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  1. I missed this joke the 1st go round. Well played Lolly! I must say that Canadians take little comedic jabs at their country more or less in stride. Cool.
  2. Slightly off topic: You do wonder when August rolls around if Pat will regret leaving INDY for the comedy club stage similar to how retired players struggled their first season away from the game. That itch to pin the ball deep is still there. I know McAfee thought this through. His civilian transition into a new arena, but it's still a battle between...Am I happy now vs I can still make my presence known in a Colts uniform. The other thing you think about once you start doing the comedy circuit is this: Am I genuinely funny anywhere or was I just the funniest dude in our NFL locker room? They are not the same thing & the only way to know for sure is go somewhere where the audience has no idea who you are & see if you tank or not. I know he did radio station skits, but that's not the same as a remote corner of the world symbolically naked in a venue.
  3. If I click this & give you a like does that mean I find your post hilarious or that I agree that it's wrong to find that joke hysterical? LOL! I approve Buck. Doesn't Antonio have like 12 kids too? The child support alone is a pretty penny too.
  4. It looks like Kaps NFL playing days are systematically over. Seattle was the only team that fly him in & even they passed on him even as a backup to Wilson. I don't recall hearing that Pete even asked Collin to throw the ball or demonstrate his footwork either. Regarding being a second string QB to Luck, that will never happen. It looks as though the league has slammed the door on Collin permanently. I don't mind debate questions like this when shoulder pads have not even been put on yet, but Kap is done putting on a uniform. Even the Jets said no thank you & that team will be miserable this yr.
  5. I agree CBFL. Coughlin could be the missing piece for the Jags not once, but twice. My only reservation is this: Being a HC & being a VP of Football Operations requires a transition period & sometimes that transition never comes to fruition completely. Tom could probably pull this off, but nobody knows for sure.
  6. I'm no boxing expert, but like many have already said, Mayweather wins this bout. No knockout though. Floyd rarely puts opponents to sleep at his age. I'd like Conner to pull off an upset, but you don't just become Ali overnight in a new sport.
  7. I usually just go with 10-6 as a reflex since that's what the Colts record usually is. The Jags always have this pattern of big spending on free agents every yr & only winning 5 or 6 games. I can never figure that out Shahid Khan spends all this money to improve & the Jags still flounder like clockwork.
  8. You can sure say that again. I knew Seattle's defense knew how to wrap up TEs, WRs, & hassle QBs all game long. I just didn't realize that the Hawks could lay day the lumber with such force until that night. I knew RW was legit, but I have to remind myself that the Pacific NW team wasn't known as the force of nature they became with the "Legion Of Boom" yet. Outside of Seattle fans, coaches, & players, Pete Carrol's squad--how good they were--caught everybody but Jim Harbaugh by surprise since both Jim & Pete faced each other in college as head coaches back in the day. I'm still disappointed in Decker & that humiliating Broncos SB loss. I know I need to let this go, but it's hard. I can accept any loss as long as you put up a valiant dog fight. Tragically, that never materialized. Yeah, I know Seattle was a buzzsaw that yr but still...Watching that SB was like standing in line to view the casket at a funeral. Sigh...No, I'm not blaming #18 BTW.
  9. That's a job, temporary or permanent, nobody would ever want. Bring on the ulcer or other health ailment. Killing a player's football dreams with 3 fatal works: Bring your playbook. Yes, I know it is possible for another team to pick you up on the waver wire. The sad thing is the NFL community meaning those who get to play it, start, or be on the practice squad is small.
  10. While that is definitely true that the Seahawks defense was formidable back in 2013 CC1, it really doesn't matter how many other teams struggle against Seattle collectively. Decker played well all yr except in that game or SB. I realize that athletes aren't machines, but the interaction I was having with Chad72 drove home the point that Eric collapsed when Peyton Manning needed him the most. Yes, I realize that 18 was under fire a lot courtesy of Kam Chancellor & Richard Sherman. However, top tier WRs find ways to get back to your franchise QB when things are not going well on the field. Is it a crime that Decker underperformed in that SB? No, but elite WRs show up when an offense's wheels fall off.
  11. Looking for to the grand reveal....#18 in bronze. I can wait. I don't need to see the artist's rendering.
  12. The fascinating thing about that whole situation was the lesson it taught coaches in the NFL. You wanna bond with your players, but not want to turn into Rex Ryan once he stopped competing for SBs in NY. My point here is this: Jim realized the danger in a comic moment that goes viral--If you are seen as a clown in the locker room, no player will view you as an authority figure/leader to be taken seriously anymore. You can be funny & famous just not infamous. Mr. Mora can do that "Playoffs" line as a private citizen & it's hysterical now, but back in his INDY coaching days, there's a fine line between disciple & signature humor stick.
  13. What makes this post funny is your shall we say your Maple Leaf intro 21. Like a strike in bowling that you can feel coming even before you release the ball, that set up is priceless.
  14. If you wanna make the argument that mocking Grigson had a limited comedy shelf life now that we have a new GM in Ballard, that seems reasonable. Kind of like making jokes about Jim Mora in 2017. Okay, I will admit his "Playoffs?" line never gets old. Perhaps that's not the best case for me to make on dated material that loses it's potency & luster over time. Pat wouldn't keep making Ryan jokes if his audience didn't still want or demand it though.
  15. When elite QBs are struggling, that's when you find out the toughness, resiliency, & determination of the WRs on your roster CC1. I did say that Decker's presence on his new squad makes the Titans instantly better. So, athletic talent is clearly there. I just had reservations about his will or drive to get open in clutch moments that's all.

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