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    My interest,of course im a sports junky,Football,Basketball.Baseball,love hunting and fishing,wich I love to share with my Best Freind Tammy,my wife.We are both avid Colts and Bears fans,cant wait for next season

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  1. Cards up 1 - 0 3rd on D Backs
  2. We play them also lol
  3. Cards play 3 against the D Backs starting tonight. I find this to be a important series heading towards the All Star break.
  4. Cards hammered the Reds , Wacha goes 7 strong innings . Cards have some very good young ball players up , all doing well.
  5. Next time you talk to her ask her if she knew Mary Kirk.
  6. Mine taught there a very long time to her retirement. Is your Aunt still alive ?
  7. That must be where Artesians comes from.
  8. Anyone in the Central is in striking distance and the way its looked it may continue
  9. To my knowledge there is no set amount of times they can do it . If I'm correct hes still under Rookie status. Some one correct me if I'm wrong.
  10. Now I see it was posted earlier
  11. Seen Schwarber was sent down today
  12. Bird gave you 110% at all times injured or not.
  13. Reggie was robbed of his ring by the brawl , no one in the league measured up to the Pacers , they were hands down the best in the league
  14. Never would've dreamed that

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