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  1. Injury Report 10/12/17

    Just one request, on Andrew Luck's line, can we just replace "Right Shoulder" with the word "Grigson"?
  2. Should Costanzo move to guard?

    San Francisco will make him look better than he is. He's serviceable, not a stud. Things will die down a bit after having a great game vs. San Fran.
  3. Deyshawn Boyd out for the season

    Oh lord and savior Jesus, not this soon, that draft pick is looking pretty tasty right now
  4. Ballard's work ethic

    good point, and it's those repeated strike-outs that's going to cost this team precious Luck years. It was allowed to go on too long....similar situation going on with the HC right now, except his strike-outs are blow-outs. It's time to finish gutting the pig.
  5. 2nd Half

    .....Collapse. When we let them march down the field at the end of first half with about no time left, it's sets a bad tone coming into the 2nd half. I always hate getting a late 2nd half score and then just letting them easily equalize it. I will say though, even with the bad mistakes made, I like the fire in Brisset's belly.
  6. Colts @ Seahawks Sunday Night Football Game Thread

    This team has talent (Colts), but we are an execution and penalties nightmare.
  7. I really question Pagano and our staff

    Keep chopping Lincoln Logs !!! Play-Doh sharpens Play-Doh
  8. Andrew to return in week 6?

    Morty usually has the best inside info
  9. It shouldn't have been that hard

    I LIKE winning streaks
  10. Answer: If Tolzien can make Curtis Painter look like a Pro Bowler, he can make ______________ (fill in your favorite backup) look like a Super Bowl MVP.
  11. Keep chopping wood....

    If i EVER hear Pagano say this thread title again, I WILL get sick.
  12. What If We See A Different Colts Team vs. The Cards?

    We've embarrassed a good # of teams at LOS, lets add another. What's your favorite?
  13. Another Wasted Season

    Right !!, we can't look worse than we did against the 49ers
  14. Colt 2017 Offensive Line

    it will be a bad game followed by a good game. it keeps us Colts fans on our toes. We will be on this board after the Cardinals game talking about how amazing our line was and all of this will go away (for a while). It's how it goes in the NFL and lately with the Colts. We will all be backing off the ledge from our armchair quarterback positions by end of game Sunday. Game prediction: Colts 17 Cardinals 14 (AV with the winning kick !!!). Now if I could figure out the # of sacks we will give up..... I'm going with 1 sack (on a blitz) Edit: And Hilton will be amazing
  15. in the locker room interview on the news today, it didn't look like he was in any big hurry to lose his starting job. you might be right, pagano could listen to what he has to say, but like you would expect, he said the it's in his coaches hands.