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  1. Malakai432

    Biggest rookie defensive impact?

    I think Leonard because I do see him as a plug and play day one starter at a position we are incredibly week at. After hearing an interview the other day on the radio I do feel this kid is going to be the leader of the new defense going forward. You don't earn the name Manaic for no reason.
  2. Malakai432

    Pump up video of our draft class

    I think Wilkins could be a machine, Cyberdine systems model 101.
  3. Malakai432

    Colts working out QB Cody Keith

    Thanks brother!
  4. Malakai432

    Colts working out QB Cody Keith

    Cody Keith is a monster who threw for 6400 yards and 65 touchdowns last season with 3 interceptions. He also rushed for another 603 yards with 6 ypc and 8 rushing TDs for the East Carolina Pirates. If he can just get a shot in the preseason, you will all go haywire. . . . . Wait, who is this guy again?
  5. Malakai432

    Andrew Luck is Dr. Dre

    Hmmm. I guess if Ryan becomes the Tupac of WRs that either means he's going to be really good or murdered by opposing teams?
  6. Malakai432

    The dreaded screen pass

    I thought they ran it fairly effectively last season but they barley ran it. I remember Gore had a huge screen but they didn't even attempt it again after that for some reason?????? I'm not sure if someone could find their net yards and volume of screens they ran.
  7. Malakai432

    Photo showing Luck jacked

    Theres another really good one where he calls John and Sarah Conner and they have no clue wth is going on haha.
  8. Malakai432

    Wilkins vs Hines

    Hines seems like a Swiss Army knife that we could use like Carolina uses CM.
  9. Malakai432

    Photo showing Luck jacked

    Aliens I’m telling you. Aliens and their genetic experiments. He looks like Thanos.
  10. Yeah I agree, I do expect a ridiculously focused and dominant LBJ though who's going to be very difficult to just contain. Just can't let them stand on the perimeter shooting 50% from the triple as he drives and dishes. Limit the turnovers, play focused with quality shots like they did today.
  11. Good day for Indiana sports, you got Ballard filling the trenches, Pacers taking the Cavs to game 7. It's been a good Friday.
  12. There's no doubt the Pacers are the better team. Victor only shot 15 for 50 the last 3 games, battle questionable calls and not hitting shots when it counts is the only reason the Pacers don't have them wrapped up.
  13. Mel Kiper's Hair is definitely right, such great hair!
  14. I think as long as him and Kelly can stay healthy which for the Colts seems difficult, they would be a monster tandem for years. While not sexy, definitely the right pick.