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  1. Will Kaepernick play a down in 2018?

    And neither are in the league
  2. Never heard that before.. many cant miss backs have failed
  3. Will Kaepernick play a down in 2018?

    If can Newton did this, he would still be playing. Colin is a backup qb not worth the trouble
  4. Will Kaepernick play a down in 2018?

    Colin is no Rosa parks
  5. Will Kaepernick play a down in 2018?

    If Colin was great,, he would be on a roster
  6. Will Kaepernick play a down in 2018?

    He didn't play this season, no reason to think he plays next season
  7. So I play in a league with 1 IDP. The IDP has to be on the defense you started that week. So at the end of last night's game I have a 13 point lead with one desperation play left for the redskins. Of course my opponent had the chiefs defense ave his IDP was Justin Houston. My opponent scored 14 fantasy points on the last play. Unreal
  8. The return of the XFL?

    Any links to this?
  9. American Football Conference

    You're fine. It's the troll packers fan that's the problem. Someone needs to spray for them
  10. American Football Conference

    It's a shame the packers don't have a board for you to post on
  11. I don't care about your opinion. I'm not sure why you continue to give it
  12. Mike Mitchell....My Man !!!!

    This guy is right. Impossible to prevent serious injuries
  13. Mike Mitchell....My Man !!!!

    Wwf is fake
  14. That still makes zero sense, like most of your posts
  15. Why would pagano want him to miss?
  16. The 2 point conversion penalty

    Might as well lose the rest.
  17. Name One Professional Athlete Where The...........

    Brady has won MVP twice, the last time wss 7 years ago. So wrong again