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  1. Lacanfora is only one reporting that other guy. Maybe he’s just mixed up.
  2. Colts hire Frank Reich [Merge]

    I think this is going to turn out really nicely for us. Welcome back, Frank!
  3. We are moving back to a 4-3 zone defense

    I hope so. Coming back to the 4-3, why not have one of the best ever to do it help teach it? Guy bleeds blue and can relate to the players. Draft us some Chubb and let's see what they can bring.
  4. Who do you want as the next Colt's HC

    Shefty is reporting Dan Campbell from the Saints is also in the mix.
  5. We are moving back to a 4-3 zone defense

    Wonder if Eberflus/Ballard will retain Mathis as a consultant.
  6. Thank You Jim Irsay!

    Loved Ballard's reaction/comments when asked about Jim's reaction to hearing the news. I wish I was a fly on that wall.
  7. Chris Ballard press conference today at 11AM

    Ya know, during both the AFC Championship & SB I thought to myself "Wow did CB do a nice job unloading some average talent and got decent return". Gronk goes out, DA does nothing. Cooks goes out, PD does nothing.
  8. McDaniels rejects Colts.

    What’s Nick Saban up to?
  9. McDaniels rejects Colts.

    I was waiting for someone to say it. Let’s get Peyton in here as an OC! Hahaha. This is does suck but everything happens for a reason. Better to see his loyalty now than having him here and knowing his heart isn’t in it.
  10. He wasn't blasting the forums or saying anything malicious, storming the streets or creating mountains. Simply a little jest if anything and for a very valid point. I agree, simple mistake not a huge deal at all, can easily be moved back. But with all do respect, the only escalation of the situation was you mentioning that he was being "picky" which I'm not even sure I understand how that definition qualifies in this instance. I feel that was pretty unwarranted is all and added nothing constructive to this thread just like my 3 post contribution it.
  11. I think he was simply stating that it didn't make sense for the thread to be moved. Absolutely, no reason to say he's being picky when he has a completely valid point. This thread started with some great discussion about a player already on the Colt's roster that could make a splash next year with some of the changes going on.
  12. Completely agree. Active and under contract player on the Colts roster and is completely fair game for discussion. Took as many snaps as Andrew Luck did this year. Are we talking about drafting him? Nope. Are we talking about signing a free agent? Nope. Thread was incorrectly moved, no harm but it should be moved back.
  13. Luck Update

    Have there actually been any recent pictures of him?
  14. Jim Irsay & The Interview Process

    I helped open and worked at the casino that this incident occurred in. Safe to say nothing good ever happened there. People dying during construction, lost financing, went bankrupt twice, guy falls off escalator, Ray rice goes nuts. Typical built on a cursed land type stuff.
  15. Andrew Luck to Address Media after Friday Practice

    I'm excited to hear from him but also very nervous that this is a retirement announcement.