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  1. That will be no we know. Darn, I woke back up.
  2. Name one team that can beat the Patriots with consistency or at all. You can't so I will just go back to sleep.
  3. The Celtics are simply warn out. I read someone called the team soft. Must not have watched the Bulls and Wizard series. Those two series were throwbacks to the late 80's with all of the banging going on. They are tired and the Cavs are fresh. Lets get on to the draft and FA. I hope Lebron beats the Warriors again with KD.
  4. Pritchard said that he is going to spend more than Larry did. It was Larry's choice to stay under the luxury tax. I am going to let this play out as we ditch some salaries moving forward. I never have seen anything about the 4 number 1's being offered to us for him.....I will look for that. I honestly could care less if George stays. His play is great in the playoffs and he does not play hard against teams we should beat every night. My preference would be for him to go to the West instead of the East
  5. Ed Whitcomb was a distant relative of mine. He died this past year in Southern Indiana I believe.
  6. Me too...I knew we were brothers. HA!
  7. And BEEEEEEES!!!
  8. I was eating bad potatoes in Ireland.....:)
  9. How about both? Wild turkey is top o the line....:)
  10. My cousin owns maybe you and Tammy could go look around in the fall. Not sure what is planted this year. Too soon for me to go back. Miss it more than we thought.
  11. Our former farm is one of the very first 'high ground' areas to settle for Indians. fresh water and wildlife were plentiful. Tons of wild turkeys.
  12. I wrote the same quote in the same thread not least I was consistent. HAHA!
  13. Seymour Johnny C.
  14. At the McNiece farm well before it was that, the Shaunee had a camp that encompassed basically the entire farm and woods. In the woods we have a natural spring branch that bubbles ice cold water from the ground and the water heads south to the White River E. Fork. My aunt used to have hundreds and hundreds of arrowheads and even the stones they used to make their version of the sledge hammer. My sister and I were always out in the field after ploughing when we were kids (discing today) Never failed to find arrowheads.
  15. Only two or three things...on one hand NFLfan....HAHAHA!

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