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  1. Unsurprising. My guess is we asked him to restructure again. His agent and he balked...wanted to see what the market was like before committing and probably after some quiet calls to GMs figured he could get his money if he was cut so they refused. Ballard said goodbye. Something like that.
  2. I think everyone knows this team will not be fixed overnight. By week 1 we will have 53 players on the roster and players at all the positions. We may not like the starters but we will have them. It took us like 5 years to get here let's give Ballard a few years to get us out.
  3. Perhaps the Saints do both?? Trade their early second to NE and the late first to Seattle and still have their #11 to go out and get another defensive stud. The Cooks trade was a good move for them when Thomas broke out....they have the luxury now to make moves. I think they get the deal done with NE...but for their early second...they have more leverage. LOB II
  4. Exactly. Butler hasn't signed his "franchise" tag so right now there is no first rd pick to be had. NE doesn't really want to sign him honestly. They will...for sure...but they don't see him in their long term plans so they would rather get a 1st or settle for a 2nd instead of letting him walk next year and getting a conditional pick (maybe) for him depending what they do next year in free agency. Saints are as desperate as they sound. They have an aging qb in a division where the last two SB representatives have come out of...and it looks Tampa Bay may leap frog them too. Its win now....there is no window....its boarded up....they have to take a crowbar to this team now.
  5. I was with you on all that there Supe...except the Taco thing made me throw up in my mouth. I just can't get excited about him. I'm hoping Foster, Reddick, Barnett is there at 15...please!!!!! I have a lot of corners bunched up...but they are all in my 25-40 range so unless its a top one I'm fine waiting til rd 2. Thomas would be ridiculous....he won't make it past SF or Chicago though....but dream we can.
  6. Yep....I can't stand corners that can't tackle. Teams like NE kill us with that.....you get all these run after the catch guys and they just eat you up...making guys miss and put pressure on the safeties to come over and make a play. Bill Bellichek would eat up a corner that can't tackle. He finds that one weakness and then exploits it for 4 quarters.
  7. Khalil Mack? I kid I kid...he blew up Notre Dame too. He was unblockable. I'm not going to sit here and say he is better prospect than Foster because Foster has the tape and the pedigree...but he was very impressive. He can run sideline to sideline....he can blitz...he looked comfortable in space playing zone and dropping. I do think there could be issues with bigger OL if we played him outside all the time...but we all know guys like Robert Mathis and Elvis Dummervil gave OL fits for years too. I'm just excited either way...I think Reddicks upside because of his ability to rush the passer gets my juices going. I feel like he could get after the qb from any spot on the field or read the play and make a TFL. I just know that teams keyed on this guy...said we have to take him out of the play...and he still destroyed them. I know Foster played a different position but he had a lot of help on that defense. I just think Reddick has heart..and his play against Penn State and Notre Dame and the senior bowl shows he can play with anyone....but I understand your concerns...the what is he question frightens everyone after the Werner debacle. My honest opinion is he is a WIL that can play all 3 downs but what you have him doing (rushing/dropping) is up to you....i just want him in the backfield creating havoc and I think he identifies plays and does that from anywhere on the field. I hear what you said about him. I just wanted him from the start. I thought we could get him in the 2nd but then the Senior Bowl happened and I got nervous lol....and then the combine and now I know...if we want him...it'll have to be rd 1. I'm fine with that...and I'm fine with the others you mentioned....but I hate that guys get hot and make a big leap...but to me what that is something that scouts have known all along...just these so called experts are just now catching up.
  8. I know its a highlight video but yeah hard to go wrong. Hassan looks good in pursuit, in space on passes, and getting after the qb. His versatility amazes me. Obviously Foster was elite too....of course he had a nice defense all around him to allow him to just make plays....but make plays he did.
  9. I feel that way too. If the right trade scenario played out and we had a few guys there that we liked that would still fall to us. I have a crush on Reddick since watching him play Notre Dame back in 15. He just gets after it all over the field. I feel like he is just one of those hungry players that since he was converted over from safety just could line up anywhere athletically and will fight like a bulldog to get to the ball. I really like his versatility....that he wasn't bad in coverage, obviously he got after the qb, and the way he attacked the ball carrier. I really like Foster too but he has some red flags. The shoulder thing bothers me and then the fact he has been rumored to be a bit immature and the recent outburst I feel more at ease with Hassan at this point. I will be excited no matter what we do...there should be a quality starter there for us in the draft.....watching tape if I had my choice I'd go with Barnett or Reddick at 15 if they are there....and trade down a little if not (if possible).
  10. Wonderful...I think it is a good plan to save about half your cap space money for that very reason. We will be in a very good position to go after those guys...guys that teams won't let go unless they have a clear upgrade brought in from fa or the draft. To me those guys have more value because the team might have been willing to go into the year with them if they didn't have an alternative...I like that Ballard said that. Good to know.
  11. Yep...people also forget that some teams are waiting to make cuts on some players until after the draft (if they get some of the guys they are targeting) so we will see some quality players get let go when their replacements are in the fold. So we might see some influx in signings then...and then of course during the cuts during OTAs and pre-season. Signing 1 wr during free agency to a prove it one year contract is nothing to even blink at.....people are just crazy.
  12. I think there is a better chance McCaffrey goes before Cook imo. That seems to be the way things are trending....that said we all know it just takes one team to fall in love....but at this point I see them crossing paths now. I thought Cook was a 10-15 guy and McCaffery like a 25-35 guy...and now I think either could go around 20. Like Foster...Cook has some questionable character issues that I think along with a mediocre combine are causing him to fall.
  13. That was my thought too.....the only thing is that he may not be a concensus top 10 pick so it might not be a story to say a team in the top 10 wouldn't pick him because there is probably several that don't need a lb anyways....but I agree with how it is worded it appears to be a team 10-15.
  14. Exactly. They don't realize that you need a LOT of wrs and secondary players because you need your 2nd and 3rd string depth for running practices to get your backup qbs action...and in the pre-season games we don't want TY and Dorsett and Moncrief playing extended time. There will be lots of players added and the roster churned to create competition and not just on the OL.
  15. I'd take that for a swing tackle. I don't think LT would be his strong suit. I think as a backup for both positions that he would be serviceable. Nice to see he is finally getting his legs under him. I think the Jets re-signed him to a two year deal. I could see the same thing happening with Thorton possibly....finally making a contribution for someone else.

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