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  1. Jared's Fantasy Football Advice for 2017

    Need a flex option. Ted ginn @GB Frank gore vs Jax K. Rudolph vs Bal L. Blount vs Was They all have almost equally appealing match ups.
  2. Kaepernick Files A Grievance Against The NFL

    The dolphins were another, and before he was dropped, Denver was interested in a trade if kaep took a pay cut.
  3. Kaepernick Files A Grievance Against The NFL

    Idk how he will justify it, he's been offered contracts from two different teams.
  4. Luck made Colts defense 'Look silly' as scout O QB

    That's not hard to do.
  5. Horseshoe Blue PPR 2017

    Currently it picks the top two teams in each division. You could potentially have a team in a strong division with a better record than say the second place team in another division. That third guy would be left out even though he has the 3rd or 4th best record. Taking a look at our current standings is a good example. The east is a strong division if you look at the PF. Trueblood and I are tied, but he would be in and I would be out even though my PF is higher. The same goes if I end the season one game ahead of him, and he still gets second in your division. Im out, he's in. But I think you get that, you're not new to this. I understand what you man by randomized. What I'm saying is that leaves the possibility of the champion from last year getting a really good position. If we don't care about last year's placements, then ya it's no big deal. However, if we want to stick to putting the champion in a handicap the next year, then randomizing doesn't work. Its all up to league voting but we have multiple options, as you have presented one I didn't think of. Thank you.
  6. Horseshoe Blue PPR 2017

    But should the champ not get the best pick? Considering they won the previous year, just like in real football, they get the worst pick. Making it random could allow them to get the best pick. A lottery is a possibility, even in conjunction with selecting your position. But typically the worst team should get the better draft position. It doesn't mean they will win it. For playoffs, it makes sense to keep 4. But how do you feel about getting rid of divisions?
  7. Jared's Fantasy Football Advice for 2017

    Pick 1 F. Gore @ Ten L. Blount @ Car R. Cobb @ Min K. Rudolph vs GB
  8. Horseshoe Blue PPR 2017

    Currently defensive scoring is sporadic and can range from 5 points to 40 points. Some people, not anyone in this league that i know of, hate defenses period because they are so inconsistent even in standard scoring leagues. I set the points up when i created the league. Now that the majority of the league has had a few years to see how this plays out, was just interested in gauging how people felt about it. If everyone likes it then I am all for keeping it. They're almost like a wild card.
  9. Horseshoe Blue PPR 2017

    @BPindy, @WarGhost21, @Lucky Colts Fan, @IndyD4U, @Bluefire4, @Btown_Colt, @chad72 Dont know if copying and pasting tags notifies the same way, so just re-entering them manually. Check above post if you haven't seen it. Thanks.
  10. Horseshoe Blue PPR 2017

    @BPindy, @Lucky Colts Fan, @IndyD4U, @Bluefire4, @Btown_Colt, @Coltman51, @chad72 Couple of Ideas about next years format and scoring system. It's obviously early but would like to get the discussion going now while it is fresh in my head. As per the previous poll on ESPN I posted, the idea is to change some of the scoring for defenses. Couple of options would be to increase the yards needed for point/yd return. Increasing it from 25-50 would be a significant increase, and I would need to do a full assessment of the actual points garnered from return yards to find a good spot. Another possibility is to decrease the points per deflection from one point down to .5 points. We could do one of those, both of those, or none of those. If you have any other ideas, please let me know. The next option is for the actual playoff format. Currently it is set up to select the top 2 teams from each division. This can leave good teams out who have better records. A possibility would be to eliminate divisions and select the top 6 teams, with #1 and #2 getting a bye. This would most likely shorten our season from 14 game down to 13 games. The last topic deals with draft order. Currently we use last seasons rankings in reverse order to determine draft order. As we all know, the #1 pick can be as much of a boon as the #9 or #10 pick. The idea is to continue to use the reverse order, but have people select their position, rather than automatically being slotted. This allows the worst performing teams to get the best possible spot. This can be good or bad and I can see both sides of the argument fairly evenly. But it will help alleviate difficulty in determining draft orders when people drop out. Think about it, discuss it, and let me know what you think. As always I would like to get a super majority (7/10) before making any changes. All of these proposed changes would not occur until next year.
  11. PFF Analysis of Colts Performance

    In the current league, he's around 7. But that speaks to the sad state of affairs for qbs around the league.
  12. PFF Analysis of Colts Performance

    The problem is, they are saying he is elite based in what they believe he can play, his potential. It hasn't translated onto the field for me. How is he elite if he makes too many negative plays?
  13. PFF Analysis of Colts Performance

    Ya, heaven forbid someone around here doesn't wear blue tinted glasses.
  14. PFF Analysis of Colts Performance

    That was just last year. People have been saying it since day 1
  15. PFF Analysis of Colts Performance

    If that's all all you think that matters, then yes he is. I can respect that's your metrics.