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  1. I would really like to see Morris out there with the starters. Not sure how likely that is though.
  2. He should ! That being said, it's anyone's guess.
  3. Definitely is going to take time, gotta get healthy first also if hat will ever happen. I think they said 15 players were out last game.
  4. Yeah I agree, mix him in with Gore, Turbon, keep the legs fresh.
  5. Yeah he definitely seems to have the ability to create, that's for sure. Looks explosive and also doesn't look like a pushover. Pretty strong for his size.
  6. I'm indifferent, I see value in him staying but if someone makes an offer they want so be it. Out with Dorsett, in with Jojo maybe???
  7. Mack looked REALLY good Natson Jr, again Farley Green looked ok, really scrappy Morris even though they only play him against scrubs, I would love to see him start. Scott is like watching paint dry he did have a high completion % though.
  8. At least they got ST v2.0 on their team....
  9. Scott just sucks so bad it's not even funny....
  10. But....but....but.........but....
  11. Any time frame on Schwenke? I'd actually like to see him.
  12. #!)-@_, Nick Mangold is still out there, yeah yeah yeah he may be old and washed up but why don't they bring him in?
  13. Yeah some guy who sounded drunk called in on JMV today and was kind of talking down on Luck saying he's not as good as he used to be. That's the vibe I got from him. I was kind of thinking to myself, didn't he have one of his best years, with a shoulder injury nonetheless???? Or, perhaps I'm just delusional......

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