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  1. I am so sorry to hear this sad news. Prayers for you for strength, comfort and healing.
  2. Then by all means.... Go Gonzago. Go RG
  3. You will, soon enough. Take my word, you will like him.
  4. Archie is a fantastic coach. IU will not be disappointed. He really turned Dayton''s program around. We loved him here.
  5. We just got the news here. A meeting was called for the announcement. We will miss him here. He has done great things in his 6 years with Dayton.
  6. I got Andrew Luck. Side note: could be the flip phone connection. ..??
  7. Good for him. I'll be sure to miss it.
  8. Glad to see you back again.  Where have you been....???

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Gramz


      omgoodness.    God Bless you.  I am glad you are okay.

    3. 100GFB


      Take care cc1!

    4. southwest1


      Whoa there CC1. Sorry to hear about your recent stroke & corresponding recovery time in the hospital my friend. I miss you around here dude. Just get better though & I'm glad to hear that you are still around & going strong buddy. 

  9. I'll see your and raise you a few Stay tuned.... it's always something.
  10. I shoulda known who started this thread.
  11. Last year's off season was very pleasant for me... Peyton''s team had just won the SB, and he had decided to retire and go out on top...and most of the Pats fans went into hiding... ahhh the memories.
  12. I think this guy does... not sure about anyone else
  13. Just be you; authentically, relentlessly, unapologetically YOU. 2764.png

    1. southwest1


      Good advice. Being warm & fuzzy takes a special skill. Only kidding! I do try to be reasonable & approachable as often as possible. Some days are better than others. The struggle to be decent & kind marches on right? 

    2. 100GFB


      Now you be you and I'll be me.  That's the way it was meant to be!

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