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  1. As the league manager I don't consider myself to have too much of a vote, but I can see how it helps non mobile QB's compete against the more mobile, but less throwing ones. Again, I try to get a super majority before I make any changes. Which in this instance it's 7 votes out of 10. Can I get a vote on this? I have @BPindy and @Lucky Colts Fan Voting for. I will ask my wife and my friend for theirs. @IndyD4U @Bluefire4 @Btown_Colt @Coltman51 What do you say? I will also go ahead and remove Punters from the league. So you anyone else reading this, we have an opening.
  2. In your example, the guy didn't win the draft. So did he win the league? At Some point the guy moved up and wasnt in last anymore. But I can see where the waiver pool can dry up by mid season. I still don't consider the waiver pool really that my g of a strategy. If you're having to hot tyke waiver pool a lot, then your strategy isnt working. If you're not using it, then that's not really strategy, it's just a place holder in case one of your guys goes down. Which, if you're waiting mid season already to use it, then you have missed out and it's already drying up on you. If you use it in the first few weeks, then that's it and you mice to the bottom and will not likely see first for a few weeks if others are active. However, at least you get to see first at some point. I can agree with rolling waivers.
  3. What is there to not support? He was asked a question. I guess the second part about having him go to the CFL would be better, might be considered out of taste. He was trying to be funny and I get it. But he isn't lying either. When a person tells you that you are the most worthless person in the organization, I would think you would hold a bit of a grudge too.
  4. I am actually split over this. I have no problem with him personally. His stance and opinions are his own, and he is allowed to do as he wishes. I do not see his opinions as a reflection of the organization. Do I agree with his method no, but I understand his message. I am split because I know he can be a good player, but would he fit well in this system with his playstyle? I am not sure it would be a good fit. He is use to something completely different and if he were to become the starter, our offense would need to shift some in order to get the most out of Kaepernick.
  5. Awesome, thanks. Do you, or anyone else, have any ideas or changes they may like to see? Thoughts on how it was run last year? @BPindy @IndyD4U @Btown_Colt @Coltman51 @Lucky Colts Fan , you weren't here last year but do you have any thoughts after looking things over? Also, how long do we want to give @PuntersArePeopleToo before we start to look for a replacement?
  6. @Bluefire4, @PuntersArePeopleToo Are you guys still in this year? Looks like punter hasn't been on here since August of last year.
  7. Now who's being argumentative? I asked you to pm me. Instead you falsely try to call me out again. Have you already forgotten what you said? You can go back and read it. You directed your delusional comment at me personally before I called you selfish. It was in response to my generic application of what I deemed unsportsmanlike. If you're going to try and argue, at least keep up with what you said.
  8. That statement makes no sense. When there is a disagreement, both people are arguing. You were as much a part of this as I. In this instance, are not both argumentative by your standard? I am not going along looking to argue with people for no reason at all. Was that supposed to be a jab? Now this could be taken as argumentative, but I will not stand idly by as people try to passive aggressively insult me for no reason. I will return things in kind, much like our delusional/selfish back and forth. Of which you started. If you would like to continue this, please feel free to PM me.
  9. Meh, I'm dropping to Joes league anyways lol
  10. Ah, I see the double standard now. A high waiver spot is not needed as much for those with a good record and no spots needed to be filled. A high waiver spot is not needed as much for those who are in the top 3, 4, or even 5. A high waiver spot is needed for those who are struggling to salvage their season. Your preference is neither equitable nor equal. It helps to keep those who are down, remain down, and those who are up, remain up. That is your prerogative, I simply disagree.
  11. Well for one that person isn't giving up any spot, because again its from the get go. So you can let go of it now. As people do better and better and go up in rankings, it is highly unlikely that they will do anything with waivers. If you're winning, do you really shop around the waivers that much, each and every week? Not likely. Meanwhile, those who are losing are trying to salvage their season from various things that caused their bad season. Waivers may not help them, but at least it gives them a better opportunity to be more competitive. Because you are the one arguing for the setting. Anyone who likes your setting, to me, is a bit selfish. You want to allow people who are winning to have high picks when they don't need them. When it does nothing to help them. Rather than allow those who need the most help to have it. That is a perfect example of selfish. Idk what else to call it. Sorry if you took offense, maybe its just me being "delusional" again right? I would rather allow those that need it most, to have the best chance to improve their situation. It increases competition and increases interest and engagement. If you believe in trying to have the most competitive league possible, and help those that need it most, then it makes total sense to allow those who are doing the worst, to get the first pick. I'm sorry, but do you know how the NFL does their waivers? You might want to take a look at that and come back and tell me it makes no sense. Then you can write to the league and let them know they are crazy too.
  12. I know that your choice hurts people more than it helps them. Some people don't "do good" because of a slew of injuries that occur that are beyond their control. Noone is getting punished because it's all the same from the get go. You're treating this as if it is a mid season transition from your setting to my setting. If it's from the get go, the worst people will always be near the top regardless, so no one is getting punished. Clearly one of us isn't understanding how it works.
  13. Sorry if I want a fair competition between teams and to keep people active. If I'm last place, be it injuries or whatever, and I need help but can never get it to remain competitive, then what's the point in playing. I'm going to lose anyways, so might as well quit. That's why people stop playing. By giving first pick to those that need it most, helps in leveling the playing field and creating competition. Have you always been this selfish?
  14. Because you can pick your team that day. If there are games on Thursday, you can pick between those teams and play. Same with Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. You could play 4 times a week.
  15. In a normal fantasy football you select your team in a draft and those are the players you are stuck with unless you trade or pick someone up for waivers. Daily is that every week you can pick a new team for that week. You could have tom Brady one week and andrew luck the next, and so on. Every week you'll can have a completely different team. This is different than normal weekly/seasonal Fantasy football as the team you draft will make up the majority of your team for the season.

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