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  1. As sad as it is...yes, a lot of NFL fans are of the mindset that "as long as he plays for my team and helps us win then he can do whatever he wants"
  2. When has the NFL EVER taken action when an incident was first reported? they have always waited to let the legal process play out first.
  3. 2 Things. First, where did I say caldwell was a good coach? Quote me. Second, "a job Caldwell no longer has" . what could you possibly mean? At the time of that interview, Jim caldwell had not been fired. He was still under contract as the head coach of the Indianapolis Colts. And he was interviewing spagnuolo to be his (Jim caldwell's) defensive coordinator in 2012. "Did you ever consider the possibility that Irsay was just being nice to Caldwell throwing him 1 final gesture as HC in symbolism only while he started the screening process for Jim's replacement? Hmmm..." Are you seriously suggesting that Jim irsay, knowing that he was going to fire Caldwell the next day, let Jim caldwell interview Steve spagnuolo to be the colts DC thinking he was doing Caldwell a favor? That is one of the dumbest things I have ever read. Irsay: "hey Jim (caldwell), how would you like to see if Steve spagnuolo would like to work for you here next year? I mean, YOU wont be working here, but you could see if Steve would have been willing to work for you...you know, if I wasnt planning on firing you tomorrow." Is that how it went down? If not, then how did it?
  4. Sea kelp
  5. before I waste my time responding point by point, I really need to see your answer to the following question(s). If Jim Caldwell got fired in Indy because they played like crap in 2011, then why was he not fired as soon as the offseason started like Polian was? Why was Caldwell present when Steve Spagnuolo was interviewed to be the team's Defensive coordinator for 2012? http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2012/01/17/before-firing-caldwell-colts-interviewed-spagnuolo/
  6. No, but you have no problem sarcastically calling people Mr fan club president. Yes playoff production has declined over the past 2 years...but for the 3 years prior to that it improved every single year. And if you can't figure out that the reasons they've missed the past 2 years are not entirely on Chuck then it absolutely is hatred. Luck missed 9 games in 2015. Was that Pagano's fault? Was it Pagano's fault that the team had better performance and a better record withOUT Luck that season than they did WITH him? No, that's because Luck was injured. The fact that they still went 6-3 after losing Luck is to Pagano's credit, not the other way around. Last year Luck played, but the offensive playcalling was severely lacking most of the time and they simply did not have the defensive talent on the roster to be able to hang with the more potent offenses in the NFL. When your entire secondary consists of just 1 of your projected starters plus guys like Darryl Morris, Rashaan Melvin, Chris Milton and the incredibly raw and obviously not ready to play yet TJ Green...and your best pass rusher is Erik Walden...I mean seriously? That kind of defense is going to help take a team to the playoffs? now we're just making stuff up out of thin air now aren't we? Perhaps you didn't notice, but since Luck came to the Colts, his completion percentage has gradually increased each year (save for 2015), his TD:INT ratio has mostly improved, and his Passer Rating has improved. I do know that there are a lot of people that don't pay any attention to Passer rating, but they should...it's not a perfect stat (none are) and it won't tell the full story (none do) but it does give a pretty good indication of how the QB played from purely from a passing standpoint. Long story short, Luck absolutely has improved in many ways since coming to the Colts, so your comment about him not making strides is completely false. Chuck didn't need Chewbacca in 2015 now did he? Without Chewbacca, Pagano still managed to come away with a 6-3 record, better than the record WITH Chewbacca...so if anything it could be said that it was Chewbacca holding Pagano back that season and not the other way around.
  7. How about you knock off calling anyone who doesn't agree with your view of Pagano is the president of his fan club. Not true. Believe that all you want, but it's not going to be that cut and dry no matter how much you want it to be. It would depend on why they didn't make the playoffs. If Luck goes down in week 1, goes on IR, and the Colts don't make the playoffs, should Pagano be fired for that? Stop perpetuating the myth that Pags is the best available coach out there so therefore, we must stand pat & not alter the status quo. And I love the notion that some people have that the fans opinion matters. lol If you stop buying tickets to games, someone else will. It's as simple as that. This is just me theorizing, but the Colts would have to have Browns-esque records for at least 5-6+ years before they'd start having difficulty selling out home games. So yes, Ballard & Irsay do have final say, alone, and it's not just true right now but it's true until the day Ballard is fired or retires. I remember exactly what happened. Irsay fired Bill Polian and then tried to keep Caldwell for 2012. Grigson was hired, and then both Grigson and Jim Caldwell met with Steven Spagnuolo to interview him for the vacant DC position. Spags presumably laughed in their faces at the thought of working for Caldwell, and only after that happened did they fire Jim Caldwell. Irsay fired Polian because he knew the mess that the Colt roster had become was his fault, and not Caldwell's. Just like he knew the recent roster mess was due to Grigson and not Pagano. Hence, Grigson was fired and replaced but Pagano was not. If the team as a whole plays poorly during the season, then Pagano likely gets fired after this season. Not making the playoffs (without examining why they didn't) will not get Pagano fired. Now, it is entirely possibly that whatever reason there might be for the Colts missing the playoffs could get him fired, but again, that takes an examination of the reason why.
  8. I'd bet my next paycheck that that statement is not true.
  9. yeah, you know exactly what the confusion was about. you think you're being cute. there might even be a few people who agree. chances are they're in the same home room as you. either way, this thread has been derailed enough. feel free to PM me if you would like to continue this fun little back and forth. I still love the irony in YOU calling me the troll. lol btw, Family Ties > Good Times > Fresh Prince
  10. hmm...that wasn't exactly the source of the confusion.
  11. only by stupid posts that make no sense....so I can see why you'd say that ;)
  12. uh, the tweets from the Panthers were the reason for this lighthearted thread about a lighthearted thing. there was no need in trying to figure that out because it was obvious. they did not, however, tweet anything about Good Times so that's why I, and at least one other member, was confused as to why you brought them up.
  13. well here's the thing, I don't really buy that either because there were a number of times they came out trying to air it out (the opposite of conservative) but that didn't work either. honestly, it seems as though at least Chud and possibly Pagano have bought into the Luck hype. It seems to me at least like they feel like he's already an elite level QB that they don't have to worry about things like adjusting the playcalling to try to get him into a rhythm. Typically you'll see in the playcalling at the beginning of games/halves/etc that the OC will intentionally call some shorter, higher percentage throws to get the QB a few easy completions to get him into a rhythm. It's talked about in almost every game that is ever broadcast. But you don't see that from the Colts when Luck is on the field. It's like they feel like he hits the field already warmed up, already in his groove and they don't have to modify playcalling to help him with that, even when he's clearly struggling.
  14. yeah, and I'M the troll lol. YOU were the one who threw out the bait, not me. I'm still trying to figure out a legitimate reason why Good Times made its way into the conversation other than the ethnicity of the families in the 2 series. If I'm wrong about that and there was another reason you decided to bring it up then by all means, enlighten us. Otherwise...occam's razor

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