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  1. What can be done with three 4th round picks??

    Potential 4th Round Picks to add quality depth/competation: Derek Rivers - OLB - Youngstown State Dalvin Tomlinson - DL - Alabama Jordan Willis - OLB - KState Kieonte Davis - OLB - Chattanooga
  2. Mingo, Simon and Sheard on the field together

    Remember the signing of Alex Bazzie (the uber productive CFL LB) - at 228 lbs I'm guessing he may be slotted as an ILB as well. That's a pretty decent pass rusher up the middle as well. Now that was his combine weight - I think he was listed at 240ish in the CFL Perhaps he sticks at OLB and adds to that depth/competition thats being built by Ballard (even though he was Grigson's last dying act with the Colts).
  3. Retooling the LB group and Monachino

    A few random things that have come to mind based on free agent signings......... 1) We are all forgetting about Alex Bazzie (the uber productive LB from the CFL) 2) Ballard has targeted OLB's in FA in Sheard, Simon and Mingo - which is an indication that either he likes Morrison and Jackson as our ILB's OR that will be our 1st round draft pick. 3) Ballard also released our #2 CB and has not signed a FA (yet) which could indicate that is going to be our 1st Round pick For you draftniks out there, which is a more viable option at number 15.........a sure fire start at CB or a sure fire starter at ILB?