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  1. He talks alot but spends most of the season on the injured list every season. Just another waste of time, money and roster spot.
  2. Don't forget thingamajig
  3. Will never happen again because of too much "what can I get because I deserve" instead of "what can I do"
  4. This is what I thought as well. I think the term is "at will employment"
  5. No they won't. If by some miraculous turn of events they actually make the playoffs, they will be grously destroyed in the first round by an actual playoof team
  6. 3 sacks of Luck. Tenn with 500 total yards, multiple missed tackles by the Colts D and lots of clapping on the sideline by Pagano
  7. I don't want to work that hard
  8. I'm not much of a cake person. My co-workers bring me Apple and pumpkin pies.......yum
  9. My phone is really messing with me. Must be as upset as I am
  10. Not unfamiliar to older Colts fans. Saw the same incompetence with Infante, Marchibroda, Mora (Plaaaayoffffs?), Caldwell. The one common denominator in this pathetic senerio is ownership. Most times than not the ownership has gastly judgment on good team management amiliar
  11. Maybe the players love him because he doesn't make them work or hold them accountable for their horrendous play. Always injured. Always clueless. Lazy players, terrible coaches and trainers
  12. Thank you Colts for being so godawfull that we may actually get rid of a worthless coaching staff and gm
  13. I would say in an entire career since we hear the same thing from Pagano over and over and over and over and over and over.............da da da da da
  14. Its opinions like this that the owner and coaches seem to share, is the main reason why nothing ever changes. Burry your heads in the sand and keep singing kumbya atlround the campfire. Won't change the fact that this team is beyond BAAAAAAAAD

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