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  1. I get that but at the same time I dont remember the slow starts when arians was here so, while I would definitely prefer a more WC style offense, I dont think the scheme is inherently flawed. I know youre not saying it is. I'm saying that arians was probably just a superior situational playcaller who had a better idea of how to get luck and the offense as a whole into a rhythm. This will be the offense's 2nd full year in chuds offense so we'll see how things go. I do agree though...the choices of OC are my biggest complaints with pagano at this point.
  2. and all I'm saying is if you're excusing O'Brien for bad QB play due to the level of talent he's been given at the position, then the same would apply to Pagano for the level of talent that he's been given on defense. Sorry, but you're trying to have your cake and eat it too BTW...poor adjustments? how many 4th quarter comebacks have there been? that's not ALL on Luck regardless of what some would like to believe slow starts? you saw what I said about the OL right? that's also a lot more on Chud than Pags imo...Chud is the playcaller and I doubt Pagano is that much of a micro-manager. I have no doubt he gives his input in gameplanning and probably gives run/pass suggestions when necessary but overall, Chud is the OC and playcaller. And that's why lesser experienced defensive minded HC's tend to hire veteran OCs or former HCs instead of college coaches or positional coaches. Same for lesser experienced offensive minded HCs hiring veteran/former HC DCs. Now if your point is that Pagano's trust in Chud is misplaced then I can get behind that until Chud proves me wrong...which hopefully he will this year. as for the bad fundamentals...yeah that's definitely shown at times..but keep in mind that the past couple of years they've had to sign guys off the streets at various positions..especially in the secondary. those guys were likely on the streets and not another team's roster in large part due to poor fundamentals.
  3. Hmm..make schematic changes you say? You mean like ditching the 2gap hybrid and switching to a 1 gap defense when he got Anderson and parry, who were collectively better than Chapman and Hughes? Yes, last year was a historically bad defense with a hand picked DC. You casually left out how many games davis, Robinson, butler, geathers and adams missed. How exotic can you be with your blitzes when your secondary is primarily made up of Chris Milton, rashaan melvin, Darryl morris and a very green tj green etc? DBs were dropping like flies last year, Jackson and Morrison had to play far too much, cold and Mathis were barely shells of their former selves. Our best playmaker on defense was a toss up between Adams and Erik walden! Oh and how many different starting OL combinations were there?
  4. My point was that they ran similar route concepts with both luck and hass. Luck tried to hold on to the ball ad long as hr can to make a play downfield, but he almost always also has checkdowns and ahorter routes he could throw to...but be chooses not to. When hass was playing, they still had receivers running long routes but hass knew he didnt have the arm strength he used to so he used his experience instead being able to get the ball out quickly to those shorter routes. You could call the exact same plays with either guy playing QB but have it look like a completely different offense because of the QBs differing strengths and tendencies.
  5. because Pagano has had such a high level of defensive talent to work with
  6. Did they really change the offense that much for Hass? or is it more a matter of him being a long term experienced veteran that knows his own weaknesses and how to overcome them? such as knowing he doesn't have Luck's mobility, but he does have far more experience reading defenses so he's better equipped to get the ball out of his hands early and make adjustments pre-snap. He also knows the importance of sticking with the running game...multiple team officials and Luck himself said that he's had problems with that as far as checking out of run plays and into pass plays more often than he should. Even if they did change up the offense for Hass...that's still a sign of a quality coaching staff. The problem with your thinking is they don't NEED to change up the offense for Luck. Don't get me wrong, I would prefer more of a bootleg/playaction heavy west coast style offense, but Luck is far more than capable of running Chud's vertical offense. He simply needs to be better at reading defenses presnap (which will come with experience) and find ways to get the ball out of his hands quicker.
  7. Ok, again, I don't care. Point is that head to head record Luck vs. Mariota is not going to come into play here...nor should it because there is no such thing. There's a record for the Colts vs. Titans but Luck vs. Mariota does not exist. That would be a really stupid way to measure the top 100 players
  8. I don't care either way to be honest. It's all subjective. My point though was...why would head to head record between those 2 players come into the equation at all?
  9. So the Titans haven't beaten the Colts since Mariota was drafted. What does that have to do with ranking Mariota as having had a better season in 2016 than Luck?
  10. just teasing you lol
  11. *Insert obligatory "I hope they don't rush him back" post here*
  12. i'm thinking Hooker and Wilson are the only 2 that will get enough snaps to make their way into the Pro Bowl conversation...unless Walker wins the starting Mike spot.
  13. what can I say? Freddy sucks
  14. I wish the Colts color rush uniforms would become their permanent uniforms.
  15. imo both have equal merit, just depending on what you're trying to evaluate. obviously passer rating doesn't take any scrambling or QB rushing yards into account. It's purely to get an idea of what kind of game the QB had purely from a passing standpoint.

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