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  1. Lol Skip at his best. I think he is an Irsay hater so no matter who is the QB for the Colts, Skip will degrade them
  2. Don't forget Tebow and Johnny Football and possibly Romo
  3. Only after Peyton left Indy.
  4. I'm actually happy about it. I normally can't watch games live because I have to be at work at 1pm on Sundays. I will be able to watch almost all of it
  5. And there is no guarantee that Clowney will stay healthy during that period with his injury history. Texans d could be toast
  6. And those are the same "experts" who continually hyped RGThrough. If Luck "just wins" (Tebow) I could care less what they think. Pushed into greatness? What the heck is that supposed to mean? Was Peyton "pushed into greatness"? They both were handed a situation and performed to the best of their abilities. So far I choose Luck. He has been making more of what he was given. Is he reckless? Yes sometimes. I will take that any day over a timid play it safe game manager or someone who curls into the fetal position at the least sign of the pocket collapsing. "Do or do not. There is no try."
  7. Ryan Leaf bar none. Not only limited skill but too immature for the position. JaMarcus was just lazy.
  8. Because the gm brought in the players.
  9. The last thing this team needs is another has been.
  10. I think it may be the beginning of the end for more than just Mathis
  11. I'm tired of being one of the most injured teams every single year. I'm tired of these cupcake players that can't stay on the field or get pushed all over it. I'm tired if these broken down vets being brought in "to make a difference". I'm tired of hearing the same presser from 2 years ago every single week since. (rant over)
  12. It would be great if all the outspoken pessimists are as passionate about stuff that really matters
  13. "We're doomed. We'll never make it!" Who needs to watch the news with all the negativity on this board.
  14. I just wonder how much of last weeks slow start can be attributed to the fact that Luck hadn't played in a meaningful game since last Nov.
  15. Only if he plays like he did for the rams. He didn't give full effort here

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