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  1. Thanks Nadine received my Manning towel today!

    1. Nadine


      YAY! Thanks for letting me know :)

  2. Pretty incredible stat on the Colts run defense

    Wow haven’t heard that word “grasshopper” in a while!
  3. Eli’s streak

    I’m not taking sides or voicing my opinion but trying to gain some knowledge. Say Eli retires immediately (today) and paperwork is completed by the weekend. Eli walks out as officially retired. Then in July Eli decides to return to football. I assume the Giants would still have exclusive rights to him but say he’s then traded. He now starts for his new team(or even the Giants if not traded) would this continue his streak? He was officially out of football or the streak means continuous tenor with no break in service? Thank you just trying to gain some knowledge.
  4. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

    1. southwest1


      Same to you GFB. Never lose your skewed sense of humor buddy! Actually, you're humor perfectly fine. I'm the 1 that probably needs to be institutionalized. LOL! 

  5. Both ND and Navy showed class at the end of the game!  Kudos to the school, coaches and team!

  6. Will You Be Renewing Your Tickets?

    I started as a season ticket holder because I wanted tickets to Manning’s Homecoming. I gave it up this year because I took a beating (selling the tickets) the last two years. It’s better for me to buy tickets for selective games as it’s a journey for me. I take a leisure journey, fly with a stopover and a day of rest then up to Indy for the weekend. The same as my return trip, with a stopover and and a day of rest, then the journey home to my crusty pillow!
  7. Sat on my lawn chair to watch flyover.  Somehow I love just watching the flyover but it’s sad when they go into the MIA formation!  For all the Vets, thank you for your service.

  8. Chopping wood

    I was walking around a tourist shop in Pacific Beach, San Diego and came across an interesting poster. “A man must be stronger than the wood he’s chopping.” Darn it hit me right between the eyes!
  9. it was a great week, got to meet up with many friends, met new friends, even met a guy and wife from my home state and got a Colts victory,  I’m on my final leg home and will be with my crusty old pillow tonight.  Go Colts!

    1. Gramz


      Great to see you and give you a :hug:    Not sure what your son thought when I hugged :hug: you though.  lmao      It was a beautiful weekend, weather was great for all the festivities, and yes  a Win on top of it.  :cheer:     Safe travels home.

    2. 100GFB


      Lol!  I always tell my son that he was a Colts fan and have pictures to prove it.  I helped him get ready for school and many times put him in a Colts shirt!  No my son is a sports fan not really a Colts fan but he follows most sports.  Some may have “Breaking News” on their cell, he has “Breaking Sports News” on his.... Thanks Gramz it was great meeting you!

  10. It may have been an ugly W but L would’ve made my trip home long and unpleasant!

  11. '04 vs '04 both 0-4... Who wins?

    I’ll trade you for it. Shucks already done.
  12. Indy here I come!

    1. Gramz


      Maybe we'll see you this time.   We'll be there Saturday and Sunday :)

    2. 100GFB


      Will be there F/S/S/M. 

    3. Gramz


      Great.  Look for me.   You know what I look like  :P

      We'll be there for the unveiling on Saturday, and at the game on Sunday


      Message me your seats :)

  13. Trade Castanzo

    I agree. In the past years your RT was a run blocker - most teams are right handed and runs were to the right. The LT was your blindside protector. Coffeedrinker said it right, it no longer matters as defenders now move to get the better matchup. Another example is Freeney/Mathis you have both coming at on both sides.
  14. Zach Banner-Offensive Line Needs

    Was Banner the choice of the coach or the GM? Was he a wasted pick? I think the positive is there's communication between the GM and coaching staff.
  15. It's All Over

    Thanks TK.