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  1. Celebrity look-alikes

    Don Imus and Donald Trump
  2. Trent Richardson's best shot at ever wearing a yellow jacket is a job at Century 21.
  3. Dreams

    I had a dream that I ate a giant marshmallow.... ....I woke up and my pillow was gone. 8 weeks until opening day.
  4. Favorite Pizza Joint?

    Star Tavern Pizza..... Orange, NJ
  5. Dryer Lint

    Well..."A touch of grey kinda suits you anyway" Couldn't help it...
  6. The "Random Stuff" Thread, Part Two

    I need this T-SHIRT....
  7. Predict the next great TD celebration

  8. Greatest Boxer of All-Time?

    Without linking the barber shop scene from the Eddie Murphy movie "Coming to America".... ..... I'll throw a vote in for "Rocky Marciano!!...Rocky Marciano!!"
  9. Biggest hit by a Colts player?

    And although it was flagged for helmet to helmet contact, here was Gary Brackett waffling a Titan on an Antoine Bethea attempted return of a missed FG....
  10. The Irish Thread

    Nice thread Lucky Colts Fan! I'm not Irish but I'm engaged to a beautiful Irish young lady...and one of my favorite bands is Iona, a very talented progressive Celtic/Christian band. I'm enjoying reading these for my Irish forum friends....
  11. Tattoos and Body-Piercing - Opinions?

    That looks like the barista staff at my local Starbucks....
  12. The "Random Stuff" Thread, Part Two

    Dolphin-safe tuna...... How do the tuna feel about that?
  13. Celebrity look-alikes

    Looks like George W. Bush is doing fitness videos....
  14. Name our defense for this year. (already)

    Blue Lightning