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  1. What If Jimmy brings Chuck Back in 18?

    Typically yes, but what I said has been kinda true here lately and the post I replied to was a perfect example. He wasnt being antagonistic at all. I have seen plenty of people attack you over your opinion of Pagano and maybe that has you more on edge than normal. But of you start accusing everyone who disagrees with you of attacking you then you're going to alienate some good people. Just food for thought. I have no problem with difference of opinion... I do disagree with you about Pagano. He was handicapped somewhat, I agree there, but he's made plenty of mistakes that are unrelated to the lack of talent and not having Luck. I do think he should be fired. You don't. That's fine.
  2. Stop Blaming Pagano

    Agree with everything but the last sentence.
  3. What If Jimmy brings Chuck Back in 18?

    There was nothing antagonistic about his post. Maybe keep that victim card in the deck once in a while ;)
  4. What If Jimmy brings Chuck Back in 18?

    They also can't afford to make decisions on just one metric without taking into consideration the factors that led to that metric.
  5. What If Jimmy brings Chuck Back in 18?

    When he was with the colts, he was
  6. Doyle took the blame, sort of

    They let Doyle get his yards because stopping Hilton is their focus.
  7. Marlon Mack: Can someone explain this?

    If that's the case then why would you NOT keep feeding Gore until the defense stops doing that?
  8. Stop Blaming Pagano

    Um, no. There is plenty to blame Pagano for.
  9. And what did Houston get in return on that trade?
  10. oh his contract in and of itself makes trading Luck very difficult.
  11. What type of coach would you prefer?

    Offensive minded from a west coast system with a proven track record of adjusting his offense to fit his personnel and the ability to gameplan to exploit his opponents weaknesses.
  12. Can Swoope return this week?

    He's not on the 53 man roster yet, so unless they make that change before Sunday then, no.
  13. To "give the new GM serious ammunition" by trading Luck, you're also taking away a significant amount of that GM's ammunition in terms of the dead cap space that would be accrued by trading Luck. He has no trade value for the Colts due to his contract.
  14. I don't think this makes him "injury prone". If he kept having the same issue with the same body part (repeated ACL tears or something like that) then maybe.
  15. Vontae Davis released

    Well run organizations don't care about media speculation and tweeted rumors.