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  1. schwamm

    Chargers To Colts

    Welcome, friend! It can be a bumpy ride at times, especially if you give too much credence to the grumps on this forum, or to the revisionist history buffs (old Baltimore fans)... but you've landed in a great place, rooting for a truly quality franchise.
  2. schwamm

    Colts 2017 Draft Class

    I confess I've just peaked in to read some draft reactions. I stopped posting (or visiting) a while back because this forum had become something vastly different (and far more negative) than the one I joined. I hope it has reverted to something more civil, but I doubt I'll ever return to the level of participation I once enjoyed. Hope all is well with you! Go Colts!
  3. schwamm

    Remembering Gavin

    I've been absent for a long while, and am saddened to hear this. Gavin was a genuinely interesting contributor here, one who stayed above the fray, and constantly sought and shared knowledge and insight about this team and the game of football.
  4. schwamm

    Colts 2017 Draft Class

    For perspective, I recall how all the fans anxious for Polian's ouster were so positive about Grigson and his first draft. In fact, I seem to recall comments about how great it was that Grigson was turning over every rock to find talent for the team. Now, in the wake of Grigson's much demanded dismissal, I have high hopes for Ballard, and am very optimistic about this draft, but I'll withhold judgement until I see these FAs, UDFAs and draft picks in action.