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  1. Yep...I also like the ones on the outdoorsman network...with the deer in the woods...funny...and the one that about their sliders that says something like...if the other guy is charging $1 for a regular sandwich...then there is something wrong with that sandwich! lol .....my favorite! Not a huge fast food place but dang there are times I just have to go...so many good sandwiches, from their buffalo sliders to beef n cheeders to French dip to market fresh they have it all.

    Hey...I can admit if I was wrong...he looked like a totally different person. Maybe just being happy and wanted kinda perked him up. I did not see the speed and desire in NO. I hope he excels too. Maybe living in Larry Fitzgeralds guest house is all it took....of course I'd probably feel rejuvenated to if that was the case for me.
  3. Never seen an Arby's commercial.....yummm Arby's lol!
  4. Colts @ Titans Monday Night Football Game Thread

    I honestly don't know. I've never been a big Jim fan...even when he was captain comeback with us as a player...he was fiery but he also just always looked like somebody shoved him down and took his lunch money and whiney and complainy. I always thought John was the better more together coach. I think Chuck is more of a people person...relates to players better and could be a better fit....x's and o's its hard to tell...neither has shown much lately. I mean Michigan can barely beat Indiana and when he goes up against a good team and good coach...he loses. Sorry I don't think that's a given....I think he inspires and really rallies the troops at first...then his stick gets old and people tune him out. Sorry that's just my assessment. It may even work in college at some level because they turn their rosters over so often but in the NFL...yeah I don't see it.
  5. Colts @ Titans Monday Night Football Game Thread

    Wait....you mean his career at SF almost exactly mirrored Chucks career here in Indy??? Where do we sign this guy up? I mean taking the team to the playoffs right away and to championship games and then when his talent started to dwindle he went 500....don't we have a coach like that already. On top of that the guy has control issues and treats his grown men like 18 year olds...I think I'll pass. Let's see if he can win a meaningful game against OSU, MSU, PSU this week or heck even ND next year before we crown him. Sure once upon a time he beat USC a couple times but the luster is sure looking to be off of him. Look...for a long time I wanted his brother....and maybe it isn't his fault with Flacco as his qb but I'm thinking maybe Chuck isn't so bad...once we get him some good players and the coordinators get their act together maybe they would be alright. I look out at the league and there is so much parity...nobody jumps out and says this is the next big guy.
  6. Colts @ Titans Monday Night Football Game Thread

    It's your fantasy world...we're just living in it!
  7. Colts @ Titans Monday Night Football Game Thread

    You mean Jim working with Grigsons players winning a SB!!! Ohhh man I laughed so hard I about split my pants lol!!! Thanks for the laugh...needed that after a depressing night. Have a good night...I'm sure you'll dream well...seeing as you have such a vivid imagination! Laters guys....we can regroup and try again next week...at least it won't be a prime time failure.
  8. Colts @ Titans Monday Night Football Game Thread

    The 49ers had collected top picks for a decade before they got him...and he quickly wore out his welcome with the players, coaches, and bosses. Sure let's bring him here. This staff isn't great but I'd take them over Jim any day. There is no magical fix. Better coaching with better players and better execution. We have to realize we are back to square 1...if we are as fortunate as the first time we might be playing for a SB in a couple years.
  9. Colts @ Titans Monday Night Football Game Thread

    Close but not quite Jim....got it....the guy that can't win the big game...and has unlimited resources at Michigan and his team looks utterly lost. Gotcha!
  10. Colts @ Titans Monday Night Football Game Thread

    You mean the one that can't beat Ohio State or Michigan State and can barely beat Indiana? The one that lost to Flacco in the SB? Or the other one? Honestly Jim is not the answer. If we were upset we never win the big games against the quality teams then he isn't going to help.
  11. New England (-9.5) at NY Jets (10-15-17)

    The worst part of the thing is that you have to have Indisputable Evidence to overturn the call on the field of TD. Meaning you had to have evidence he did not have control of the ball when he hit the pylon....not the other way around that it was called a touchback and he had to have evidence that he had the ball. Sure the ball shuffled around but he clearly had it when he touched the pylon. Even if they couldn't see he had it when he touched the pylon they had to have evidence he DID NOT HAVE IT when he touched the pylon....not that he lost it but couldn't confirm he regained it before touching the pylon. They really outsmarted themselves there on that call....or shown how dumb they are....or worse if they had a bias in the NFL offices. I'm sure NE probably still wins the game because they are a better team than NY but man that changed the outcome completely after that. Just to shed some more light to the term Indisputable...here are the synonyms for the word: ( incontrovertible, incontestable, undeniable, irrefutable, beyond dispute, unassailable, unquestionable, beyond question, indubitable, not in doubt, beyond doubt, beyond a shadow of a doubt, unarguable, airtight, watertight) Does anyone...anyone think that applies to this call that they had enough evidence to overturn it??? Yeah that was just awful call. The fact it favored NE....well I'm sure others have a conspiracy theory on that one....I'm just upset they really screwed it up no matter what team it affected. Someone in NY should be suspended over that call...they clearly need to go back to training on what they are looking for.
  12. Drafted David Johnson

    Yeah that sucks. Lol literally all the guys I gave you had good days yesterday, McKinnon, Ingram, Coleman all had TDs...Martin had a good day too. Some years will just be like that....good luck next year man!!
  13. Drafted David Johnson

    Its hard to say. I draft any rb in a good system that is expected to start. I will say week 1 I had Gurley and Hunt on my bench though....got them in rounds 4 and 5. I never draft a qb in the first 5 rounds. I still end up with a Drew Brees or a Philip Rivers or a Matt Ryan etc. QBs, TEs, Def, and Ks.....all at the end. Depending on the board I've taken RB in 3 of the first 4 rounds with great success. Just stuff your bench with RBs and a couple Wrs. I have no backup qb no backup def or kicker etc. If I like my matchup I'll just start a guy on his bye even or I'll drop a guy at the end of my bench to get one off the waiver to fill in. Last week with Brees out I picked up Watson and he got me like 35 pts. There are always a qb on the waiver wire that will at least get you 15pts minimum. Don't waste your time holding onto these extra players that will only play 1 week out of the year....go out and scoop up guys with high upsides say if there is an injury...or heck even rookies...you rookies are usually slow to get going but as they learn more get more opportunities as the season progresses. Sounds like what you have done works though...you've won your league many times...maybe just a bad luck season...happens.
  14. Drafted David Johnson

    Dang...sorry...had those years. Man I scour the waiver wires week to week. If its a VERY competitive well informed league a couple injuries will pretty much crush you. All you can do is try to just get into the playoffs and then get lucky for those two weeks. If not I look for matchups week to week....try to anticipate players that might benefit if a guy goes down. Lets be honest mostly the guys on your bench outside 1 or 2 rarely make your starting lineup. Thus I stash guys that I think might blow up later in the season or if an injury occurs. Your never going to make up for a David Johnson type loss but you can still get quality points from guys on the waiver depending on their matchups....don't be afraid to go after them. You might look at a guy like McKinnon who is filling in for Cook....a guy like Ingram who now should get a lot more extra carries with AP gone. Sure he won't run as much in NO but he will get likely all the goal line carries now. Maybe stash away a backup in case a main runner goes down like say Tevin Coleman. Doug Martin was out there in a lot of leagues I stashed him away and I think he will have a good second half. Its going to be tough man...at this point don't be afraid to make bold moves...bench starters that you normally wouldn't in favor of a guy with a great matchup...got nothing to lose.
  15. Yeah lots of raving reviews for Tatum. Maybe Ainge got it right. I see two glaring weaknesses in Boston....3pt shooting and interior defense/rebounding. I think if Kyrie is healthy he is an mvp candidate this year. I think he is out to prove something...but no one on that team is an exceptional 3pt shooter. Wouldn't be surprised to see Smart get moved for a shooter...but that would hurt Boston's defense even more.