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  1. Colts select Le'Raven Clark, OL, Texas Tech

    is this a bad thing?
  2. Ryan kelly pulls a iverson

    has the hate started already?
  3. Colts select Ryan Kelly, C, Alabama

    Best player available for us!!!
  4. US Appeals Court Reinstates Brady's Suspension

    Should have been served last year. I hope they go 0-4 during his suspention. Stick that Kraft. Where is your apology to the nfl and the fans of the other 31 teams you arrogant.....
  5. 100 yard rushers in the Luck era

    Fix the o-line and we won't need a first round running back
  6. The greatness that is T.Y Hilton

    Most of them would be called back because of holding
  7. Cowherd If you attack Andrew Luck, you're stupid

    the point I was trying to make was that no matter what Luck does he gets criticized. Nothing more
  8. Cowherd If you attack Andrew Luck, you're stupid

    So with a crap front line, recievers that can't get open and no run game he is supposed to throw it away or take the sack, then get criticized for the offense going 3 and out. With a crap front line, receivers that can't get open and no run game he scrambles to try and get a first down may run and get hit or tries to make something happen to keep a drive alive and gets critisized for throwing an int or getting pile drived. So tell me what in hadese is he supposed to do?
  9. Problems between Colts and Luck?

    Exclusively Solely Patriots Network
  10. Worst draft busts in colts history?

    Absolutely THE worst ever and most likely forever. I almost stopped supporting the team
  11. How optimistic are you about Grigson/Pagano going forward?

    I am cautiously optimistic. I think Pags can be a good coach if allowed to be and Grigson can be a good gm if he would stop being so arrogant, thinking he knows everything, and will listen to his support staff. This year is a telling year for both of them. I feel we will find out how good they both really are.
  12. Colts Irsay and Peyton Manning Speaking now, SirusXM NFL radio

    Yup there is all kinds of animosity andIrsay's a jerk and Peyton should tell him to stick it. (this is sarcasm for those who can't tell the difference)
  13. Do the colts have the worst roster in football?

    With a team like the Browns in the NFL does that question really need asking?
  14. What Per Cent Of Peyton's Audibles Were Fake Answered Finally

    Not a surprise to me
  15. Colts re-sign Dwayne Allen, four years $29.4m [Merge]

    Big mistake. But thisis from a guy with only basic football knowledge so I really hope I'm wrong

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