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  1. I was in Canada last week and tried to watch a game. They were broadcasting in French which made it even more confusing. Surpried to see Chick still playing. Wonder what ever happened to Sam Gig...something or other?
  2. The division should improve, on paper all the teams have gotten better. Just like we've only gotten better on paper until we prove it. It still comes down to QB play. It's interesting to me that the opposing team with the best QB, Tenn, gave us the least problems last year. We matched up very well against them.
  3. Fair assessment. I always like to compare him to Payton, who's gone 7-9 the last three years. Yes he won a SB. So did Brian Billick. That shine wears off eventually. But people will give him every excuse in the book. One of the things that Harrison, the author of the article, said was one of the greatest attributes of a head coach is how much his players love playing for him. IMO, Pagano is top 10 in that category.
  4. I felt the exact same way in 2012. Never expected a winning record, much less a playoff team. I know it's too early to say it, but the roster turnover all looks like it's for the better IMHO. What we have to remember is that all the teams in our division improved also. Luckily, two of them still have questions at the most important position.
  5. I recently watched the Houston at Indy game, which basically killed the playoffs for us. I couldnt help but think how so many of the players who didn't perform well probably won't even make the team this year. And how we still could have won that game. I'm very optimistic, not SB optimistic, but definitely division winner. (SB optimism next year).
  6. This makes so much more sense than cutting down to 75 before the last preseason game. That's the last chance game for those fringe players to show their stuff. Plus we don't want to play any of our starters or second team if possible.
  7. Looks good. Wouldn't be surprised if Vujnovich beats out Cooper. I like Morris too. We know injuries are going to shake things up, but strictly for camp battles, there are a lot of depth spots wide open.
  8. I don't think it's related. A lot of felt his career was in jeopardy when we read about his injury. Definitely doesn't translate to his game. I hope he returns, but only if he's completely safe to do so.
  9. Safety is our weakest position, this was a good move.
  10. I don't have the documentation but I think he started out kind of bad but improved by the last five or six games. Back to his normal steady self.
  11. Who were you expecting? Gore, Kelly, ... Doyle!
  12. I guess they tried him out at TE in Seattle but he was a WR. It would be nice if one of the tall guys, he or Bug, work out. But I'm not placing much hope.
  13. I think Briggs is a TE. Big kid. Not a rookie.
  14. I've been listening to Danely's podcasts. He really knows his stuff, and as he puts it, he'll go on forever if you let him. Good read!
  15. Agreed, but I think they both lose out on the numbers game. We may be able to sneak them on the PS. Natson too. Like Chuck said, we're going to end up letting some good players go who will be contributors on other teams.

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