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  1. Well, we can hope your wrong! You may be right though, not sure.
  2. A natural ball hawk who has had almost as many INTs (7) as the Colts D. A first year player who is a freak athlete with a high celling, had 43 solo tackles and 74 total. He was mocked in the top 10 in multiple drafts. Some more? A player who's good for the community: A player who possibly was possibly a Colts fan: @KBowenColts Malik Hooker, 21, grew up a Colts fan (loved Joseph Addai). Visited a children’s hospital in the Pittsburgh area toady for his draft day. Most of all, what Chris Ballard sees in him. Very difficult to dislike it.
  3. That wouldn't shock me at all, they still gotta find a roll for TJ Green though unless he does just flat out have no instincts.. I guess we'll see a lot of TJ in the preseason at possible CB/Safety.
  4. Well, I agree he's FS most likely but you just never know with the Colts. I wouldn't count Green out yet. He's only played a year. He could be some good competition at both CB and S. Give him another year.
  5. Thing is he may be like Matheiu who can play EDIT: Saftey @ the next level when he played CB in college. Could be a flip for Hooker where he plays CB @ the next level??? The thing is I have no idea how the Colts will use him. In the end I agree though the FS should be covered barring injury. Pending on his hip surg they may be wise and do some rotation for the first half of the season, no clue.
  6. Yeah the thing is I feel the Colts have always been bass aackwards with their safeties. I always though of Gaethers as a SS, Landry as a SS and they play them @ FS. Now this seems to give them the ability to rotate Hooker @ FS and Gaethers @ SS which I think personally is a more natural position for him. I don't think they've had a pure ball hawk type fella @ FS since I can remember. This will give them a lot of flexibility hopefully if it pans out AND the ability for the backfield to remain solid if Davis is gone. I still expect them to draft a CB however, rush, possible ilb, and some ol. Again though, I don't know #*)@ just my opinion.
  7. They need instant players so I say yes. Maybe move DB back to Nickle, start Gaethers SS/Hooker FS?????
  8. I like it.
  9. Lots of good D players still on the board.
  10. FU Houston trade???
  11. Last years DL didn't scare anyone. Hopefully it will start to this year
  12. You got that right! We'd always call it Lebtucky, . As we said though not a bad town.
  13. I really liked JC and hope he finds luck whenever he goes. I wouldn't be upset if they took a little gamble on him though I think the Colts will find a RB in the draft and Charles can probably find a better fit somewhere else. These last two years of injures have really put his career at a grinding halt. I really thought his career was heading towards hof caliber career status but these last two years have been brutal. Wish him the best going forward.
  14. Yeah I agree people involved with blantant false reports need to be punished to the fullest extent of the law as with people who are the perpetrators of these sexual assault cases if proven guilty. False allegations ruin people's lives. One would think it would be a felony but I'm not sure??? I think it depends on state law and countless other variables. I found a little article that states - (btw not sure if anyone's posted anything like this sorry if so): "Defamation or Slander Question Recently, I was falsely accused of rape by a girl that I knew from my college class. She later admitted that her accusation was false and dropped all the charges. Meanwhile, I lost my work study job at the campus library after everyone heard the accusations and I’ve been having a hard time paying for my tuition and expenses without a job. I read about defamation of character lawsuits. Is defamation for falsely accusing of rape something I could sue her for? Answer There are the two main types of defamation cases: libel and slander. Both involve harmful, false statements that cause damage someone’s reputation, but libel requires that the statement be in writing or somehow “published.” With slander, all that is required is that the defamatory statement be spoken to a third party (someone other than you). In many cases, damages (the harm you suffered) are handled differently depending on whether the statement at issue is considered libel or slander. From your question, it isn’t clear whether the accusations were spoken or made in writing. But in your case, it may not matter much, because under defamation laws in most states, falsely accusing someone of having committed a crime is considered “defamatory per se” or “actionable per se.” That means harm is taken as a given in the eyes of the law, and harm to your reputation is presumed. Depending on your state’s laws, you may only need to show that the young woman made the statements, and that the statements were false. This isn’t usually all that easy, but it sounds like you may have some type of record of her declaring the falsity of the accusations. Again, depending on your state’s laws, the young woman might be liable for any resulting actual damages stemming from the statements -- money you lost as a result of losing your job, damage to your ability to secure new work, and harm to your reputation because of the false accusations of your having committed a serious crime. You may also be entitled to compensation for things like embarrassment, mental anguish, and humiliation. It might be worth it to discuss your options with an attorney."
  15. Ouch, that's not good for her at all if it appears to be true. Pretty big difference meeting someone at a club then just flat out telling police you met them on an elevator.

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