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  1. The reason I don’t want to trade Lance is because we can’t! He is a free agent. Bogs is a starter getting starter minutes? He started 80 games this year. What bench are you talking about? 3 pts isn’t cutting it. 10 is good for a rotational guy..and I want to keep him but he is very tradable...and is one of the few good pieces that would be a guy worthy of netting a good player. Guys like Bogs and Collison who have just a year left at reasonable price are the pieces that will interest other teams. Outside of Dipo there are no untouchables. I like all our guys especially Sabonis and think Turner can be a nice piece as he matures and I wouldn’t trade someone just to make a move it would be for a clear upgrade. Celtics and 76ers are going to be good for awhile...maybe Cavs too so we have to look at all options. I don’t think we can just stand pat...but 2019 we only would have Dipo and Sabonis and Leaf under contract...we can make lots of moves.
  2. Sure if he would sign. But he won’t. I guess he grew up with Almora and they are good friends...but he isn’t going to give up the open market just to sign with us. I don’t want another Chapman situation. We won a WS...but there are no guarantees. I’ll wait til the offseason.
  3. Yeah....I love Machado but I don't want a rental. I want a permanent piece coming back. If he was willing to sign an extension that's one thing. Cubs have their issues but pitching to me wins championships. I know last year was different but you are not going to out hit the Yankees, Red Sox, Astros in a WS. You will need great pitching to have a shot. The offense even though they strike out too much is more than sufficient...the pitching is not. If we were getting a Scherzer or Kershaw that is one thing...but more hitting when we have so many nice young bats/fielders...I can wait a year if we want the guy in free agency. I don't want to sell this team off piece by piece for 1 year shots...and I don't think our GM will do that either.
  4. He needs someone that can shoot when playing together...but can be ball dominant to let Lebron sit. What I've seen is Lebron just wears out most 4th quarters from all the iso ball he plays...if he can sit 4 more minutes a game and Cleveland not lose a lead or take plays off on offense once in a while he would benefit. Kyrie fit that very well...someone like Chris Paul or James Harden does too. Houston fits...LA fits if playing with George....George can take the tough defensive assignment but also great spot up shooter but can carry an offense when James goes to the bench. I think Ball is duplicates James best skills...and doesn't add much....to me he and Ingram would be the guys I would look to move.
  5. I'd have a hard time seeing James in Miami. First off they don't have the money to sign him. It would take moving tons of players and cash to get him and then what would they have? Also I think Wade is done...retiring. Paul is a free agent too so maybe he just comes to Cleveland in some type of sign and trade with a team with cap space and that team gets the 8th pick that Cleveland has. To me its LA or Cleveland....and likely staying in Cleveland imo. Not sure how any other team can sign Lebron without gutting their whole team.
  6. It's easy...Robinson is an URFA....he can sign anywhere...we have no rights to him. We may not even bring him back. So you can throw him out of any deals.
  7. Why?? He is a marginal starter at best....probably should come off the bench honestly. He is a hard player and a plus shooter don't get me wrong..I like him off the bench but he is easily upgradable. He had the one big game in the playoffs....then went for 10, 11, 10, and 3 in the clenching game....he is a good player...but not great...and definitely a trade piece because he is on an affordable contract with a TEAM OPTION which teams will like. I don't necessarily want to get rid of him...but he isn't untradeable by any stretch and is exactly the type of piece that would have to be included to get a decent player in return.
  8. Lakers are going to want a team to take on Luol Dengs contract to get a young guy. We have cap space but is there anyone worth taking on that horrible contract for and what do we have to send back to make the contracts work? It's one thing to get a guy and pay Deng's contract...but we still have to send money back in form of a player....and the player would have to have a team or player option to free up cap space for LA....so that would be Collison, Bogs, and Thad (if Thad agreed he was going to opt out)....not sure I would want to give up players for one of LA's guys plus take on bad contract. Those other picks are too high....I don't think we can move up that high....maybe Clippers who have two picks at 11 and 12...but again...have to take on bad contract to get young player. Considering all the guys under contract already...I think we trade our pick is more likely then we try to trade for a pick.
  9. I think the refs are much much more affected by the home crowd then the players. Young guys I think don't adjust as well on the road. Flights out...sleeping in hotel rooms...comforts of familiar arena and personnel etc. Some guys just get geeked up with home crowds...feed on it....thus on the road they don't know how to feed off the negative energy. Still the calls teams get at home as opposed to the road....night and day to me.
  10. dgambill

    Hockey fans?

    I'll feel for you...finally get past the Penguins and then to lose like this. I hope they make a comeback!
  11. dgambill

    Legalized Sports Gambling Is Coming

    Got it. So MGM say and others could sponsor a team and could use “official” nfl licensing of their logo and names etc but I would say the avg betting establishment wouldn’t necessarily have to pay anything to the NFL is what I was getting at. But agree there would be some revenue...just not like a percentage of each bet is what I’m getting at.
  12. dgambill

    Legalized Sports Gambling Is Coming

    So if Vegas doesn’t pay now why would anyone else need to? Can’t you just use titles like American football and not use nfl and use city or abbreviations. If you don’t use a licensed name etc why would you have to pay?
  13. dgambill

    Legalized Sports Gambling Is Coming

    I get the sponsorships but licenses are issued by state. How does the league get that unless you mean to advertise the logos etc. Vegas doesn’t pay why would they have to now?
  14. dgambill

    Legalized Sports Gambling Is Coming

    Yeah I agree. Just curious how they would force casinos and the betting houses to pay? Lobby congress? I don’t see how they can get a cut? I’m really curious for someone to explain that to me. More likely you would be able to bet at the stadiums and the league would get a cut of that...the league would sponsor betting on their app or webpage. Like say sign up for fee and get no processing fee for betting or something...but how do they force other betting houses to pay them a fee. Anybody explain how they accomplish that?
  15. dgambill

    Legalized Sports Gambling Is Coming

    Yes. I work very hard too. But I am only able to work so hard because I was blessed by God of a good body and sound mind. Some are given greater talents and much is expected of them. I have been blessed with a very good job and good health. God provided me with a wonderful opportunity to work...truly opened doors for me and closed some that I was interested in pursuing (one with a company that is now out of business). I feel I owe everything to my Lord and Savior. Just my personal relationship. He doesn't ask for much...but I try to be respectful of the part I do keep to honor his work in my life. I've been very blessed. I'm not here to tell anyone else what to do with their money. Just know what has worked for me in my life...and I've never been able to out give what he has done for me. As for gambling...I'd prefer not to have it but I respect others rights to do it. I do think the cost of trying to put peoples lives and families back together after the results of gambling..and the message it sends that there can be an easy payoff instead of working hard and saving and putting the money to good use costs the people doing it..and our communities more in money to fix in tax payer money to the poor and in facilities and programs to combat abuse is more than the revenues that comes from it. However, it seems there will be gambling no matter if its legal or not so those problems would need addressed either way. I just worry expanding it may only expand the problems...not just the revenues for these states. Guess we will see.