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  1. Butler, sheard, simon (in that order) Hankins comes in 6 or 7, very important but pricey. of course, this isn't about price, it said "excitement"
  2. It's a lot of dough, but we had it to blow. for a little while I was wondering if he was going to spend it. We still have plenty to pay for the drafted players fortunately.
  3. some players would not want to go to a rebuilding project, so that's understandable. the jag's cap space is a bit mystifying.
  4. It will be Ravens
  5. PLEASE READ MY BOLD/UNDERLINED BELOW LB27 SEAN SPENCE LB MIAMI GRADE 80.2? 4.71 SEC 12 REPS 33.5 INCH 119.0 INCH 7.46 SEC 4.28 SEC 5'11"HEIGHT 31 1/2"ARM LENGTH 231LBS.WEIGHT 9 1/4"HANDS MORE COMBINE VIDEO OVERVIEW Spence has been a bright spot and a standout player on a rather uninspired Miami defense of late. He was a four-year starter at Miami, and although undersized, he makes up for this deficiency through speed, instincts and overall athletic ability. He is a great defender on outside runs, as he can effortlessly run down the ACC's fastest players. He is stellar in coverage, can blanket tight ends and tackle from various angles. He makes quick decisions and executes on them. While size will be a concern as he enters the NFL, Spence will be defined by his ability to play free and get off blocks to make plays on the ball. While he was suspended in the fallout from the Nevin Shapiro booster scandal at Miami, there is little doubt of his true character and likewise, his overall athleticism and ability in terms of production translating to the NFL. Look for him to be taken in the mid-rounds, but an impressive combine showing could certainly bode well for Spence ascending in the weeks leading up to the draft. ANALYSIS STRENGTHS Spence's athleticism shows in all what he does. He can quickly diagnose a play and use his explosive hips to meet running backs and deliver the blow. He has fluid hips in coverage and uses his arm strength to shed blockers when he gets engulfed by bigger players. He is an experienced starter at a high level, and this should allow him to play fast and instinctually from early on at the next level. He has natural athletic ability to fit in a 4-3 scheme where he is playing freely and flowing to the ball. He is an active player and almost always involved on run plays. WEAKNESSES Spence is undersized and needs to play free of big blockers on him to be productive. He can flow to plays but "ride the pole" and fall off tackles at times. The scheme he plays in is key to his production.
  6. or have had injuries (sean spence). But who hasn't been dinged up by the time they reach the age range we're signing (26ish). I'd like to think this is going to create immense competition come training camp: 1) he's already stockpiling 2) the draft is still to come 3) free agency is in full-swing and he's obviously not done yet. I'm sure some were like, "why isn't he doing anything?" there at first..... now what are you saying? He's doing too much.... Those of you complaining because of the randomness of the picks, have faith, I'm sure he is consulting with Pagano on every single acquisition But on a serious note,,,, I feel like what's going on in his Colts office is "Skunk Works". Let the man design and develop. He is, after all, the chosen one.
  7. He's old and in the fold, glad we signed the "ancient one"
  8. He probably has a few things up his sleeve, but if he does, he will make sure it's the right locker-room and on-field fit, inside/outside and in-between,,, which is great.
  9. wow, that was pretty definitive, lol. I suppose that "2nd source" is pretty flimsy. Hopes were up, now down again.
  10. Wow, this would be huge news and gets me excited for the future, but as Superman said, it's questionable. I will simply keep it at cautious optimism... but man, what a blockbuster FO move this would be. And I liked the part about Pagano not really being in the cards down the road. But I hate the not knowing part. How about some clich├ęs or sayings at this point... Rome wasn't built in a day, the two most powerful warriors are patience and time, patience is bitter but her fruit is sweet.............
  11. Nice article (see John Simon --- third name listed)
  12. Ballard has already said he is NOT going to pay someone huge Free Agency Lottery winnings money (my term) and have them thrown into our locker room and force a fit, and then have consternation amongst players which puts the new acquisition on an island and doesn't do anyone in the organization any good and for long-term sake, just creates a poisonous and vitriolic situation. (I am para-phrasing but hope I am conveying what he said satisfactorily). I couldn't agree more with the approach...... but at the same time, I understand that father-time will eventually catch up to Luck..... But there's time. I'd rather have him win one Super Bowl later on , than zero coming close 2 or 3 times.
  13. thanks... man Dallas twice in three years... someone didn't like Jerry J. or he volunteered his team.
  14. was ballard involved in a previous hard knocks? btw, when are they going to announce?
  15. same here,,, he also just now said, Mingo has a lower body like a Victoria secret model, not built for football. Oh my !!! also said he can't believe the Patriots just came off of a Super Bowl, and amazingly are 3 weeks ahead of everybody right now.

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