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  1. CAVS down 10... They better wake up.
  2. Okay, I'm late to the party tonight. Just got home and turned the game on...
  3. Thanks SW1. I'll be around more once the season starts. We've been really busy with our music, which I guess is a good thing. And, yes, new photo from Ron''s big b'day bash last week.
  4. why not go for 7. Seriously, I've heard others saying this same thing, insinuating it's all about the $$$$$
  5. I missed joining in the thread last night. We had a band job, but they had the game on in the club... So I still got to watch it, somewhat. I knew I was probably missing out on some good conversation here. I was Glad to see Cleveland win one.
  6. No words right now.
  7. Both teams are going to be spent after this one.
  8. If they can't win, then I would say you're correct, their best isn't good enough. I'm still pulling for them. What a physical game tonight.
  9. I wish I didn't like watching Curry so much. Can't help it though.
  10. They're going to be tired, win or lose. lol

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