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  1. We have had some hits and misses. When we've drafted high we have actually done pretty good. Myles at 11...Paul at 10...Danny Granger at 16. When u draft in the 20s hard to do much better than guys like Solomon Hill or Travis Best or Al Harrington but even those aren't bad. We got unlucky with the Bender deal but he could have been a KD level great. I think when we draft we do ok..we just draft too late most of the time or we trade it away for marginal players going all in like we did with Scola a couple years ago and with Young last year. Hard to say who we take but a stretch 4 was there in Skal who shown he can score in the NBA. Point being guys with limited upside to me aren't the way to build a championship caliber team. The only thing we can do with this roster now is to add a couple more of these types of guys like Young and that won't cut it. We need to invest in our future.
  2. We hung on to Paul for like what...7-8years? We did all we could. He wants to leave and will opt out when he can next year. Who in FA could we get? There aren't anyone out there. We signed crappy free agents like Monta and Jefferson to horrible deals trying to go all in. We maxed out the PG scenario. He isn't Lebron...he isn't luring premier free agents to come sign for cheap with us. He isn't surrounded by all stars like GS ready to win and attract a KD. There is no way to make this team into a legit competitor. We had a window for a few years and that was it. The only way to make this team better is to draft well and we sold off our picks for role players that didn't do much for us and we don't draft low enough to get those difference makers. It's time to push reset my friend. I'm sure we will look for difference makers to put a team around him but as soon as you see you can't land an upgrade to this team you have to make the best deal you can. We can't walk away with nothing for PG. Look at Orlando and other teams that lost their stars. Look at a team like Boston that saw the writing on the wall. Could they have kept KG and Pierce and Rondo and kept trying to add pieces and be a mediocre playoff team for years. Sure but they moved them for great draft capital and have now built a great young team. If you get the first or second pick and can then flip that to Sacramento for say 5 and 10 and use those to land say Fox or Tatum and then use the 10th for maybe Collins or a stretch 4. Then come back with our 18th and see who is best there...maybe Kennard? Also sure there would be a throw in from Celtics or Lakers like Randle or say Avery Bradley. Point being you reboot with Myles and the youngsters....and build something in 2 or 3 years and hope Lebron is finally too old to own the East. We can keep doing what we are doing but we aren't going to be much better than 4 or 5 seed unless we pull the free agency coup of the summer. If you have a solution have at it but Pritchard isn't Bird...he ain't going to be the one that lost PG for nothing....he is going to try to buy himself time with a rebuild by getting young fun to watch talent.
  3. We won't go over luxury tax. Simon won't spend...we can't stack enough stars to make a difference. You absolutely have to draft a team. Look at OKC with how they built it with Durant, HArden, Westbrook...then surrounded with complimentary. Do you think GS was a big market team years ago. Nope they drafted well. Curry, Thompson, Green, Barnes etc signed IGGy and built a place free agents want to go to. We could do that with a few great draft picks. We can sign some nice pieces every once in awhile like West but we aren't attracting a star...Gordon only maybe because he grew up here. We aren't attractive right now...we have to build that. That's why I hate trading draft picks for guys like Scola and Young past few years....can't afford to mortgage your future for an avg team. Maybe we use the pick for a young star in the making...draft maybe a nice roll player at 18 put that with young player like Ingram and with Myles already your on your way. We maxed out the PG scenario. If you can't attract something special this offseason you have to reverse course and make the deal.
  4. I hope Celtics get blown out every game. The only way they make a move (maybe for PG) is to realize they have no chance and young picks won't make a difference. You need a couple bonafide superstars to compete and Isaiah is close and Horford is just a nice player. They have roll players but they need to make major moves to compete. These rookies are going to take too long to develop with too much risk for them. I don't think PG is their number 1 focus but let's be real. Hayward is a nice piece but he isn't the player that can out play Lebron. To me PG is only player close to being able to be on that level. Especially since he shows up in playoffs.
  5. You can't trade picks in consecutive years...it would take forever for those to play out and if Atlanta is a playoff team those may all be in the 20s. The best deal would have been to have made a move with Boston at the dead line. Those NJ picks were guaranteed to be top 3 and likely next year too. Not sure what Denver was offering...at least they have some nice young players...Atlanta has nothing. We have basically lost all leverage because if we had traded this year we would have likely ended up with a top 10 pick from our own because we wouldn't have won much and the other team would have likely believed they had a good chance to resign him or him get all-NBA this year or next. Now it's an all or nothing scenario. Let's all be honest...it's a no win situation for us...it's why Bird bailed. Unless we magically sign Hayward and find a way to add a rebounding/defensive big we aren't competing next year....very long shot.
  6. That would be crazy dumb on their part. Not that I wouldn't do the deal but they aren't that desperate and there is chance they could land Gordon Haywood or Blake Griffen without giving up a pick and then they could trade for Butler who is under contract...just doesn't work with PG really.
  7. LA doesn't have their pick next year...its unprotected....so for LA its now....I think 18 and 19 draft picks are gone so they might as well start the rebuild now....plus if you land George you are much more likely to convince say Griffen to sign. I think they keep the pick....that's the issue with leverage. They will try to send us scraps but if we hold strong and make them think hey George is all nba next year he could re-sign with Pacers for 70 million more than us that's almost too much to pass up I'd think. Call their bluff. Then maybe they throw in Ingram, Randle and some throw ins maybe Clarkson or Nance. They can have Ball, PG, Russell, Griffen, Mozgoff as a start to the Magic era. It isn't the best we could have done but its best we might be able to get. If we land the 2nd pick then I look to move it and 18 to Sacremento for 5 and 10 pick. Ball stays in California??? Maybe that works. All I know is no matter what I don't think we are going to be happy. We don't have the assets to make our team better around Paul...and no matter what we get for him its not equal...so we just are going to have to suck it up. NBA already has colluded to get PG to LA...no point in resisting.
  8. Its not who the better player is...its who had the best season...sorry. From game 1 to game 82 I think Butler was the more consistent player....no doubt PG is better when he wants to be. Too bad that was only in the playoffs or maybe we wouldn't have been a 7 seed.
  9. My prediction....after Celts get swept...they trade #1 plus an asset to Chicago for Jimmy Butler...they need more help (after Hayward re-ups with Jazz) because they can't hang with Lebron. I don't see why the Celtics couldn't see they need some down and dirty dogs to beat Cleveland and a legit star as well. I think LA will sign Blake Griffin this offseason and thus that will free up a trade to us like a two of three Randle/Russell/Ingram and a future pick to go ahead and get PG out there. They keep the second pick to select Ball. That would give them a team that can make it to he playoffs and a good start at building a championship caliber team that could attract other stars. It really would screw us over but we just got to hope with a couple down years we hit on our picks and build something great here.
  10. He had better numbers last year I'm pretty sure. Green was the questionable one...George got lucky Davis was considered a center. George checked out for the better part of the year until the last month. Hard to ignore that.....but yes...the league wants PG in LA....so they will make it happen. That's why we need to get something for him before he is gone for nothing.
  11. Yep. That ship has sailed. Unless he makes it next year we have no shot. We should have traded him to Atlanta or Denver or Boston at the trade deadline. Fact is now the only team that desperately wants him is LA and they have no incentive to do a deal anymore. Instead of getting a jump start at a rebuild its going to be a long 4 or 5 years in Indy. There is still a possibility a deal could happen....but it wouldn't be for the 2nd pick. Maybe a Russell/Ingram/Nance deal possibly? Pacers are pretty screwed.
  12. Any chance that if we were to get the second pick of the lakers we could trade it and our middle first rd to Sacramento for the 5th and 10th pick? If say they threw Ingram in with the number one then we could have the makings of a decent young nucleus to surround Turner with. Who knows maybe a Fox/j Jackson and then come back with a big like Collins/Markkanen/Patton type to put alongside Turner. They could then maybe let Teague walk and sign a JJ Reddick type and let Fox run the point or keep Teague and bring in Jackson to replace PG or who knows if they could still convince Hayward to come home those two picks with Turner and Hayward would fit nicely. Depending on who LA threw in the deal to get PG we could have a decent starting 5 even without Hayward. Young and up and coming and maybe peak right after Lebron leaves. Just wondering if Sacramento loved someone so much to move up to 2 they would give up 10 to slide back to 18. Perhaps keep Ball in California maybe? Logical not but who knows.
  13. East has a bunch of pansies. Nobody to check him. Honestly if your Danny Ainge and your watching your team get man-handled by Thompson and Lebron how do you not trade the number 1 pick + for either Butler or PG? Do they really think adding a rookie guard is going to get them past Cleveland the next 3 years? Lebron isn't going anywhere. He will be dominate for another 3-5 years....Celtics are the recent Pacers. Bridesmaids but never a bride if they don't land a legit stud. Isaiah is really good...Al is solid but they don't have a take over the game stud to carry them. They need a dog like Jimmy or a guy that can light it up and still play d like PG. I think they trade for Jimmy in the offseason and PG makes it to LA. Everyone but us wants to see that. But how do you watch and not see that the Celtics are like Lebrons little brother...going to beat him up and do as he likes for the next several years.
  14. Yep...he won't be playing...NE will have a couple rbs get dinged up...they will then trade Philly a bag of deflated footballs for him and he will end up starting and finishing the year with double digit TDs. So do NE get his compensatory value now since they tendered him a few weeks ago? Not that it might matter too much but Bill placed that tender on him for a reason.
  15. Interesting...Browns could have added a nice piece there late in the draft. Seems weird that some young lady gets knocked the heck out and nobody gets charged....very strange.

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