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  1. 1996 vs Buffalo. Blanchard ties the game with a field goal as time runs out and then wins it in OT. RCA Dome was rockin'. I was horse for two days
  2. Wilson would be in a wheelchair from playing behind the o-line of the last few years
  3. Can't believe you haven't mentioned Charlie's Angels
  4. Thank you Trent. I have been having a bad week and I needed a laugh
  5. No more 20 yard cushions on WR's
  6. Indianapolis Colts. This year's blacksheep team. Happens every year to someone. This year its us.
  7. These before preseason assessment articles and "expert" opinions are to me about as useful as used toilet paper. I will wait to see them play before I make a judgement.
  8. I would add RB to that list as well
  9. He will be but he won't live to see it
  10. And if we had drafted a wr this board would have exploded
  11. What I haven't liked is that it has taken Grigson so long to let the coaches run the team and not him. Still remains to be seen if he will keep his nose out of where it doesn't belong
  12. Me for one
  13. It's more tolerable drivel because it's usually game related
  14. I will be so glad when the season starts and we are no longer subjected to this......drivel
  15. is this a bad thing?

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