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  1. Colts Are Home Underdog To Browns

    they'll fly past a unicorn trying to fly away with a leprechaun's pot of gold lol
  2. Colts Are Home Underdog To Browns

    hey, if the Browns wind up winning the SB against the Cardinals or Rams, we could be looking back at these first few weeks very differently
  3. Andrew Luck hurt while snowboarding rumor

    Well I think its obvious...clearly pagano pulled a Tanya Harding on Luck so he could prove what a great coach he is by unleashing his secret weapon...Scott "the Arm" Tolzien Ps. I will be so happy when they cut Scott so I no longer have to mess with correcting autocorrect's changing of Tolzien to Tolkien.
  4. Colts Are Home Underdog To Browns

    Maybe not if we wind up going against another team that's missing their starting QB...even then though...I doubt it lol
  5. Andrew Luck hurt while snowboarding rumor

    Exactly what I was thinking
  6. Beth Mowins

    she sounded like a woman with a mannish voice trying really hard not to sound like she has a mannish voice, but doing a really bad job of it.
  7. Beth Mowins

    and Rex Ryan at times sounded like Eeyore
  8. Malik hooker's first int

    Just because hooker was healthy doesn't mean he was back in game shape. There are a lot of things to criticize pagano for, but being mad at him for not starting hooker week 1 is just being petty.
  9. This needs to be said...

    Well that's the league's fault. I felt that they should have put a stop to artificial turf years ago.
  10. Chris Ballard gets an A+ for signing John Simon

    Yeah, it was Palmer's arm momentum that caused sheards hand to graze the facemask. Sheard had several pressures and a couple nice run stops. Hopefully he will continue to improve.
  11. Tanking The Season A Blessing In Disguise?

    Luck's contract makes him virtually untradeable for the colts until probably 2019 at the earliest.
  12. Since we're on the subject, the one that probably gets me the most is are instead of our. "This is are country" SMH Lol