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  1. JimJaime

    How Lucky were we all..

    Lol yes the colts have Luck, and while he is very good still no Mannin or Brady.. and with the beating his body has taken I don’t know if he ever will be. (Not a knock on him just a fact how injured he has been because the line is so awful in Indy) but colts fans fans have had a few great QBs so your very lucky! After Brady the next best is probably Grogan followed by Tony Eason? So ya our QBs have sucked before Brady lol
  2. JimJaime

    How Lucky were we all..

    Another thread made me think of this. But damn we’re we not all lucky to see Manning v Brady for all those years. It was the game of the year every year right up until the day Manning retired. we were lucky be able to debate (till that dead horse was so dead it was dust in the wind) who was the better QB every year and truth be told.. who cares! We watched two of the best go at it both dissecting each others D and able to determine what was going g on in seconds under center. I will be able tell my kids I was at the game where Ty Law made the great Manning look human and also at the game in Indy when Caldwell got big eyes and the Colts came back and bet the Pats.(that one still hurts that was the true SB.) we we were lucky to see probably the last marquee matchup between HOF QB twice a year for a very long time. Only sad thing is they will not go into the HOF together like I think they should. They made football funTo watch
  3. JimJaime

    Players I Want To Hate... But Just Can't

    Really? Brady rarely says anything even remotely out of line, and Gronknis well Gronk. He does stupid % off the field but againrately says anything. And when he does as someone else says he sounds as bright as a 4 year old. (And I love Gronk!)
  4. JimJaime

    Players I Want To Hate... But Just Can't

    You have to admit it was awesome being on one side or the other during the Manning v Brady years. Both super competitors and IMO one just had a much better team around him than the other. (I’d say the are equals as they both were amazingly smart behind center. I don’t think I have seen two QBs evaluate a d so well and or so completely as they did.)
  5. JimJaime

    Browns and Jarvis Landry about to reach new deal

    Lol I read where Landry average yearly salary is MORE than the entire Patriots WR salary. Lol
  6. JimJaime

    Ram's Stadium costs close in on 5 Billion.

    I do agree. I love the fact Kraft paid for the entire stadium himself. The only thing the state was suppose to do was upgrade the infrastructure (roads,bridges etc) to help keep traffic from being so bad. But of course the state never did it lol
  7. JimJaime

    Patriots acquire 23rd pick

    I was talking for the #4 not first overall.. and I was being tongue in cheek lol
  8. JimJaime

    Patriots acquire 23rd pick

    No I just know Brady can make any WR look average or better. Hell he made bug eyez Caldwell look good! Lol
  9. JimJaime

    Patriots acquire 23rd pick

    It would be so BB like making the Cooks trade in essence a Cooks for Chubb trade. I could see the Browns doing it esp if we threw in the 6th rounder.. it is the Browns lol
  10. JimJaime

    Patriots acquire 23rd pick

    Chubb suppose be the studd Pass Rusher
  11. JimJaime

    Patriots acquire 23rd pick

    Lol wasn’t controversial just pointing out those two were gone or missed significant time. I as a Pats fan am ok with it since he more than once short armed passes he could have caught. With Edelman,Hogan, Britt and damn another WR who was good a couple years ago they be fine next year
  12. JimJaime

    Patriots acquire 23rd pick

    WR is not a need, CB is a lesser need, LB could use depth but t starters set if Hightower stays healthy.QB BE 2nd round.. they need a pass rusher the most
  13. JimJaime

    Patriots acquire 23rd pick

    If the Bills get to #2 those two picks be enough get to 7 and get Changed B.B. per most of the mocks.
  14. JimJaime

    Patriots acquire 23rd pick

    No Edelman and Hogan missed the last 4 games.
  15. JimJaime

    Patriots trade for Danny Shelton

    Wow I didn’t know the earlier games made a difference in the SB Outcome. In the game that mattered: Brady 505 yards 3 TD 0 INT Also done against a much better D than Foles: 373 Yards 3 TD 1 INT both did great but comeonnFOLES DID NOT WIN THAT GAME! Only a blind person think that! It was the running game plain and simple.. but nice try making Foles look amazing with adding his entire playoff run..