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  1. I was thinking the exact same thing too. Great minds think alike right? Uh huh.
  2. I know that the rookie symposium can't place until after an athlete is drafted by an NFL team, but your post made me wonder DD how in depth speakers get regarding ways to protect yourself from the vices of fame, reckless spending habits, pretty women, & friends & family using you as their sole meal ticket. I realize that Conley's situation & the NFL Symposium are 2 different situations, but I always wanna know who lectures the new recruits on dangerous women up to no good & what preventive steps they should take to stay out of criminal quagmires of seduction & manipulation? It's not my place to judge who is lying or not. I just feel bad for guys who grew up in poverty, suddenly get a taste of real money, no woman ever gave them the time of day before & then wham you get all this attention from a female that is drop dead gorgeous. It's gotta be liberating & extremely unsettling at the same time. How's a kid who came from nothing supposed to deal with that? Temptation & inexperience are a lethal combination.
  3. I can understand mens frustrations with a situation like this because society sometimes a celebrity or pre draft NFL star can bump into an aggressive, attractive, female gold digger who might throw themselves at a famous guy or soon to be famous guy for financial gain & then cry wolf if the athlete expresses no interest in her at all & then file a sexual assault claim a few days or weeks later. What frustrates guys most is this: If a guy accused a woman of raping him, very few in the media would believe him. People automatically assume that no guy would ever refuse physical intimacy ever & what do you mean a man couldn't restrain a female aggressor without harming them & just exit the premises quickly & quietly without incident? Again, I'm not blaming any person here. I'm just saying that there is a double standard in sexual assault cases that's all.
  4. I agree that a false allegation of sexual assault should be punishable if proven inaccurate legally. However, your sentencing line making the accusation of rape equal to the crime of rape is not a good idea. Instead, have the person in question who lied be forced to check a box that they lied to law enforcement personnel about a serious assault that never took place. Think of it like Olympic athletes on steroids who lied to the FBI & must check the felony box on say a job application. No time behind bars literally, but definitely a Scarlett Letter of sorts. To get thrown in the slammer, I think you have to prove as a prosecutor that money changed hands illegally or physical violence occurred in some proven capacity. I get the hit to an innocent person's reputation & lost earning potential income wise. But, rape & a rape accusation are not the same thing.
  5. I get what you're driving here M432. Don't put yourself in a vulnerable or compromising position either as a NFL prospect or an overzealous fan wanting a piece of the action [money wise]. No, I am not blaming anyone as the victim here. I just happen to agree with you. Exercise common sense & don't do anything that costs you millions or looks suspicious on the eve of the draft. LOL! Good point. Ray Rice lost his football career in one & tragically Prince overdosed in one at his mansion in Paisley Park. I watched a really good documentary today on it called "Prince: When Doves Cry" on the Reez channel, but I digress. I hope you never got robbed man. I like you man! You're a good dude & very funny! I'm not sure what 'regrettable encounters' means. Sorry bro.
  6. Happy for Lynch. Local kid gets to play football at home. Silver & Black will fit him nicely especially with the Darth Vader shielded face mask visor. I like it.
  7. Well said CS. I couldn't agree more. Just make sure that your librarian lady isn't blind as a bat without her glasses on though. It ruins the the mood when a romantic partner gets injured & requiring stitches in the emergency room is not the best way to end an unforgettable evening. Just Kidding!
  8. "Where you just admiring my girl? She was admiring my ride...How bout me? [The] winner gets me...Make it interesting Clay... guess I've got a new date to the prom." "Have you been racing Sean? You're outta here...You don't get it do ya? If it doesn't workout here, you have nowhere else to go...This isn't a game [son]." "Can you drive? You know what DK stands for? Donkey Kong? Drift King." "Can't you [just] go & find a nice Japanese girl like the rest of the white guys around here?" To be completely candid with you, I wanted to see what all the fuss was about regarding the Fast & Furious film franchise which keep getting cranked out like gum in a pez dispenser man. Look, the formula is pretty straight forward: Miniskirts, bras, tan lines, brawds, & booty as men display their masculinity & testosterone through muscle car racing on city streets late at night. You can be bodybuilder buffoon with no job & and no common sense, but as long as you can screech your tires & fly past other competitors at over 100 MPH without wrecking your ride, you too are eligible to land the prettiest honey on the block & be labeled the Drift King. God Lord! I decided to watch "The Fast & The Furious: Tokyo Drift" released in 2006 & directed by Justin Lin. I've always been fascinated by the country of Japan ever since I was a little munchkin. This 1 hour & 44 minute picture hits all the stereotypical highlights--arcade gaming facilities, eating unknown seafood with chopsticks; bicycles & bullet trains as far as the eye can see, & a grease monkey's utopian dream of high octane RPMs, a masterful use of the emergency brake, & a rush of nitrous oxide into your car's fuel injection system for maximum engine speed just to prove that you can live on the edge as a driver & throw caution to the wind. As I watched this flick, I wondered why it wasn't sponsored by Goodyear Tires, a major bodyshop company, every car insurance industry you can think of; & an international chrome organization to say the least. Plotline: We start out at a large high school in Arizona. A snot nosed rich kid brat named Clay [Zachery Ty Bryan] gets upset when his blond haired, floozy, cheerleader girlfriend starts making googly eyes at Sean Boswell [Lucas Black] driving a white 1971 Chevrolet Monte Carlo. In retaliation, Clay throws a baseball through Sean's rear windshield & as a result, Clay challenges Sean to a race in which if he loses, he promises to give Mr. Boswell his $60,000 red 2006 Dodge Viper. They end up crashing both cars at a housing development site Clay's oil tycoon daddy owns. Clay avoids any criminal record for his reckless behavior while Sean is forced to leave AZ & relocate to Tokyo, Japan where his naval officer father, Major Boswell [Brian Goodman] now works & resides. Side note: I found it interesting that Clay--the football jock--actually starred as Brad Taylor on the 'Home Improvement' TV show from the 1990's that made comedian Tim Allen a household name. In addition, the hero of this picture, actor Lucas Black who plays Sean Boswell, starred in the movie Friday Night Lights & he currently has a leading role on the CBS television 'NCIS: New Orleans.' Mr. Black sucks as a big screen presence though. The dude cannot act period. It's like the Fred Flintstone cartoon suddenly came to life with a lousy, southern drawl man. Jesus. It's just atrocious man. It really is. Our resident evil villain is a bad guy named Takashi [Brian Tee] whose uncle is a kingpin leader in the Yakuza family or Japanese mob named Kanata [Shin'ichi Chiba]. All Japanese businessmen in Tokyo pay extortion money to Mr. Kanata every single month & his nephew Takashi collects all the fees & handles all the bookkeeping duties for his crime boss uncle. Takashi learned everything he knows about money laundering & shaking down owners by his closest friend Han Lee [Sung Kang ]. By the end of this picture, we learn that Han has been ripping off the Yakuza & pocketing proceeds under the table & off the books for himself. This betrayal & stain against Takashi's professional reputation as a account enforcer/overseer leads to cat & mouse race whereby Han is violently killed in a car accident. Is it just me or do Tokyo Drift character names coincide closely with 'Diehard I' movie names? Takashi vs Joseph Takagi & Hans Gruber's character used the fake name Bill Clay once he bumped into Lt. John McClane inside the Nakatomi Plaza & discovered that the cop from New York was barefoot with no shoes on. Clay is the first NFL wanna be we encounter in this film as well. Okay sure, there is no direct link between Diehard I & Tokyo Drift I know, but they do rhyme in close proximity to one another though. Meanwhile back in the Far East...there's always a drop dead gorgeous hussy to chase after right? Of course there is. Her name is Neela [Nathalie Kelley]. She is easy on the eyes originally from Down Under AKA Australia. Neela came to Japan with her mother, but sadly her mother got pulled down into the seedy, underbelly world of human trafficking otherwise known as prostitution. The only thing that saved Neela from a similar fall is that Takashi took pity on her, watched over her, & made him his woman & primary love interest. Sean Boswell is the new, foreigner wrinkle that causes Neela's loyalty & eye to wander. Sean totals Han's blue 1994 Mazda RX-7 Veilside as he tries unsuccessfully to drift in a street race against Takashi. Eventually, Han shows his young, American protege how to drift with precision & pinpoint skill. What the hades is drifting you ask? Sliding your muscle car sideways at a high velocity like driving over black ice that the driver regains steering wheel control of as your vehicle straightens out. Think of it like doughnuts in a parking lot while trying not to bounce off any cement structures at lighting speed with no room for reaction time mistakes that could lead to the driver's own demise. Our stud muffin hero Sean gets his bombshell beauty Neela back by rebuilding Major Boswell's 1967 Mustang wheels from scratch. Sean uses 1 of Han's old engines to transform this rusty, old bucket of bolts into quite the mean machine. Sean returns the mob money that Han stole from the Yakuza & he is able to convince Mr. Kanata that there needs to be one last race between him & Takashi. The winner gets to date Neela permanently & the loser must leave Japan forever under a cloud of disgrace or death whatever happens first. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. There's a tiny, minney me, black side kick deal maker who can get anything you need for the right price named Twinkie [Bow Wow.] Twinkie? Like the cream filled junk food? Oh brother. It gets better folks. Our vertically challenged, teddy bear dude drives a green 2005 Volkswagen Touran with fist indentations markings all over it with an anime theme painted across the whole hood. Why anybody would take this little man seriously as a leader is beyond me. He looks like a 12 yr old kid who has hit puberty yet. The dangerous race bobbing & weaving; slipping & sliding down a dicey, mountain pass road under the moonlight was actually entertaining in a campy or cheesy way. Takashi rolls off the pavement crashing through a metal guard rail flipping end over end several times. That's the other problem with Tokyo Drift. It's indifferent attitude about mortality & the carnage these car wrecks cause to innocent bystanders & other drivers throughout Japan. There is a warning at the end of the film before the credits roll stating not to duplicate any of these stunts for their own safety etc. etc. However, it feels empty & without merit to me. Look, I know it's just an action adventure escape for over an hour, but the film feels like the XBOX Game Grad Theft Auto on heroin. I'm not making any moral judgements here just thin on the substance speedometer I guess. Besides the smoked rubber & skid marks, how do I grade The Fast & the Furious: Tokyo Drift? Let's roll with C- on the slapstick comedy scale. Universal studios tries to market these muscle car sequels as a brotherhood bonding exercise with a side order of petroleum, exhaust, & spark plugs but really all this is macho madness on crack. "I can't turn left" is so bleeping hysterical to me. LOL!
  9. I know right? It's like when zoo animals are encouraged to eat 1 type of food over another to predict the SB winner in February. Except that everybody knows the zoo antics are a joke on purpose. But somehow, football fans are supposed to treat ESPN & NFL Network hosts like they can foreshadow a Championship in April. LOL! You're exactly right Jay. It is pretty darn funny!
  10. So, you're telling me that the release show is about as valuable as the New Year's Eve Ball Drop or reading my daily horoscope then? Totally worthless. Yeah, I'll rubber stamp that decree as well. Do you remember when reporter Geraldo Rivera opened that Al Capone vault on TV with nothing inside but air & sand? That's my opinion of the NFL release show. Nothing but a waste of my time.
  11. Precisely HCF. Strength of schedule is such a farce to me because 1. No team is easy to beat in the NFL & 2. Doesn't every head coach pretty much say that last season means nothing & we all need to regroup & hit the reset button? Just line up & dominate the guy across from you for at least 11 weeks right? Plus, a number of our foes in 2017 have stout defenses too. Rams, Seahawks, Browns, Steelers. And what's INDY need to rebuild again? Oh yeah, our D. I never watch the release show anymore. The pundits always slam us or ignore us anyway. LOL!
  12. "You can't always trust people to behave properly. Ain't that the truth." "Where do they find all these scanks [loose women]? Is there a vending machine? They must just like them young [so] they can mold them however they like. Teach them tricks like walking them up every morning with nice fellatio. Honestly, it's nirvana for them." "I don't understand why men have to do that [pass cars quickly or cut people off in traffic]. Wag their private parts [another word is used] in your face. I think we need to discuss your road rage. You must learn to be calm & relaxed [behind the wheel shutting out the outside world & personal problems when you drive.]" "Red color says don't bleep with me [Wendy]." A few months ago, I saw a solid romantic comedy directed by Isabel Coixet called "Learning To Drive." Actually, to be honest, we think this story is going to be a ROM-COM; However, in truth, this tale is about infidelity, heartbreak, picking up the pieces, & acquiring independence through learning how to drive & obtain a license in your late 50's by pure serendipity. This flick struck a cord with me because there was a phase in my life where it was uncertain or not whether my disability & motor skills would allow me to even get a driver's license myself through the safe mastery of hand controls at over 70 MPH during my high school yrs. Therefore, the autonomy of driving that most people take for granted as a right of passage really resonated with me in this film. I say that because as a young man I underwent several different surgeries to improve my ability to walk as well as numerous therapy sessions to strengthen my muscles & increase my range of motion. All these procedures, casts, crutches, & wheelchairs meant that I never learned depth perception as a child courtesy of saying throwing a football around outside with a family member. Depth perception & judging distance is very crucial when learning how to drive so you don't have an accident & God forbid, injure or accidentally kill somebody by misjudging distance & space. I guess what I'm saying is this: I know how liberating the privilege of driving truly is & how unsettling & scary it can be when your coordination & reaction time must be closely synchronized with minimal distractions when you operate a vehicle completely with your hands & arms as opposed to your legs & feet. Forget eating food while driving or even bluetooth cell phone conversations while moving. That's not happening period for safety & alertness reasons. We are located in Manhattan, NY. A 21 year old marriage between Wendy [Patricia Clarkson] & Ted Shields [Jake Weber] is being dismantled as we speak. Ted is banging another woman on the side & this home wrecker in question happens to be a lady that was given a favorable book rating from his current wife Wendy, a literary critic by trade. Oops! Right now, Wendy is furious at Ted for dropping this divorce news in her lap inside a public restaurant on the eve of their wedding anniversary. Darn Ted, that's a low blow dude & not to mention pretty tacky too. The argument spills outside into the street. Ted flags down a yellow cab & Wendy enters the taxi from the other side. It turns out our driver is Sikh Muslim named Darwan Singh Tur [Ben Kingsley]. He's originally from India, but he was granted asylum in the United States just before 911 happened. He's a part time cab driver & ENA Driving School instructor too. Anyway, Ted pays the fare to be dropped off at his tramp's apartment as well as the cash for Wendy to be dropped off at her nice brownstone. She's disoriented, angry, distraught, & off kilter right now naturally. Thankfully, Darwan wearing a bright turban is kind enough to make sure that Wendy makes it inside her place okay. A few days later, Darwan notices that a package was left in his cab's backseat & since Wendy's address was on it; he decided to return it to her. That's really nice man. Darwin even runs up the steps, rings the doorbell, & patiently waits for Wendy to come to the door. She's hungover & bright sunlight is the absolute worst when your head is still spinning & you have the balancing ability of a newborn baby giraffe man. Just saying. Eventually, Wendy makes it to her front door & offers Darwan a reward for his trouble that he refuses to accept. She does get him to give her his business card though & from the information listed on that she decides to start talking driving lessons. Wendy wants to be able to visit her daughter named Tasha [Grace Gummer] living on a farm in Vermont. Since Ted, who did all the family driving, is no longer in the picture. Darwan seems like the perfect solution to her dilemma. It's interesting to see Wendy & Darwan interact with one another as student & teacher. As one would imagine, Wendy is petrified at the prospect of controlling so much steel, plastic, rubber, & glass cruising down the road. Darwan is very good about telling her to buckle up, check her mirrors & blindspot, signaling early, & being prepared for the unexpected & crazy antics all around you. The strange thing though to me is this: Darwan should have taken her to an empty parking lot first just to get the feel for a car's acceleration, braking, cornering, & overall handling in general. You never take a person who is just learning to drive out in traffic from jump street man. You need to build up their confidence first through small steps. You also need to have the driver say out loud exactly what they see when driving down a road too because it trains the driver to anticipate dogs or kids that might dart in front of you without warning always saying to yourself what do I see? My father did this with me because he wanted me to understand that drivers turn on their signal & go the opposite way. Or they coast into an intersection & might not actually stop. People tend to daydream a lot & get preoccupied easily. If you expect people to screw up & not follow the rules in front of you, you will seldom be disappointed. That's what I learned from my dad while driving basically. That & to cut other drivers slack because you will screw up occasionally too & my dad was right again. It's cool to see Wendy overcome her fears like driving over bridges or traveling into a new geographic area she is unfamiliar with. Darwan has a soothing & relaxing tone which is definitely an asset. He does make a big mistake though when he makes Wendy drive at night in the rain & she accidentally rear ends a van. Night driving with precipitation is a whole different animal than day driving under perfect conditions. Darwan was mad at Wendy for the accident but come on man driving in the rain with headlight glare can be overwhelming in wall to wall traffic when your surroundings don't look the same as they did landmark wise in the sunlight. The real reason why Darwan got flustered was that same night he needed to pick up his new wife Jasleen [Sarita Choudhury] from the airport. Jasleen is Darwan's arranged marriage spouse who left India for a new life in the United States. They are scheduled to tie the knot in a holy mosque the next day BTW. What I liked here is that Wendy & Darwan develop a friendship despite their drastically different backgrounds. She tells him about hunting for a new apartment in the BIG Apple & he asks her for advice on making Jasleen feel welcome & at ease in America. We think a romantic attraction might blossom here, but this possibility is squashed early on when Wendy tells Darwan that this isn't a good idea. She is flattered though. The film ends with Wendy purchasing a red car from a dealership as she takes her 1st trip to Vermont to see her daughter Tasha. Wendy is independent now & feels much better about herself. Cool. Let's roll with a B+ on Learning To Drive. A nice quiet film about change, empowerment, & self worth. Oh yeah, during Wendy's driving test, her driving instructor never tested the car's blinkers, horn, & brake lights standing behind the car. That's not very safe or professional I might add. I gotta give Jay Kirk my brother from another mother major kudos for first posting this song in the What Are You Listening To Right Now thread? I never get tired of this masterpiece called 'Highway Song' man. Thank you.
  13. Chad, Sorry to hear that your dog was attacked & subsequently traumatized. Sadly, your dog may never have the same personality prior to the actual biting incident as you so eloquently stated. I don't own a dog or a cat right now, but I do sympathize with your struggle. You want your carefree dog back & your neighbor who failed to monitor his dog or keep it safely contained turned your happy go lucky dog's world upside down. My condolences. I wish there was more I could do for you my friend.
  14. Not too shabby CS. She looks good in glasses too like a sophisticated librarian with a dark side. Good pick BTW.
  15. Wait. Is this thread asking who our number one celebrity crush is or say the top 5? I'm confused. Anybody who reads my movie reviews regularly, knows who my biggest soft spot is for: Zoe Saldana man. Need I say more? LOL!

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