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  1. Yeah....Colts were one of the reasons I stayed away from the forum. I know I was on here before the season saying how hard this pacer team would play and I was for the trade. I love it a whole lot more after the grit last night. Booker looking like the Big that we needed. Really nice signing.
  2. I had season tickets in 2005. That team was touch as nails and so was Detroit. I remember after the suspensions seeing Freddy Jones as our star guard
  3. With you on all of this, my man. I love prove it deals and contracts given to players that really did not get a chance. Someone with a 'chip on their' shoulder. I think Melvin thinks the world about himself. I think he wants too much money. He should consider who really gave him a real chance. I think Desir did well too and should be given a shot. My first time on here in awhile but I am not thrilled going back to the 4-3 defense.....and I want Chubb all day long over a running back. Enjoy the FA Frenzy. The insiders have made it into a joke.
  4. Thank you! I really appreciate The kind words. Not a fun journey for sure.
  5. We’re not doing the Star Wars stuff again

    Agreed..with Smonroe. Absolutely. Why insult? It was a perfect example. you can go 2-12 with a RB and you can go the same with the top Edge prospect we have seen in awhile. I take Chubb myself, but there are good reasons to take Barkley can do it all....and return kicks. (No please NOOOO )
  6. Holder is not a football guy. It appears he wastes a lot of dollars just to go to NE and slam down Lobster and drink with his fellow journalists. I think he used a cheat sheet.....
  7. Hey Buck....I have been on the IR for about a year. I missed all of the great people on the Colts Forum. I was physically and mentally unable to remember things or debate. I will hopefully be back. I had heart surgery 3 days ago. I was not getting enough O2 to my brain. I also had a severe wound from passing out while in afib. Mental is back....3 months for the IR to end. See I still rumble and bumble a little. (I hate the Patriots and the Jags. HAHA!)
  8. It is a crying shame. He is so overlooked to be in my opinion a top 5 guard in the league. Spot on!!
  9. Can they just freakin lose period!! HA!
  10. Tom Moore And Bill Simpson

    If you did not block...your name was Mudd.
  11. Addy And Daddy 14

    She is going to be soooo pretty. I can tell. Must be taking after her mom....
  12. 310588 286121154749185 100000539090972 1127468 753073864 N

    You playing?
  13. Me

    Hey buddy! Love the pics. Season Tickets?? That close? Who the hell are related to? We need to get together. You are not far from Geist are you? Miss my Colts family. I have been wounded in the leg since September 11. Huge deep cut. I was checked for a stroke. Finally it was heart related. I am 3 days out of heart surgery and I feel better than before the surgery. You can post this if you want unless everyone knows Thanks for including me. B
  14. RB Matt Jones

    Stephen is back. I am too!!!