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  1. Yeah still a good bit of time for me to hit the panic button yet. We'll see how or if he comes along at camp.
  2. Thanks for the update! Hooker gained +7? Walker Jr +7 also?? I thought Walker might lose a little to gain back that speed that people were saying he lost.
  3. Ohh yeah, it would make a world of difference if the D can even reach top 15. It would take so much stress off Luck if he knew he didn't have to put up 30 points to win a game, every game.
  4. Yeah I wouldn't really consider 4200+ yards w 33 TDs, 13 INTs, 341 rushing yards with 2x TDs just "one of those guys." Or becoming one of them. I guess everyone has their opinions though and if that's not good enough for some, so be it. That being said though, it will require 5000+ yards, 45 TDs and 10 INTs, 2500+ total rush yards from the O, 40+ ppg for them to be remote contenders if the defense is going to continue to be bottom feeders. Even if they do manage to make it to the AFC championship knowing the Pats, Raiders or whoever will probably score 40-50 points is a bummer. . . . . . D it up!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Yeah I agree but with so many gone especially PG and Teague (possibly) it seems like it would be hard for the Pacers to be a playoff team unless they get some studs. Not sure who's going to want to come here. CP3, Blake, other top tier guys are probably going to figure out where they can go to win a championship or at least compete.
  6. Yeah they're just going to be very bad next year anyways. So if they can get the 2018 from the Nuggets and just hope they suck, Pacers will probably suck so maybe next year they will have 2x high first rounders.
  7. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm, just get rid of him already lol!!!!!
  8. Very true, which will be very likely if he doesn't perform. It's not like the Patriots are going to sit on him for a year or two because they gave up a late rounder lol.
  9. I definitely can.......nnn......nnnnoooooot disagree, you are 100% right. It's garbage now.
  10. I'll still always bring it up and never forget when I peed on Dwayne Allen's little pug Roxy. Buddy used to date his dog/house sitter, she brought him over and we all tied one on and I was outside and Roxy just kind of walked into a bad area and was peed on. I've pretty much forgot about him. I liked what he did for the community but he's isolated himself from people in Indy he knew well, removing them from Twitter, not reaching back to others, so I don't feel to bad for him. Sides he has a good shot at getting a ring even if he's on the bench and is getting paid millions.
  11. Yeah they may cheat BUT they're a whole heck of a lot more disciplined also. You screw up over there you won't last long. You can ride out a couple years of doing nothing for the Colts.
  12. Speaking of D, Ike could develop into an elite defender though. Heck he can't shoot but neither can Andre Drummond.
  13. It's not a defensive league. Pacers D was middle of the pack last year though in points allowed. The only thing that bugged me was lack of coordination and confusion on the D front which I'm going to put on the coach.
  14. Article on Sumner, stated was once a surefire first rounder for the 2017 or 2018 draft, he fell on hard times. Plagued by injures, poor shooting from beyond the arc as well. That being said, another physical freakish potential there being a huge guard and great on the pick and roll.
  15. Yeah that's what I was reading about him. Shot blocker, can hold the paint well yeah probably lots of work to do on the O side of the ball. Guess AJ can teach him for a year.

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