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  1. Chicken parm you taste so good......Had to do it.
  2. Thirty-two is definitely ancient in the Ballard scheme of things. Overton does so much for the community through Make A Wish and other charities. Simply a good player as well as human being. That tell me a lot about Matt. Also, good luck to Fortunato. How big is he? Too busy right now to look up.
  3. Just don't have him returning punts inside the 5. Chester played well at receiver.
  4. Bragger! HA!
  5. I am almost positive we will take a TE in the draft. Why get upset over camp bodies. I agree. Ready for the draft and some waiver wire victims.
  6. Gabriel is spot on. This guy became arguably the best player on the defense. Those that are calling him trash must have been watching Nickelodeon and definitely not the NFL. He played hard on every down. Early on he was weak. He was over-running plays and such. I really enjoyed coming around party. Good luck 93. Don't hurt Andrew when we play you.
  7. I had a funny feeling you would come back with a good one!!
  8. I'm so old I stole a Conestoga wagon........ I was young and dumb...I forgot I needed horses.
  9. I understand that.....I did say.."I would." Lolly said basically the same thing above...He left Miami without a deal.
  10. Met with Dolphins yesterday. He lives in Fort Lauderdale.......Dolphins would be my choice if I were him.
  11. So you think he is a 'Locke' to get the job?
  12. We can get a UFA to punt. We do have the other punter on the roster...Devon Bell?? He is showing as a K on the roster. I saw him punting on a video.
  13. Great response. It is a shame we could not get him. I have a feeling Gavin was indeed pushing some pressure from above!!
  14. Just a thought to remember, Alshon Jeffery was one of Gavin's favorites the year he came out. To get him to me would be special!!
  15. Just keep bringing in ND Bison players and we will be just fine.

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