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  1. He wouldn't have and that is my bad. I noticed it shortly after but didn't catch it in time to edit. Waiting on team hulce to reply on if he wants the 8th spot, if not I'm dropping down and @WarGhost21 will get 9th. My bad.
  2. @BPindy With coltman dropping out, would you like to drop down to the 6th spot or stay where you are?
  3. @WarGhost21 There's a spot open. Send me a pm with your email.
  4. Sorry to hear man. Hope you get to feeling better.
  5. Did you already activate the league? It's not showing up for me.
  6. Well all the ones I can.
  7. @chad72 I still need to go through and delete the trophies I can from you. some can't be without deleting the whole tropht. Those are usually the espn season awards.
  8. Draft order is set. 1. @Bluefire4 2. @Lucky Colts Fan 3. @IndyD4U 4. Luck be a lady 5. @BPindy 6. @Btown_Colt 7. Team hulce 8. @Coltman51 9. Me 10. @chad72 Start mocking.
  9. I gotta say, I am slacking this year. Haven't even looked at doing a mock draft, nor even looked at a top 300 PPR board. Who's like me, and who's already number crunching?
  10. Ok. Would have needed 7 votes for continuous. So locking it is. So after @Bluefire4 decides, @Lucky Colts Fan will take #1 or #2, and @chad72 will be 10th.
  11. Ya, bit I'm trying to confirm a system for future use.
  12. Lol, Current draft order, reverse of last year's season standings and taking into account teams that left. 1. 2. @Bluefire4 3. @IndyD4U 4. Luck be a lady 5. @BPindy 6. @Btown_Colt 7. Team hulce 8. @Coltman51 9. Me 10. We have to fill the vacant spots with @chad72 and @Lucky Colts Fan However, to prevent new people from possibly getting best positions, I offer vacant spots first to the person below and then above. So #1 is being offered to #2. If he doesn't take it, and since there is No one above #1, it is locked as vacant and will be filled by one of the new guys. #10 is also vacant, since I do not want to drop down, that spot is locked. Here is where things change and a vote is needed. If #2 takes #1, that leaves #2 vacant. If I follow like I did last year, #2 would be locked and become a vacant spot for one of the news guys to fill. However, the league has the option to change that and have sort of a continual offering. In this setting, #2 would then be offered to #3. IF #3 takes it, then #4 would be offered #3. However, if #3 declines #2, Then #4 would not get offered #2 and would become locked. So, do you want me to lock it after one move like last year or do a continuous offering?
  13. Lol, But I need a vote on the options. Do I lock after one move, or continue to offer down until someone chooses not to?
  14. Nope. It just so happens one of the vacated spots was 10. If i were to take it, then #9 would be available. But I'm not. However, how do you feel about the #1 spot. If #2 takes it, should I offer #2 to #3, and so on? Just in case there's confusion, If #3 didn't take #2, #4 would not get offered. The other option is if #2 takes #1, then #2 is locked as vacated. Which is currently default.
  15. @Bluefire4 You're in second for draft order. The first position is available if you want. If you don't, it will be an option for either @Lucky Colts Fan or @chad72to take. No one will be able to jump you. The 10th draft position is also available. Since I am in the 9th position, and will not be dropping down, that position is locked in. I cannot remember if I offered up vacated spots (because of moves), to other people or left them open. So I will let everyone decide. For instance, if bluefire moves up, do I then offer the #2 position to @IndyD4U (and so on) or leave it as one of the spots for the new guys. That is a lot of movement in draft order, but if someone devises not to move, it licks the spot. I'm in favor of just one move, but it's not my choice. @Btown_Colt, @Coltman51, @BPindy Just in case there's confusion, If #3 didn't take #2, #4 would not get offered, and #3 would be locked as vacated.

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