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  1. The way the line has been playing, I would put Tolzien in there if a game completely gets away from the Colts. Brissett starts, and Tolzien can be the human punching bag if needed.
  2. Why are coaches making Brisett throw a lot?

    Most of this team is a crap sale. As far as the offense, build the O line and couple it with capable coaching, it can be turned around rather quickly.
  3. Why are coaches making Brisett throw a lot?

    Yeah we need to run more offensive plays per game to ensure our QB gets hit more and offensive line is even more worn out. Also, if the offense wants to speed up, you also risk having the defense on the field longer with shorter 3 and outs or quicker drives. This isn't the Peyton Manning/Andrew Luck offense that can score three TDs in 5 minutes.
  4. Why are coaches making Brisett throw a lot?

    Twelfth in the league for total offensive plays, they can slow the game down. 14th in the league for percentage of run plays at 43.1%(basically average), they can call more rushing plays. We have two solid running backs and a QB capable of making runs.
  5. Trade Deadline Fast Approaching

    No way you trade Moncrief right now. He will be fine next with Luck. I would definitely entertain the idea of trading Gore. He's still an effective RB that can help teams win now, but he doesn't have much of a future and Mack should get a chance.
  6. Do not be shocked-Coaches

    McMahon has done a good job of building special teams, I'm cool with keeping him and definitely the only coordinator I keep. I would say McMahon, Emmanuel, and Schottenheimer are all worth retaining.
  7. Why are coaches making Brisett throw a lot?

    So basically they need to slow the game down.
  8. Why are coaches making Brisett throw a lot?

    It is a lot for a QB that barely knows the system and isn't a top 10 QB. The last two weeks he has been top 10 in attempts. I get it against Jacksonville, since they were playing from behind. But in the Tennessee game they really should have slowed things down.
  9. Keep Brissett

    Mike Glennon got $15 million a year from the Bears. Mike Glennon. Let that sink in. Only a handful of teams have reliable starting QBs that can help teams win games. Brisset isn't elite, but he is easily a serviceable solid QB in this league. If there was any sort of team and coaches around him, he could lead this team to winning the division. There are teams that are far better than the Colts in most aspects that simply don't have a QB and would love to have a player of Brissett's ability. Like I said, Brissett isn't a type of QB that can carry a team on his back, but on a team with a good o-line and good defense, he can win games.
  10. Jared's Fantasy Football Advice for 2017

    I am in a standard 10-man league. I am debating whether to start the Saints D/ST against the Bears or Houston D/ST against the Seahawks. The scoring is based on Points Against, Interceptions, Fumble Recoveries and Touchdowns. Points against seems to be the least of those 4. Some might think it's a crazy question, but the Bears are heavily limiting Trubisky, which to me limits his chances to throw an interception(which the Saints defense feeds on). Also, Howard is good at protecting the football. While the Seahawks are an efficient offense, I see them taking more risks. It really feels like a toss up, despite the fact that the Saints are projected to do better.
  11. This is what is really going on here...

    I could see that being part of the equation, he's already paying 2 GMs. He should be kicking himself over the extensions, no one wanted to see that, yet he did it anyways and it clearly backfired. Considering, a lot of us expected to be a down season(although not quite as bad as what it has become), I think Irsay may have felt it was a good time to test Pagano. See if he could get anything out of this team and he hasn't. Ballard is a first time GM, so he wasn't going to fight Irsay on getting his own coach this season and probably even less so after evaluating the team. The interesting part is Pagano would complain that Grigson was meddling in picking starting line ups, but now we can see why he did it. Not backing Grigson, it was the right move, but he knew that Pagano was terrible at evaluating talent. Ballard has left it alone, to keep the harmony and at the same time, give Pagano enough rope to hang himself. At the end of the day, it was better Ballard didn't bring in his own coach. This season was most likely going to rough regardless and the last thing you want is a first year coach struggling because of the lack of talent. Next year will be a much better starting point. Not quite championship caliber, but good enough to contend for the division.
  12. A Shimmering Light in all this Darkness

    I had a feeling this was going to be a rebuild year. I also felt even early on, Ballard would give Pagano enough rope to hang himself and he did. In a way, it's better Ballard didn't bring his own coach onto this team until it was more talented, as he could be under scrutiny as well. This team should be able to maintain a top 5 pick in the draft, especially if Pagano sticks around. I would say, unless there is an elite pass rusher, trade down for more picks. This team has a lot of holes. A major bright point, Luck didn't have to take hits behind this line and should return 100% healthy next season. Ballard needs to address the line through free agency and the draft and make sure Luck is protected next season.
  13. Keep the pick or trade down?

    That is what I am thinking too. This team needs a pass rusher bad and the elite ones usually go very early in the draft. Outside of that, the rest of the defensive and o-line issues can addressed well outside of the top 5-10 depending on where the Colts pick.
  14. I know the feeling

    The Patriots aren't looking like the dominant machine the media was touting in the offseason. I don't see them repeating and possibly not even getting to the Superbowl.
  15. Colin Cowherd Theory on Colts

    It is an interesting theory and will be one to see how it plays out. Ballard already got a steal by getting Brissett for so little, Dorsett is doing absolutely nothing in New England. I can definitely see Ballard trading down for extra picks if they Colts are at the top of the draft, which they should be. This team has a lot of holes and really don't need a top 5 pick for what they need. This whole Andrew Luck thing feels a lot like what Cowherd is talking about. Not risking Luck on this bad team and making sure he is 100% next year. I wonder if he would have been deactivated had the Colts beat Tennessee? The point he missed was Pagano and it has been pointed out several times. Even with Luck, this team isn't going to have a deep run in the playoffs and possibly miss them. But he probably could have done just enough to possibly save Pagano's job once again. Not having Luck ensures that the Colts will have a losing season although Brissett is actually a good enough QB to win on a better team. If the Colts didn't get Brissett and stuck with Tolzien, it would have been a good enough excuse to possibly save Pagano's job. Nobody could have won with Tolzien, but there are teams with QBs at Brissett's level that have winning records.