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  1. Don't forget, he got Paganoed by Irsay
  2. yes, no doubt, different d-fensvie scheme dictates a different player make-up from hankins. hankins was a man's man defending the run, but we need a hybrid pass-rush & run-stopper for new scheme. I'd say see if you can replace him in free agency, going to be hard thru draft to find a day 1 starter, unless you're willing to rebuild while leaving gaping holes.
  3. This gives me yet more ways to root against the Jets, and now even a more creative way.
  4. Good analysis, certainly not a blockbuster trade as some would call it, it's a good "value" trade. I'm glad most of the picks acquired were in the 2018 draft...that's what I was most worried about. This should give us some comfort that we are going to get better right away.
  5. no chance. we'll be lucky to get Nelson. But there will be a good guy at 6, just maybe not Nelson unfortunately (who we needed real bad). Knew a move was coming, this is not surprising, however, the longer you hold out, the more picks we could have gotten closer to the draft. But look, I feel we are going to trade again. We are going to unload #6 for more picks (I feel). Unless they are 100 percent confident they can get Nelson.
  6. Ryan Jensen Visiting Colts Today

    would have liked Jensen. if we can use the middle of the draft for OL, we could get some defensive talent at the top. If not, we must get Nelson then use middle of draft for way or another, the team is getting depleted and we need lots of picks. I still say Ballard has some magic up his sleeves and he's going to surprise us with some moves in the next couple months because you can't rebuild without having some cornerstones.
  7. crud, i would have really liked it if ballard could have pulled that off. i mean i realize he probably didn't even give him a look or 2nd thought, but guys like Mathieu are rare.
  8. Pugh to Cards

    holy cow, i thought we had a chance at him.
  9. Rashaan Melvin To Raiders [Merge]

    the guy was a gamer, I hate to hear this. so many times he was making some great plays on a team that we didn't get many "wows" from. it's a business and man, does that suck sometimes. you have 53 little CEO's on each team and they move their company from time to time.
  10. Us Colts fans already plan way ahead to get our tailgate alcohol before Sunday rolls around, then we drink it all in the van down by the river before we walk over to the game.
  11. Rashaan Melvin To Raiders [Merge]

    would hate to lose him. solid.
  12. Mike Silver Calls out Ballard

    NFL network (like i said in another thread) and many other networks are disparaging the Colts right now. They are pointing out all the cap money and how bad the Colts are, etc, etc. It's just what they do, we are going to have to listen to it for a week or so I'm last year, it will simmer down a bit later, but since the cap money is there, they are hammering Ballard relentlessly. I simply wanted to watch the NFL Network today to catch up on which free agents were talking to the Colts (because I thought Jordy Nelson & others might be) and when they were analyzing what the top 5 cap money teams were doing, they just concentrated & splashed negativity on the Colts for 10 minutes, geez, all of the broadcasters did it not just one (former players, etc.) Just brutalized us. Said there is only 2 of the top free agents left, blah blah,, I figured Ballard would have something for us today, but it's not to happen and I can't say I'm shocked. The madness will taper off and Ballard will acquire a bunch of players to compete with one another, and then we need to kick butt and take names in the draft, which I think he will. Once the draft is over and free agency has had a chance to materialize further, we should have a lot to look forward to in 2020 (could be next year but let's be realistic). We are a work-in-progress and if we fail to realize that, we are just going to get high blood pressure.
  13. I agree, we need to wait and see. Right this minute, we are getting hammered on NFL Network. From everything from jim irsay saying Ballard is the best GM of the 21st century , 56 sacks, we have only acquired one player (relative no-name), tons of cash and doing nothing with it, the McDaniels fiasco as it relates to Ballard being a "good" GM, etc, and blah blah blah. They said they talked to an Indy local reporter and everyone in Indy is scratching their heads. It almost sounds like Gregg Doyel is lurking in the building at NFL Network.
  14. Ryan Jensen Visiting Colts Today

    Don't tease us like that. Even though Jensen is not one, the Colts signing a big name free agent .