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  1. Roughing the passer against the quarterback penalty only gets called if a pass rusher or safety pile drives the field general into the ground; hits him high & low simultaneously; pulls the face mask clearly in another direction on replay; or hits him long after the ball has been released or handed off to a running back. I seriously think QBs are too protected now. I get it. Ticket sales decline if your face of the franchise goes down. I just remember Lawrence Taylor, John Randle, & Mike Singletary back in their heydays & if you could endure their punishment for 3 hours, you had earned their respect & admiration for a hard fought battle. I miss those days.
  2. Actually, if I'm being totally honest here, I'd make NFL referees a permanent 12 month position with great benefits & a nice salary vs the temporary occupation it is now. My reasoning is simple: If you compensate people well so that they can devote their entire time perfecting & improving their craft, they tend to excel at it & negate their mistakes over time. Plus, with all the new rules/modifications that get tweaked every yr, it would be a wise move to validate to your referee crews that you value their attention to detail through their pocket book. When you pay people well, they strive to make their bosses look good.
  3. Pre-game & halftime interviews with both head coaches. Yeah I know, they are not an NFL rule per say unless you wanna count them as a CBA mandate to make themselves available to journalists during a game. I just have never really gotten anything meaningful over these reporter/coach interactions. 90% of the remarks are tired cliches & even if you missed part of the game; nobody ever looks online to say hear what Erin Andrews asked a coach at halftime.
  4. I agree with taking away the taunting rule tool because it's just another version of smack talking live. If you wanna ban the throat slashing gesture, the pretend pistol firing gesture, or the archery firing motion fine; but everything else is fair game. It's your job to shut your adversary up by scoring TDs or crippling their ground game on defense on 3rd down. And why is the league allowed to promote their shield & jerseys for profit but players can't engage in individual expressions of self promotion either? Seems highly hypocritical to me Mr. Commissioner. Just saying.
  5. I kind of agree with this reverting back I mean. This idea that both sides get an opportunity to touch the ball on offense is overrated to me. Yeah I know, the coin toss by a ref was given excessive weight to a random element of chance, but still. I liked it when the first score in OT even a FG could win the darn game. It was a rush man. The arbitrariness of it all in overtime so many things coaches had no control over: heads or tails on the toss, hearing what player captains declared on the field incorrectly before the toss itself; & life in general isn't fair anyway. Why should both teams get the ball in OT anyway? It gives almost voodoo magic mystique to how the coin lands. Plus, a lot of players can get injured playing an extra quarter of football. They're tired, exhausted, & say a coach is on the hot seat by their owner & needs to make the playoffs to retain their job...And then wham the team looses their star WR or DB? Crap. Not only that. Field Goals are crisp, clean, & the guys can get a shower faster & clean up sooner for post game interviews too. Last but not least, one of the reasons I refuse to watch baseball is that the games take too long to finally conclude & the longer games play out the more it interferes with TV programming & sleeping habits of some fans too. Length isn't always an asset in broadcasting as producers or consumers overall.
  6. I'm just amazed that anybody at ESPN gave our draft & acquisitions an A. Usually, their writers heap all the praise on Luck, slam our owner, & claim we can't win against playoff caliber teams. This temporary 'love fest' for INDY is just a byproduct of unloading Grigson. They'll be back to ignoring us once the regular season starts. LOL! I like being under estimated. It lowers expectations & makes other squads dismiss us at their own peril. Keep doing it reporters. I prefer the element of surprise anyway.
  7. "You're a really great guy Erwin...I look at you & I see this really, really old man...I see this kind, gentle; wise old man--in a convalescent home in a wheelchair." "You see, I don't really have any friends at the moment...My entire generation...has a seizure if you take away their cell phone for a second. They can't communicate without emojis & they actually think that the world wants to know that they are eating a taco exclamation point, smiley face; smiley face, who gives a bleep! I am an old soul. I like old music & old movies. Bottom Line: I have nothing in common with people out here & they have nothing in common with me. Nadine maybe nobody likes you...What are you doing? I'm giving you half of my cookie. Why? To make you feel better, Jesus." "Oh my God, say something! You need to watch out for run on sentences." Can I have some money for yogurt ice cream. I want my change back." "You know ever since we were little, I would get this feeling like I'm floating outside my body looking down at myself & I hate what I see...I don't know how to change it & I'm scared that that feeling is never gonna go away. I'm sorry really." I watched another film this weekend called "Edge of Seventeen" directed by Kelly Fremon Craig. This 2016 coming of age dark comedy with a running time of 1 hour & 44 minutes appealed to me since I like cinema with misfit overtones to it. You know what I mean like when a high school student in California can't really figure out her niche or where she fits in the world. Round peg in a square hole stuff always intrigues me for some reason. Besides, who wants to watch storylines on happy; well adjusted people? There's no fascination in that. Dysfunction & chaos always makes for riveting small screen entertainment I think. Perfection is never compelling to me. Struggle & tension is more mesmerizing in the long run because very few of us will ever reach a perfect plane of existence; let alone satisfaction. We are at Lakewood High School on the West Coast. A tall, white girl with long, straight black hair named Nadine Franklin [Hailee Steinfeld] has steeped out of her mother's car in the parking lot. She took Mona's [Kyra Sedgwick] car without permission & she's frantically marching to her high school history teacher's room, Mr. Bruner [Woody Harrelson]; for input & guidance. Mr. Bruner always teases Nadine sarcastically all the time & she appears to like it. Nadine is a Junior who has always been a bit of a loner. It really bothers her that her older brother has always been more popular then her & much better looking too. Her dad Tom always knew how to make Nadine laugh though. At least he always made her smile before he had a heart attack & died while she said in the passenger seat around age 12 or 13 anyway back in 2011. What's Nadine so upset about you ask? Well, it's a clever flashback sequence that segways back to more pleasant times for Nadine when she met her best friend Krista [Haley Lu Richardson]. They bonded over taking care of a caterpillar when they were small & this bond lasted into the middle of their junior yr. What flipped over this joyous applecart of friendship you ask? An athletic jock named Darrian [Blake Jenner] who just happened to be Nadine's older brother. The friendship reaches it's breaking point when Nadine throws down the gauntlet--Who is more important to you Krista? Me or my brother? Pick one. That's the danger in bluffing. Your friend might call your bluff & go in a different direction than you originally anticipated that they would go. You guessed it. Darrian won hands down. Nadine does have a secret admirer in class though. A Korean classmate named Erwin Kim [Hayden Szeto] who sits right across from her in fact. He's brave enough to speak to her & ask her how her weekend went, but she always gives abrupt 1 word responses that limit the ability to strike up a conversation of any depth though. Erwin is very determined & he doesn't give up easily fortunately. Erwin takes Nadine to a carnival event on a ferris wheel once & they appear to click over a round of miniature golf as well. Mr. Kim's real passion is animation the kind you see in graphic novels. As a matter of fact, Erwin even invited her to a local film festival where he submitted his own short film revealing his awkwardness in school & his crush toward her. The student film's storyline revolves around an alien [Erwin Kim] who rescues a human girl [Nadine Franklin] from a caged abduction by a evil green monster. The finished project makes Nadine laugh & wins her over romantically. The primary conflict in the picture centers around Nadine's painful loss of her beloved father as she searches for another man she trusts to fill that emotional void. This compulsion to cling to a father figure leads Nadine to use Mr. Mr. Bruner as a placeholder for the moment. She even seeks him out to tell this history teacher to inform him that she thinking of ending her own life after she sent a Senior named Nick Mossman [Alexander Calvert] an inappropriate text message offering to give up her virginity exclusively to him alone. Nick isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer. He works at Pet World & his prospects don't look outstandingly bright. She could do much better. When Mr. Bruner reads her phone message he tries to reassure her that it can't be all that bad, cautions her to avoid so many run on sentences in her grammar, & calmly reduce her fears that this isn't something to commit suicide over. I like the interactions between Mr. Bruner & Nadine because on the surface it sounds like neither one gives a crap about the wellbeing of the other one, but in a twisted; unorthodox way they actually do. I just get a kick of well executed sarcasm between 2 people on screen & Hailee Steinfeld & Woody Harrelson have a nice partnership of witty insults in real time. It's not until later that we see that Darrien is the glue that holds this family together after Tom passed away & it's not fair to him at all. His mother Mona is a scatter brain who struggles making difficult decisions & his sister Nadine spends the vast majority of this picture resenting her brother for dating her best friend Krista & costing her a sister in arms overall. By the end though, Nadine realizes she's been selfish toward her sibling & they share a nice hug over losing Tom & to not put so much pressure on Darrien to hold down the family fort all by himself. Nadine & Mona agree to share the Franklin load & lessen the tremendous burden off his shoulders pronto. When you strip "Edge Of 17" down to the bone marrow, it's essentially a tale of adrift identity, tragedy, renewed strength; & finding someone who just gets you warts & all & they still wanna hangout with you regardless of what your nervous ticks & frequent problems are daily. It should also be noted that James L. Brooks is the producer of this picture. He directed & wrote several 'Cheers' TV show episodes back in the day. He worked with actor Woody Harrelson AKA Woody Boyd in that fictional Boston bar & he knows how to write dialogue with humor & intensity that bites back. James L. Brooks can make chaos & dysfunction heartwarming & memorable too. I always respected him for that. The I may be messed up, but I'm darn sure not alone mindset. Not by a long shot. There's a place for misfits & wise cracking know it alls too. Let's roll with a B+ on 'Edge Of Seventeen.' Yeah, I know; Stevie Nicks has no affiliation with this film, but the title warrants this cover. It's a given. Besides, the singer gives this iconic classic justice in my estimation.
  8. "I've got a cake walk for you & your company delivering Christmas hams. This war is over...It's a cheeseburger, cherry coke, & a side of fries." "Gentle on the trigger. Don't pull just squeeze... Were you scared? I didn't really think about it. Of what? Oh, I don't know a bullet to the head [perhaps]. I was afraid I'd miss the shot more than anything else. Ignorance is bliss. Hades of a shot [Nate.]" "Hey, you gotta a lucky horseshoe up your caboose kid." "Last chance ace, tell me about those 2 girls waiting for you back home. You mean my mother & oldest sister? You fooled me kid. Not bad son." Over the weekend, I watched a historical drama called "Company Of Heroes" directed by Don Michael Paul. It was released in 2013 & this 1 hour & 40 minute feature is the companion piece to "Beyond Valkyrie: Dawn Of The Fourth Reich," a picture I just recently reviewed not that long ago. World War II always gets romanticized more than any other world conflict does. The reason for this is self explanatory. NAZIs are always portrayed as the epitome of sheer evil due to concentration camps, horrific experimentations, brutality against people of Jewish descent on Poland & Western Europe; & the magnitude & scope of the genocide as well. In addition, several of the battles are bloody, the death tolls are high; & the audience always that's there's a girl back in the states a soldier is trying to get back to in one piece as opposed to a casket or just a set of dog tags anyway. One such gruesome battle was the Battle of the Bugle which took place in the Ardennes Forest of Belgium on December 16, 1944. The 2nd Infantry Division via the US Army had left their base known as Elsenborn Ridge walking through snowcapped grounds of the Ardennes Forest when they were ambushed by German troops with mortars, machine guns with 50 calibers bullets, & a fleet of 5 tiger tanks from the 12th SS Panzer Division. I'm not gonna lie to ya. Watching soldiers surprised on foot by tiger tanks is pretty exhilarating & frighting at the same time especially when all you have are Tommy guns, sidearm pistols, & a couple of snipper rifles. Son of in the hades are we gonna disable & sabotage a freaking tank without getting blown to bites. Join the Army. It's not just a job; it's an adventure right? Whenever a guy who outranks you Lt. Joe Conti [Neal McDonough] & orders your company to deliver a few hams a few miles down the road as a 'cake walk' or he implies that something will be easy; you already know you're screwed right? Yep. The 2nd Infantry division is led by their commanding officer named Sgt. Matherson [Sam Spruell]. He just promoted a sharp shooter, Nate Burrows [Chad Michael Collins]; to primary snipper in the unit since the guy in that role just took a bullet through the neck right after a deer startled them moving in the snow. The good thing about war movies centered around an international conflict is that usually drop the audience quickly into the action as possible & strangely enough female love interests either remain in Europe, their soldier main squeeze dies, or the guy returns to America, & we never know if they even write steamy love letters from afar. The attraction is more inferred or implied without literally engaging in the act of intercourse itself. I guess flicks dealing with a 1940's theme like to be more subtle vs explicit I suppose. Forbidden fruit without tasting it in a nutshell. The odd thing though is that when a soldier could die at any moment & you rescue a pretty girl from harm what's the problem with a little carnal knowledge fun in order to offset the likelihood of ending up in body bag? The Battle of the Bulge sequence in Belgium was pretty compelling as Nate doesn't panic under fire. Nate maintains his composure & concentration & pops off rounds likes he's shooting clay pigeons in a field back home in North Carolina. He carries his father's purple heart around with him where ever he goes trying to live up to his old man's valor from The Great War back in 1918. I just liked it when Nate & Dean Ranson their cook [Tom Sizemore] made their way to a noel where they used a rocket launcher to barbecue all the Germans inside a Tiger tank by hitting the steal machine at it's track after it got stuck on a high incline. Then, anybody left standing jumps into a distant fox hole surrounded by sand bags for cover & survival. Shortly after all the debris & carnage settles, the men of the 2nd Infantry Division hear a rumble off in the distance & they feel a shockwave that Nate Burrows mistakes for thunder. It's not lightning folks. It's a test run of an atomic bomb being deployed in the countryside of Leinfeld, Germany under the supervision of an SS officer named Commandant Beimler [Richard Sammel]. How come all SS villains wear a black leather jacket, have a gas mask at the ready, have a cane by their side; & have their left leg wrapped with a metal brace anyway? Yeah, I know. That way we know nothing can kill this tough SOB. He's like a roach man. He can survive anything & he's exceptionally vicious & sadistic right? Your prototype NAZI henchmen. There's also a nuclear physicist on site named Dr. Luca Gruenewald [J├╝rgen Prochnow] & his brunette assistant Kestrel [Melia Kreiling] a smoking hot lady born in Switzerland who works at NAZI nuclear facility close to Stuttgart Rail Yard in Germany. There was a trigger malfunction which resulted in a diminished blast radius of radiation & our SS officer is furious that his geiger counter detector didn't murder enough people to his satisfaction. Naturally, Dr. Gruenewald planned this trigger malfunction on purpose, but Commandant Beimer doesn't know that. The doctor is German, but he is vehemently opposed to what Hitler's regime is doing across Europe & Russia. To cut a long story short, after surviving the Battle of the Bulge, Nate Burrows & co. bump into an angry Russian named Ivan Puzharski [Dimitri Diatchenko] determined to get vengeance on those darn NAZIs for locking him up in a concentration camp that he barely escaped from. As a result, the Second Infantry Division what's left of them away after a fire fight on a train--makes it to an Oprah House where Nate rendezvous with our brunette bombshell Kestrel. Nate hands a ticket to a coat check girl & Kestrel all dolled up waltzes across the room saying "Thank you for my coat. I've been expecting you" & she proceeds to kiss him passionately on the lips. Darn, that's quite the greeting honey. It sure beats a customary handshake that's for sure. How do you sign up for that detail? KP 2.0? Just joking! At any rate, Kestrel takes Nate & his men to an OSS Safe House known as Stuttgart West. It here when the men relax, sleep, smoke cigars, & exchange jokes back & forth. There's also a scene when Nate Burrows gets his leg patched up by Kestrel & she lets him watch as she takes a bath naked in a nearby room. In fact, this classical Beethoven song is playing in the background. Does she want him to join her or is Kestrel just teasing him with forbidden fruit that he'll never get to sample? Eventually, she closes the door...But it took awhile....Kestrel knew exactly what she was doing. Our film ends with the Americans freeing POWS from captivity; stealing the Atomic bomb on a truck away from the NAZIs, Nate taking a bullet in the chest to save Kestrel from getting shot by our big bad SS villain...Did I mention that Kestrel is more than just Dr. Dr. Luca Gruenewald's assistant? She's actually his flesh & blood biological daughter. An Allied UK bomb raid follows blowing up Germany's munitions factories & Nate Burrows is praised by Lt. Joe Conti for his bravery & successful mission. I do have some questions though. Nate takes a bullet to his lower abdomen for Kestrel & he doesn't get the girl? Really? Perhaps her standards for a man are just a tad too high. How come in all war movies food can run low, ammo can run low, warm clothes can be insufficient but somehow all soldiers behind enemy lines always have a surplus of cigarettes. How is that even possible? It's not like in the middle of the field surrounded by trees & nature you can stroll over to the general store. And the next time somebody compares a simple errand to cheeseburgers, respectably decline to do it. This picture did show a lot of German troops literally get run over. I did like the typical grenade throw into a NAZI jeep where the victim gives the audience a look of regret like man I knew I should have just stayed in bed today. Let's roll with a B- again since the director does make us root for Nate to make it & tanks getting blown up is a sight you rarely see in movies. Rest assured, there is the necessary scene or two regarding loss & taking a moment to remember the fallen as there should be in a film like this.
  9. Just make sure that when you face Denver, Aqib Talib doesn't poke Allen in the eye again Jim.
  10. I'm with Jules on this one. Bah! Ha! Ha! Now, that is hysterical man! Nice work IWF. Fist bump of humor approval.
  11. Eli looks like a girl on prom night who is distraught after her hair dryer stopped working.
  12. Hey there TS, Since you gave All or Nothing your seal of approval, SW1 needs to check it out now. Larry Fitzgerald is 1 of my favorite WRs too who grew up around Cris Carter & the late great Denny Green baby. Ah yeah! Sorry about that. I just really miss Dennis Green & wish he was still around. It still bothers me that his 'crown' comments as the AZ Cardinals coach is what he is often associated with now. A smart football coach & darn nice guy IMO.
  13. I don't really consider the decision to go for it by BB an utter fail or jedi mind trick by #18 because in 2009 Manning had a ton of 4th QTR touchdowns that season. Bill knew he had to go for it because Manning was a machine on offense back then like a field general terminator. It really boiled down to the refs saying that Kevin Faulk fumbled the ball or failed to maintain control of it. A judgement call. I'm glad INDY won naturally, but it wasn't a mistake on Bill's part. It was a calculated risk that came up short.
  14. Your topic headline is misleading to me because without reading your explanation it creates the impression that fans are being asked to select an INDY coach & select the worst blunder executed in Colts history. Personally, Jim Caldwell's inability to make halftime adjustments drove me nuts & I'm still shocked he won a SB in Baltimore. I really have no problems with Chuck next to Caldwell who is a good QB coach & not really HC material to me at all. I like the guy & he's been decent in Detroit, but I never would have hired him in Motor City to run an entire football program. OC fine, but HC, not on your life. Can Caldwell help Matthew Stafford beat Aaron Rodgers in the NFC North? Nope.
  15. The Dark Continent is definitely an off the beaten path to spend on holiday CR91. You get props for say skipping Miami or another conventional vacation spot. When most people envision leisure, Nelson Mandela's home isn't at the top of their list. A+ on the dare to be different front my friend.

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