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  1. Regression of Mack and Hooker?

    No offense to the OP - this is a general statement. People will write things for total strangers to read that they wouldn't say out loud in a million years.
  2. Pagano's Post Titans Game News Conference

    I'm sitting there yelling the same thing at my TV like some *.
  3. I know it's easy for me to say it. But failure to learn from mistakes and falling into the same pattern five weeks in a row? I'm not sure I'd put up with this much longer if I were the owner. I'm not one of those emotional 'fire everyone now!' types. I really don't want to start all over with different coaches and schemes because it would be another set back in my mind. But it may be time to bite the bullet. In a way, I'm reminded of the Falcons a couple years ago. Quinn had a franchise QB and some explosive O players. He stabilized the line and D with FAs and won (well should have won) the SB in two years. It can be done, right?
  4. Pagano's Post Titans Game News Conference

    Tell me if this is in my imagination or not: EVERY TIME there's a successful run, be it Gore going for 8-12 or Mack going for 22, they run the same play. And it gets stuffed for either a loss or maybe a yard. EVERY TIME! So if I'm a D coordinator, that's a free play for me that I know is coming. Thanks Chud for making my job easier Chud.
  5. I think it's more on the O failures in the second half than the D collapsing. I understand than you don't make adjustments when things are working, like they did in the first half. But you DO make adjustments when those things you were doing stop working. I know that's simplistic, but it sure looks like the D coordinators for the last five teams we played totally skunked Chud. Some of that is on the players not executing, but he has to be ready with alternative game plans. By now, it's more than a coincidence, it's a pattern. And it has to stop!
  6. He was getting a lot more pressure in the second half, but Chud should have plays set up for that. Quick outs and screens. The one or two they tried weren't executed very well. The O line played fairly well, especially in the first half, and considering it's patched together. Just an over all horrible second half performance by the offense. And I agree, it falls on the play calling. Some of that may be because Brissett just doesn't know the entire offense, but a lot of it has to be on Chud.
  7. Do their Defenses figure out our Offense? I know we've gone Prevent way too soon in a couple games, but I'm trying to figure out why our Offense dies in the second half of games? Their Defenses adjust and our Offense doesn't come up with anything new? Help me understand how we could be so efficient in the first of the game last night and totally inept the second half.
  8. Colts Inactives

    Yes, leave it at that before I remind you when TJ Green was drafted.
  9. Colts Inactives

    I don’t know if he’s better than Desir, certainly not as experienced. STs can make or break the game.
  10. Colts Inactives

    Look at it this way. Wilson has never been a ST guy. So there’s three guys with experience before him, and they need guys for STs. Just a numbers game until he can at least beat out Desir.
  11. Colts Inactives

    On the depth chart they have Kalis at RG. You'd think they’d move Haeg back to G and start Clark at RT. But I guess they know who’s better at each spot.
  12. Tolzien back to the Packers?

    We’d have to throw in a draft pick.
  13. Mewhort to IR, Colts sign G Isaiah Williams

    Sad to lose Mewhort, but let’s face it, he hasn’t been good this year. I’m sure it’s because of the injury. Wonder if he’ll ever play again.
  14. Jack Mewhort (Update: placed on IR)

    What is “ded”?
  15. Wearing a red jersey and knowing the D helps. But it’s great he can make the throws.