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  1. southwest1

    Colts pump up draft video

    You're right he didn't. I just meant that had he not been hampered by his ankle injury. The pendulum would have swung heavily in our favor.
  2. On the one hand, I get the idea behind moving down for more draft ammo that can be applied next year. Here's what makes me leery though. What other franchise is known for stockpiling picks? Cleveland & Hue Jackson. Sometimes, more is just more. I guess I have grown accustom to the fact that INDY seldom moves from their draft locations in previous seasons & I took comfort in the fact that our philosophy typically was stay where you're at & grab the BPA sitting there. I get the notion that we have so many holes to fill that massaging our position & dropping down makes sense with other willing team partners, but at a certain point, a bunch of 2's & 3's from Buffalo doesn't exactly trip my trigger man. Give us at least one 1. Ballard will make this move & I'm fine with it even though I was hoping for a shot at Nelson. Chicago will probably grab him anyway.
  3. southwest1

    Dwight Freeney set to retire as Colt

    Preach my brother! Preach! None of blame him naturally. What might have been CBE. What might have been...It hurts man.
  4. southwest1

    Dwight Freeney set to retire as Colt

    Thanks for the heads up NCF. I usually only flip on that channel occasionally, but if Jeff Saturday & now Dwight Freeney is there. I need to tune in more often. After watching his retirement speech today on the official website, it doesn't surprise me that he'd be phenomenal. Dwight has a nice flow even when speaking off the cuff & the dude is naturally funny. He's impossible not to like.
  5. southwest1

    Dwight Freeney set to retire as Colt

    Sweet You Tube clip there LD. The German booth commentary gives it additional teeth & bravo. Plus, I like listening to stuff in other languages even if I have no idea what the hades is being said. I get a kick out of where other cultures place their inflections or excited emphasis. Soccer analysts covering American Football is the best! Jesus, it's so darn funny. It really is. I know you were paying a well deserved tribute to Freeney. I promise to be serious & behave myself now. All your points were spot on BTW.
  6. southwest1

    Dwight Freeney set to retire as Colt

    We do? I can't watch that %&*^ play even in 2018. It still gets me angry. I applaud you for taking the high road CC1. You're a better man than I am.
  7. southwest1

    Colts pump up draft video

    Yes, Colin edited that footage together quite well. That Dwight Freeney 2009 SB section was bitter sweet though because if he could have gotten more pressure on Brees in the 2nd half I'm pretty confident INDY would have earned their 2nd ring. I love Dwight, respect the hades out of Drew, but if Freeney would have been at full strength it would have changed everything.
  8. Your direct approach always makes me laugh man. Here's hoping I never irritate you JC. I get what you were driving at. You just wanted a window into how Superman breaks draft prospects down & what his measuring stick for success or failure is. I get it. Superman, you always have the cool, calm, & collected approach. I admire that too. Look, I respect both of you gentlemen & at 1 point, I wanted Barkley bad myself. Not so much anymore given our need for pass rushers. Keep being direct JC. I know you face flack for it sometimes, but I like it & Supes I'm amazed how you never get upset & never take anything personally under fire.
  9. I do wonder on shows like NFL LIVE & NFL Total Access how many paid employees on the payroll have any scouting experience vs just being former players. I realize some will disclose on air which front office they used to work for publicly. However, the weird thing about talent evaluating seems to be the less you played the better are you tend to be at it. Seems like it would be the other way around, but it's not.
  10. southwest1

    Time for some "NASTY" players who bring the FEAR FACTOR...

    Not to date myself or indicate how old I am either, but yes, I remember AOL dialup well too. Funny to think that dialup was cutting edge once now isn't it? I'm probably the only person in North America without an iPhone too. Twitter & texting annoys me. Maybe it's because I was rear ended once over a texting distraction issue by another driver.
  11. southwest1

    Time for some "NASTY" players who bring the FEAR FACTOR...

    Actually, BP87 did say this earlier in this thread: "Squaring and wrapping up while delivering a big blow with your shoulder center mass is still allowed." He's not advocating unbridled savagery. Just operate within current rules with attitude. Both of you are essentially saying the same thing IMO DGB.
  12. It's all fun & games until somebody goes for the jugular baby. Sorry Chuck, but MKH is a truth teller man. Off Topic Side note: Forum member BOTT was right when he asked the question: Why does the NFL require fans to go to the You Tube link inside their video to see game footage? Seems counterproductive if your goal is to increase fan expose of your product on a global scale doesn't it? Drives me nuts. Carry on...
  13. Good point CMO. We need to see Luck in the huddle for 16 weeks before we worry about the Pats. Yes, I know there are no huddles in the league anymore just up tempo offenses. I miss huddles though, but I digress.
  14. southwest1

    How Lucky were we all..

    Yes, I know you were kidding. I wasn't really raking you over the coals for that line. I will enjoy watching Luck make that first throw though just to end this conspiracy nonsense that the front office & our owner are hiding something on purpose. Some folks have vivid imaginations I guess. I like espionage movies as much as anybody, but even I know Tom Clancy is dead now & owners wanna make money ergo Andrew is progressing & will be there when the games count for real.
  15. southwest1

    How Lucky were we all..

    I see what you did there LJ. I'm pretty sure Luck will play. Andrew is having no setbacks & we still have May, June, & July to hone his release, his strength, & build up his muscle memory. I'm not worried personally. Chewy will be ready to go by training camp & be under center in September.