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  1. Playoffs yes... Super Bowl? No
  2. Another coach gone ?? (DB coach Greg Williams)

    The beer vendors?
  3. Teams of the future

    Yep... and with 115m in cap space and the #9 or #10 overall pick it wouldn't surprise me in the least if they snag a playoff spot next year.
  4. Jon Gruden New Raiders Head Coach

  5. Edgerrin James makes finalists for Canton

    The only RB in this class of finalists.... I hope he gets the nod!!
  6. Sickest fantasy loss of my life

    Well...on the flip is my championship game box score... I won 106.96 to 106.36 WHEW!!!!
  7. Yes.... he'd be a great mentor for Saquon Barkley.
  8. The Edge

    Really hoping he gets the favorite Colts player of the Indianapolis era.
  9. some point I would more expect PM to be part of an NFL ownership group somewhere rather than being a GM.
  10. New Rumour....

  11. Mathis arrested

  12. Trent Richardson's best shot at ever wearing a yellow jacket is a job at Century 21.