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    My interest,of course im a sports junky,Football,Basketball.Baseball,love hunting and fishing,wich I love to share with my Best Freind Tammy,my wife.We are both avid Colts and Bears fans,cant wait for next season

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  1. About equal between St Louis Chicago and Cincy
  2. Wainright for Cards
  3. By the way Carlos Martinez named opening day Starter for Cards. 5 shutout innings verses the Nats today
  4. Lets get the party started lol
  5. They have been hitting but at this point in Spring pitchers seem to be more fine tuning certain pitches , that makes it more predictable to the hitter. So my answer lol is I don't really know. From what I see though your Mets will be an improved offensive club barring injury. The Cards have not fielded an everyday lineup all spring and its by design to help reduce the wear and tear for the long season. That I feel is a wise move , so far there have been no major injuries to report , unlike the last 2 or 3 years it seems like they limped into the start of the season .
  6. Matt Adams taking reps in outfield , Cards plan on being very diversified to keep best line-up possible on the field. Seems to be a trend being able to play multiple positions.
  7. My guess Kansas don't give MS much of a chance.
  8. I think it was true
  9. If people have not seen it Hail Hail Rock and Roll shows just the perfectionist and performer he was.He was around 70 when it was made , lol still remember him yanking a knot in Kieth Richards tail on how to play.
  10. Your Mets did it again lol
  11. RIP Chuck Father of Rock and Roll
  12. Lol time to go eat some pizza . Check in later
  13. Wisc kept this at the pace it needed to be

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