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  1. Grigson was Pagano's BOSS. Irsay (you know, that guy thats the top dog) gave Grigson the authority to overrule chuck. It was either deal with it at the time or quit. "Or him saying himself during his press conferences that his wife Tina literally wears the pants in the family. This is all coming out of his mouth mind you. " And you took him literally....the guy who is the emperor of coach speak. Well done. "Also why would I just "let go" of the fake punt that was arguably the stupidest play call I've ever seen, and you wanna blame it on whalen for snapping the ball?? obviously the coaching wasn't even up to par for the players to know what they had to do." When does it become up to the players to remember assignments and do what theyre supposed to do? "Just because you like pagano for some strange reason doesn't change the fact that the obvious best move for the team is to be done with him once and for all and let our new gm bring in HIS guy. " This season will determine that. "Duhhh" 13?
  2. So many people want Butt. I'm guessing Butt must be a good tight end.
  3. Boy my curiosity was higher than it's been in a while when I saw that thread title lol. To your post...interesting bit of information. Thanks for putting it together and sharing
  4. well, first problem is the Colts aren't a 2 gap defense
  5. well if she went on national TV bragging about making up these allegations, then she'd absolutely be opening herself up for a civil suit...not just "might be" or "could be". Just quibbling over semantics I guess...just thought the wording of "could be" was a bit funny. lol
  6. http://dictionary.law.com/Default.aspx?selected=1969
  7. did you forget who he played for?
  8. it would also help for Luck to be more consistent, make better decisions and to have a better OC calling plays jesus let it go. The only thing that sabotaged the game was Griff Whalen snapping the ball. well first, Chuck isn't the offensive playcaller. second, every team has a TE one on one with a pass rusher at some point in the game. I don't recall the game you're referring to regarding Reitz/Miller Green had 2 Unnecessary roughness penalties last year. What other rookies had these obvious discipline problems? no idea where that came from but your hate is clear Just wanted to expand on my previous post
  9. might as well. Castonzo isn't going anywhere for 2017
  10. interesting...I thought the same thing after reading your post
  11. Not even an NFL caliber practice, scrimmage or anything along those lines. Not to mention the fact that their pro day was less than a month ago. Not exactly proof that hes kicked the injury bug lol. I'm thinking that might have been a typo.
  12. I have a feeling we wind up with more than 8 UDFAs
  13. Why on earth would you want to move mewhort? I can at least see an argument to be made for vontae but I'd still disagree...but mewhort? ,what possible reason could you have?

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