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  1. Lowery more so than DeRozan. Good point!!
  2. I'm going to get ready for afternoon events. Keep having fun guys and gals.
  3. LOL. And I was too cool for school when I s young
  4. Do you work at ESPN now? Cool dialogue.
  5. Strop and Montgomery were out there last year too.....the set ups have not gone well. I would like to add more but we are not getting very many of the games. Bummer.
  6. You must work for a freight company.
  7. Heading downtown tonight to see the Pacers. We cannot wait. Hoping the excitement is as great as the last game. Maybe Lance can get under the Greek Freak's skin.....:)
  8. Sign a more capable veteran or go with Morris...
  9. Corliss Williamson won me my senior pool )
  10. Radiogirl wins the office pool if they do.
  11. Still not having likes. This has been a fun couple of days. Love it!!
  12. I neglected to mention Moses Malone. He would drown his prey with the sweat of a thousand men. HAHA!
  13. made me laugh.....heading out. Fun today!! Thanks guys and gals.
  14. Good comparison to David West late in West's career with Maurice Lucas. I too am out of likes. I need to come back and get some of these. 80's and 90's NBA was phenomenal....have to run.
  15. I think Lebron is as bad as any player I have ever seen. Lebron would have cried to his daddy after Laimbeer, Mahorn or Oakley fouled him. He is one of the biggest crybabies I have ever seen. Bird did not cry....he punched them in the face

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