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  1. Great story, and I did check out his twitter page, which is so corny(no pun intended) that I love it. The guy definitely has a personality and I think that kind of sets him apart from Manning. Manning was the perfect PR representative for the Colts, but he was always so professional, where Luck is just a big goof.
  2. I would put my money on someone from ESPN doing it, so they had an NFL story that has nothing to do with the sport that they could talk nonstop about in the offseason. Otherwise they would have to actually do sports reporting on the NBA, NHL, MLB spring training and the upcoming NFL draft.
  3. Dallas has Alfred Morris as their backup, who is productive enough and probably much less expensive.
  4. Starks has had plenty of chances with Lacy's injuries and never really did much. Ty Montgomery did a nice job with his opportunities and proved he was more than capable of being the 2nd running back for Green Bay.
  5. Jordan was great because he reinvented the game(combining showmanship with competitiveness, something we see from predecessors like Bryant, James and many of the young players today), he was super clutch, and actually a pretty good defender although scoring wise he wasn't as prolific as Bryan. The guy redefined the slam dunk with foot work and dribbling skills that looked like something from a video game. I will say Kobe was pretty special too, but what put him a little higher was the fact that his play didn't stop on the offensive side of the court. As far as the NFL, it's all about championships and the QB. In baseball, it's all about stats. Basketball, stats combined with championships and positions don't matter so much, although point guard is usually the key position, granted players like Lebron James and Magic Johnson tend to disagree. Speaking of the QB position being overrated, JJ Watt pretty much broke every defensive record possible not long ago and still couldn't beat a QB in Aaron Rogers for MVP voting, having a season that was overshadowed multiple times in the last decade.
  6. They had all of the motivation in the world for this past season, now that is gone. I still think they will be a top contender, but I see someone knocking them off in the playoffs. I actually predicted Green Bay for the NFC this year.
  7. Gross, why is there a Patriots emoticon here!? But yeah, we just need to concede Brady is the best and move on. Arguing with neutral fans just makes us look bitter and a lot of "could of, should of, would of" in the conversation. So let's just sign the treaty and agree that we never talk about it again, because I sure don't want to hear about it.
  8. I don't think they will repeat, I know the AFC looks hopeless, but I see someone knocking them out. Maybe the Steelers get it done, the Cardinals come back after an off season, Oakland with Carr is a completely different team. I don't see teams like KC, Denver or Houston doing it, despite their great defenses, because none of them have the key ingredient, a QB.
  9. I agree, if the Falcons are going to fall off, which they unfortunately probably will, since it won't be the Patriots, I see the Bucs winning that division. The Saints are in near disaster mode(even with Brees still being Brees) and same with the Panthers. I agree, I still can't see the Cowboys winning the NFC and I think the Giants have a chance at that division this year. As far as the NFC is concerned, I actually think the Packers have a strong chance. They were beat up last year, if they can finally stay healthy they can make a strong run. I don't agree the Patriots will repeat, they will have a very good season(14-2,13-3), but I see them knocked off in the playoffs. They have nothing left to prove and the chip on their should from Deflategate is now erased. I think the Steelers might get the job done this year or Arizona returns to the picture.
  10. That was a great pick, was getting ready to vote him in as Super Bowl MVP up until the Pats were coming back.
  11. Okay, thanks, hadn't heard about that until now. Then again, I haven't been watching sports television for obvious reasons.
  12. Did Shanahan get a new job or get fired?
  13. You know what is ironic, that you are so supportive of the Patriots as Saints fan and here is why. Many owners were very upset with the slap on the wrist the Patriots received for "Spygate". Many of them felt it was do to Goodell and Kraft's well documented friendship. So when "Bountygate" happened, Goodell handed out a very tough punishment to the Saints, in an attempt to redeem himself to the other owners for botching "Spygate". Basically, while the Saints screwed up, they suffered for the Patriots sins and probably would have been handed a much lighter punishment had "Spygate" never happened or had been handled correctly. As far as "Deflategate" was concerned, I felt it was a much lesser offense than "Spygate" or "Bountygate", but once again the owners put a lot of pressure on Goodell in this situation. Also, let's remember, the owners are Goodell's boss, if he upsets most of them, he's done and he has a pretty good job. Once again, Goodell's friendship with Kraft came up, a man whose house he went to for a party after the Patriots won the AFC Championship in the same year. The other owner's had enough and sent a message, you can either pick Kraft or us. They expected a tough decision, and once again this comes back to "Spygate", the Patriots messed up again, Goodell had a chance to redeem himself with the other owners and he did. So if you really want to cry about "Bountygate" and "Deflategate", it all goes back to Goodell mishandling "Spygate", "losing" the tapes and botching the whole situation. Also, as far as "Suck for Luck", I've heard the conspiracy theories, but has anyone proved it? Did any solid evidence come out? BTW, you know why the NBA has a lottery draft? To discourage teams from tanking their season.
  14. We actually talked about this in the "How much longer will you watch the NFL?" thread. How the Super Bowls have all been storyline driven since the 2008 Super Bowl, between the evil cheating Patriots who were undefeated versus the little engine that could in the Giants. The 2007 Superbowl didn't have a clear cut "bad guy/good guy" it was simply a football game between two football teams that were relatively close to each other. Then you look at the 2009 Super Bowl, how the Colts were portrayed as the bad guys and the Saints were going to avenge Hurricane Katrina.
  15. Belichick being the GM/Head Coach has to be exhausting with a ridiculous workload, even with the Kraft's being heavily involved in the front office. Considering he has done what only George Halas and Vince Lombardi have, he has very little left to prove. I think once Brady retires, so will Belichick or at the very least he is done coaching and stays on as a GM.

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