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  1. I'm not predicting an upset or anything but this has the making of Douglas/Tyson and the Ali/Inoki fiasco.
  2. Trying to set my itinerary for my Indy trip

    1. southwest1


       "Itinerary" I always liked that word. Plus, it sounds more sophisticated than just saying schedule too. A+ on your diction/vocabulary during the Natl. Spelling Bee contest 100GFB. 


      Have fun just not so much fun that you forget what you did. Just Joking Man! 

    2. 100GFB


      There may be other words that you may like but I can't use it in this family friendly forum!  Lol!

  3. I don't live in state so I live by this forum.
  4. SW1, I agree with you on Denny Green. My son is/was an autograph seeker and as a kid he went up to Coach Green for an autograph and darn he was a nice guy.
  5. Now looking back with 8 in the box a quick slant was not a good call but my main point is not pass/run but Coach didn't want to go conservative. I respect him for going guts and glory!
  6. I feel that the Seahawks call was good just wrong play. Maybe Carroll should have called a fade. Maybe but we'll never know. Possibly Carroll went for it, guts and glory because of what happened in the playoff game with GB. I felt GB had the game but went conservative in their play calling and Coach Carroll didn't want any of that! We're here to win and being conservative is out of the question. If the play worked he'd be a coaching genius but it didn't and now he's viewed as the town *! What about Colts/Steelers as Steelers wanted to put it away but Bettis fumbled. Darn should the Steelers have passed? Same as the Seahawks, if they ran and fumbled, should they have passed? We will never know. I/we can't predict the future or 'what if' but we can all predict the past.
  7. So you're with me taking on the naysayers? Or betting against me and the pizza! Lol! Have a great weekend Superman!
  8. I'll bet a beer that he'll be signed by camp! Any takers? Ok let's up the pot and make it a beer and pizza.
  9. What a way to spend my niece's graduation.  I'm sitting in the stadium parking lot an hour now and have two more hours to go.  The bed of my truck is loaded with supplies so I can't leave it.  Hey it's family so I got to suck it up and be thankful.  

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    2. Jules


      You were there at least around the action.


      My cousin graduated from college yesterday and sadly it was too many states away so I just got pictures lol. But, still it looked fun. Graduations are a blast and sometimes the after celebrations.



    3. 100GFB


      This was my niece's high school graduation and off to college at the end of Jull/early Aug for college.  I wish I had her brains and athletic ability!

    4. JPPT1974


      I have seven nephews and nieces. Know the feeling! Congrats!


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    2. 100GFB


      Also forgot about this song!  Again some of the conservatives went bananas on this song!

    3. TheRustonRifle#7


      Conservatives aren't bad people....they just repress their feelings.  I would love if we had a Country where everyone got along.  The truth is that the "divide and conquer folks" are winning now....

    4. 100GFB


      Lol!  You got my mind thinking song titles, "Why Can't' We Be Friends" and "Ebony and Ivory"

  11. For you Brother!



  12. Yes that was during my college days also. I have grown, matured and now have three adult children (no grandkids). Now it's 99 bottles beer on the wall.... I must say I have grown and matured so much since my college days!
  13. Thank you to all the posters that did the mock drafts and also all that commented. This was a blessing as came at a time when many of us were lost without football. Again thank you.
  14. Still deciding but since I'm flying in would love to attend the home opener in Indy stay for the Browns game, back to West Coast for the Seattle game then back to Indy for the SF game. So much football and so little time and money!
  15. 1. Attend a Super Bowl - preferably Colts 2. Attend a World Series Game 3. Visit Ben & Jerry's 4. I want '25-'27 Bucket T in my garage 5. Visit the Great Smokey's 6. World Peace

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