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  1. Much more athletic...can actually play some defense and shoots as well as Leaf at 42% from 3pt line without a Ball getting him easy open looks. He has a much bigger upside. A lot of people aren't high on Leaf.
  2. GS drafted their team and added a few free agents. SA drafted their team. Boston drafted most of their team. Minnesota drafted their team and just added a star and now they are legit....Utah did too. You build in the draft...nobody wants to come to Indy...except for over the hill vets that are looking to be over paid and steal our money...see Monta and Big Al.
  3. I would take Ojeleye over Leaf. That was a great second rd pick Boston. Just an embarrassment of riches over there.
  4. No....like I said I'm fine with it. Just saying if you don't want to tank you actually move him sooner so you get players quicker to get back in the playoffs quicker. I actually want to turn it around quicker....if PG walks for nothing or bad contracts it will set us back longer.
  5. We will be when PG is gone...and when we get nothing for him....we will be the ORlando Magic.
  6. He has no heart....he doesn't want the pressure to win so he wants to sneak out the back door because SA has lost last two postseasons because he has underperformed.
  7. Yep but most intelligent GMs who don't just care about the bottom line would rather lose and acquire cheap young talent to surround a team and then find that one or two pieces in FA that fill out s roster. See GS.
  8. They also won't go over the cap....they are losers that just care about their money...not building a winner. We drafted well and got to the ECF...it's what we should have done the past couple years. If we had stripped it down the year PG got hurt and invested in picks (trading West/Hill/Solomon) and not wasting money on over the hill vets like Monta and Stuckey and AL we could have had a nice young nucleus around PG now and possibly he wouldn't be looking to leave. Oh well. We can't agree on what tanking means so it's pointless to argue.
  9. We tried to trade him but asked for too much....and then PG leaked to some teams he wouldn't re-sign with them so the withdrew their offers. And if I remember we were an 8 seed at the time. We have been a border line playoff team for several years now. Who cares if you make the playoffs if you are getting swept and losing your best player next year. We knew Paul wanted out...Bird was just too stubborn to rebuild. He didn't want to admit he screwed the team up royally and he has no patience for young guys. That's why he quit on us....just like PG.
  10. It's not tanking. To me to move all your vets and get draft picks isn't tanking...it's the quickest way to rebuild. Like a bandaid you rip it off. Like Colts did after Peyton you just strip it down. Luck was so good we made the playoffs but we got rid of everyone pretty much. Tanking is purposely not putting your best players on the floor or holding them out of games. Just going young isn't tanking imo.
  11. Reports are Denver was going to trade us a haul at the deadline but balked when PGs folks told them he wasn't going to re-sign there. PG has been sand bagging us the whole time.
  12. We made it through the malice in the palace we can make it through 2/3 year rebuild to get back to the playoffs. We've suffered through crap IU teams why not pacers. As long as it is exciting young guys playing hard we will pay to watch. Much better than entitled coasters like PG who slack off half the year.
  13. I think it was centered around Bledsoe....but yeah it probably fell through.
  14. We have Myles Turner....that's it. Nobody considers Lance a talent....puleez who else is a young talent on our team? GRIII is a 6/7th man.
  15. Maybe Aldridge to Phoenix and PG to SA and we get young guys and future picks.

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