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    I don’t even get why everyone would want him. He’s never really been more than a STs coach in the NFL. I’d hope we’d at least go with someone who’s an innovative OC.
  2. Ding ding ding! Best answer. I don’t think my brain is in draft mode yet. Thanks.
  3. You didn’t answer my question. Why would a team worry about us taking a QB, assuming we had the 2.
  4. Say the Browns take the most coveted QB (whoever that is), and we have 2. Why would a team trade for our pick? Why not call our bluff and trade for the third?
  5. Agreed. It’s easy to,say “trade the pick”, but two of the most QB hungry teams will probably pick before us. And then there’s the issue of what QBs are worthy. But who thought the Bears would do what they did this year for MT? So, other QB hungry teams? Bills, Broncos, Jets, Chargers, Skins, Zona, in no particular order? Would any of those teams want to move up, and for who?
  6. I don’t know why anyone is concerned about the finish. The Browns and Giants will most likely take QBs so that leaves a wealth of players to select from. Choosing 3rd to 5th isn’t going to make much of a difference. Personally, I’d love to trade the pick for more picks. But to me, the draft needs won’t be known until after free agency.
  7. Why did Haeg replace Good?

    Thats it. As they say - Availability is one of the most important abilities. He’s hurt more than he’s available.
  8. Ongoing Colts 2018 draft talk........

    Why did everyone know that except for Grigson? Never mind, I’ve moved on from that nightmare. He can help ruin the Browns now. I agree with Nelson. Build the Oline first. Keeping the offense on the field automatically improves the defense. It’s passable now, if the offense puts up the points again.
  9. Ongoing Colts 2018 draft talk........

    I’m hoping Ballard addresses the Oline first in free agency, but also in the draft. As we all know, there will be Oline injuries and AC isn’t getting any younger. Need depth. I wouldnt mind trading the pick, guys like McGlinchey and Orlando Brown will be available in the mid to late first. Oline, pass rusher, ILB. I think we have serviceable to decent talent everywhere else.
  10. A Renewed Colts Team in 2018

    How about this: Ballard realizes that Pagano has never had the groceries and spends money and/or draft picks to get the O line that any * knows you should have to protect a once in a generation franchise QB? Nah, that wouldn’t fit everyone’s vision. Sorry.
  11. Joe Philbin

    Yes, and that answers the OP's question. He's shuffling the line because he has to. Mewhort was hurt all year and tried to play through it. Kelly has been in and out. Good was hurt, Clark regressed. Look at the starters at then end of the game last week. Except for AC, not exactly a wealth of high draft picks. Throw in a young QB who doesn't fully get the offense and tries to extend plays and you have the perfect storm. I'm no Oline expert, but IMHO Philbin has done a pretty good job all things considered.
  12. 5 blown leads

    Lately the coaches have done well (I’ll duck now). You don’t adjust at the half when what you did was working. You do have to react to adjustments, and that’s an issue when you don’t have the talent. It’s not news to anyone that the game is matchups, right? I give the coaches credit in the last few games for hanging with more talented teams that long. What i need to look at on this game is what happened to holding the edge. They did so well until the 4th. IMHO, this game wasn’t on the coaches.
  13. 5 blown leads

    Well, they kinda do.
  14. Zeke was a generational back. Who would be his equivalent in the 18 draft? Fix the Oline, find an edge rusher, and see if we have a starting ILB on the team. FAs and the draft for those guys.
  15. The Edge

    I took him as a rookie in our keeper fantasy league, and had him his entire Colts career. Still, my favorite line of his was when the Colts were scheduled to play a preseason game in Japan. "The closest I'm getting to Japan is Benihana's". Then, after Polian told him he was going, he had a great time there.