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  1. Breaking: Jacoby Brissett named Starter

    That is more of what I am thinking, especially after watching Watson play for the Texans. Brissett can salvage plays with his feet and won't just sit back getting massacred behind this o-line. That alone makes him a better choice, not to forgot he's actually won a game in the regular season. It's still going to be incredibly tough to beat Arizona, but this might actually make the game watchable.
  2. Chuck Pagano Press Conference

    The only reason to start Tolzien is to make him the sacrificial lamb behind this o-line and give Brissett a little longer to learn the playbook. Personally, I have accepted this as a rebuild season, but I have to laugh at Pagano just going through the motions. He really doesn't care if he gets fired and the way he is going, it could actually happen before the end of the season. Either way, this season is a success to me, if Pagano is gone, we get a top 5 draft pick and Luck comes out of it unscathed.
  3. Who would coach us if pagano is fired??

    I think everyone on the forum should just take turns for the rest of the season.
  4. R-E-L-A-X Everyone

    The Packers are owned by their fans, we should just all chip in to buy the team.
  5. Mike & Mike Comments On The Colts First Game

    Great post and it was obvious, the media hated Grigson because of his general unlikeability. Not defending Grigson or even saying it was the wrong move to replace him, it wasn't. But I will say Grigson seemed to be showing improvement in his drafts. Something we have not seen from Pagano at all. As far as Pagano is concerned, I wouldn't say the media loved him in recent times, but certainly Pagano was considered the lesser of two evils. Now Ballard isn't interfering with the roster and starting lineups, which Grigson was accused of and hated for. Granted, it's early, but it looks like Grigson had good reason for his meddling. The interesting part is this really exposes Pagano's lack of coaching ability and as the old saying goes, "give 'em enough rope and they will hang themselves", seems to completely correlate with Ballard's gameplan to get his own coach.
  6. Anything positive from game 1

    I agree on Mack and Brissett.
  7. The "PAINFUL" truth....

    I think most of us just expect Pagano to be fired at the end of the season. But I will say, if Pagano completely losses the team to the point where they just stop playing, it will be necessary even though the replacement would be in house and the future HC won't be here until next season.
  8. The Most discouraging factor IMHO

    The Browns had a competitive game against the Steelers. The Colts got lit up by the worst offense in the NFL last year. My worry is while firing Pagano now is pointless, because the replacement most likely will be in house, but the longer this continues, the worse this could get. At the very least, we need some sort of turnaround and the young players need to continue to improve. I don't want to just waste a year of development because the team has completely lost faith in the coach.
  9. Be more like Andrew Luck

    Great story, and I did check out his twitter page, which is so corny(no pun intended) that I love it. The guy definitely has a personality and I think that kind of sets him apart from Manning. Manning was the perfect PR representative for the Colts, but he was always so professional, where Luck is just a big goof.
  10. Brady's Stolen Jersey

    I would put my money on someone from ESPN doing it, so they had an NFL story that has nothing to do with the sport that they could talk nonstop about in the offseason. Otherwise they would have to actually do sports reporting on the NBA, NHL, MLB spring training and the upcoming NFL draft.
  11. James Starks

    Dallas has Alfred Morris as their backup, who is productive enough and probably much less expensive.
  12. James Starks

    Starks has had plenty of chances with Lacy's injuries and never really did much. Ty Montgomery did a nice job with his opportunities and proved he was more than capable of being the 2nd running back for Green Bay.
  13. Jordan was great because he reinvented the game(combining showmanship with competitiveness, something we see from predecessors like Bryant, James and many of the young players today), he was super clutch, and actually a pretty good defender although scoring wise he wasn't as prolific as Bryan. The guy redefined the slam dunk with foot work and dribbling skills that looked like something from a video game. I will say Kobe was pretty special too, but what put him a little higher was the fact that his play didn't stop on the offensive side of the court. As far as the NFL, it's all about championships and the QB. In baseball, it's all about stats. Basketball, stats combined with championships and positions don't matter so much, although point guard is usually the key position, granted players like Lebron James and Magic Johnson tend to disagree. Speaking of the QB position being overrated, JJ Watt pretty much broke every defensive record possible not long ago and still couldn't beat a QB in Aaron Rogers for MVP voting, having a season that was overshadowed multiple times in the last decade.
  14. Vegas-Patriots Likely To Repeat In 2017

    They had all of the motivation in the world for this past season, now that is gone. I still think they will be a top contender, but I see someone knocking them off in the playoffs. I actually predicted Green Bay for the NFC this year.
  15. Gross, why is there a Patriots emoticon here!? But yeah, we just need to concede Brady is the best and move on. Arguing with neutral fans just makes us look bitter and a lot of "could of, should of, would of" in the conversation. So let's just sign the treaty and agree that we never talk about it again, because I sure don't want to hear about it.