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  1. where is chuck at?

    When I was in Indy for the game in October I picked up a Chuckstrong shirt at the Proshop. Please e mail me your address and I will send the shirt for your dad. Go Colts!!! My e -mail is sharon.indianapoliscolts@gmail.com
  2. T'was the night before....

    T'was the night before a new season, And all through the Stands, Flashbacks of 2011, with no back up Plan. A #12 Jersey hung in the Locker Room with care, For a new Rookie QB soon would be there. Fans of the COLTS , tossed and turned in their beds, while visions of a 2 win season, replayed in our heads. A new GM and New Coach too, 34 new players, what can they do? The phone at the Draft had rang with a clatter, the # 1 pick, will he really matter? The season has come, it seems like in a Flash, A fight every game to avoid being Last. A fresh clean slate, like Cold Winter Snow, to finsh better than last year, this was the Goal. He appeared on the Sidelines, as the Players ran out, callin their names with a wave, and a shout..Now Andrew, now Reggie, now Donald and, Vic. On T.Y., on Cory, on Adam, and Pat. Play at the Top of your game, make each second count, cause it's never over, til the Clock runs out. So out on the field his players they flew, Rookies, and Vets, the White, and the Blue. A mixed bag of Plays, some Old, Most New, to leave it all on the Field, and, do what they do. He was dressed in COLTS blue , with a 1 and a 2, down after down, he threw and he threw. Reggie kept Hauling em in, with a twist of his Head, letting all COLTS fans know this year was nothing to dread. Andrew a man of few words had gone straight to his work, throwing pass after pass, for All he was worth. With the last Game of the Regular Season left to Play We have received the Greatest News, on any Winters Day!! Our Leader has returned, No Longer outta sight, Mission Accomplished, CHUCK won the FIGHT!!