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  1. Not so main stream possibilities (from a name stand-point): Vrabel, Harold Goodwin, Matt LaFluer Paul Geunther, Frank Reich, Steve Wilks more main stream names Josh McDaniels, Pat Shurmur, Jim Harbaugh, & last but not least Would Gruden be real chucky or fake chucky? stretches: Taub (but i think ballard might pull the trigger if he gets an ok from irsay)
  2. Would You?

  3. What the Colts have and what they still need on O

    agree, also luck has an uncanny feel for the pocket, is quicker processing everything (which is huge at this level)....I find it ironic that we have the same complaints with Brissett that we did with Luck (not getting rid of the ball quick enough when a play breaks down or not getting rid of it at all and risking life and limb) will shorten their NFL life-spans, no matter how big and tough they are. The problem i see with Brissett is how much more starting time are teams (colts, etc.) going to give him? It will be due to injury unless he goes somewhere else as a projected starter on a bad team, but will have the same issues (protection, decision making, etc.).
  4. What the Colts have and what they still need on O

    Let's take a look at just a few specific Jacoby numbers : QBR via ESPN 39.4 via NFL 36.8 (which puts him at rank 28). A number that I find interesting is "Point Added". Definition: PTS ADDED: Number of points contributed by a quarterback over the season, accounting for QBR and how much he plays, above the level of an average quarterback. Brissett is ranked 30 out of 33 players (ESPN). His net yards gained per pass attempt is very low at 5.40 (this takes into account sack yards lost), referred to as NY/A , which is not good but speaks partly to his pass protection but decision making factors as well. He has been sacked 49 times, which is just simply alarming on multiple counts. Some of those by holding on to the ball too long, but probably just 15% or fewer (maybe someone has developed a stat but seems to me it would be subjective). I agree with you that if we build around him, he could be just average. Several things I like for sure is that he is hard to bring down, he's got good size, and he's very young (24) --- This Aside from all of the other positives (arm, etc..)
  5. Quincy Wilson played well

    yea, you are correct, i think they called the penalty on the wrong jersey #, but it was he who committed the sin
  6. What the Colts have and what they still need on O

    Backup is the key word. Patriots obviously knew how slow he was to react, now we have been experiencing it. Kid has promise, but more as a #2
  7. Broncos at Colts

    ...... lol, yep no doubt, this is the reason that both teams will be 4 -10 at 11:59pm tomorrow. badly injured & scantly talented teams beating equally injured & woeful teams, meh, happened to us 3 other times this year, why not on TNF at home. Read all about it, get your Colts tickets for 6 dollars, read all about it ..... yawn, we could hardly get any pub for an NFL game played in almost blizzard-like conditions that went down to the wire and featured grown men playing in the snow, the biggest news being Adam V. probably not getting his 500K bonus. I will be rooting however. Let me add that it gets me more exited that we will have a top 15 draft pick and Luck back and next year should sport 8 to 9 wins. Whereas the following year and Ballard working his magic, we should be taking names (all depends on schedule strength and our O-LINE and Ballard and our new coach Taub getting the defense tough and mean and blowing snot and spitting and hocking loogies at the opposition)
  8. The 2 point conversion penalty

    maybe the refs are tired of the Colts losing too. want us to have a good draft pick. x-mas gift to Irsay
  9. Indy - Buffalo Game

    i was so wrong about hilton having a big game, i have to eat my crow. didn't know it was going to be the Blizzard of '78, but I'll take Gore substituting for giving hilton big yards any day. sure-fire hall of famer gave everything he had today, and then some
  10. if pagano would have gotten them to the right hash mark, we probably beat the bills. Now a home game and not wanting to suck will bring a mixed, unceremonious low roar from the crowd thursday and slightly enough mettle from the players to get the W. i root for the Colts no matter what, but I just can't believe how big a swing it could be from losing out vs. winning out. crazy that we could possibly draft in the middle "of the order".
  11. Looks like the Colts will face........

    we were already in position to pick up a win (IMO) by 3 to 7 points. Now I have to change my thinking. I'd say 10 to 14 point victory now, or if chuck screws some things up, we win by 1. Any way you slice it now, its a victory.
  12. Indy - Buffalo Game

    No problem I'll leave the coats be, but I'd be happy to belt out a few "La La La Luke, Luke, I am your father" !!
  13. Indy - Buffalo Game

    yea, Clark was put in to set some sort of personal record, can't remember other than it was a miserable game to have to sit through as a Colts fan. Thanks Polian, he should at least admit that he regrets it.
  14. Kelly Ruled Out

    same kid that came in the other day vs. the jags. our backup got injured and they brought the 3rd stringer in. wish i could think of his name.
  15. Kelly Ruled Out

    will be good to have him back in week 15. game will be 31 and a little bit snowy (flurries) and a 22MPH sustained wind, so Kelly will be happy to stay back in Indy where it will be a balmy 39 and clear.