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  1. After Pittsburgh getting hosed, I'm done with NFL

    He doesn't do them half as much as he use to. I think he may have done 2 all year.
  2. After Pittsburgh getting hosed, I'm done with NFL

    Brady says it is because he knows how to fall so he does not get himself hurt. If this is the case he should teach it to every damn QB in the NFL. But illegal roids etc will not help that heck I believe a lot actually lead you to getting hurt.
  3. After Pittsburgh getting hosed, I'm done with NFL

    Also expect a full game of Brady to Gronk as well. They looked like they were playing catch by the end of the game. In a rematch Gronk has 300 yards and a minimum of 2 TDs.
  4. Jimmy Garoppolo traded to the 49ers

    It the way Jimmy G has been lighting it up for the 49ers. Even if he does bad the last 2 games he is going get paid. Big money to stay. (He is 5-0 as a starter)
  5. After Pittsburgh getting hosed, I'm done with NFL

    First he is a quake not a DR. Second the cure for cancer was years ago and the FDA slamed him for it. All that's happening now is BB is limiting his access so the entire team knows he is NOT affiliated with the team.
  6. After Pittsburgh getting hosed, I'm done with NFL

    Every team makes mistakes, the example of the two defenders running into eachother is a good one.. but Lewis was NOT suppose to dive at the one and make Pitt use a timeout. You score period as you don't know if you will on the next play or not (a fumbled snap or stuffed run and it's 3rd and goal..)
  7. Who do you want to see in/win the Super Bowl?

    The Jags have not faced the pats this year..
  8. Brissett vs Luck

    Roflmao, OMG I never thought I see a fan base do this when they HAVE. A franchise QB already. I mean he won 27-0 last year against a much better Texans D And no one here was saying "hey maybe He should take over instead of letting Brady back under center" come on guys! LUCK >>>> Brissett and that's not insulting Brisett who be an average starter in the NFL (15-17 )
  9. "Texans Will Beat The Pats" -Ted Bruschi

    Lol hey Brady single handed won my Famtasy game two weeks in a row lol.. and I thought that was on the series before the strip sack (my bad) as for the interception, that's the rule in the NFL, I don't think anyone truly knows what a catch is anymore. Like I said the Pats got Lucky, I rather be lucky than to lose.
  10. "Texans Will Beat The Pats" -Ted Bruschi

    Actually the Texans had an interception but the guy dropped it and kept the Pats Alive. I don't believe there was a strip sack on the last drive but there was several in the game. Pats got Lucky. But you should be stocked your Bills bet a very good Denver team and scored a lot against a very good D.
  11. "Texans Will Beat The Pats" -Ted Bruschi

    Yes they did! Brady just willed the Pats to victory today.. I think I lost my voice yelling at our D to wrap Watson up.. man kept escaping and making amazing plays.
  12. "Texans Will Beat The Pats" -Ted Bruschi

    Great Game and IMO Watson the real deal. I agree no consistency by the refs but IMO they didn't decide the game.. not calling TO after that catch with like 15 seconds left was beyond bad.
  13. "Texans Will Beat The Pats" -Ted Bruschi

    There were a lot of kiss calls on both side. Hell Watson Last TD should have been called back for a blatant hold. (For an example)
  14. "Texans Will Beat The Pats" -Ted Bruschi

    Texans have the D to def beat the Pats but the O is pretty damn bad
  15. They faced the Jets, I'm pretty sure a college team could beat the Jets.