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  1. Me too
  2. Me either
  3. You should be more upset with the awful performance of the Colts orginization. I don't blaim the fans at all for selling tickets. Maybe when fans stop showing up Irsay will finally figure out he screwed up. This is the only way fans can protest the mismanagement that has been going on in this organization. Sorry but not all of us are going to blindly jump up and down with joy and be rah rah sis boom bah with the current state of the team just to conform to soneone elses narrow veiw of what a "fan" should be. If you want to cheer the team on to failure you go right ahead. Just don't expect everyone to follow
  4. Start engraving those participation trophies
  5. I don't understand this either 21S. I swear that if we were 0-11 right now there would still be poster on here saying " don't give up hope. We still have a chance"
  6. To: Pittsburgh Merry Christmas From: The pathetic Colts
  7. Lt. Commander Data
  8. So luck was the reason Rodgers waltzed down the field and scored 14 points in 3 minutes? Luck WAS the reason he didn't get a chance to do it a 3rd time. I'll take the myth thank you
  9. And we weren't facing the normal GB and Rodgers. They have been struggling also. We just struggled less on Sunday. It's not who you play its when you play them
  10. Possible new gm/hc and not complaining about...and I use your words "current crap storm" are pretty much mutually exclusive phrases. Nice try though
  11. I would say both but would split it 70-30 defence-offense
  12. Great weather for a November day in Green Bay
  13. Here I will help. One good game does not a good team make.
  14. The real colts have arrived
  15. What are the odds this will be another texas meltdown

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