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  1. Haeg has the best footwork of any lineman we have. I hope he stays healthy. Love watching him go to work.
  2. Billy Jean King vs. Bobby Riggs anyone? OK Never mind!!
  3. Butler and Hayward play pretty hard out there...4th quarter Paul never cut it. He did not even come out for warm ups when Vogel was here...he did with Nate.
  4. I had a small season package that year. No team was better than the Pacers, and none meaner...(as we saw)
  5. I basically just said the same thing!!
  6. This is an open classic case of tampering. I really think they should lose a pick or we get one. Paul and Magic put us in a precarious position and Mr Silver has to know that. He is great...but we only have Stern to compare.
  7. As far as the fight goes...McGregor will come out straight at him and throw about 20 punches in 20 seconds....the dude is a crazy $*%. One big one early for Floyd?
  8. Send him as a one year rental to someone WANTING or THINKING they are really close.... Send him to Toronto or Minnesota where it is nice and warm in the winter.
  9. We still have to pay Teague. He is a FA. How much does he cost? I would love Hayward. I think he will be a Celtic.
  10. Brown needs minutes to show just how good he really is. Has great talent.
  11. I ALMOST said Giles. I changed my mind since he is sooooooo fragile.
  12. Thank you. Have some health issues I am still trying to get rid of....but I am fine. Still mean as heck. HA! Thank you so much for the nice greeting.
  13. His dad will tell the world that he will never sign with Indiana.

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