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  1. I have him a little higher than you but certainly not at 15. I had him in the 20-25 range so nothing drastic. I really think he is a really good player. I don't know if I would say special but then again I'm not a scout and the difference between really good and great is a fine line. I have heard he has EXCELLENT leadership skills and I LOVE that in a LB as I feel like they are the ones that get everyone in the right spot up front and usually take the calls in (qb of defense). So if the Colts see him as special then who am I to argue. He may very well be the 30th talented player hard for me to say but I very much doubt he is the 30th player taken off the board considering the LB needy teams that make up the middle portion of the first rd. So I don't see it as a huge reach but I like you really really feel like there will be one of those special transcendent players for us at 15 this year. Maybe a guy like Barnett for example or perhaps one of the safeties or top corners fall to us. Thus I think it is a long shot he is the bpa left on the board at our pick but that all comes down to grading...and I won't argue too much if we have him graded high enough to take...as long as he plays like a star.
  2. I agree I'd like to have him but see him around the 20 mark. At 15 I think there would be someone with a higher grade (like a noticeable higher grade) to take ahead of him. I do think he is definite first rd talent and while I'd prefer to move back to take him its kinda like the Kelly situation last year. You like the guy...you feel he is the right player the right fit to be special for you...then you just pull the trigger and don't get cute. No doubt he would be a starter for us and likely one the special players at his position. Doesn't really matter what we feel about him..the staff may see him differently I suppose and I don't think its out of the question. He is my 2nd ranked pure MLB in the draft and I don't think the guy is going to make it past Oakland or KC likely so if we want him we have to take him.
  3. Thanks for the clarification. Never heard that. I also think those trade talks with Cincy earlier in the spring might have been to see what it would cost to get up to 9 and take him. (I think at the time that made sense with where he was projected and with LB needy teams including Cincy, NO, CLE, ARI, and Philly all being possible landing spots it was hard seeing him survive all those without being taken. With his on/off issues I think we likely stay put and see what 15 offers us. If he is there we probably take him but we are probably ok with whatever talent 15 gives us. I don't think I'd be happy giving up draft capital to move up for him at this point.
  4. Yeah. I mean they would already be getting a premium on the 82nd pick as is according to the chart so I agree no way I go just for the 101 or even swap picks. That said assuming we want that extra 3rd round pick bad enough I could see us making an offer for the 82nd....Denver offers the 101st...we counter by saying its worth the 82nd but to make the deal work we might split the loss of them giving up 19picks in the 3rd by us giving up 33 from the end of 4th to middle 5th to kinda meet them in the middle. Just a hypothetical...because I do feel its worth the first third...and I'm fairly confident depending on how the board plays out there could be several teams interested in that 15th pick (TB,DEN,NYG, SEA who actually has 3 3rd rd picks).
  5. Great anslysis Shasta! I agree with it 100%. An extra pick in the top 100 of the draft would give us great flexibility to address our secondary and RB issues while still possibly getting a pass rusher or lb in the first. Honestly having that extra pick means going bpa in rd 1 whether that is edge, lb, corner, RB or whatever that we could still land difference making players at our positions of needs later on. That said if a dynamic player we feel is there....I'm not sure I could trade back even getting a 3rd unless I'm just not happy with how the board played out.
  6. No that was to pick up the 82nd if they wouldn't give it up instead of the 101st. I'd only do that for the higher 3rd rd pick and only then if negotiations broke down. I'd prefer a clean pick as the value even shows we should get more but I don't think we could convince them to do that in this draft with so many willing to move back.
  7. I believe so. We will pick up an UDFA likely for camp because you need 4 to get all your work in with your WRs and TEs etc and it's hard to tell what a new GM feels about Tolzien but from his play last year he wasn't the reason we lost that Pittsburgh game. He looked well prepared and had control of the offense and I think he could be serviceable in limited action. But yes I think that is the plan.
  8. We actually would be gaining a pick...their 3rd. We just would be also swapping a 4th for their 5th....moving back on that part. It's not what I prefer but you could be right it might be the best we could expect but as defjam correctly pointed out...depending on who is sitting there available our leverage could increase dramatically....and if we can get multiple teams interested say both TB and Denver in our pick well then the now there is certainly more urgency on the other teams part. I agree Denver wouldn't likely want to give us that 82 but if they believe TB or another team is offering their original pick they would have no choice but to offer the better. It's something we will never know but I would love to sit in the war room on draft day...I'd pay good money....now that is entertaining!
  9. A lot of question marks around his health. I also don't think we would be the only ones interested...certainly Denver who was in the Campbell sweepstakes and the fact their run defense was a disaster last year would be interested. I would be surprised if we make this move given our current DL condition now after signing Hankins.
  10. Possibly. But there is more ways to make it work. Like say swapping a 4th for their 5th too or some other combo if we get their 101 then we get say that 5th or something. That said I want that 82nd and not impressed with the 101st..even if it meant swapping our late 4th for their 5th. That 82nd to me is like the tipping point in the draft. Kinda where that level of talent sees a big drop or players start having limitations or big question marks. Not saying there won't be diamonds in the rough later but percentages aren't on our side.
  11. I see the Patriots getting this guy in the middle round. They love Florida players and seem to always grab guys that tumble but have special talent and turn them into another cog in that machine.
  12. That's a reach if I've ever saw one. Honestly he is like the 5th best OL at best and it's likely we would be able to draft the best if we wanted one drafting where we are. Sometimes these guys just force stupid picks on small market teams so they can have some bigger names fall to their big market teams like the Cowboys and Steelers etc because they know they will make more readers happy to see a guy like say Conley fall to the Cowboys or a Reddick fall to the Steelers or say a Charles Harris fall to Atlanta. So what if he screws over the Colts or say the Titans or Cincinnati if it means pushing a clear better talent and fit down the draft board to make a dream scenario for the Jets, Eagles, or Cowboys. That's how I tell the good analysts from the make believe ones as I look for clear outliers.
  13. I'm 100% on board with taking the bpa in the 1st whatever that is. I don't want to pass up a star for a need. After that I do think corner is a huge need that we need multiple of along with need at edge and inside backer. This draft is really the perfect draft and I think Ballard has set this team up well. It isn't deep at DT particularly and he filled our needs there. OLB is hard to find starters in the draft and he took multiple in free agency. He did leave corner unaddressed along with RB and great for us it's a very very deep draft at those positions. I trust he has a plan for those and won't leave it to chance late in the draft or in free agency he will look to fix it sooner before later in the draft. Guard is another deep position in the draft and I expect us to look there around that 4th rd too. I'm really excited for this draft because it has the possibility for us to fill positions we havent addressed in a while. Just like last years draft set up nicely for us to address the OL. Only a few more days to go!
  14. Nice thing about this draft is while the tackle class is weak at the top the guard position is realively deep at that second tier. Could easily see us getting one in rd 4 that could be groomed. Why not lol. Last year we took 4 OL. I could easily see us taking two corners (2nd and 4th rd) and a couple LBs (one inside and one outside). This would still allow us to address RB perhaps in 3rd or 4th and a guard and safety. But we are likely to take multiple corners and probably a safety...the way Ballard has run his offseason it's almost assured we we see minimum 3 secondary picks and likely a few LBs with a RB somewhere in there. So yeah 7 corners maybe not but I don't think it's far off.
  15. I think a lot of teams want to trade back because of how deep this draft seems to be. Not sure considering the high cost of the second pick they will find a partner unless Cleveland passes on Garrett. I think they would like to trade back to say 7-10 or so and take McCaffery but at 2 he isn't the value there. I think we would have a better chance at a successful trade back where we sit. It's the spot where those lineman should start to come off(Denver might move up)....Cook could be there (I could see TB moving up for him) and possibly a edge guy or cb that someone falls in love with that people move up to land (think McKinley/Conley) and I could see us moving back and getting a third and still landing a guy like Davis or Harris. Trades take special circumstances and nothing is certain until the draft starts unraveling....anyone saying they know otherwise is just feeding you crap.

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