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  1. Mike Silver Calls out Ballard

    He hasn't done much to improve the roster and letting our own good players walk. That's nothing to me.
  2. Rashaan Melvin To Raiders [Merge]

    I swear if we lose him, it'll be another example of Ballard's ineptitude. As is we may be struggling to reach the minimum spending.
  3. Sounds exactly like before and after marriage lol.
  4. Mike Silver Calls out Ballard

    So doing nothing is fixing?
  5. It's not a trend you want to take with a qb who's already been in 6 years.
  6. There's only two options here: ballard is doing what he says and not offering enough to get players, which is going to get around that he under values people; or nobody wants to join this team regardless of money and will snow ball to the point of us being the next browns.
  7. Colts FA - no news is good news

    Honestly, idk wth is going on. We're sitting here with upwards of $75M of cap space, and we haven't done jack squat. I understand not over paying, but not getting anyone at all is absurd.
  8. Tyrod Taylor News (as it relates to the Colts)

    Why is everyone so hung up on having to get the best of, what is going to be, average QBs? When they can get what is widely considered the unequivocal best player in the draft, and has the best potential for being a very good nfl player? Do I want Trent dilfer or joe flacco? Who cares, neither are good so it doesn't matter who I get.
  9. 4% price increase to Sunday Ticket

    Technically housing is the largest expense, followed by utilities and any social security/pensions you pay in to. Food is a top 5 expense, but largely dependent on the size of the family and how you shop.
  10. What if Denver calls?

    It's not that we won't select him, it's that we trade back to 5th or 6th with qb needy teams, allowing us to get Chubb at a cheaper cost.
  11. Take me in the mind of a Jarvis Landry.

    I've actually never heard of then taking nelson at 4. The browns line wasn't the best, but they were ranked top 10 through the season. Though I haven't tracked who they've lost.
  12. Tyrod Taylor News (as it relates to the Colts)

    But they now have a few years to look at qbs and not waste the first pick that isn't a position of need. barkley then qb, or trade.
  13. Giants acquire Alec ogletree for 2 picks from rams

    See, now that makes sense.
  14. Giants acquire Alec ogletree for 2 picks from rams

    A whole lot of "if"s thrown around there. From all experts, there's virtually no difference in the top 3 prospects, no stand outs. There is zero incentive for them to do that. And again, the value for picks is not there. No team is going to his up two 2nd rounders for one position. Your rams example is horrid. They jumped from 15th to 1st, so of course they are going to give up a lot. I respect your enthusiasm, but your thinking is not realistic.
  15. Giants acquire Alec ogletree for 2 picks from rams

    Why would the browns ever consider moving up one spot when they have an excellent chance at getting the qb they want at 4? Will never happen. Plus moving up one spot does not equal three picks.