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  1. I really don't know how he does it. Taking that kind of pounding year after year on medically corrected legs will return many years of aching bones and tired and weary limbs, and he knows full well what that means down the road. He is one of the few iron men of the NFL, nothing but respect, never have I heard him complain.
  2. He's ours, nobody else can have him.
  3. lol, I would have him with a 4-D sculpture yelling Omaha, whereas others would have him at his rear-most stance ready to pick apart the defense. It would be cool to have a little secret button on the statue that when you press it is says, "liquored up .i.d.i.o.t kicker", liquored up .I.d.i.o.t kicker"
  4. eight-figure average annual salary for a LT is where I would draw the line, that's some fierce cash.
  5. he's getting elite pay, perhaps he'll have reason (perhaps even a mandate) to have a stellar year (Ballard / The "new" Pagano). We can only hope!
  6. A Banner moment, 3 seats for Zach!!, errr, three cheers!!!
  7. OK, as long as they present the final product here on in a 3-D preview and then we'll create a poll. If it's 90% or higher on poll results, then it's a go for unveiling. That's only fair.
  8. I was thinking the exact same thing, I hope they contracted a famous sculptor to do the work and are putting in extra large amounts of cash to get it done. I mean, visiting people and hoosiers alike will put much stock in the final product, and many snickers if it's a big failure. (if it's bad, let's hope there's a "re-do" clause in the contract).
  9. Manning has the equivalent of a football version of IBM's Watson for a brain
  10. Pointy elbows? lol, now that's a first. First time I have chuckled all day, bravo!
  11. 2017 - "LEARNING" 2018 - "WINNING" 2019 - "RINGING"
  12. If they work against each other in drills, the overall weight of our team will go down twice as fast.
  13. there are different levels of bust in all likelihood, so probably had to be high draft picks and miserable failures. low picks don't count. I'm guessing 2nd to 3rd round busts. if it's first rounds busts, that would be easier to find but probably less likely. if you find out, let us know.
  14. our 3 and 4 picks were only C's. Ouch.

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