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  1. FanFromtheWasteland

    How do TV NFL blackouts work again?

    It's now a self imposed blackout. Good bye Colts. Good bye NFL. I have better things to do
  2. FanFromtheWasteland

    Does Brissett lose momentum in the second half?

    Yes but not his fault. It's the coaches fault that thinking what worked in the first half will work in the second half. No adjustment needed
  3. FanFromtheWasteland

    Chuck Pagano Press Conference

    Pagano on Sunday’s loss: “Great opportunity that we let slip away." Just like your coaching career
  4. FanFromtheWasteland

    Keep chopping wood....

    I was sick of it last year
  5. FanFromtheWasteland

    Say What You Want

    Welcome to 1985
  6. FanFromtheWasteland

    Colts Are Home Underdog To Browns

    Hahaha!!! What else needs to be said about
  7. FanFromtheWasteland

    We need Rex Ryan as DC!!!!!!!

    If he could be a normal DC and never be interesting to the national media and just do the job he would be hired to do and work behind the scenes like 99 % if the other DCs in the league, then maybe yes. However it has been obvious over the last several years that Rex is more interested in the clown show. He is more interested in performing in the lime light. The Colts have enough problems of their own to deal with without adding this sort if dynamic to the situation. So I say A BIG FAT NO!!!
  8. FanFromtheWasteland

    What If We See A Different Colts Team vs. The Cards?

    After the putrid team we saw last year, the putrid team we saw in pre-season and the putrid team we saw last week, the odds are they will be putrid this week (if not the rest of the year) also
  9. FanFromtheWasteland

    R-E-L-A-X Everyone

    The mid 90's Colts teams shortened Harbaugh's career by more than a few years. The late 2000 teens Colt's teams will do the same to Luck's. Extremely unfortunate
  10. FanFromtheWasteland

    Who would coach us if pagano is fired??

    Daffy Duck. Bozo the Clown. Captain Kangaroo. Any of those would be an improvment
  11. FanFromtheWasteland

    Colts Forged???

    Forged in glass
  12. FanFromtheWasteland

    Already tired of Pagano

    I would if someone gets fired
  13. FanFromtheWasteland

    Already tired of Pagano

    Seems like it's different people me anyway
  14. FanFromtheWasteland

    Reggie Wayne on NFL Network

    Wasn't the same thing said about Peyton and Painter?
  15. FanFromtheWasteland

    If Luck hits the PUP list, will you still watch the first 6 games?

    Of course I will. Why not? I might not like what I see but I will watch