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  1. Yeah, I didn't mean it to sound like a bad thing. TY is almost always open so when Luck gets in trouble and only has a nanosecond to make a decision, he's going to a guy he can count on. I hope he can have the same confidence with the others soon.
  2. Dorsett wasn't the only one wide open when Luck forced it to TY. But he only has a split second and TY is almost always open. Last year when they kept running Gore in the Wildcat to set up the flea flicker? I thought TY was open but Luck dumped off to Gore for the long gain. Then after watching the replay I could see he made the right decision. So he obviously doesn't force it all the time. Man, have we been blessed with QBs!
  3. Man we still should have won! Didn't they make AV re-kick a FG or something odd? Something about illegal moving the ball? Or am I thinking of a different game?
  4. Can't argue with that, except maybe put AC or Gore in for Kelly.
  5. I hope you're all right! Iron sharpens... I'm rooting for Huntsville's child movie star to take the next step. (Chester)
  6. Its more complicated than greed. People have more choices with the ticket and red zone. Plus live stats. You aren't tied down to the three or four games on Sunday afternoon anymore. Other factors too, like the election. Ratings rebounded after it was over.
  7. If Bray isn't the 6th best WR, then I don't think he owns anything. He's not that special as a KR and Chester was better at PR. I'm curious to see the little guy from Akron return kicks.
  8. As he should be. Never give out any more info than what's required. I'm sure we'll hear they're progressing nicely.
  9. You know how it is, when you're recovering from an ACL on one knee you tend to favor it. So you end up using the other knee more subconsciously. Then it gets injured from overwork. Guys want to play, they'll say anything to get back in the game. I'm sure Anderson thought he was ready.
  10. Yes, in 15. Injured the other knee last season. Hopefully they wait until he's completely healed this time. With the depth we have there's no need to rush him.
  11. There's no comparison to a coach losing a SB. It's possible the Seahawks could have lost, but the Falcons had the game on ice. Both horrible decisions.
  12. Except us people from Huntsville! we knew him well.
  13. I hope we can make those jokes for the next ten years. "Pro Bowl Hooker", "All Star Hooker", "Super Bowl Winning Hooker".
  14. Skip is smart enough to know that acting stupid gets more attention than being smart.
  15. Any ideas what it would take to get him money wise? He's the perfect candidate - young, yet with experience.

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