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  1. Will the colts pay him 13M a season for 4 years with more than half guaranteed?
  2. Exactly, but what was missing in the OP is he is asking for Gilmore money (13M a year) he will not get that! (IMO no team giving up a 1st and that kind of money outside of maybe Cleveland.
  3. Wilfolk had a good last year with the Pats. His stats were down a bit but he was still good and Big V will always be a Patriot no matter what uniform he wears..
  4. As someone else mentioned he praised the colts and thanked them for the opportunity. I think the OP quote was taken out of context and was just him being excited to be on a perennial SB Contender.
  5. They have a huge question mark at QB. I honestly can't tell if Bortles will be a good or gawd awful QB.
  6. Wait, your blaming your TE because your O coordinator was so dumb he had him Blocking one of the best pass rushers in the NFL!? That's on your O coordinator. as for the dropped pass on 4th and 1 against the Jags.. ok you needed a 4th and 1 catch beat the JAGS!!! Mind you drops will get him less looks here but blaming him for a loss that should have been easy is just silly!
  7. Jimmy G. Isn't over rated. I am tired people comparing him to Cassel. Cassel who never played in college and was drafted in the 7th round compared to a guy drafted in the 2nd round. Cassel had a team that was 1 win from perfection and went 11-5 while Jimmy G went 2-0 and I dare say would have been 4-0 if he had stayed healthy. Also even if he had not started last year his stock be way up because he is BETTER than any of the scrubs in this years draft. So ya he is probably staying in NE as this FA period made me think Brady said "I want one more ring and I am done." Thus B.B. Has gone all out to make it so.
  8. Lol any other team but Cleveland and I would agree. But they can be downright dumb! Lol
  9. I thought the same thing.. with the first overall pick thebpatriots choose... lmgdao
  10. Pats get Cook and their 4th round pick for the Pats 1st and 3rd round pick. Pats going for ring number 6 at full throttle.
  11. Per CSNNE the Pats have ZERO interest in Peterson even at a cheap rate.. (I am not shocked, BB hates RB who fumble.)
  12. Great move by Cleveland, you are not a playoff team next year, not even close and you just got a 2nd round pick and a QB for well 16M in cap space.. and they have tons of cap space!!
  13. Per ESPN they traded Osweiler, a 2nd round pick and a 6th round pick for a 4th round pick. basically Cleveland starts him for a year and eats his salary and gained a 2nd round pick.. a pretty sweet deal for them!
  14. So much for reading. See it isn't just a FB issue.. again if you want to continue PM me. This is not the forum for it. Also it was a TEXT. Or do you believe people write 2 sentence emails. (Eye roll). Also THE NFL HAD NO RIGHT TO HIS BLEEPIN PHONE! Just like YOUR BOSS has NO RIGHT TO YOUR PHONE! But hey denying them access proves guilt.. yes just like denying your boss access to your phone (that you pay for) when they ask to see it.
  15. Except ALL the NFL wanted were texts! And you sir need look it up again as that was a TEXT! NOT AN EMAIL. Who sends a 2 line email? Wow your special or in denial of facts.. if you want continue PM me as the Mods have said more than once no more deflategate.. but I suggest that you actually do research before you PM.

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