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  1. And how often do OT games go over 10 minutes? Here's an article about exactly what I'm saying. Over the past 5 years 83 games have gone into OT, of which 22 went past 10 minutes. That's 26% of the games. Not that big of a deal to me. You have to take into account the fact that coaches were working with 15 minutes and that affects their decision making. You're going to have to wait and see.
  2. Wow, pure speculation on your part with zero evidence of any of the claims you are making. Automatic tie? Please elaborate with some evidence, otherwise it's hyperbole. Me mentioning the amount of games going over 10 minutes has a DIRECT CONNECTION to games ending in ties. If 9/10 end of regulation tied games, do not go past 10 minutes of OT, is it really increasing the number of tie games by a large amount? No. Literally speaking it can lead to a game tying sooner than it may have with the extra 5 minutes. However, statistically speaking the chances of it happening are slim. Come on man, use some common sense.
  3. Because most OT games don't go past 10 minutes. It also doesn't mean more games will end in a tie because most games don't end regulation in a tie. If they do go into overtime, they don't usually go beyond 10 minutes. You also have the overtime rules wrong. Both teams get a possession unless the first team score a TD. So unless you can look up and provide proof that all OT games go beyond 10 minutes, then you're wrong on all accounts. Thank you, come again.
  4. By saying that true Colts fans know that this best team is outrageous, you show your bias. To objective people, it's not hard to believe. I mean we have been... two years in a row. 1. Yes he definitely nailed the draft. There's hope he bolstered our D. 2. We still need way better O-line improvement. In the last 7 games he was sacked 8 times, but 4 were in one game. 3. Grigson was actually more active than Ballard, and signed bigger names. Ballard didn't really sign any big names. 4. Nothing to do with us winning the SB. Ya he needs to step up, bit he can't make bad players play better. 5. Not true. Texans can reach 11 games easily. They won the division twice with no QB to speak of. The titans have continuously improved in great strides and it's not impossible for them to get close to 11 games either.
  5. Yes. I thought it was stupid then. But he was on the injury report I thought.
  6. Lol, there was no hiding Collie's concussions.
  7. Wait what? How does shortening OT mean more games will end in a tie? Do they mean more tied games at the end of regulation will end in a tie? That's different. But honestly, I would like to see how many OT games go more than 10 minutes.
  8. So if everyone does it, its ok? Every team that hides injuries need to be held accountable. That's not saying that the Patriots necessarily did, but it means that excuse is lame.
  9. Did the board completely change whole I was away? Is he now he-who-must-not-be-named?
  10. I would give her more credibility than anyone else besides a medical professional. Of course, no patriots physician is going to come out and day this is true, not of they want to keep their job. Don't be that guy.
  11. Brady has already said he wants to play until he's like 47, on top of that they were playing for a championship. He's too competitive to let a concussion take him out. Gisele has a right to day something if she is worried about his health.
  12. You don't think she knows how medical history? C'mon.
  13. Umm.. why would he?
  14. I'm surprised thos hasn't been posted yet. I think we knew the Patriots were doing this, but this is straight from Gisele. Patriots cheating again.
  15. So then close enough to 50 also wanted manning. Seems like an even split.

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