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  1. Movie Quote Game

    Last week when I was shopping for groceries, one of the free sample displays offered carrot cake and vanilla ice cream. The woman serving these goodies was having a hard time keeping up with the demand especially since she was putting the cake into separate cups from the ice cream. When the woman in front of me asked the server to put the ice cream on the top of the cake for her, I thought that was a good idea. So, I told the server; "I'll have what she's having." Another woman waiting for her cake and ice cream "got it" and laughingly told me that was one of her favorite movies. Anyhow, that is what gave me the thought that this may be a fun idea for a thread to help pass time during the off season. The rules are simple. Respond if you know what movie a quote is from. Then, you also have to give a quote yourself to help keep the game going. I doubt that I'll be very good at this as I haven't watched a lot of movies, but I think that there are many of you who will do very well. So, can anyone tell me which movie my quote was from?: "I'll have what she's having."
  2. The "Real Life Happens" Support Thread

    Yesterday, was my granddaughter's one-month transplantaversary and I'm happy to say that she continues to progress, albeit slowly. It has been amazing to watch a one-year old who barely had the strength to sit up now starting to getto the point where she is at least putting herself into the crawling position. Whenever she goes into a public setting (which is basically just doctor and hospital visits right now); she has to wear a face mask. The disposable ones made for children are too big which in turn really annoys her to the point that she ripped out her NJ tube when trying to rid herself of that face mask. So, I have been busy making some face masks for her that she tolerates much better. My latest was a Colt's face maskso that she can rock Indy in style on her frequent visits to Riley.
  3. The "Random Stuff" Thread, Part Two

    The solution to your dilemma is simple. Turn the home into a B & B type of retreat for the Colts. You would then have many volunteers (including me) to help clean just for the chance to meet some of the players.
  4. The "Random Stuff" Thread, Part Two

    If any of you are in the market for a new home, there is one for sale in Fort Wayne that may be of interest to you. I'd buy it myself, but I'm about $29,999,000 short. It features 16 bedrooms, 28bathrooms (2 of which are half baths), and 2 elevators. There are also additional homes on the 50 acre property along with a 7 acre lake. For a virtual tour:
  5. Do You Have Windows 10?

    I finally got around to doing that upgrade today and am happy to say that all went well. It took about an hour for my computer to do whatever it needed to do. After that, I was met with a long page full of a lot of words that I should have read, but didn't. After my blind agreement to all that, I was asked if I wanted to customize my settings or use the express settings (at least, that's what I think it was called). I'm one of those who fits into the "knows just enough to be dangerous" categories. So, I thought that the express settings sounded good. But, I was then met by Cortana. I had and still have no clue who or what Cortana is. So, I decided to wait until someone far more intelligent than me could guide me through everything. That someone was my son who helped me customize my settings which pretty much amounted to saying "no" to all the offered settings. Although I may still experience problems in the days ahead, I like what I see so far from Windows 10. So, my thanks again to all of you for your input.
  6. Make me Smile

  7. The "Random Stuff" Thread, Part Two

    Happy Easter to all!
  8. Thelma and Louise

    That's one of those movies that I've always wanted to watch, but never got around to doing. Since I'm still old school with a VCR, I'm now going to make it a point to see if I can find that movie at a rummage/garage sale where VHS tapes are about a dime a dozen.
  9. The "Real Life Happens" Support Thread

    Another update on my granddaughter: While she still has a long way to go and her progress has been slow, it has been steady . . . which is great as I've always heard that slow and steady wins the race. A few day's go, she had a test done to be sure that there wasn't any leakage where her esophagus was stitched to her new stomach. This test required her to drink a barium mixture. The techs warned that this stuff tastes really nasty and to expect difficulty in getting her to drink it. However, she gobbled it which had one of the techs grabbing for a camera as it was such a rarity to see a young child willingly drink that so easily. The reason I am sharing this is because this is the same little girl who wouldn't even let the tiniest bit of her birthday cake and ice cream anywhere near her mouth. So, it was amazing to see her wanting to eat again. And, since the test went well; she is now receiving small oral feedings on a regular basis. Riley continues to impress me with everything they do to try to help patients and their families enjoy their stay a bit more. My daughter and her husband were recently invited to play a TV game show on my granddaughter's behalf and won two prizes for her. When my grandson arrived for a visit;he was given a bag containing a puzzle, coloring book, crayons, play doh, a toy car, etc. That really helped him get over not being able to actually see his little sister.
  10. The "Random Stuff" Thread, Part Two

    It's that time of year when I look at the seasonal candy and wonder why anyone likes those Cadbury creme eggs. Just looking at them turns my stomach and I can't imagine eating thatglob of sweet white & yellow fondant. However, there must be a lot of people who like those things because they keep coming back year after year after year. And, I recently saw that there is a Cadbury creme egg McFlurry in a few other countries. Talk about sugar overload. Even worse, was reading about the pizza with these eggs as part of the topping. I won't post that pic because I find it too disgusting. But, if you have a strong stomach; you can view it here:
  11. Do You Have Windows 10?

    My thanks to all of you for your replies. I like the part about having 30 days to revert back, but don't like the thought of my laptop locking up. I have Windows 8.1 and although I have learned to navigate through it, I sure can't say that I'm a fan. I do find myself wondering why Microsoft is playing the role of the pushy salesman and wondering if it serves some benefit to them to have everyone upgrade. Anyhow, I'm thinking that I will give this Windows 10 a try. Hopefully, I will be back to tell everyone how wonderful it is. If not, I'm probably off somewhere for not leaving well enough alone.
  12. Do You Have Windows 10?

    It used to be that I only got the occasional popup, but now I am getting more and more urging me to install Windows 10 and asking me to set a time to do this. So, if any of you have Windows 10 . . . I am wondering . . . do you like it or hate it? What are the pros/cons?
  13. The "Real Life Happens" Support Thread

    I'm happy to hear that your wife has been receiving a lot of support. There have been times in this thread and others that I have wanted to say . . . I hope that life brings you some "olive jello" moments in the days ahead. However, I haven't because no one would know what I meant and would probably just take it as confirmation that they were correct in doubting my sanity. So, I'm going to explain an "olive jello" moment to you and everyone else so that I can freely wish you and others an "olive jello" moment. Here goes: My father was a brittle diabetic who underwent three amputations prior to his passing. Although we knew the end was near, it came much quicker than we thought. Consequently, I was the only family member with him when he passed. Prior to that, I had always been the person who "got the call". So, the morning of his funeral; I was a mess. Not only was I saying my final goodbye to a wonderful, loving father; but the memory of his death wasvery fresh in my mind. If anyone had told me that morning that my tears of sorrow would turn into tears of laughter later in the day, I probably would have slapped them. However, that's exactly what happened. My church offers a funeral dinner where they supply the meat, potatoes, hot veggie, and drinks. Members are called on a rotating basis and asked to bring deviled eggs, salads, and desserts. The immediate family is the first to go through the serving line. When I got to the salad/dessert section, I saw a huge bowl of lime jello that was liberally laced with green olives. Now, even if I didn't detest green olives; there is no way they should be combined with lime jello. Any food that is left over is sent home with the family. It looked like only one person was brave enough to taste the olive jello. So, there was a lot of that left. As I carried that bowl into my mother's home, I wondered who in my church disliked my family enough to give us olive jello. Later that day, when we decided to eat a bit of supper; I wanted to throw out that olive jello. But, my mother wouldn't hear of it. She was always raised that no throws out food. So, she took a serving of it and my oldest brother decided to join her. As they sat there trying to eat thatolive jello, the expressions on their faces had me smiling more and more. When my mother finally said, "It tastes like a cat peed in it. Throw it out" . . . I started laughing so hard that I was crying. Since then, I have wondered who in my church loves my family enough to give us olive jello because along with the sad memories; I will always have the olive jello memory. Life can often throw some tough things our way. So, that's why I often tell others (and am now telling you) that I hope life also brings some "olive jello" moments to help offset the bad.
  14. The "Real Life Happens" Support Thread

    I recently attended an intervention so I know how difficult it can be for all involved with an addiction problem. My heart breaks for those young sons who are left without a mother. So sad.
  15. The "Random Stuff" Thread, Part Two

    Quoting myself again to continue ranting. When the 7th came and went with no sign of a serviceperson, I tried a new route. I took it to their FB page. It's remarkable how fast the response was. Within a few minutes, I had a private message and then an e-mail. I'm guessing they didn't like having their dirty laundry aired in public. So, lesson learned. Forget trying to make calls where you waste time going through menu after menu and then being put on hold while the minutes tick by until someone is finally available to talk. Just look to see if whatever company you are dealing with has a FB page. The next day my phone was fixed . . . well sort of fixed. I now have a dial tone and I can make calls, but no one can call me. The same happens when I plug in a phone outside. Once again, I have been promised that my phone will be fixed; but they can't possibly get her until the 16th. Right now, I really don't care if they ever come. After going without a properly working phone since Feb. 24th, I'm going to be checking into getting a wireless phone. Friends have told me that they work great and I hope they are right because I will relish the opportunity to tell my present phone company where to go and what to do when they get there.

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