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  1. pacolts56

    Question about Quenton

    One scouting video I watched explained that Nelson practices martial arts.... and that it helped his balance, agility and hand striking. It definitely shows as he threw that defender around like a sack of potatoes.
  2. pacolts56

    McGlinchey's Insight on Nelson

    A little insight from a guy who's job I'm quite certain was made easier by Quenton Nelson. Quiet, nasty and dominant. He sure sounds like an "impact player" to me....
  3. pacolts56

    Colts sign DE Roches, Waive OLB Josh Perry

    On either side of the ball....which heavily lended to the "soft" label we had during that era. Polian was a good GM, but thankfully... Ballard's approach in that regard is the polar opposite.
  4. pacolts56

    Colts sign 9 of 11 draft picks

  5. pacolts56

    Name one team

    49ers make it Bills miss it
  6. pacolts56

    Let's Make Some Predictions!

    With Luck all season....10-6 and a wild card. Without Luck all or part of the season.... 7-8 wins and a draft pick in the teens.
  7. pacolts56

    Roster update - Improvement ?

    We've improved.... and even if it's a bunch of rookies and a new staff transitioning in... if Luck plays the full season at his full level of ability I think we can win 10 games a grab a wild card. If we have to roll with Brisette for all or most of the season...then I'd be happy with an 8-8 season and I think it's entirely realistic.
  8. I get the popular narrative of "playmakers" and their value... and please understand that this is not a personal attack.... but those plays do NOT get made without consistent supremacy in the trenches. And as long as you're bringing up the Manning era... I would point to the 3rd and 2 opportunity vs. the Chargers with just over 2 minutes left where we could have converted a 1st down, bled out the clock and advanced in the playoffs.... the closing minutes of the first half vs. the Saints in the Super Bowl where we failed to convert and at least add FG, perhaps a TD.... and the Willie McGinest red zone tackle of Edge in a critical matchup with the Patriots. These are but a few examples key games...our deficiency along the offensive line probably cost us 1-2 more rings. And as historically amazing a passer as Peyton Manning was.... without "protection problems" (his words, mind you)... Belichick, as well the Chargers defensive staff KNEW that pressure up the middle was a relatively easy point of exploitation. All too often the result was Manning crumpling to the ground like Woody from Toy Story. Did we get by during the regular season during those years? Sure... thanks to the likes of Jacksonville, Houston and Tennessee being reliably mediocre.... at best... and the sugar high of 12-4 seasons was fun. But come playoff cost us on many occasions. Fast forward to the Andrew Luck era... and we're wondering if the lad is even gonna play again, and if he does... for how long and at what level. IMO.... Chris Ballard absolutely put the appropriate amount of emphasis on the interior O-line in this draft.... and even setting aside Andrew Luck running for his life and finally being maimed, there are plenty of critical playoff examples where "playmakers" couldn't make plays.... because the O-line we decided to nickel and dime was just not good enough. I for one.... heartily welcome the selections of Quentin Nelson at #6 and Braden Smith early in round 2.
  9. pacolts56

    Leadership and Identity

    Because he doesn't want our #1 playmaker maimed again... that's why. Whether or not Luck ever plays another down of NFL football... Ballard is taking the right approach in building a nasty power-driven core into this roster. We all love the sugar-high of highlights...but they seldom come about without the hard work of dominating at the line of scrimmage.
  10. Ya know.... it's one thing for someone to post their scotch-soaked opinion on the Forum here and sound ridiculous... but PFFs mock draft is a plane crashing into a train wrecking into a car crashing into a dumpster fire. Honestly.... would Grigson have even been capable of this nonsense?
  11. Unless pictures surface of Barkley frolicking with Dennis Rodman while wearing one of those pot-smoking gas masks... he ain't falling out of the Top 10.
  12. If 4 QBs and Barkley get drafted 1-5 he'll get his "visit".
  13. pacolts56

    UKColt's Mock Draft 3.0

    As good a trade down scenario as one could hope for that leaves Nelson, Edmunds, Smith, Ward and Fitzpatrick on the board... any one of which I'd be perfectly happy with at #11 where one of them would slide to. And a nice slate of players selected. Plus a 2019 1st rounder? May the QB feeding frenzy commence!!
  14. IMO.... if 4 QBs are taken prior to the #6 pick... the selection should simply be from whoever among Chubb, Nelson or Barkley or Smith remain. Edmunds shows exciting potential for sure.... but unless the QB scenario results in a trade down to perhaps Buffalo at #12 or Arizona at #15.... the risk of taking him at #6 is just not a luxury we have if 2 of those 4 other guys are still on the board. We need to get as much of a sure thing at #6 that we can.