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  1. [Yates] Colts trade Phillip Dorsett for Jacoby Brissett

    An un-named source lol. No really, someone I know that wears a Colts Super Bowl ring.
  2. [Yates] Colts trade Phillip Dorsett for Jacoby Brissett

    Kaepernick is locker room toxin. Why would we want to introduce a cancer like that? He couldn't start at SF anymore and if he were still any good another team would have picked him up by now.
  3. Robert Mathis - Wow I feel humble that I could be anything lIke the Ultimate Colt!
  4. Man, Dakich is clueless on NFL topics

    No, he's just a troll.
  5. Time to get serious and RETURN to glory...

    He has a great point. Luck could do anything he wants. He could be an archatect, go into coaching anything at this point is better than getting the crap beat out of him every week.
  6. How did you become a Colts fan?

    Since they came to Indy. It was actually my Mother, a very proper English lady. She was hooked immediately even though she had no clue what the rules were. She called the players "her boys" and listend carefully as my dad explained the game to her. I still smile when I remember her yelling at the TV because she felt there was a bad call. I was grateful that the Colts were able to win the Super bowl the year before she passed away from cancer. She and my dad are watching the games together again. She was able to go to a few games and kept saying that we should get season tickets but never did. I decided when she passed that "life is short" and so went on the wait list and got my tickets the last year in the RCA dome. Season ticket holder ever since. GO COLTS - GO INDIANS!
  7. Which Colts game are you going to this year?

    Going to all the home games except the second pre season game. Gave my tickets to a coworker as I will be out of town on family vacation that weekend. Can't wait to see all my "peeps" in section 409! Go COLTS!