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  1. Make me Smile

        I did see that episode, but had forgotten all about it.   I love the "Big Bang Theory".  It's one of those shows where I can watch the same episode time and again and laugh just as hard as I did the first time I saw it.
  2. Make me Smile

    Okay, I can't imagine going this far; but I do feel lost when my internet connection goes down . . . as if I have lost my grip on the world.  
  3. Make me Smile

    I would love to have this as a "welcome mat" for my home.    
  4. Make me Smile

      So true.  I have been leery of salad bars and buffets after seeing some customers use their bare hands instead of the provided utensils or taste something and then put it back. 
  5. Make me Smile

    Spelling . . . it is important!    
  6. Make me Smile

    Not only did watching this woman dance make me smile, it also made me a bit jealous as I couldn't have danced like that even I was 18.  
  7. Make me Smile

            to kickoff the 2014 season. 
  8. Make me Smile

  9. Member Introductions! (Say Hi!)

      Hello, Ash, and welcome!   One of the main reasons I joined a Colt's board many years ago was because I also wanted to learn more about my favorite sport and team.   I still have a lot to learn; but thanks to many of the very knowledgeable fans who post, I have come a long way.
  10.   Happy to meet another Pentatonix fan.  That video I posted has over 8 million views . . . so there must be a lot more of us.   Although, I was probably responsible for about 50 of those views myself.   Well, maybe more like 100.
  11.   I have that problem if I use IE.  But, I've never had any trouble using Firefox.   I'll post what I just listened to (I love Pentatonix) using Firefox to see if it works.  
  12. Make me Smile

  13. Member Introductions! (Say Hi!)

       Glad to have you with us.   I was in Ireland once.  Well, it was just to change planes; but I would love to visit some day.   I hope you will enjoy the forums and I look forward to reading your posts. 
  14. Member Introductions! (Say Hi!)

          So glad you have joined us.    I don't know anything about Cyprus; but if you have NO SNOW, it sounds like my kind of place.
  15. Make me Smile

    You'd probably have to be as old as me to appreciate this.    

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