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  1. Boomer Esiason: Patriots should be in Super Bowl

    Two ints by Brady (3 if you count the int on the two point conversion), something like 3 for 15 on 3rd down conversion, going for fourth down and failing instead of kicking fieldgoals twice, that is why they are not at the SB. They are not there because they sucked. If they can't play at home in the playoffs they can't win anymore and I say good riddance.
  2. Ryan Clady

    The Bradshaw epic has been enough to sour me on bringing in habitually injured players. They give you a game or 2 snd then just end up wasting a roster spot on the bench, so......No
  3. Defense Wins Championships?

    As long as that top offence doesn't have an off game. Then I personally don't think a top 16 D would be good enough to compensate. 
  4. Haslam: Browns can work things out with Manziel

    Until Johnny Tball figures out that this is not high school or college (which I don't think he ever wiil) and that you actually have to show some sense and responsibility instead of acting like an miniature jack and expecting that to be ok, he is nothing more than a Huge waste of time. Dump the loser and move on
  5. What to do with frank gore

    Yes it would be nice. I am tired of them re-signing Bradshaw just to see him injured........again
  6. Browns hire Colts Pro Scouting Coordinator Andrew Berry

    It's worth a try. Nothing else has worked for them
  7. Peyton to Belichick: "This might be my last rodeo."

    We're football fans. That's what we do
  8. Mr Grigson, were you watching?

    Address the o-line first PLEASE!!!
  9. New England @ Denver (Gday/Post Game - Merged)

    I really hope that we are seeing the beginning of the end for Tom Broody and Belichick. It will be a happy day for me when they are gone
  10. A tale of two referees

    And Lincoln had a secretary named Kennedy and Kennedy had a secretary named Lincoln.  
  11. Clyde is leaving for Miami

    He also then proceeded to throw 7 in 2 post season games. Just saying
  12. Eze Obiora/ Dwight Freeney

    Is that a new Star Wars character?
  13. UPDATE: Rams moving to LA, Chargers pending decision

    If an NFL football team fails in LA for a third time, will they stop trying to put one there?
  14. Marvin Lewis' job is safe per Schefter

    Sounds like the football version of the Cubs
  15. Classless Bengals Fans

    And the winless playoff streak continues. How Lewis still has his job is beyond me

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