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  1. Whether its confidence, stress or mechanics signing with an NFL team will not help. Maybe he should take a year off to reevaluate himself or sign with an Arena team which is much less stressful. I agree he has talent but has issues. There's a whole bunch of ST players waiting for a call. Bottom line, no don't sign him and let him work through his issues. If he progresses then yes kick the tires.
  2. Those were the years I hid in the closet!
  3. You forgot Vogel, Parker, Big Daddy, Donovan, Michaels, Gino and many, many more hero names from yesteryear! Back then every team wore the same colors - black and white!
  4. I hope it's not me, BR549 or RR7 that you calling old! We're not old, it was only yesterday that we were pitching to Shoeless Joe Jackson and Wee Willy Keeler.
  5. I beat you in the WS! I had my stuff in that game, my fast ball was smoking, my spitter oops I meant my splitter was juiced and my curve was off the table! Maybe one day we could face each other again. Me on my wall and you at pops garage!
  6. Thanks people for all the updates.
  7. Thanks people for all your insights on camp. I'd love to be there but unfortunately don't live in Indy.
  8. Yes Tom Matte. The Garbage Man! That was no disrespect to him but a true compliment! He was always there for the scheduled pick up; did his job and didn't complain; actually did more as he was an emergency QB think during the playoffs game with plays on a wrist band; yes and a garbage truck cost more and last longer than your luxury car, it ain't pretty but gets the job done... Yes smonroe Tom Matte was the man!
  9. I'm old, prehistoric but surely not a living treasure! I go back to names as Donovan, Gino, Mutz, The Horse, Johnny U, Vogel and Moore! Why would I switch loyalties just for another Mayflower move. Nope then I'd have to remodel my Colts Corner! I bleed blue, been a Colts fan before many of you were born! I'm married for life! Oh and I wish it was only 2/3 hour drive to Indy.
  10. My two favorites are a picture of me and Peyton Manning and an autographed hat "Captain Comeback by Jim Harbaugh". Yes he wrote Captain Comback and autographed the hat.
  11. I'm not predicting an upset or anything but this has the making of Douglas/Tyson and the Ali/Inoki fiasco.
  12. Trying to set my itinerary for my Indy trip

    1. southwest1


       "Itinerary" I always liked that word. Plus, it sounds more sophisticated than just saying schedule too. A+ on your diction/vocabulary during the Natl. Spelling Bee contest 100GFB. 


      Have fun just not so much fun that you forget what you did. Just Joking Man! 

    2. 100GFB


      There may be other words that you may like but I can't use it in this family friendly forum!  Lol!

  13. I don't live in state so I live by this forum.
  14. SW1, I agree with you on Denny Green. My son is/was an autograph seeker and as a kid he went up to Coach Green for an autograph and darn he was a nice guy.

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