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  1. Potential 4th Round Picks to add quality depth/competation: Derek Rivers - OLB - Youngstown State Dalvin Tomlinson - DL - Alabama Jordan Willis - OLB - KState Kieonte Davis - OLB - Chattanooga
  2. Remember the signing of Alex Bazzie (the uber productive CFL LB) - at 228 lbs I'm guessing he may be slotted as an ILB as well. That's a pretty decent pass rusher up the middle as well. Now that was his combine weight - I think he was listed at 240ish in the CFL Perhaps he sticks at OLB and adds to that depth/competition thats being built by Ballard (even though he was Grigson's last dying act with the Colts).
  3. A few random things that have come to mind based on free agent signings......... 1) We are all forgetting about Alex Bazzie (the uber productive LB from the CFL) 2) Ballard has targeted OLB's in FA in Sheard, Simon and Mingo - which is an indication that either he likes Morrison and Jackson as our ILB's OR that will be our 1st round draft pick. 3) Ballard also released our #2 CB and has not signed a FA (yet) which could indicate that is going to be our 1st Round pick For you draftniks out there, which is a more viable option at number 15.........a sure fire start at CB or a sure fire starter at ILB?
  4. I'm sure you're being a smart butt and that's cool.......however, you know how it can improve. Film study and practice can improve someone's football IQ
  5. Blythe - has seen very limited action, too early to tell, BUT, he threw a key block on one of the rushing TD's as part of the jumbo package against the Chargers Clark - was always a project, we'll see as the year goes on Farley - with his pedigree as a Captain at ND (including their two Championship runs) he has been solid in his ST role and backup to the backup role in the secondary - even playing nickel last week versus Denver. Not bad for a dumpster dive pickup Ferguson - has been pretty good in his role (so far) out of the backfield in the two-minute drill Green - plays hard and fast and is still learning on the job. Considering the 50/50 projections on him as to whether he was a "project" pick - I think he has played surprisingly well thus far Haeg - next to Kelly, this guy is a polished lineman and I think its only a matter of time before he's starting at either spots on the right side (probably RT) Kelly - STUD - enough said Maggitt - looks good out there so far in limited action - may be the steal of the UDFA class this year and successor to Walden next year Morrison - needs work on his coverage abilities, but does not look overmatched in the middle Ridgeway - has been involved in the DLine rotation from day one and hasn't really flashed but hasn't killed us either - I do remember one solid play from him versus Detroit Rogers - made a great play on the ball in the Chargers game - except for the pass interference of course, but, hasn't really been used too much yet to judge All of these guys, coupled with last years crop of Anderson, Bray, Dorsett, Edwards, Geathers, Good, McGill and Perry are starting to form a younger nucleus to combat the older FA signings.... All in all, a couple of really solid years so far from Grigson and Company
  6. I think its interesting that he is listed on the PS Roster as a Defensive End and not an Offensive Lineman as Seattle tried to convert him to. His athleticism would be a nice addition to the DLine if his IQ and technique were to improve......
  7. As a Notre Dame fan I view Farley much like an NFL Nickel DB........he was seemingly always on the field in the slot or over the top as a Safety. He may not have been listed as the "Starter" but he was a Team Captain and played a Lions Share of the minutes! He's a gamer - that's about the best way to describe him.

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