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  1. Tony Donahue: It's very possible that Luck never plays again

    Not that I'm laughing at anybody's injury...Just that your line fits into Andrew's work ethic & that he's so driven to get back on the field & win games with his teammates that sometimes his zealousness to return & make a division run set his progress back a little as you suggest my friend. It contradicts the theory that Luck is lazy, uncommitted, & not driven to play football 24/7 doesn't it? The real reason QBs retire, as you know, is they know all the head coach's slogans/motivational tactics; their wife says enough is enough dear come home & give me a reprieve from the kids; the thrill of film study has faded over the yrs; or you're just tired of being hit/sacked by Julius Peppers & Luke Kuechly. To quote Danny Glover in the 'Lethal Weapon' movie franchise "I'm gettin' too old for this crap." LOL!
  2. Tony Donahue: It's very possible that Luck never plays again

    Thank you for your well reasoned reply CBE. You're exactly right reminding everybody about Drew Brees's shoulder. So many GMs thought he was done. Sean Payton took a flyer on him in Louisiana, he wins a SB in 2009, reached 6,000 yards faster than any other NFL QB, & oh yeah, the Saints have won like 6 straight games & totally resurrected their season. Brees is the perfect example for success with major shoulder surgery that didn't derail or end his career early either. A great point.
  3. Tony Donahue: It's very possible that Luck never plays again

    Okay, I need to say this out loud. I find it disturbing that some forum members are actually advocating for the Colts to draft another QB & actually believe that Luck isn't passionate about football. What the hades folks?! Luck grew up in NFL Europe as a kid in Germany man when his father was the Commissioner over there. He's known the Manning Family forever & Jimmy even asked Peyton if Andrew was the right guy to lead Indianapolis after him on the field for crying out loud. I've said this before & I'll say it again. Luck was instrumental in getting us to the Deflate Game just 2 yrs ago in 2015. He's made of the right stuff. We have the right guy to win a Championship post Manning. Look, I understand that the forum is a place for the free exchange of ideas without fear of intimidation or retaliation from other members, but don't panic over 1 bad injury prone yr alright. To quote Princeton Tiger, "Everything will be okay" next yr. I also agree completely with Jvan & others who have said that they thought QB Jacoby Brissett played reasonably well given the circumstances of the trade with NE & how well he has played given the limited timeframe Jacoby has had to familiarize himself with INDY's playbook. He is hardly as horrible as some fans have asserted. He's basically just a rookie who won a couple of games. He exceeded my expectations thus far anyway.
  4. Tony Donahue: It's very possible that Luck never plays again

    What kind of ridiculous nonsense is this? Don't you think it's premature to float Luck's retirement at this juncture while Andrew is still recovering & rehabbing? Weren't you the same guy who inferred that JJ Watt's career was winding down & bordering on retirement too? Look D75, you're free to subscribe to whatever conspiracy theory you want of course. However, I think that both Andrew & JJ are far from done in the NFL. Let's not put anybody out to pasture just yet shall we.
  5. How long do we play luck if he comes back horrible?

    Thank you for this reply Jared. It does make you wonder if fools who want Andrew gone would realize how stupid they were once he heals & starts making the Colts a force to be reckoned with again. It would be like a guy dumping a gorgeous girlfriend who pays all your bills simply because she belches to often for your liking. Then, you go your separate ways & realize holy moly man what the hades have I done?! No!......... Translation: I appreciate your humor & that you always speak your mind regardless of the consequences or backlash. That takes you know what & all my friends possess that surplus quality. Keep doing what you do man.
  6. How long do we play luck if he comes back horrible?

    Sadly no, my friend. Think of these threads as therapy without a large bill 2 weeks later for venting, cursing, & taking complaining to an art form like film director Woody Allen does or comedian Larry David on HBO's "Curb Your Enthusiasm" does. A colorful, metaphor free for all in 1 spot BR-549.
  7. How long do we play luck if he comes back horrible?

    You do recall that Luck was instrumental or played a crucial role in getting us to the Deflate Game in 2015 right? Yes, I know NE kicked our caboose 45-7, but we still played in the game on the brink of the SB just 2 yrs ago. Yes, I know fans are ticked off that we not competing for a divisional title & our season is basically over. Once we get say Special Teams Coach Dave Toub from the Chiefs we'll be fine. Actually, Jared mentioned that name in the past & I really like that candidate/selection. Plus, John Harbaugh got his start in Philly as a Special Teams coach before winning a SB in Baltimore & those guys in that spot understand how vital field position is. They know a little bit about everybody else's position on offense & defense. We need an experienced guy & Dave is it. Go after him hard Jimmy. Please, please, please...
  8. Castanzo carted off after walk-through/warm ups....

    Why does the strength & conditioning coach position always haunt this franchise like an albatross around our team's neck? Sigh...I'm not claiming it's deliberate or even intentional just that we always seem snake bit in this area for as long as I can remember. I pray that Anthony Castonzo will be okay or at least recover quickly.
  9. Castanzo carted off after walk-through/warm ups....

    Can you start covering press briefings in INDY M-432? LOL! They're much more bearable under yr guidance & jurisdiction my friend. You Rock! In all seriousness to Chuck, I do feel for the guy. I know it's brutal being HC right now Pagano.
  10. Andrew Luck is not injured.

    I nominate Lolly to lead a field trip on a fact finding mission & bring back shall we say "treats" enough for everybody of course. Wink;wink. Plus, these goodies will make a challenging Colts season go much, much smoother. Just kidding! Can we swing by Amsterdam too. Call it cultural sighseeing to expand our horizons district by district. Enough said. Okay, I'll stop before I go too far.
  11. Andrew Luck is not injured.

    Cute. No matter how many times I read or read that line, it makes me laugh like the phrase infinite wisdom or Central Intelligence Agency. Thanks RTB for the chuckle.
  12. Andrew Luck is not injured.

    My kind of beautifully deployed sarcasm right there buddy. Well played.
  13. Andrew Luck is not injured.

    Do you really want me to answer that question TD? I started out in a wheelchair when I was little as a small child & progressed. I'm assuming you're referring to concussions, ACL tears in a knee, & other side effects of getting hit & sacked in full fledged regular season games. I can't play football in the conventional sense, but if I could & I had the athletic ability to make millions over a 12-15 yr career in the NFL I probably would just to provide financial security for my family for future generations. To answer what I believe you're driving at: Andrew knows the risks of his occupation, I feel horrible that he endured any setbacks, I will never slam our owner [has faults makes me like him more & make him more human--his addiction woes I mean; & finally; INDY will rise from the ashes again just like we did after the 2011 season & HC Jim Caldwell was let go. Patience. We've got the perfect GM now. SW1 ain't going anywhere. I ride with INDY no matter what. The lean yrs makes you appreciate the Championship Yrs even more. We will acquire more hardware under Chewbacca's [Luck's beard] helm. Trust me.
  14. Irsay furious about Luck situation, feels he was misled

    Thanks for your link SS. I really dislike paragraphs like this one from the story. "What we potentially have now is an angry owner, who made public announcements, despite not knowing that he may have been at least partially kept in the dark. This is all while his star quarterback is in the 2nd year of a 6-year, $140 million extension, signed in June of 2016, which pays Luck $27 million in 2017." I say that because it conveys the impression that all owners are greedy & want a return on their investment. Yes, we know as fans that Irsay craves an enthusiastic patronage, jersey sales, ticket sales, & money coming in regularly into Lucas Oil Stadium, but let's not create the misguided perception that Jimmy is heartless & cold about Luck's recovery either. Why are you calling out our face of the franchise? What constructive purpose does this serve exactly? Honest question. We all screw up even me & I've stepped in it more then once in my lifetime. Seriously, creating the misguided rhetoric that Jimmy is either overwhelmed, deceptive, or self absorbed is beyond shortsighted. Do you really think an owner who has been so forthcoming about his ongoing ordeal with alcohol & painkillers with his fanbase would intentionally lie to them? I don't because when you hit rock bottom & are that candid publicly about personal demons that screams sincerity to me. Now, perhaps doctors misinterpreted symptoms & at most, Jimmy was just overly optimistic & wants to win & put a quality product on the field. That's my take on the situation.
  15. Jimmy Garoppolo traded to the 49ers

    I'm with ya on Jimmy G's rookie contract was up & he wanted to actually start CC1. I also know that BB doesn't usually pay top dollar for backups. Honestly, part of me wonders if Mike Shanahan didn't reach out on his son's behalf since both Mike & Bill have tremendous respect for 1 another's football expertise. I know Kyle can handle his own business & all, but those 2 coaches have a mutual admiration society with each other from way back. Hard to believe Jimmy G has 2 SB rings as a backup. Great work if ya can find it.