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  1. Do you have daughter's? She no question put her hands on him. He knocked her out, after following her into the restaurant.
  2. It's football. It wasn't a dirty hit at all.
  3. The seventh round has been the last round for many years now
  4. He took a few snaps under center in college. Jared Goff never took a snap under center in college
  5. What on earth are you basing that on? You don't know the man, and certainty aren't part of his medical staff.
  6. So why worry?
  7. Why would they do that?
  8. Lynch was a first round pick. They are going right continue to give him a chance to beat out Trevor
  9. The teams clearly had a lot of talent to go to the playoffs that often and to to go 6 superbowls
  10. In the pre-season, there have been a lot of teams with two 7 round qbs
  11. 6 superbowl appearances.
  12. Polian wasn't the coach. He brought in the talent
  13. He wasn't the coach. Also, elway went all out knowing Peyton was at the end if his career. Not nearly the same
  14. Look at his entire career as a gm. If Chris Ballard gets to that level, He will be considered great as well
  15. Against backups and guys who won't be employed in a few weeks.
  16. What terrible decisions has he made so far?
  17. Based on what? If Ballard can someday be mentioned with Polian, it will have been a successful hire. The polian greatness denial sound here is laughable
  18. If the players won't play they will. No.players, No money. Pretty simple
  19. Companies and unions use arbitrators everyday in this country
  20. When is joe mixon suspension going to start? That was on video
  21. Jones and Kraft want the same thing every other owner wants. More money. They won't budge on discipline unless the union gives up something BIG in return
  22. He was never charged with a crime. He won't be paying her
  23. Why would he admit to a crime he wasn't prosecuted for? No one would do that. I think he did it, But they could use his statement against him
  24. Most everyone. Green is a second year player.

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