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  1. Narcosys

    CB Bashaud Breeland likely to sign with Colts

    Seven pages in five days, and no new news since then...wth are we talking about?
  2. Narcosys

    Legalized Sports Gambling Is Coming

    Lol, exactly. Exacerbated the problem 10 fold.
  3. Narcosys

    Legalized Sports Gambling Is Coming

    Its all about it being tracked and taxed. So long as it can be taxed, the government doesn't care.
  4. They do more than teach mechanics. They teach a lot of shoulder strengthening exercises and movements. I expected him to go there after watching the video someone posted about the 30 year old high school coach, with a shattered elbow, throwing 90+ mph pitches after he developed a new training regime. Tom house incorporated this into his program. Deals with strengthening the rear shoulder motions that occur after release as much as the front ones used in throwing before release. Increases the overall strength, speed, control, and accuracy of the arm.
  5. Narcosys

    Rigoberto Sanchez 2017 Highlights

    We all can joke, but those are some seriously good kicks.
  6. Narcosys

    Colts Rookie Minicamp 5/11/2018

    I was thinking the same thing: thread about minicamp but less about the camp and more about drama.
  7. It's a reporter reporting on a reporter who is getting the same canned answers that we've always been getting...somehow the sky is falling now.
  8. It's no different if they let one person interview or multiple. They will be at the mercy of anyone who writes. It's not like he was given full access and they had to give him everything he wanted. Dude, calm down.
  9. Narcosys

    Colts sign 9 of 11 draft picks

    A lot if it is though. Not much of it is negotiable, as has already been explained.
  10. Narcosys

    Colts sign 9 of 11 draft picks

    If it's a reach, then he did it too quick lol
  11. Narcosys

    Colts sign 9 of 11 draft picks

    But these should all be standard contracts now with the rookie wage scale, position dependent of course. It should just be a matter of inputting the wage, the name, and position dependent stats and be done.
  12. Narcosys

    Nyhiem Hines our Dion Lewis

    Oh I wasn't siding one way or another, just curious as to the actual distance covered between the two and difference it translates into. More than I thought but not as huge as implied.
  13. Narcosys

    Nyhiem Hines our Dion Lewis

    How many extra yards does that translate into over 40 yards? Does he beat him by three yards, five yards, less, or more? Edit: Chris Johnson ran 9.434 yds/s(rounded to nearest thousandth) Hines is 9.132 yds/s Taking Hines yds/s by Johnson's time means Hines would have ran 38.7 yards when Johnson finished. So 1.3 yards, or 3' 11"
  14. It's a joke about how coaches always say that, it's a joke about how little he played, it's a joke about his role in games. Its a joke.