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  1. I'm a sucker for the Colts' home blues. I have moments when I think I really like the Seahawks' pizzazz, but I can't help thinking in a few years those unis will look as tired and dated as the old peach Bucs unis... But I could be wrong...
  2. You're wrong. (had to since you told me I couldn't.)
  3. I'm trying to figure out why I have U2's "Its a Beautiful Day" playing on loop in my head...
  4. Everyone on this forum is Nostradamus... Say a bunch of crazy nonsense, and if one thing comes within a mile of appearing a little bit similar to true, come back on here and brag about what a genius you are. Congratulations! Your Prognosticator Extraordinary certificate is in the mail!
  5. I'm with you. It seemed to me like the 2015 team's MO was to force opponents into a ton of 3rd and long situations, but allow them to convert those 3rd downs anyway. In fact, for the first time I can recall, I actually had occasions where I hoped for 3rd and short situations, hoping teams would run, and allow the Colts a chance at getting the ball back.
  6. That was my take last year, when I had high hopes Herremans would do well, and Thorton and Holmes would mature. I was wrong, and Luck can't afford another year of running for his life and battling through injuries because he is poorly protected. Not to be too pragmatic, but bad D causes hurt pride, bad O line causes hurt players. I'm anxious to see the D get better after YEARS of embarrassing play, but not at the cost of addressing the O-line's woes. PLEASE, Jim, Ryan, et al... protect the franchise.
  7. Excellent analysis, as one would expect from you, Sup. I'd be curious to see similar analysis of the top FA and draft ZBS options...
  8. Indianapolis and the Colts owe this man a sincere debt of gratitude for everything he did to improve their fortunes. Thank you, Coach. Rest in peace.
  9. Uhmmm...? Not "coming back", he's just saying he'd prefer to do so. This sticky little thing called a new contract still needs to be addressed before the "beast" can be more "correctly used".
  10. Keep Gore. Keep Boom. Time to focus any investments of valuable draft picks for the O on the line, exclusively. IMO.
  11. Ahhh, yes, all that expert commentary on this forum. Odd how every running back since has struggled, including Gore and Bradshaw. I'm trying to think what the common thread might be...?
  12. I totally agree he looked phenomenal his first year. I am not going to go thru old game film, but it has impressed me that he's had several unfortunate and untimely drops in the last two years. He has also looked slow and out of place more often than not, IMO. I want him to rediscover the DA of 2012, but let's not mistake the talent shown that year for a guarantee it'll ever be seen from him again. It is very possible the injuries may have lowered his ceiling.
  13. Including chea... oh, never mind.
  14. Hard to really know... DA spent WAY too much time injured to really even know what we had, and seemed to be unreliable at crucial moments when he played.
  15. I was thinking the same too. Grigs looked the world to me like a guy who was just told that he can stay, but on a very short leash. He did seem to loosen and lighten up a little the last time he spoke, though, when he was talking about the club's future.

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