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  1. Exactly what happened in Penn State and other universities sadly
  2. It isn't embarrassing. To some, sports figures are role models. You know all of the sportsmanship stuff they teach little kids when they start to play sports. These guys get paid millions of dollars, show some class...towards your own boss. They are like high school kids who hates the principal, because the Principal gave them detention for breaking the rules. To win at all cost, even cheating- no thank you. How does one enjoy the trophy knowing you cheated, videotaping or even as silly as deflating the ball.....Honestly I used to be so upset at Manning for being such a "company guy" - like when he did't whine when they rested them..and even told the fans to chill, when you can tell he was also disappointed. I have nothing personally against Brady, don't know him, he probably is a really good guy, but at the end of the day, their organization is the thorn in my team's * and I WILL never root for them or be at aww of them.
  3. Well then they shouldn't have cheated. I agree with you. I despise Goodall for burning the spy gate tapes....
  4. Wanted to say me too.. Brady is the best thing ever since sliced bread.... he can part the sea... lol was looking for a "I surrender flag" and found it Then I saw this: OMG why is this emoticon or whatever it is part of the Colts collection LOL......
  5. Agree Southwest1 - Matt played an "almost" perfect game. That sack he took was a killer..... but had his coaches had a better game plan... things could have been different. Oh well. Freeman missed a few blocking assignment as well. Matt Ryan did represent his team well and was gracious in his defeat, no matter how crushing. Argh...
  6. That game hurt so bad..... that I really have done a good job oppressing it from my memory.... sometimes in error I say Peyton has only gone to 3 Super Bowl....
  7. Last 2 years watched only Colts game and caught other games if I were home etc. Followed the Broncos because of Peyton and 49ers because of the wife. Since the kneeling of Kaepernick, the circus with suspending Brady, and the non-competiveness of games..it isn't just any given Sunday anymore, NFL just isn't as exciting. Everything feels scripted... even the Manning SB win
  8. I don't buy that he is GOAT. I still think Montana is, but these are different era's. So it really is hard to say GOAT. Perhaps in his ERA. As a preference and if without BB- I will take Peyton Manning or Montana or Steve Young any day.
  9. Yes they can.. like the narrative... GOAT QB and Greatest comeback in Super Bowl history..... PUKE
  10. Goodall was in bed with this team until he was held accountable and forced to do something. He made his bed now he can lay in all of this garbage.
  11. We all know that.... But it will be made about how great he is. Forget about the stupid clock management or NOT running the ball ...taking the sack..... ahhhhhhhhhhhh
  12. I feel as bad as any Atlanta fan out there. I hate this darn team with every fiber of my being,.
  13. I think it is uncool that you did crud all game. That was not cool at all. Those are the nicest words I can say without being banned

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