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  1. RB Matt Jones

    Stephen is back. I am too!!!
  2. Yeah I forgot about that.
  3. If I talk to Jay, I like to know a few things. Mostly the up and coming youngsters.
  4. Jay is a scoundrel. I have the Cards in my Favorites on BR and CBS Sports.
  5. Forever and ever Amen.... Just say no to the White Sox....
  6. Just an old loud mouth....
  7. There is no doubt on that. I think all rookies get tested. I loved Wilson getting the time to learn yesterday. It was the best thing to happen in the very first action. I always remember that we still have 4 weeks of learning. Practicing against our receivers is a great thing. READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL!!
  8. Austin Blythe

    Haeg has the best footwork of any lineman we have. I hope he stays healthy. Love watching him go to work.
  9. Billy Jean King vs. Bobby Riggs anyone? OK Never mind!!
  10. Butler and Hayward play pretty hard out there...4th quarter Paul never cut it. He did not even come out for warm ups when Vogel was here...he did with Nate.
  11. I had a small season package that year. No team was better than the Pacers, and none meaner...(as we saw)
  12. I basically just said the same thing!!
  13. This is an open classic case of tampering. I really think they should lose a pick or we get one. Paul and Magic put us in a precarious position and Mr Silver has to know that. He is great...but we only have Stern to compare.