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  1. Your Final Four QBs. Bortles, Keenum, Foles....

    Hey there Yehoodi, I always admire your balanced objectivity about your Massachusetts football team every single yr since I've known you. You know how formidable the Jags are with their LBs, secondary, & ability to collapse the pocket up the middle when necessary. No easy path to victory as you suggest. Yep, the playoff Gods can make anything happen this time of yr. I know I said in another thread that NE has enough hardware already, but I also understand why loyal NE fans would like to go out on top with this coaching staff since McDaniels, Patricia, & so many integral parts of this 2001 dynasty ride will be gone next season. I get it. Win or lose on Sunday, major props to Bill, Robert, Tom for all the success this franchise has pulled off over a decade. 5 SBs with a possible 6th in the midst is nothing to sneeze at or dismiss outright. It will be a dogfight for the ages regardless of the final score.
  2. As far as the McDaniels article is concerned, I'm a firm believer in giving Josh another shot at coaching. As long as he's not running the video department at LOS, I'm cool with it. Walk away from the camera Josh & remember, you're not Bill Belichick & this city will embrace you with a clean slate. You are gifted on offense. Just stick with what you know & nobody's getting fired early. Kapeesh. Good.
  3. Nice to see the return of my favorite ole LB. Missed ya Brent! I hope you, RG, the kids, & your dogs are all thriving buddy. I know I'm tired of the Pats winning so much hardware. It's not that that team isn't exceptionally coached & all. I just wanna see the Vikings win it all in their own backyard. That would be a okay to me. I like the Eagles too. But, I'd like to see the Eagles win it all when QB Carson Wentz is healthy all yr long provided INDY isn't in the Playoff hunt down the road of course.
  4. We’re not doing the Star Wars stuff again

    Nope, we just stepped into the land of Mordor. I love the messed up minds of my friends on here. Deviations rock! Where the hades is Gandalf with the Eagles anyway? Gandalf is the best, but for a wizard he's notoriously tardy man. Just sayin'. Okay, I'll shut up now. Carry on...
  5. We’re not doing the Star Wars stuff again

    You don't often leave a ton of posts, but when you do drop some wisdom, it is always priceless BHC. A true Jedi master at impeccably placed sarcasm. Hades, I'll bet you could even pull off the Princess Leia cinnabon look with style & flair too. You know make it your own.
  6. Beautifully stated Chad. I'd expect nothing less from you. I've been known to take my own detour myself more than once depending on what kind of mood I'm in. Neither you or Jared did anything wrong. Besides, I like train wrecks personally. They're very educational & nobody knows where in hades we're going. My dad always says "Take a good look around because I don't how I got here or if we'll ever see this place again so, enjoy it while it lasts." Yeah, I'm twisted but in a good way. I know this thread is long & I just made it longer. I've been gone for awhile & I'm making up for lost time.
  7. Anything that ticks off Cowboys fans is automatically awesome & a move in the right direction. Bah Haa! I like the cut of your jig 21. Nice. Son of a...Lucy pulls the football away from Charlie Brown again. Darn it! LMAO! I stand corrected. Comic genius man. Touche CVA. Pete Carroll, Tom Coughlin, & the Grey Hoodie all stumbled early with their first coaching spots & won hardware with their 2nd NFL gigs in new cities with different franchises. It's a good omen & a common trend MOB. Hang in there.
  8. If "Star Lord" is happy [Guardians Of The Galaxy" joke] then this is my kind of foreshadowing baby! Very next level Crush22. You get bonus points for that kind of next level humor dude. I know right? Tampering comes to mind. It's the first thing I said out loud too Nadine. I love the unvarnished honesty in all your posts Jared. Very refreshing & funny. Keep it up! I thought the League frowned on tampering. You cannot make anything official until NE season is over. Don't get me wrong, I like this hire a lot. I just don't want Jimmy to get fined that's all.
  9. Something Interesting I Read The Other Day.

    I've been away from the forum due to a recent family tragedy KING, but thank you for such kind words on my behalf. I just didn't want you to think that I didn't value your insights & contributions either because I do. Trust me, it's a mutual admiration society on my end as well. Chris Ballard is definitely the key to surrounding Luck with talent, not to mention a quality defense if given say 3-4 yrs in order to generate more turnovers & by definition touches for Luck to get touchdowns provided his shoulder is fine that is.
  10. Colts to Interview McDaniels on Thursday

    So, you prefer Geico Insurance then? Or prehistoric paleontology is your favorite hobby?
  11. Colts to Interview McDaniels on Thursday

    I'm not a speed demon typist Buddy. That's what took me so long. What's life insurance got to do with anything? I get it financial security & all, but you can't hug a policy now can ya? You can still be the safest driver on the planet & get into an accident Buddy. Black ice for instance. Never even brought up that players are suicidal BTW. Not sure where to go with that one. Again, my point was simple: Championship hardware doesn't give a HC the right to demand an unreasonable request of his subordinates that's it.
  12. Colts to Interview McDaniels on Thursday

    One second let me skim what you originally wrote again. Be right back. You asked me what my point was & I told you: SB rings doesn't give BB the divine right of a king to demand that his players show up on time in a really bad snow storm or just book a room at a hotel. Can he tell his employees when they can urinate too? Some demands are just unreasonable. I really don't care how much money players make. Totally unnecessary for the discussion we are having right now. This is a question of risk & reasonable safety pure & simple. I feel bad for anybody required to work during a blizzard. Glad to hear you made it back home safely Buddy. Normally, weather conditions can be overcome with planning ahead sure. My problem is that Bill doesn't seem to grasp that sometimes enough is enough & someone has to tell the Grey Hoodie no. First Jimmy G gone & now this. Blasphemy!
  13. Colts to Interview McDaniels on Thursday

    You really can't grasp my overall point? I highly doubt that, Winning SB rings doesn't warrant unfettered loyalty as a badge of honor simply because a HC might his 6th ring in January. By making the argument that these men are professionals totally lets Bill off the hook should any teammate die on the freeway during a once in say 20 yr snow storm of hazardous driving conditions. Thank you for proving my point Buddy Lee. We're not talking about smoke jumpers or SWAT team people here who take on real risk as part of their general job description.
  14. Colts to Interview McDaniels on Thursday

    Look, I know the weather can get down right nasty on the east coast with record snow storms. That's not the point. Just plan ahead. Within reason, I can work with that or around that. But, there is a point where common sense should prevail & Robert Kraft says to his employee "Bill, you aren't being reasonable here because you can get up 3 hours early, clear off your car, drive super slow, get into an accident, & die or suffer life threatening injuries & frost bite for instance. Knock it off. " I get exceptions like say you're a reporter working for news network on election night & you need to meet a deadline for your paper & can't go home until the editor has your column & approves it 1st or a blizzard hits your city out of the blue & you're simply stranded at work for a while.
  15. Colts to Interview McDaniels on Thursday

    Yeah, I heard that tid bit later on as the story gained more traction too. What Bill doesn't seem to grasp though is this: These are grown men with wives & children & if anybody died on the freeway trying to drive to work that puts this franchise into a huge cluster bleep public relations nightmare. Yes, I know professional football is a professional job that requires sacrifice away from loved ones in order to achieve greatness. However, wives need breaks too & if their spouse rolls their SUV off the freeway into a snow bank or off a bridge & EMT specialists can't get to them in time before the unthinkable happens, I personally would reign down holy you know what on Bill & his arrogant stupidity. This isn't some kid who oversleeps & misses a team flight. It's just not as simple as saying stay at a hotel Bill, These men are not your Patriot Way slaves Bill. His rings don't give him the right to demand stuff like to me at all & I get so mad when he gets a pass for nonsense like this arrogant stunt. What Bill I might be late for 1 practice so I don't care about the team or it's success? Please... And another thing, say you don't make that much money salary wise, but a coordinator upgraded to start next week in the Divisional round of the playoffs, how expensive are these 2 motels to reside at? If the price is high & expenses are tight that's not right either unless Kraft agrees to pickup the cost for everybody on the roster for the circumstances that is. Sure, you bet my friend. We'll definitely touch base soon.