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  1. Depends....give the rest of the story....runs a sub 4.3 40....very very underutilized on the team as a wr3 and saw limited targets...only dropped 3 passes in two years, is only 24 and avg 16 yds per catch last year maybe you would think a little harder about it. Not saying he should be starting or he hasn't lived up to the hype but the kid needs more time on the field to prove himself....hopefully he will get the chance this year.
  2. I'm going to assume this was just to get him some extra secondary work. Not reading anymore into it until he lines up in preseason out there.
  3. They essentially got first rd for him. Rams 2nd will be very very high...and the compensatory pick wouldn't come down until 2019 so they just moved up the timeline and can start the rebuild sooner....the Watkins draft pick was an epic blunder....seeing as he went ahead of Dez and ODB. Bills should have just stayed put....and while Watkins had a great rookie year he definitely hasn't been able to stay on the field to justify the draft position.
  4. I think they felt Watkins injuries were just adding up too much. Didn't they clean house at the top this offseason too?? I could be wrong. The big thing that nobody is mentioning is Bills yes swapped CBs and WRs essentially (and likely down graded slightly on both) but they got what should be a high high second and a fairly high third rd pick too! That's huge! They also got a first rd pick from KC for the trade they made....so they likely will have 3 picks in top 40 and 5 in top 100....very very nice for a team that was looking at a rebuild. Lots of ammo for a top qb and to address other areas for concern.
  5. I wasn't as bad as Buffalo34 but I had some horrible feelings through out that second half. I kept saying how they are going to regret this play and that play choice. My wife was like no way. They won't come back...but once the momentum got going and Atlanta decided to keep throwing and not run and kick field goal etc I knew Tom was going to score....Atlantas defense just wasn't good and NE just shot themselves in the foot in the first half....I knew they wouldn't do that again in the second....and it came true....the only shot I thought Atlanta had was if they won the toss and not give the ball back...but yeah it was over. It would have been different if it involved another team...I mean I didn't think NE would come back and beat Denver last year and was shocked they even scored that last TD...but Atlanta...I knew a wave was coming and it was just going to be whether they can at least put one more score up...and they couldn't.
  6. At this point the legacy has been written....its just the final numbers that are left to be told. Honestly, Tom Brady, Bill Bellicheck, and New England will always be known for the most dominant stretch of football in NFL history. Whatever the outcome was and will be its just numbers....they've already set the narrative long ago and just continue to add to it. When they walk away and the team returns to normalcy people will look back and recognize NE, its QB, and coach as all time greats.....sure there will be arguments about greatest but they will always involve them...and sure there are other story lines to follow with them...but that just adds to the drama.....it would make for a great tell all.....unfortunately it will never be written....well at least not in full truth but what that franchise has done and continues to do transcends all the major sports and others will try to immolate it for a long time to come. But yeah..the final score didn't matter....its just another W in a long long line of them.
  7. I was happy about how our starting and second string lbs and safeties played....and how Pope looked....everything else was not impressive at all. Let's see how we make the leap from game 1 to game 2.
  8. Walker or Luck lol......just kidding ha
  9. I hope so...I see that too but I also see a team getting out played clearly at the point of attack...seeing as in the only one I'll just assume it's just me thinking I would see this team biting at the bit to get out there and put the wood on them.
  10. Several good drives stopped by drops by both wrs. It's all good it was last year and I'm not a big Tolzien defender but he isn't awful...but no he isn't going to win you a lot of games on his arm...you hope he maybe only has to start a game or two here or there....not several games like we saw Hasselback have to do.
  11. You don't see our OL and defense getting beat off the ball and manhandled? Yes it's mostly back ups but we have looked flat no?
  12. It started the first series...I'm not worried but it is a familiar story no?
  13. Yep....that said my takeaway is that we have been out physically played across every position imo...and for the most part not looking ready to play and out executed......sound fsmiliar?
  14. He has had two or three nice plsys..encouraging.
  15. You don't have a very good memory then. He moved the ball very well that game but we had many bad drops on big plsys...including TY. In the.end we got so far behind due to our inept defense and offense shooting itself in the foot...but no fault of Scotts.

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