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  1. If Chubb is available, no, just because there is a big drop off in quality of pass rushers from him and despite the terrible offensive line, this is our biggest need. If not, sure, might even have a shot at Nelson at 12 if some of the projections are correct.
  2. I hope they can still get Chubb at 6, this team needs a pass rusher in the worst way. If Chubb and Nelson are gone at 6, that means there is a QB available and I would be more than fine with trading down again for more picks.
  3. Corndog

    Anyone worried about inexperience?

    Fisher was a great coach, he is not anymore. The game has passed him by and the turnaround after he left the Rams made that very apparent. That is the problem with retread coaches, especially ones that have left the game for a period of time. It's constantly evolving and it's almost as much of a risk as a first time head coach because of that. Of that list, the only I would be happy with is Del Rio as a DC, since he is actually very good at that job.
  4. Corndog

    Frank Reich Expected to Interview

    As much as I would love to get Harbaugh, this is the truth, he's not leaving Michigan anytime soon. IMO, he's a very good coach and I would love to have him, but it's getting old and it's time to let the Harbaugh talk die.
  5. Corndog

    Frank Reich Expected to Interview

    I agree and I certainly don't the retread coach hires, because most left for a reason. Just saying, not a sure thing, but to me he seems like the best candidate being interviewed of the three.
  6. Corndog

    Colts Plan To Interview Leslie Frazier

    Feels like Pagano part 2. No thanks.
  7. Corndog

    Frank Reich Expected to Interview

    Honestly, this is one of our better options Reich is at least worth an interview. Certainly a little risky though, since he has never been a head coach.
  8. Corndog

    McDaniels rejects Colts.

    Great post, really sums my feelings up on the situation as well. I was also on board with rebuilding the relationship with the Pats, and the Colts really learned who they are. Although I am surprised the Colts would announce McDaniels before there was a pen to paper, IMO that was a mistake. At the end of the day, the Colts are better off without him as he clearly had no loyalty. This will also hurt him in the end, unless he expects to coach for the Patriots for the rest of his life, which is incredibly rare in this sport. Now the Colts just need to move forward and hopefully they can still find someone worthwhile to hire.
  9. Corndog

    The Patriot dynasty is finally over.

    I agree with a lot of this post, but disagree with a few points. The Pats will be contenders next year and actually I think this loss fires them up. As you said, Belichick is at least sticking around as long as Brady is there. I also agree there aren't any other true AFC powerhouses.. yet. Although, if Houston could actually keep their key players healthy throughout the season, they could be very dangerous. But I am not buying into Brady playing at a top level until he is 45 unless I see it. It's already amazing that he is playing this well at 40, but time catches up very quickly in the NFL. Manning had a 55 TD season and two years later he was clearly done. Brady is going to get hit more as he slows down and those hits are going to add up very fast to an aging body. Personally, I think he has two more seasons in him as a top level QB, which is still incredibly impressive. As far as replacing Brady and Belichick, good luck. Two of the greatest of all time are not going to be replaced easily at all. Before the Garoppolo trade I thought Belichick would outstay Brady, but now not so much, unless they draft a top level QB soon. If Belichick does stick around after Brady. I think the Pats will be fine. Maybe not quite as dominant, but they won't disappear. If he's gone, expect there to be some dark periods.
  10. This year's draft has been one that has been looked forward to for the QB class, so yes there are quarterbacks worth drafting. Hopefully it doesn't come down to that, but if it does then it needs to be known by the draft and the Colts are in a great position with this year's draft. As far as Brissett, it could be one of two things. One would be to help Luck with McDaniels system, the other would be to help a young developing QB with the same. Possibly both. If Luck isn't starting, then it will most likely be Brissett, but I don't see him as a long term option either way. Although I feel McDaniels would get much more out of him than the staff last year and he would have a full preseason to prepare with the team.
  11. Welcome to the Colts, Coach McDaniels. As far as everyone complaining about having to wait, it couldn't be done until the Super Bowl was over and most already accepted this as a done deal.
  12. Unless Belichick is that upset about the Garoppolo deal, it's definitely not happening now. Brady is going to be back for sure.
  13. It would be nice, but even if they win I bet they go one more season. Brady still has some left in the tank and Belichick isn't walking away from New England until Brady retires. Although if it happens, this completely opens the AFC up.
  14. Corndog

    Will you be watching the Super Bowl?

    I'm on the same boat. I used to completely lose it when the Pats would win, but after they beat Seattle I just let it go. Last year I was just in complete awe of both the Pats comeback and the Falcons collapse. As far as Peyton, I said it in another thread that he was the Larry Bird to Brady being Magic. Without one, the other isn't as interesting. Currently there is no one on Brady's level, especially being paired with Belichick. At one point, I used to look forward to seeing Brady getting pushed out of the league like an over the hill boxer, but I think he's going to leave on his own terms after another championship win, possibly this year or next.
  15. Corndog

    Colts put in request for 2nd McDaniels interview

    Yep, at this point I would be incredibly surprised if they don't hire McDaniels.