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  1. He's from Cincinnati...heck, maybe getting back close to home might appeal to him.
  2. can hope.... but I honestly doubt that Nelson slips any further than the 49ers at #9... if he even makes it THAT far. Because now.... the Bears at #8.... have hired Nelson's position coach at Notre Dame as their OL coach. Anything can happen and I'd love to see Nelson in a Colts uniform.... but I seriously doubt he makes it out of the Top 10.
  3. Richard Sherman

    Looks reasonable for both the 49ers and Sherman....some details... Tom Pelissero (@TomPelissero) Tweeted: Richard Sherman’s deal includes a $5M signing bonus, plus $2M base salary, $2M in 46-man roster bonuses, $1M playtime incentive and $3M Pro Bowl incentive in 2018. So #49ers get protection, and Sherman gets upside to beat his #Seahawks deal if he plays well. Win-win.
  4. Colts Cap breakdown

    This childhood video of Ballard has surfaced...
  5. Jack Mewhort

    I hope Mewhort is 100% healthy and enjoys a nice NFL career... but given the revolving door we've had at G for ages... I would really prefer we just go full bore after Norwell AND draft Nelson. If we're gonna fix the interior OL it's time we stop nickel and diming it. When healthy Mewhort was solid.... but IMO we need to start fresh.
  6. And the coin toss says...........

    Me too... I'm actually in the "trade down to the Jets/select Nelson" camp.... so I hope he's wearing the horseshoe.
  7. And the coin toss says...........

    If he's still on the board...this is where I think Nelson goes.
  8. Just curious.... did they ever solve the murder?
  9. And we'd have to hang this from the LOS rafters...
  10. Loaded ?

    I wholeheartedly agree with your lament over the OL.... especially at G. And I'd consider any plausible scenario that also nets us Andrew Norwell AND Quentin Nelson a great outcome... even if we select Nelson at #3. With the exception of distant memory Jake Scott and Jack MewHURT, we've sucked at G for ages. But with the buzz around this year's QB crop plus Barkley.... it seems like a 2-3 spot trade down that could net us an extra 2nd and 3rd round pick shouldn't jeopardize our shot at Nelson, so for me it's the QB/Barkley market that would drive a trade down... not any issue with Nelson. The key of course, is landing Norwell first.... but those two guys would settle the issue at G. Finally.
  11. The Appeal of the Colts

    A healthy Andrew Luck and a stable front office/coaching staff armed with 80 million bucks in cap space are attractive. A guy like Norwell, who's from Cincinnati might like getting back close to home. But other than that.... I doubt that any of these top line free agents are gonna care a whole lot about things like St. Elmo's horseradish sauce.
  12. I'm groin' weary of this off season.
  13. Assuming Luck is healthy for 16 games..... I'd consider a Wild Card playoff berth a success and a reasonable expectation.
  14. Jimmy Garoppolo is Highest paid player in NFL

    C'mon now Jules.... just because Brady still wears the Redwood Forest on his shoulder over being rejected until the 6th round of the draft... and just fumbled away a SB comeback, you think King Saul of Foxboro is so immature and entitled as to feeling his god status is threatened by Garoppolo? So do I.