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  1. I'm surprised Vladimir Putin didn't take it along with Kraft's SB ring. That was my first thought. But then again, the Russian leader always rides around shirtless on horseback so, why cover those pecks up right? Wink; Wink. Slams a vodka shot & fires a AK47 into the air.
  2. I never knew that Kurt Warner had a similar problem back in his heyday either. Yeah, you're right Bogie, you'd think a former grocery store employee to HOF QB rags to riches story would generate more dough even on the Mexican, underground market or some Middle Eastern Saudi prince or something. I agree 100%
  3. I hope you received your customary percentage fee as Luck's talent agent there MCM. This sounds just like something Chewbacca would actually say too.
  4. Is Andrew the next Dan Marino? Well, I haven't seen Andrew Luck in any Nutrisystem for Men TV commercials yet CR91. Does that clear things up? Sorry man, just goofing around pal.
  5. Your post is a valid one CC1. I get where you coming from & I will concede that no QB can win any Championship in isolation. Very true.
  6. Mirror mirror what? Has Matthew Stafford played in a conference championship game in his career yet? How many division titles have his Lions won since he become the starter vs Luck in that same timeframe? I hate stats because they are a arbitrary weed out criteria system that only tells a tiny insignificant picture of a QB's clout & legacy.
  7. Up until Jerome Bettis won his Ring at Ford Field in 1995 against Mike Holmgren's Seahawks, you could probably make a valid argument that a quality TE, FB, WR, & gunner with speed was required to get a good return on special teams CC1, but now from about 1999 with Kurt Warner's greatest show on turf thru 2016, the game of football has become ariel torpedoes in my humble opinion & backs like Levon Bell in Pittsburgh are more valued for his hands & crisp route cuts then short goal line touchdowns in my estimation CC1. The great neutralizer is a solid defense which allows QBs more opportunities to score points on a shorter field. My point is this: An elite QB with a high powered arm has a better shot at winning a ring with a mediocre offense as long as the defense is a smothering one. Today's game isn't dependent on a high caliber arsenal around your QB, but a D that stops their opponent on 3rd down consistently.
  8. It wouldn't necessarily speed up the flow of a game, but I've always wondered why sideline reporters always ask both coaches to evaluate their play in the first half & what their team needs to improve on in the 2nd half. The answer is always the same--less sacks, less picks, gotta make better decisions with the ball, & own the time of possession by running the ball & bleeding out the clock. It's like a comedy routine where the fans already know the punchline before the joke soft question is even asked.
  9. Humor me, did the subject of making referees permanent 12 month employees even get raised? It's a rhetorical question, we all know the answer to already given how financially strapped the owners are barely making ends meet. Sigh....Unbelievable...Yes, bad calls can still be made on the field, but if the league paid for full time precision that's exactly what they would receive in droves via money, professionalism, & attention to detail.
  10. How come when Al Michaels says NBC will be right back after these messages on air he's never right back at all? Just joking! Maybe teachers never bestowed upon him the sense of urgency in the words right back. Alright; Alright. I promise to knock it off & stop being so literal. SW1 can't help it if he's a sarcastic son of a gun you know.
  11. Just curious OUM: Did this dilemma ever get mentioned? Say I'm watching the Colts game or the NY Giants on NFL Sunday Ticket & it's a blowout by both clubs score wise. So, the geniuses in their infinite wisdom decide to switch to another game later on at random. Did that ever come up? That very thing happened to me a few times while recording the game on my DVR. I try to watch it later on & a portion of the game is not there. I was so furious over that because if you follow favorite teams & expect to see the entire game, it is quite frustrating when they flip games around with no channel notice if you were gone while recoding the actual game.
  12. You know what I always find ironic? I watch tennis quite a bit & even though the US Open, the Australian Open, & Wimbledon matches can last almost 4 hours in some cases; the pace of the game feels faster than professional football because clocks are everywhere & computer technology tells you quickly whether a ball landed in or out. Plus, the main judge on duty resolves disputes in pretty short order. Yeah, I realize 2 competitors on grass or clay is easier to resolve than say if a WR maintained possession of a ball in bounds dragging the 2nd foot with control. I just think that tennis games move faster than football games even when they literally last an hour longer.
  13. My big pet peeve along the lines of what Bogie said about penalties is when a LB or DE grazes the QB's face mask with a finger & roughing the passer is called. Please. Look, if the QB's helmet is spun around & pulled hard or the QB is driven into the ground like a pile driver spike, I'm all for the yellow flag or if he hit both high & low during a sack. But, a barely touched helmet call always ticks me off. I know; I know. If the QB goes down your team's season is over & your TV ratings plummet. I get it. A necessary evil to keep field generals upright.
  14. That was very eloquently stated NCF. Fans want instant gratification now with next to no tolerance for waiting for anything. People don't even talk anymore they text right next to each other. LOL! And family minivans have to play video games & movies for small children on long trips. Yelling & annoying my sister is how we bonded on long trips man. Dad yelled at us, threatened to spank us & turn the car around, & we all simmered down & fell asleep.
  15. I really like your example that you laid out here Yehoodi because if a fan knew when the bulk of the breaks were going to be dumped in terms of commercials with a countdown clock on the bottom of your television screen once regular programming or the game resumed that would benefit so many NFL enthusiasts at large. Yeah I know, this would never happen because advertisers would know during a certain block of time no consumer is paying attention or thinking about their product. I just hate when you go through a barrage of ads, watch the game for 5 minutes, & then undergo what feels like an air raid of ads again, which feels like an eternity. Either that, or show cheerleader routines more. Trust me, the ratings among male fans would steadily climb in every market even on lousy squads with declining ticket sales.

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