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  1. Media: "well.....Andrew, when do you think you will be ready?" Luck: "We are on to Cincinnati"
  2. This year's combined rushing yards
  3. The ball should be placed where the body part that rules a player down hits. Not where the ball was when that happened. If you are going to spot the ball on a sideline grab where the recievers toes are though the ball is out if bounds, then the same spot rule should apply anywhere else on the field
  4. Seems to me that winning titles would sell tickets also
  5. If he is not signed by training camp then you can start freaking out
  6. You know the saying "from the mouths of babes"
  7. Fix what sux the most first. That's the right side of the O line
  8. They probably have the best door knobs and toilet paper dispensers too
  9. Oh no......we're doomed
  10. This is the advantage of not being heavily invested in college football. Your not disappointed on draft day as long as a position of need is addressed.
  11. Well I don't like ESPN (ExcluSively Patriots Network) They will puke on any pick the Colts make
  12. That is a very good point. They don't even want to change and update uniforms.
  13. Lol. That's one thing they don't seem to need practice at
  14. Lol! All that's missing is Goldie Hawn
  15. I for one would welcome a change. Its time to migrate from the '60s

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