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  1. Did you happen to see Chris Collingsworth son interview Mayock? They were kidding him about some of the bad picks he made. But Mayock said he's standing pat on his Manziel assessment. He still thinks he can be a good QB, if he gets over his partying.
  2. I just went through the entire thread again. There was some discussion on how Ballard was involved in selecting some KC players with off the field issues. There were a couple posts about Mixon being a criminal. But a majority of the posts are related to if/when he'll be drafted. His character is the reason it's if and when. TBH, I stay away from the personal attacks or strong emotionally driven posts. You started by saying you thought we had enough Mixon threads and we should just let it go. I was just responding to you, saying that's what we do in the off season. Except for a few posts, I think it's a good discussion.
  3. Still digesting it - but who is the scout?
  4. What I like about all these mocks is that it forces me to go back and re-look at players, especially in the later rounds. So, I guess you like Lamp better than Robinson or Bolles? I wouldn't be upset with any of those picks. Not a sexy first rounder, but Andrew will sleep better. Personally, I like the other Colorado CB, at least on paper. I haven't studied their film. If Jackson falls to the 4th, that would be a great pick. I'm not crazy about any of the RBs after the big 3, except maybe Kamara in the 4th. The kid from USC had a great Rose Bowl, and he's a great story. Not sure if he's an upgrade over Parry though. JMHOs
  5. What I'm seeing is the debate on if or when we should draft him. Most agree he's one of the top 3 RBs in the draft. Yes, some people will never get over that video. Some will never get over Mike Vick. Everyone has their right to their opinion. To me, he's the story of the draft this year, and that's why we talk about him. No matter how you feel, it's going to be very interesting to see which day his name will be called. I thought we ruled him out based on what Ballard said earlier, but after reading the article Majin posted I'm not so sure.
  6. It's the off season, that's what we do here. Heck, a newly signed backup long snapper has his own thread.
  7. So, you're saying there's a chance? (Mixon) Good article. Some could look at it as laying the groundwork if we take Mixon.
  8. Wait, I thought Kerwynn Williams was going to be Darren Sproles 2.0.
  9. I agree. I think there are tiers. Mixon, Fournette and Cook, first round talent. McCaffrey 2nd, Kamara 3rd, and the rest no better than 4th.
  10. Theyre both great backs. I think Mixon is NFL ready now. I'm not sure how long CM lasts. He reminds me of Donald Brown in a way. But youre right, it's hard to get over the Mixon drama. I think it's moot, we won't get either.
  11. If you get over the publicity issue, and that's the only reason Mixon would be there, I'd take Mixon in a heartbeat. He's got it all, inside, outside, receiver, and as a blocker. McCaffrey seems a little too fragile for me. But I'd certainly take either in the 2nd.
  12. Competition is a good thing. Overton had competition last preseason too.
  13. I was just thinking - what if both Mixon and McCaffrey were available with our 2nd. It's almost like choosing good versus evil. Heck, one guy's name is Christian! (I'm not saying Mixon is evil, although I know he's perceived that way by some.)
  14. Guaranteed, the teams that are thinking about drafting him already have his script ready, and are ready to romance the press with 'second chances' speeches. Even though our owner should totally agree with people getting second chances, his daughter is very instrumental in running the team. And we all heard Ballard say he's bringing in "Players the fans can be proud of". Personally, I'd love to see Mixon in the second if he makes it that far. But even if he does, I really doubt we'll draft him. Ballard is going to look like a hypocrite if we do.
  15. I'm hoping we draft an RB, and I wouldn't be upset if it's Mixon in the 2nd. Or Samuel in the 3rd, but he won't last that long. After the big 3, I don't think any of them are worth more than a 4th round pick. IMO Shelton isn't worth a draft pick. Gore will probably get less than 10 carries the entire preseason, so we'll definitely have at least 5 other backs on the roster.

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