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  1. Thank you to all the posters that did the mock drafts and also all that commented. This was a blessing as came at a time when many of us were lost without football. Again thank you.
  2. Still deciding but since I'm flying in would love to attend the home opener in Indy stay for the Browns game, back to West Coast for the Seattle game then back to Indy for the SF game. So much football and so little time and money!
  3. 1. Attend a Super Bowl - preferably Colts 2. Attend a World Series Game 3. Visit Ben & Jerry's 4. I want '25-'27 Bucket T in my garage 5. Visit the Great Smokey's 6. World Peace
  4. Yup, I checked and you don't get points for an easy schedule. An easy or difficult schedule you got win to justify your status!
  5. Thinking about it but working on itinerary
  6. The yearly goal of every team/organization is to win the Super Bowl. Successful year is to get better/improve from the previous year. Now if we dwell on successful year then we'd be what Superman stated - mediocrity!
  7. Thank you again. Really didn't think about BPA by position. I would assume whatever breakdown you have/draft board, your master board would be your main board! Yes we'd be X-ing out players drafted and it may change in a split second because of positive/negative variables. I'D love to sit in the war room and witness the chaos!
  8. Lol! I could think of other things besides a fly but I won't go there! Really I wouldn't mind sitting in the war room. Like you mentioned it would be total chaos and many wth moments! Thank you!
  9. Thanks NCF. Basically that was going thru my mind. Prepare and attack at every angle.
  10. Just wondering how many draft boards do we have in the war room? 1. BPA. 2. Need. 3. BPA by need. 4. Need with BPA (similar to #3 but ranking with need first). I have to assume that injury, character and other concerns would already be factored into the rankings. Wonder how many names are on - I got to say minimum of 300/325. After the draft is completed would the remaining names/players be our priority FA's? Then do we also have an undrafted FA's ranking board? Would that be similar to the draft board. 1. Need. 2. BPA. 3. Pitch count (AV legs and AL arm). Thank you. Just thinking out loud!
  11. Nothing wrong with protecting your investment!
  12. Sleepers as draft prospects?  Darn why can't we just draft someone that's wide awake?

  13. I remember many years ago a GM said something, darn in shorts and t-shirt he may have the slowest 40 time for a RB! But darn it put him in pads, uniform and a football in his hands and he's a step faster than any defender.
  14. Not necessarily. Many years ago in college I was at the field where some scouts were timing my friend an OL. After the session he told me he was running 5.3's until a scout put him in a proper running stance and not a football stance. The scout also showed him how to explode out of it. After a few trials my friend was doing 5.1's. Don't know if that helped his draft status but friend was drafted.
  15. Thanks WG21. I saw that post but was thinking just a Colts draft and not an NFL mock draft. No problem just an idea. I love looking at those Forum mocks as it shows the time/effort many of you invest! Thanks again for all you folks have done. It's a pleasure to read all those mocks.

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