we had built teams the way Denver did for him. I would have much rather put an emphasis on defense with our first round picks, as we did this year and I hope to see Ballard continue to do. When you have a generational QB, he will make his receivers better. Peyton was regularly getting the same production out of Blair White, Austin Collie, and Pierre Garcon, as he did out of first rounders like Anthony Gonzalez and as unpopular as it may be to say it, Reggie Wayne. I do believe that Peyton had some say in how Polian drafted, and that's why we were consistently drafting offensive skill players in the first round. Believing that, I can't fault Polian entirely for the drafting, but I can't help but wonder what the team would have looked like if we'd drafted guys like Eric Weddle over Gonzo, or Demeco Ryans over Addai, or Nnamdi Asomugha over Clark. Beyond the talent though, even the scheme we'd use on defense was infuriating. In Denver, they would press receivers and actually contest throws. The Colts defense would elect to give up 7 yard throws and then make the tackle. Why would a team with the best QB ever play such soft, bend don't break defense? Ron Meeks was the worst. It was the equivalent of having a relatively suspect offensive line, and forcing your QB to take 7-step drops 220 times, while taking 3-step drops a mere 90 times. Anyway, bottom line is, Peyton is the GOAT. With a better coaching staff and smarter usage of draft picks, he would have retired earlier because he got bored with winning Super Bowls.
  15. I don't know if this has been posted but it's worth a watch. This guy has a pretty cool channel with a lot of informative film breakdowns. I am so stoked Malik fell to us, and he will go a long way towards having an actual defense in Indianapolis. In the last couple years, it seems the league has been bereft of talent at the deep safety position. There's tons of good box and Cover 2 safeties, but the deep safety has been lagging behind. Before he even plays a snap, I'd say Hooker already puts us in the top five at that spot. I really don't care about his poor angles to the ball carrier. He'll get better at that, and if our front seven can't stop the run, we've got bigger problems anyway.

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