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  1. They are not bad , they could use a couple pitchers to prop up the pen , but they are far from bad .
  2. Better keep an eye on Mikolas as well 6-0 2.24 Era and dropping each outing.
  3. O'Neill has already hit 16 hr between the Cards and Memphis Red Birds , he has not slowed one bit since coming up hitting at a .368 clip . Canadian another Larry Walker ? Who knows but he does have the tools. Power to all fields runs very well extremely strong hit one 400 plus one handed night before last on an off speed breaking ball that he reached for.
  4. Any thing can go wrong as we all know but this is a deep organization . Yes I'm very optimistic more so than I have been in the last 6 years or so. And Boras is in fact Machados agent . I checked.
  5. Cards won 6-0 0ver the Royals Mikolas complete game shut out 9 Ks 4 hits . As I expected Alex Reyes will enter the rotation on the 29th ,, Martinez still out with a Lat strain . When he returns they will have to remove Weaver Flaherty or Reyes lol a good problem to have. Tyler O'Neill homers 3rd night in a row my guess he is going nowhere , if Dexter doesn't pick it up he will be riding pine or traded. Matt Carpenter has raised his average 55 points in last six games . Ozuna starting to come alive over all I love the position the Cards are in. One of those three pitchers is going to the pen and will be a major boost there as well. Pena has been doing a very good job filling in for Yadi . I really like this team especially when they play the right line-up.
  6. As a matter of fact I believe he does lol
  7. Cards won behind Jack Flaherty 5-1 pitched 7 2/3 13 KOs .
  8. The key to Reyes was they were wise and took their time , held him out of spring let him build his arm completely back to strength before he ever took the mound. It looks like it will pay dividends . In my opinion that kid will be better than Martinez may be the best the Cards have had since Gibson and Carlton . Is that tall talk you bet , but I have watched them all and this kid is a combo of both wrapped into one.
  9. I'm not worried about the Cards if they stay within striking distance , even with the injuries, Peoples bats are waking up , pitching staff has been hurt by injury depleting the pen . Cards will get a boost when Martinez returns and Wainright is on 60 day IMO time to hang it Adam and move to coaching . The 28th opens the door for the monster most of us knew the Cards own IMO on this will move right into the rotation and there wont be a hiccup in how he is performing. https://www.mlb.com/cardinals/news/alex-reyes-fans-13-in-rehab-start/c-277509612 This in itself will help the pen bigtime .
  10. Lol your beginning to get disgusted with certain people like I do Brother . In my book you are either performing or your not. The time to bring it is now if your not ready you go back down , if your a vet and not performing there is a place on the pines for you . You want to play ? Earn your way back into the Starting line-up . You want to manage ? Do it to the best of your ability don't let salary or ego get in the way . If you cant do this , hit the street lol walking isn't crowded.
  11. Well if we don't get some rain soon it will start to head towards drought after all the major rain we had earlier in the year. Hope you get to see your game. The Cards won tonight after a 95 min rain delay 12 - 4 . We have been bit big time by injuries Dejong went down last night with broken finger . Giving some younger players the chance to come up and contribute.
  12. Still early lol time will tell
  13. Jay Kirk

    Colts make roster moves

    This guy was a track and field competitor as well . Discus Throw shot put and hammer throw.
  14. Yes they started around the same time , Pedro was very good but if you look over the long haul Maddux doesn't really come up short to anyone alltime , is one of the greats .
  15. We did thank you , hope you had a good Mothers day