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  1. Movie was horrid, The Sixth Sense however was great, also his new movie Split.
  2. ^ this...
  3. I really like these signings, the D was pure crap. It's not like it's going to get much worse.
  4. Yeah, that super bowl really grinded my gears. Tevin Coleman gets injured on a 2nd and 1, they put Freeman back in 3rd and 1 and then Ryan goes back for a pass, gets sack/fumbled. Same with the drive where they were in field goal position. Run the &")"/&;&@/& ball!!!
  5. I hope your right, but with regards to the AFC my $ is on the Patriots and some unlucky foe will have to beat them @ Foxboro in order to get to the big(er) game.......
  6. The Patriots and the Broncos have wasted everyones careers in the last 5 years for the AFC...... and will most likely continue to do so again next year, the Patriots that is.
  7. I liked Walden, he was one of the gems for sure during the Girgson era. Good player and he will find success most likely wherever he goes. I'm not really looking forward at the possibility of him chasing Luck around .
  8. Lots of good names on the list of teams allegedly interested in him including the Falcons and Raiders. Do you think he may only be interested in a one year deal or do you think he would sign long term?
  9. I wouldn't really be worried about his height, he's probably not going to be a world beater in the end. I think he will bring healthy competition and he's a stout 260 though. In the end even if he could be a solid back up his ability to provide depth would be great. Especially if they draft Barnett, Takk, Taco or a future prospect in the first. EDIT: Not even that if, they draft an OLB in the 2nd, 3rd, ect. Sheard should make an impact as well. I really like what Ballard is doing, I'm going to keep saying it. 7 picks in the first 5 rounds.
  10. Sheard could break out for the Colts, barring injury the guy could get a $&@@ ton of play time for the Colts. I really like this pickup, I'm not familiar with Simon I do like the signing from what I hear from my fellow posters on this forum and other sources. These are two young, solid players in their prime that have a chance to earn more starting time for the Colts than their respective previous teams. I also even like Bark, if he can even remotely play the way he did for the Browns his rookie year............. <- bare minimum solid ST IMO.... Factor in 7 picks in the first 5 rounds and FA still going strong, I'm PUMPED!!!
  11. That mismatch was clearly against DA, Luck and the Colts coaching staff. For Anyone to think DA could remotely block Clowney was absolutely stupid. Luck should've seen that, they should've helped DA, unless he thinks he can actually block Monster ends. I saw that myself before the play happened and thought to myself wth??!! Sheer stupidity on the Colts behalf, that should not happen. Miscommunication happens yeah, but we've seen that happen on multiple occasions vs top tier defensive players. At home is no acception. Sloppy observation. That play pi$$ed me off more than 99% of other crap last year.
  12. Wow, that's insane. They probably will still suck but good for them. Now the Patriots on the other hand, they're going to be in great shape.

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