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  1. RIP Brother.

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      What happened?!

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      Don't know, and out of respect for Brandon(Gavin) and his family we didn't want to pry. 

  2. Glad to get this win. Need more nights from Turner like tonight and PG. The Pacers go as far as them 3 will take them. We are just not a defense first team. We will have to straighten that out in the offseason because I don't see that happening during the season. We will also need to find another SG and another facilitator at back up PG because we get lost with our 2nd unit because of it
  3. In the end Chicago just could not run with us. We had 19 fast break points -Teague struggled with his shot but distributed the ball well -defense was not bad but could have been better. Gave up 3 to many points in the 2nd and 4th quarters....Need to be 25 or less -We did a good job of keeping turnovers down -We did a good job of not allowing ourselves to get beat defensively by allowing to many three point attempts and makes. We averaged allowing 29 a game but Chicago only got of 23. Some of that is Chicago but some of that was Pacer defense
  4. Pacers should keep the Bulls under 50 points by halftime have 53 points by halftime
  5. Can not give up 3 quarters of 25+ points a piece and expect to win. Have to find someone that wants to rebound because we have guys that are to soft and are afraid of a couple bumps and bruises and breaking a nail
  6. -We allowed John Wall to get 7 rebounds in that first half -We allowed 5 3 point makes and now 1 already not even 30 seconds into the 3rd quarter -13 offensive rebounds allowed and 15 2nd chance points
  7. Cant average 4 turnovers a quarter and lose the fast break point battle to a team that does not run much. We lost the loose ball battle 10 to 5. Teague has to take care of the ball better
  8. Pacers have to speed things up and get out and run and get to the basket and get some free throws.....2 free throw attempts should be unacceptable. We should be able to run on the Bulls. The Stuckey injury hurts that though to a big degree. Loved the 5 first half assists from PG. Now I think he and Myles Turner need to come out in attack mode
  9. A new coach wont get this team to rebound any better. We simply don't have those kind of players except Seraphin. Our defense is bad because we don't have guys like PG or Teague closing out hard at the 3 point line running guys off the 3 point line and we don't get back on defense and match up. Its also a direct result of trading G Hill who was a very good perimeter defender which Teague was not and is not. It has nothing to do with Mcmillan on this trust me. We also give up 17.3 points a game off turnovers and only get 11.7 fastbreak points a game on average t make up for it which is 19th
  10. 48 points allowed in the paint tonight. That's not a Myles Turner problem. That's a Guard problem. -Teague had a great game offensively and that's nice. It cant happen every night because that's not how we are going win consistently. He has to defend if we are going to win and take care of the ball and set up the offense -Paul George just had a bad shooting night and had 5 turnovers. He will bounce back -CJ Miles has to start over Robinson. Robinson is giving you nothing offensively and doesn't defend well, Miles wont defend well consistently but at least he is another weapon offensively -We aren't running perimeter players off the 3 point line on defense nearly enough. Boston had 39 attempts from 3 tonight . We don't get close enough when guarding the 3 point line even when we do get a hand up its useless because we don't get close enough
  11. I think they end up keeping Noel and playing him at PF and trading Okafor and keeping Embiid at C. They tried Embiid and Okafor on the floor at the same time and coach did not like it
  12. Teague is the one that's struggling the most and PG Teague 2016 shot attempts against him average-10.5 Teague 2015 shot attempts against him-8.5 Teague 2016 field goal percentage given up when he is the lone man guarding the shot: 46.5% Teague 2015 field goal percentage given up when he is the lone man guarding the shot: 43.7% Most of that comes from Teague simply not getting back on defense and matching up. PG has had that problem to. I'd get some screen caps if possible Mcmillan isn't the problem
  13. If your name is not Myles Turner among the starters then you are struggling on defense to guard the 3 point line. Robinson George Ellis Teague have all struggled to guard
  14. Defensive breakdowns again killed us late at the wings