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  1. Smonroe

    Great article on hines and wilkins

    Well, they got that one right! Maybe they’re right about Wilkins? i don’t advocate PFF, but at least they’re a metric to use.
  2. Smonroe

    Great article on hines and wilkins

    Thats funny. Watch a few of his games, he seems a little lost out there. That’s also one of his negatives on every draft analysis. Hopefully he’s coachable. I wonder how they graded Mack. We know it wasn’t his strong suit last season.
  3. Smonroe

    Great article on hines and wilkins

    Yeah, he’d be safe. Teams aren’t exactly fighting over late round rookie RBs. He’ll have to show he’s better than Michael and great on STs to make the team. He’s got fresh legs going for him. Assuming Luck is 100% and JB is healthy, I can’t see why we’d carry 3 QBs. One on the PS for sure. I think Reich is more interested in having a bunch of D linemen to swap in and out. I’ll be interested to see if Hooker starts out on the PuP.
  4. Smonroe

    Great article on hines and wilkins

    I wouldn’t count Wilkins as a lock just yet. He was never good a pass protection in college, that’s essential now. I don’t know if he’s as good as Michael, we’ll see. I think Turbin is needed for power and veteran presence. I have high hopes for Hines, but I thought Ferguson had potential in that role too. New coach, better scheme should take advantage of what he can do. But, as we all know, everyone in the NFL is fast. He has to show elusiveness and a little power, which I think he has.
  5. Smonroe

    My theory on luck situation.

    Again, nothing definite. “Hopeful...maybe...optimistic....” I’ll stay with my original observation and see nothing that’s changed. The timetable is fluid and the steps are on a need to know basis. Can’t have a setback if you never have anything set...
  6. Smonroe

    My theory on luck situation.

    As far as Reich saying when Luck would throw, I’m don’t have the same info as you. I may have missed what you heard. Feel free to reference it. This article is from a month ago and in it Reich indicated the GOAL is that Luck could be throwing by the summer mini camp. Summer mini is June 12. If you think they ever shared firm dates or steps with us, that’s an interpretation, as far as I can tell. They’re good at using qualifiers that some interpret in different ways. Bottom line, I can’t see how it could be called a setback if there was never a set time.
  7. Smonroe

    My theory on luck situation.

    As I said, the timetable is fluid and the steps are only known to a select few. The rest is moot.
  8. Smonroe

    OTAs 5/24

    @CR91 You said Mewhort was practicing? Matt Danely said he wasn’t out there, but that may have been a different day. I think the only only real thing you can get from these OTAs is player status. They’re not hitting or going full speed for the most part.
  9. Smonroe

    My theory on luck situation.

    Why do we need a ‘theory’? We have facts. Luck is strengthening his arm/shoulder/body while reinforcing correct throwing motions. The timetable is fluid and the steps are on a need to know basis. Am I missing something?
  10. My thoughts almost exactly. The only change I’d make is to your last sentence. To me, the new defense is going to be scary to watch. It’s going to take a while to get all the pieces right and working together.
  11. Smonroe

    Stampede blue story on Ballard

    They do lots of stories on Ballard. I assume you’re referring to this one?
  12. Smonroe

    Colts OTAs 5/22/2018

    Again, I'm not trying to be negative, I just don't think anyone except Luck knows how he's truly doing. And until he starts his second game (with no indications of pain) I personally won't breathe a sigh of relief. I also think that no one intentionally lied, or even implied things that weren't true. Last year or this year. I just think they were being optimistic. Maybe I'm too trusting, but I don't think they were saying things to sell tickets. Aren't all the games sold out anyway?
  13. Smonroe

    Colts OTAs 5/22/2018

    Yeah, I think your larger point is true. @CR91 I'm not trying to be negative, but I don't think how he's built up has anything to do with if he can throw without pain again. One other thing I wanted to mention. People seem to forget that when he was throwing in 16, and he screwed up his motion to make up for the pain, he still had one of his best years. That's why I think that if he can come back, he'll come back with a vengeance.
  14. Smonroe

    Colts OTAs 5/22/2018

    I think it's obvious why he said that. Until Luck actually throws the ball and says he's pain free, we're hearing the same thing as last year this time. I agree with your #2, except I think Luck is done at that point.
  15. Smonroe

    Linebacker Jenga

    Yeah, it’s really up in the air right now. I though George played well last season. Morrison has to be a great Sam if he has a chance to even make the team. Walker supposedly slimmed down but I never was high on him. I think our rookies have a ton of potential but we won’t know anything until we see them in a real game. I expect the D to be pretty vanilla until guys learn their roles. It is is going to be interesting, we really have no clue what that depth chart is going to look like.