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  1. Peyton Manning: ''Will He Ever Return To Indianapolis?" some point I would more expect PM to be part of an NFL ownership group somewhere rather than being a GM.
  2. New Rumour....

  3. Mathis arrested

  4. How many more wins will we get?

  5. Trent Richardson's best shot at ever wearing a yellow jacket is a job at Century 21.
  6. Predict the next great TD celebration

  7. Greatest Boxer of All-Time?

    Without linking the barber shop scene from the Eddie Murphy movie "Coming to America".... ..... I'll throw a vote in for "Rocky Marciano!!...Rocky Marciano!!"
  8. Biggest hit by a Colts player?

    And although it was flagged for helmet to helmet contact, here was Gary Brackett waffling a Titan on an Antoine Bethea attempted return of a missed FG....
  9. Name our defense for this year. (already)

    Blue Lightning
  10. Your all time favorite athletes

    Football - Edgerrin James Hockey - Bobby Orr Baseball - Bob Gibson Basketball - Oscar Robertson And for this moment of absolute, complete domination.... I gotta give a shout out to Secretariat....
  11. Round 1 - #15 A. Kevin King - CB B. Reuben Foster - ILB C. Takkarist McKinley – EDGE Round 2 - #46 A. Marcus Williams - S B. Alvin Kamara - RB Round 3 - #80 A. Ahkello Witherspoon - CB B. Cordrea Tankersley - CB Round 4 - #122 A. Dan Feeney - OG B. Xavier Woods - S Round 4 - #137 A. Tanoh Kpassagnon - DE B. Jordan Morgan - OG Round 4 - #144 A. Bucky Hodges - TE B. George Kittle - TE Round 5 - #158 A. Elijah Qualls - DT B. Rasul Douglas - CB Free Agents: 3 choices A. Harvey Langi - ILB B. Fish Smithson - S C. Kenny Allen - P
  12. My world just ended...

    LJ.... I am terribly sorry to hear of your loss. I lost my wife to cancer in January 2016... so I completely understand the pain and sorrow you're experiencing. There really are no words that can ease things like this, but as many have said.... draw close to, and keep close to your loved ones... and know that we here on the Forum are praying for you and pulling for you.
  13. Please Don't change the uniforms!

    C'mon now....what was wrong with the '60s?? Nevermind....