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  1. I'm pulling for Morris too, but unless he gets some first team reps soon he's not making the team. Just based on Sundays performance, he looked better than Walker and Tolzein. But apparently the coaches don't have faith in him. I dont think there's any fear of him being snaked from the PS though.
  2. I'm concerned about our depth, especially at Oline, S, and ILB. TE should also be included but I honestly haven't seen enough of anyone besides Doyle to give an opinion. I'd include QB but if Luck goes down, it really doesn't matter, the season is lost. We know there will be injuries at all of those positions. We were counting on Schwenke to be the 6th Olineman, but I'm not sure if he even makes the roster. Dude is a ghost. We don't really have a strong safety yet, and we're not sure if Bostic and Morrison are even our starters, much less who's depth. Heck, Bostic hasn't played since 15. All that said, I think our starters are good enough to win the division. Great offense, serviceable D. But we all know the team that starts on September 10 isn't going to be the same team we see in December. Backup talent is crucial.
  3. Arguing over predictions is useless and meaningless. It's like arguing over power poll placement. Opinions. Last year most people would probably have said the Titans were a better team than us, yet we swept them. Everyone said the Texans were better, yet we were a few plays from beating them both times. At the very least you have to admit we were competitive. Same as with the Jags. Texans get Watt back (for how long?) but they lost a few pieces. And no one knows who their QB is or how he'll fare. Jags better hope they don't have to count on Bortles. And the Titans got better, but for some reason we match up well with them. I predict a fun season for me no matter what our record ends up. I'm very confident in that prediction.
  4. You know there's injuries, then there are INJURIES. Have we had a serious one yet? Talk to the Dolphins or a few other teams about that. And sometimes putting guys, especially rookies, on IR is a way to store them for next year.
  5. Landon Collins went from bad to Pro Bowler after one year. I'm sure TJ can also do... ...(Alarm Clock going off)... Okay, I'm awake but I was having a great dream...
  6. No one can give a definitive date when any player would be back. I don't know why everyone is so upset with Irsay and Pagano, as if they're hiding some prescient ability.
  7. Sounds like a ploy to get the Ravens to pony up more. I think he'd start there, probably a backup here. I guess it all depends on what they really think Kelly's prognosis is because I doubt they'd pay top dollar for a backup.
  8. I think that if you can say you're a playoff team (or even a 10 win team) with a franchise QB, then you should at least be a .500 team with your backup. Its a good rule of thumb on how your team is built, right? The Pats are built strong. The 2011 Colts... Obviously, even before this game, we all knew we had a way to go.
  9. Melvin will start before either of them.
  10. Yeah, thats a preseason win. I guess Spence and Mount got banged up, but it doesn't look too serious.
  11. That would be a better season than when Peyton went down, so we must have improved since 2011.
  12. Yeah, Tolzein is no Colt Brennan.
  13. Oh come on. Do we really believe the Jets are better than the Titans based on one game. Or the 49ers are better than KC? You can only look at individual performances.
  14. Mount was iffy, but I was counting on Spence. And they said he was running with the third string, so he needs to show out. If Ballard is true to his word, Spence may not make the team if he can't practice.
  15. I thought this would be about who's starting today. Any guesses?

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