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  1. Well we can also say he hasn't had a winning season since 2014
  2. No supries. When you play crappy for 2 years in a row you eventually play all crappy teams. Not a big supries that division winners play a hard schedule.
  3. I prefer it this way
  4. Definatly sounds like he knows what he wants. Let's just hope he knows how to find it
  5. 1984
  6. And so begins another off-season
  7. Lol He is so suttle
  8. Yup we will be Super Bowl contenders right up till week 2
  9. I've had 4 pugs through out my life.Great dogs!!!
  10. Well he faced enough great defences. I think he should have some idea what it takes to be one, and who could be part of that.
  11. To see an actual playoff team. Something he does not have at the moment
  12. Not unless we can overcome this
  13. Don't forget the First Houston game
  14. For once he admitted the truth. Almost makes me believe in miracles
  15. Oh yippy. Another year if mediocrity. Another year of Lucks career wasted. Another year of hearing how "we are close to being contenders". Another year of "chopping wood". Another year of "we will have to look at the tape." Another year of excuses. Another year of Blah blah Blah blah Blaaaaaaaahhh!!

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