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  1. Winning out

    Let me preface this by saying I’m the eternal optimist however let’s look at these last 6 games and see if there are any “sure” losses: 11/26 Titans: fully expect the Colts to win this game. Titans offense isn’t dynamic enough and the colts have been playing much better. Chance of winning 75%. 12/3 Jags; jags d is legit but O is suspect. Last game was an anomaly. Chance of winning 49% 12/10 Bills: Bills are a dumpster fire. What we were earlier this year. Another subpar offense. Chance of winning 60% 12/14 Broncos: see Bills. Broncos are hot garbage. Another bad offense. Chance of winning 85% 12/23 Ravens: there’s a theme here. Ravens offense is not good. Chance of winning 55% 12/30 Texans: Tom Savage. Chance of winning 85% the Colts have flaws no doubt but they definitely seem to be trending the right direction. Don’t really think any team left on the schedule has the capability of blowing us out. Few of the teams are trending downward (Bills, Texans, Broncos). Toughest game left is Jax IMO. Of course what’ll happen is that at 3:30 CST this Sunday, the Titans will walk of the field of Lucas Oil triumphant and this post will be the Scott Tolzien of posts. Watch every game with the hope they win (with the exception of game 16 in 2011 against Jax). I️ cheer every 1st down and positive play the Colts make. Just in my DNA. Cheers!
  2. Do you think Luck will play in week 2?

    5th or 6th game. I'll be optimistic and say the Colts go 3-2 without him (wins against Rams, Browns and 49ers). Too much doom and gloom lately. Flame away but I'm just trying to stay positive as the season is ready to start. Don't want to accept the fate many have assigned to us. Hope I'm right!
  3. Biggest hit by a Colts player?

    Maybe not the BIGGEST hit but a very important one. Bob Sanders on Cedric Benson in the Super Bowl that caused a fumble. I was sitting in the upper deck of the end zone behind this play and I could hear the hit way up there.
  4. That Guy's Final Mock

    Yeah I'd take Reddick over Foster as well. Would love Mixon but I really think he's going in round 1. There's always a surprise and I think some team (Raiders?) won't want to play chicken with the other teams waiting for Mixon in round 2 or 3.
  5. He's swapped old and slow for young and fast. The contracts don't create salary cap issues in future years. He's taken one of the oldest rosters and turned them into one of the youngest without the benefit on ONE draft. If he builds the defense even stronger through the draft and this will be an outstanding offseason. Being able to make ONE tackle to prevent a first down can be the difference in a game. Colts had the 30th ranked defense last year. I'm not expecting them to be top 10 but hell, be 20th and you'll win a couple more games. Look at some of our losses last year that could've been wins with a LITTLE better defense. Detroit, both Houston games, Jax at London. Turn those into wins and we're 12-4 last year as crazy as that sounds. If you think about last year, the only games we really weren't competitive in were at Denver, KC, Oakland and Pittsburgh. I don't feel many, if any, of our 8 wins last year were "fortunate" or lucky. We MAY have caught Green Bay playing poorly but that happens to all teams. San Diego was a game we won late but actually pretty much controlled and squandered away the lead. Last game vs Jax you throw out given the circumstances of being out of the playoff hunt. I realize I'm making a short story long but the Colts aren't as far away as many (out of market mostly) might think. We need to be BETTER on defense, not elite and I think by getting younger and quicker (and will be even more so through the draft) Ballard has really done that. Grade = A for executing his plan.
  6. Joe Reitz retires [Merge]

    Thanks. Loved his versatility but nothing we can do about it now. Just trying to find the silver lining and an additional $2.5M of cap space will have to be it.
  7. Joe Reitz retires [Merge]

    I'll be the first to ask. How much more cap room does this give us?
  8. Alshon Jeffery

    Pretty sure the reference to Indy was regarding GM's discussing him at the combine this week.
  9. GM Candidates, including Jimmy Raye (merge)

    I agree. Hope he gets an interview.
  10. GM Candidates, including Jimmy Raye (merge)

    I agree. Hope he gets an interview.
  11. Xanado, Witch Hunt, Natural Science, Jacobs Ladder, 2112: Oracle The Dream and Grand Finale, Anthem
  12. Well the plane landed back in Indy at around 3:30 this morning. Could be nothing but it's intriguing nonetheless.