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  1. Thought his waistline was much larger than that!
  2. Thanks Superman.
  3. Mike Hart was not big and had no straight line speed but he was quick and a slippery runner. Would he have been decent in the NFL without size and speed? We'll never know as he was dinged up! Good college back but dinged up for the NFL.
  4. True but it could use an upgrade. Yes the RB position will be a problem but who knows Gore's legs/body may already be shot! It may not be a good example but look at many FA's that were good a year before then washout the following year. So yes if a RB is available/BPA then take him. We won't be able to rebuild the monster (O and D) in one draft. If an RB is taken we still have the 2nd/3rd round. I feel the O-line showed promise/potential later in the season but that's promise and potential so it could an upgrade. Yes the D needs help but again can it be fixed in one draft? Again give me an impact player whether it's O or D and on the field not in the hot tub!
  5. I don't know and can't make that call. I think many if not all of us here on the forum can't make that call. We can give our opinions but we aren't privy to any of the inside information. My opinion of how many weapons should AL have? I don't think you could set a limit (you could never have too much weapons) but if the GM or coach feels that enough is enough then it's time to share the weapons. That said yes we shouldn't put all the eggs in one basket and should have a balanced team. Thanks for the dialog Steamboat.
  6. If you invest $$$$$ for your franchise QB, shouldn't you protect your investment and or give him weapons? That said yes I agree we are very much in need of help on D but will one draft fix everything? I'm not including FA's as this is a draft post. Just using the draft we need 2/3 maybe 4 drafts to fill our holes and there's holes in the O. Not as many as the D but there are also holes in the O to be filled! You can start with the D but in a few drafts you would need to fix the O or vice versa. You could do a little here and a little there but there's many ways to attack the problem! All in all just give me a draftee that will make an impact! I don't care if he's an WR, QB, OL just give me an impact player! I want someone on the field not someone in the hot tub!
  7. Happy New Year!

    1. shecolt


       Hau'oli Makahiki Hou!  (I hope I got that right.) :)

    2. 100GFB


      Manuia le Tausaga Fou!

    3. southwest1


      Just promise me that 2017 will be a less devastating yr for losing iconic musicians & boxers my man. 


      In all seriousness, I sincerely hope that a new yr brings good fortune your way 100GFB & all my forum friends actually. 

  8. Thanks for the updates!
  9. I was gonna give my homies priority of little freebies I got from the Colts game but guess my homies from 808 aren't interested!

    1. shecolt


      I don't know what 808 means, but that was really kind of you to offer to share.

    2. southwest1


      I googled 808 as an area code & Hawaii popped up on screen. That's what I figured GFB meant shecolt.


      I assumed my brother from another mother has close from the Aloha State. I'd love to be chilling there right now as opposed to freezing my ice cubes off in WI. LOL! 


      We are supposed to get 6-10 inches of snow over the weekend BTW. Son of a... 

    3. 100GFB


      Yup 6-8 inches of snow is not a good weather forecast!

  10. Send me $59.99 plus shipping and handling cash or money order and I'll send you everything you need to know. This is a limited time offer and if you do your order within 24 hours we will also include a free viewing of the moon!
  11. Any 808/HNL Colts fans out there. Send me a message

  12. Now the long journey back home.  Can't wait to get back to my crusty old pillow!  The Indy weather was not kind to me but bottom line it's all about Colts football!  

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. 100GFB


      Thanks Gramz!

    3. radiogirl


      Next time you're in town, we need to plan a dinner or Pacers game!


    4. southwest1


      Why is your pillow 'crusty?' Just messin' with ya buddy. I always do that with cool cats I like 100GFB. :thmup:


      You can wash your pillow case you know or perhaps put less gel in your hair. LOL! 


      I know; I know with friends like me who needs enemies or warm & fuzzy relatives right? 


      All kidding aside, I am glad you had a good time & arrived home with no complications or delays of any kind mi amigo. 

  13. I arrived on Friday-rain; Saturday-cold and wind; Sunday-cold; Monday-little warmer but cold; Tuesday-little cool but much better; today Wednesday-rain!  Indy does not like me!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. 100GFB


      Lol!  No it's me as every game/year that I attended there was bad weather!  I do games no later than early November so this is the latest I've been here.  Anyway I've had cold, wind, flurries, rain and that horrendous Artic freeze with a wind chill of negative 5!

    3. Nadine


      On thursday it was 75 and I was hanging xmas lights wearing flip flops

      it is always cold when you are here but it's not too bad today

    4. 100GFB


      Not bad today but lite rain and I don't want to be caught in it.  Although it's lite don't want to take any chances so stayed in 

  14. The journey begins, Indy here I come! 

    1. BrentMc11


      You are bringing in the colder weather buddy....no snow this time, but cold mornings.


      74 right now....trying to get my vacation tan back!!! :)

    2. Gramz


      We will be at the game also.  maybe we will see you there.   where are you staying?

  15. I know the feeling! Just yesterday I was standing in a circle and coach told me to sit in the corner!

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