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  1. actually that's not the reason the colts front was considered a hybrid defense. every team in the league runs combinations of 3 and 4 man fronts. the Colts defense was a hybrid the first 3 years meaning the front 7 was a hybrid of 1 and 2 gap. the strong side OLB, DE (5 tech) and NT would 2-gap while the weak side DT (3 tech) and OLB would 1 gap. that's why we had both DEs and DTs listed on the roster. If you look at the depth chart of the steelers, they have DEs and NTs listed on the depth chart but no DTs because their defense doesn't use a 3 tech in their base front.
  2. I think you've made your point lol
  3. that is just not true. not in a 1 gap system. Now if they want to start doing some 2 gapping, then yes they'll need to add a big space-eating NT. But if they don't plan to do that then there's no need to bring that type of player in.
  4. hope he didn't cost a fortune-ato HEY YO!
  5. At first I thought the same thing. But that was posted today and aiken was signed a few days ago.
  6. http://nfltraderumors.co/vikings-colts-seahawks-browns-49ers-mix-wr-rod-streater/ Interesting seems to be the word of FA so I'll just stick with that. Interesting.
  7. if they were going to it would have been before Walden ever got a chance to wear it.
  8. Yeah thats why I specified height/weight....didnt have yime to lookup arm length at the time
  9. Woods is listed at 6'4" and 307 lbs. Parry is listed at 6'2" and 310 lbs. Neither are undersized in terms of height/weight for a 1-gap defense.
  10. I don't recall them ever addressing it publicly, but my thought was that they switched because of being able to draft Anderson and Parry. The first 3 years they did run a hybrid front and Chapman was a 2-gap NT whereas Parry has not been. I do think it's interesting they went after Poe, but I think (at least at full health) Poe is one of the rare guys that can play almost any scheme. So, I wasn't surprised at all by the signing of Al Woods, who is of similar size to Parry. but the reported interest in John Jenkins makes me think that maybe they would like to bring in a 2-gap guy for the right price.
  11. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2007958-nfl-101-the-basics-of-the-3-4-defensive-front scroll down to the "3-4 Under" section and that explains the responsibilities of each player in the type of defense the Colts run. One note...this site refers to the weakside ILB as the Jack instead of the Will. They call the weakside OLB the Will. Still though, it explains the different responsibilities of the Mike and Jack and base don those you'll see that each position requires a different type of skill set.
  12. That and players B and beyond wait for player A's contract to set the value at their position.
  13. What a logical and reasonable approach. I like it.
  14. http://nfltraderumors.co/dontari-poes-visit-dolphins-concludes-deal/ " Jason La Canfora reports that this was Poe’s last scheduled visit and he now plans to fly back home and sort through his options."
  15. There, now how about you calm the hell down!

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