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  1. That's your reply? A misspelled word. So, according to your logic, being in the same room interviewing Spags for a job Caldwell no longer has means that Caldwell is a good coach? That's like saying by virtue of being in a room serving in a position I no longer have means that I'm brilliant then? Being in a room means nothing. It's like saying so & so was in the war room when Bin Laden was killed so therefore this person is a shoe in to become the next President simply because he was seated at the adult table. Did you ever consider the possibility that Irsay was just being nice to Caldwell throwing him 1 final gesture as HC in symbolism only while he started the screening process for Jim's replacement? Hmmm...
  2. I looked at your link Jason. "Before the firing, the Colts were beginning the process of assembling a coaching staff for 2012 — and Caldwell was involved in that process." So what? Jimmy wanted to involve Caldwell in taking a run at Spags former DC for the NY Giants. What like Irsay thought let's bring in Steve, generate a pass rush in INDY, & Tom Brady gets vanquished by the mastermind of the 2007 season as Caldwell & the Colts march onward toward another SB? Correct me if I'm wrong, but Jim was still fired right? He's no longer coaching in INDY right? He's running the show in Detroit as we speak right? Wow Jason, you're crazy. So because Spags wasn't hired as our new DC after the 2011 season that proves to you that Caldwell didn't suck? Please tell me your not that naive or foolish Jason.
  3. First off, let me just say that on a personal level I really do like you & hold no animosity toward you at all. We're just at opposite ends of Pagano spectrum that's all. I get it Pagano is who with ride with for the 2017 season. That is true. On the 1 hand, even though I think your loyalty to Pagano is extremely misplaced, I do admire your resolve. I'm the same way when I dig in too. What's that quote from Hoffa directed by Danny Devito? "Everybody is telling me I'm wrong, but God darn it, I know I'm right!" Even when people are wrong, I revere tenacity & stubbornness on both sides of the aisle because sooner or later something's gotta give. Pressure busts pipes man & only 1 side emerges on top. I never said Pagano wouldn't get another job CC1. What I said was were else is he going go & have such a talented offense as INDY? I also said the Browns or Jets might hire him for no more than 1 contract meaning 4-5 yrs. My biggest issue with Pags is that defense was his calling card with the Ravens & in his first press conference he said let's hunt. Not much hunting going on even with our LBs. Yes, he deserves credit for getting to the AFC Championship Game vs the Pats. I won't take that accolade away from him. He earned that. A myriad of coaches would be successful with Luck. I'm not letting Pagano get away with that one. Yeah, all we can do is let the season unfold. No argument there. I've been wrong before. I know that, but I also know that change can be good a la Jack Del Rio in Oakland. Yes, I know Derek Carr is awesome. My point is this: Jack had proven his defensive credentials in Denver & he brought a tougher defensive mentality to the Bay area as a player for the Vikings & former coach of the Jags. It's not always about athleticism in the draft room, but the mental fortitude to change the locker room culture.
  4. Why do you feel the need to act like your the premier authority on football? Just curious. Yes, I know you're completely innocent. Okay, fine. Good to know you're a moderator now keeping the peace on the forum. LOL! Beautiful job of deflecting Jason & creating a far fetched argument just to create a scenario that's like a billion to one. An astroid might hit earth tomorrow so let's just leave Chuck alone right? Oh brother. Under what circumstances then would any NFL HC be let go then? Because you clearly think Chuck is the best INDY can do. I disagree. Why do you think Caldwell was fired in INDY after the 2011 season? A lousy product on the field that struggled to win & the wheels fell off. BTW, do teams with poor records like the Browns or now the Jets sell out stadiums with pathetic losses in a given yr? The answer is no because the product is a joke. I know you're trying to be cute here with your response. Caldwell got fired in INDY because we played like crap in 2011 & before you go on & on about how we didn't having Manning that yr Polian did say he make a mistake thinking that Painter could carry the load & he didn't. Both HCs, OC's, QB coaches are supposed to make sure the backup is at least capable & competent of completing passes & not throwing picks. Funny how I never even mentioned Polian at all & yet you accuse me of making things up earlier or creating things out of thin air. LOL! The only problem with that statement is this: Like Presidents, the buck stops with the head coach or his performance late in the yr as a squad presuming we make the Playoffs. That's not a foregone conclusion either. INDY has a tendency to hold onto players & coaches too long--Bob Sanders, Antoine Bethea, Jim Caldwell, & now Chuck. Dungy I was cool with because he had proven himself defensively in Tampa Bay.
  5. That's perfectly fine NM. Whatever works for you is great. My only issue was with DirectTV thinking that all their customers want to watch programming on other devices. I like my football on TV not on a computer or other devices. To each his/her own I guess.
  6. Again, head coaches are supposed to protect QBs & does 6-3 win the division Jason or get us into the Playoffs? Hades no.
  7. Because I don't throw rose pedals at Pagano, I'm high jacking threads now? A disagreement with maybe 2 individuals on that longevity of status after this season is hardly "highjacking" CC1. Do I start fire Pagano threads routinely or almost everyday? No, I do not. I'm hardly railroading the guy or assembling people with pitchforks & torches to run Chuck out of INDY. He's been here since 2012 & you can't place all the blame at Ryan Grigson's doorstep. I know that what Chuck supporters are thinking that Chuck was derailed or impeded by our former GM. I'll give you say 45% of that as an excuse but no more than that. If Pags is still here next yr, I'll deal with it, but we won't be competing for a championship for at least 4 more yrs. I'm convinced on that. Pagano is not the answer to Lombardi glory.
  8. Yes, Ted was very good playing the uptight, old white guy too rigid in his ways & slow to change. I remember him as clear as day in Caddyshack yelling at Bill Murray the grounds keeper "Do you have any idea what a gofer can do to a golf course?! And then Bill blows up the whole course with explosives & still doesn't get the gofer. LOL! I also remember him On Mary Tyler Moore's Show as well as gender roles saw women entering the workforce & her gradual acceptance by the men in the newsroom. It took awhile, but eventually she broke through & proved that women weren't just flaky bimbos only good for dictation & getting the men coffee etc. etc. I think that was 1 of the first shows to have single women or recently divorced women in it too.
  9. I used to get a kick out of Late night host Craig Ferguson's crush on actress Karen Gillan who played Amy Pond on the show Dr. Who & then I googled her name. Nice. Craig even had a miniature telephone booth on his desk too. I watched Dr. Who on PBS as a kid. Local TV before cable was even available yet.
  10. Really, you didn't like Becker on CBS PT? I'm surprised. That's fine of course. I loved 2 things about that show: A character named Bob [Saverio Guerra] who always addressed himself in the 3rd person & nothing was ever his fault. @BOTT told me that there's a character on Seinfeld that perfected this technique first &, for awhile, Bob was my motivation for referring to myself as SW1 all the time in my early forum posts. BOTT told me once, he always laughed when a forum member would ask me why do you call yourself SW1 so often? In addition, I liked the diner owner named Regina [Terry Farrell] because I also thought she was easy on the eyes as well. Terry also played Jadzia Dax on "Star Trek: Deep Space 9." Can I please get trapped on a remote planet with her? Her markings in her body character wise were leopard like too. An interesting dynamic in more ways than one. Enough said. What can I say I like diversity? Wink; Wink.
  11. Fred Dryer & Clint Eastwood did have nearly identical receding hairlines so visually, it was a good match anyway. Hunter had good chemistry on the small screen with his female partner Dee Dee McCall played by Stepfanie Kramer too. They worked well together I thought.
  12. Fred was good in that show & I did watch that show regularly when NBC ran it in their prime time lineup on Saturdays I believe. Fred also did an episode on Cheers as a sports TV celebrity when he asked Sam Malone to sit in 1 night & do a weekend segment for him & Sam crashed & burned on the air.
  13. Now that you mention it, Pacific Blue was more or less Baywatch On Bicycles wasn't it? Shanna qualifies as a nice TV diversion too OUM. You have a good eye. I feel a Def Leppard song coming on. ['Pour Some Sugar On Me' reference]. Just kidding!
  14. You can say that again OUM. Paula Trickey was very nice as a scenic distraction. She's the only reason I even watched that show to be honest. LOL! I know that's wrong on so many levels & I don't care either. Arrest me please Paula come on. My kind of stop & frisk.
  15. Nobody mentioned "Freaks & Geeks" yet about odd ball students at a Michigan high school just trying to fit in. It only ran for 1 season on NBC I think but that show resonated with me on so many levels: Divorce, puberty, uncertainty about what the future holds, & tribes in school...Nerds, jocks, metal heads, goodie too shoes, Math experts; rebels, pot smokers, & parents & teachers trying to mold you into upstanding adults with uneven results. Okay, Joan Jett rocks & besides, this show put Judd Apatow on the map as a producer & director.

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