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  1. Davis is the kind of player the Colts would love to have, very classy, well spoken. I just don't know if they love him at 15. He's more a 'top of the second round' guy. But if they think he's a day one starter and BPA, go for it.
  2. If I remember correctly, the NFLPA agreed to blood testing for HGH with the last contract in 2011. Then the lawyers fought about what that means for about three years. As I understood it then, only an * would fail the test because it basically only tested if you had it in your system for the last 48 hours. And I think they gave you advance knowledge of when they'd test you. I could be wrong, but that's how I remember it.
  3. I posted this earlier, Willie McGinnest said he failed the same way, after trying to rehydrate. Dilute - does not mean they detected drugs. It means they're worried the subject is trying to mask the drug.
  4. Note that they didn't find a drug/steroid for either Peppers or Foster. Diluted is a fail because player try to mask their specimen by drinking a lot of water or Gatorade. However, a player can just be dehydrated. Willie McGinnest said it happened to him, he was flagged after being dehydrated. He was in the program but had no problems.
  5. TBH, I always liked him more that Lattimore. HIs hamstring issues scare me.
  6. I won't be shocked if we take McCaffrey or Cook with our first pick. Or if Fournette slides down and we take him. If we go with Edge or CB in the first, I wouldn't be upset with Mixon on Friday. After those guys, I think we can get one of the guys listed above as an UDFA.
  7. Not only that, there are a lot of players to scout and only so much time. They're not going to invest hours of research on QBs that will probably go in the first couple rounds. They will probably look at some later round prospect for future reference but I doubt we'll draft any. WRs to the same but lesser extent. Hopefully he's not going to make the same mistake(s) as Grigson. We all have to remember that when a GM says he's taking the BPA, he means the BPA on his board. Not Kiper's, McShay's or Mayocks.
  8. Eddie Jackson was on Sirius recently and said he's healthy and did well at his pro day. I live in Bama and haven't read anything about it. The guys on Sirius think he's a late round pick and would be more of a STs type of guy. I think everyone is leery of his injury issues. He started at CB with Bama, then switched to FS. He's got the speed and size, I like him late.
  9. Nice group, and any of them could work, but I'm not sure if there's a bell cow in the bunch. Take a look at this guy's college stats and tell me how he fares against that bunch: Over 1500 yds as a senior, about 1300 as a junior, averaging over 6 yds/carry each year. Good receiver too. Mountain West Conference. 5'10' 220, 4.5 in the 40. 122 inch broad jump. 28 reps on the bench. His name is Robert Turbin. I just want to point out that except for the top 4, it's a crap shoot that we'll find someone better than what we got. All could fill in, and I know Gore isn't around much longer. But we really need to hit on our RB for the future. Not sure he's in that group.
  10. So, using his example, Denver is at 20. That pick is worth 850, ours is 1050. The 200 point difference is worth a little more than Denvers 3rd. Yeah, depending who's on the board, I could live with that.
  11. Well, we won't be taking Brantley, that's for sure. Yeah, our Dline should be strong, the LBs we have on the roster are not bad (always could use that edge rusher), and the safety position is okay and could be good. Lots of good corners, let's hope we get a few.
  12. I thought this article from last year was interesting. They graded a bunch of the talking heads to see how their 2016 draft predictions turned out. Their criteria is fair, and the tally is not surprising. The most visible guys, McShay, Jeremiah, and Kiper are the top three. Matt Falk led with 12 exactly right. Only 2 had as many as 27 of their first rounders go in the first. Intersting read for all you mockers.
  13. By definition, we will be getting the BPA with each pick. But I'd switch 1 and 2.
  14. Yeah, if you look at the roster, on D, the CB position is dire. Not that we're exceptional anywhere, but I think we're stronger than last season. Still, like you said, it should be BPA at 1, then at least two CBs.
  15. Actually, I hope picks 1-14 are all overrated and under achievers. 16-32 too.

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