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  1. Pouncey?

    Sacks will go down I promise without even changing OL. First off hurry up offense wears down pass rush. Reich will implement a quicker passing game. Thirdly Luck won’t hold the ball as long as Jacoby did. No one holds it that long! It will get better..and I’m sure we add some youth in the draft.
  2. This. We were sandwiched between two teams that were likely to take trade offers as well. Once we felt comfortable the guys at 6 would be one of our guys and we probably went back and forth on compensation we decided get it done so we can plan. It was unlikely the compensation would have been greater draft night once people start coming off the board Jets might have realized their guy could fall to them. Bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.
  3. Jensen to Bucs

    Or maybe he is just going around pushing the market up by bidding on guys and driving their prices up. I still think he is focused on compensatory picks for next year.
  4. Yes...I agree....however Ballard will likely sign a couple free agents but look for him to sign guys that got cut....they don't count against the compensatory system....so guys like Ebron....maybe Vinny Curry...I doubt Suh and Honey badger but they are examples too...guys that were cut...not finished their contract and were set as free agents. As teams move forward to sign new guys they will continue to cut guys to shed salary. Those are guys Ballard will look at closely. Of course he will sign some free agents as well but I think those lower tier guys that won't effect the compensatory system. That's my guess. We will see....he may blow a huge wad of cash this weekend...who knows for sure.
  5. Like I said...maybe positioning himself for some compensatory picks for next years draft....since he keeps talking about building through the draft. Kill two birds with one stone....get rid of the last of the Grigson hanger ons and set yourself up for a ton of cap rollover and maybe a couple extra middle round picks next year. I know there is a plan...we just might not like it.
  6. Maybe he is going to use TJ Green as a corner....playing zone might be a better fit for him and he should be a physical tackler. He needs to work on his coverage skills but he has similar mold to Richard Sherman. All said I do think we draft another corner...especially if we pick up more picks moving back. This draft is like last year...good value in rounds 2-4. Maybe Melvin was too embarrassed to come back and ask Ballard for less. Might have over stepped his role in his demands....or maybe he likes Chucky that much.
  7. Would you want to give a guy a long term deal after having one decent season on one of the worst teams in football last year. Melvin played pretty decent...but you have to also consider the poor play around him and teams decided to test other corners. I'd be wary of signing him long term too....plus to me this is just a place holder until Gruden can draft his own guys.
  8. Maybe we thought the compensation he provides us from compensatory pick is worth more than keeping him. If things continue this way with free agency Ballard might end up with a nice mid round compensatory pick next offseason after losing Moncrief, Mewhort, Gore, and Melvin. If Ballard is truly committed to building through the draft he might think a nice couple draft picks next offseason will more than offset losing these guys.
  9. Mike Pouncey

    The only players I think the Colts are interested in are ones we aren't reported interested in. I believe none of these reporters. They might as well be throwing boogers at the wall to see if they stick. Unless a visit has been scheduled it means nothing to me.
  10. Yeah I don't remember him missing any time last year....in fact he has never missed a game in his career. He hasn't been utilized that much but if we can get him for less then what Baltimore paid it would be a pretty good deal considering the going rate for starting wrs this offseason.
  11. RIP Tom Benson

    Likely not. It would probably be like how Derek Jeter is the face of the Marlins ownership group even though he doesn't own the majority. I would imagine Peyton would attract a group that could use his public figure and appeal that would drive marketing etc and his expertise of the game to represent them as the face of the franchise. He has pretty significant assets and of course growing up in New Orleans and his fathers ties to the team he has a history. He already just sold his Papa Johns franchises and I'm sure he could sell his wife's ownership part of the Grizzlies to use in establishing a pretty significant portion. Guess time will tell....but that is the way I would see him going...leveraging his bank-a-bility and expertise to run a team.
  12. Eric Ebron to visit Colts Sunday

    Sorry to hear that. I tried. Just to let you know that has basically how he has been used in Detroit and likely to be how we would see Reich use him here. He spends more time in the slot and outside then lined up on the line just so you know. He ran a 4.53 40....faster than Michael Crabtree ran his just for reference. I do agree he has been underwhelming so far in his career but maybe with the right staff we could see a break out season.
  13. Eric Ebron to visit Colts Sunday

    What if we just call Ebron a big wr.....would that make you happy?? We basically only have 2 of those.
  14. Eric Ebron to visit Colts Sunday

    We have seen the NFL kinda change over from these blocking tight ends to pass catching TEs...Tony Gonzalez, Jimmy Graham, Jordan Reed etc. Teams don't even bother using them on the line. They just put them in the slot or on the outside against man to man and burn lbs and smaller safeties all day with their size and speed. A play maker is a play maker..I don't care what the abbreviation of his position is. Ebron has been a disappointment but he has a couple things going for him. 1. Reich has had a ton of success utilizing TEs at his last couple stops. 2. Ebron is 24/25 very young and athletic. 3. Ebron was cut and thus does not factor into compensatory pick compensation. Which I think is obvious that Ballard is taking into consideration considering the level tier of guys he has been mostly interested in and the fact we lost Gore, Mewhort, Melvin, and Moncrief we could see maybe a middle round pick after its all said and done.
  15. RIP Tom Benson

    Could the Mannings put a group together to purchase the Saints. Its been long hinted at that he may want to go this route and the Saints were on a short list of teams that was expected to have some ownership changes.