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  1. And here i thought I was being optimistic about the defense this year lol
  2. Chris Ballard!
  3. Pretty sure everybody here giving grades knows that .
  4. I'd say he had potential..but saying he was good is a bit of a stretch imo.
  5. Pretty sure the author meant that mack had a tendency to bounce the run outside when the play was designed to go inside but got stuffed. That means he wouldnt have good blocking to the outside in those situations. In college it worked because he was generally the fastest guy on the field but that won't happen nearly as often in the NFL.
  6. What will yours be if they don't?
  7. But, I'm pretty sure that was the crux of the OPs point
  8. Did he seem unchill? I agree with OP. Though I admit I'm guilty of it myself. Yeah I'm looking at YOU Gilbert Gardner!
  9. Well the thing is theres a difference between "this guy isnt good enough because..." and "this guy sucks. Hes garbage." No one is trying to keep people from sharing their opinions, but you dont have to share your opinion as if youre a petulant 14 year old who thinks every player ia either great or trash.
  10. I can't think of any time that's ever happened
  11. His joke of a coaching staff...that have had all of one year together. How very fair of you.
  12. Very cool articles on decker. And I'm very intrigued to read more about these new training methods.
  13. He's a rookie and he plays defense so yes
  14. Literally made me laugh out loud lol
  15. then why post?

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