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  1. 4 year period. And who days the guys left are 3rd tier guys? Can we wait to see what happens, or do we have to panic in mid march?
  2. Isn't free agency only a couple days in? Why don't we relax and see how it plays out
  3. A Possible Change to the Safety Position (Idea)

    All you need to do is find the all pro linebacker than can handle those duties.
  4. Ravens select Dorance Armstrong, Kansas, EDGE,
  5. DJ moore was going to be my pick. Sorry it took so long. Ravens are desperate for a wr. I'm not that familiar with the kid, but the experts like him
  6. Can you imagine how happy he must be going from Cleveland to New England. Christmas in March
  7. Not exactly a who's who of NFL talent on that list. I did love Ken Dilger though.
  8. Ravens select Mike McGlinchey, Notre Dame, OT, @jacksonjalovec. And the chargers are on the clock
  9. Peyton is no longer 'Papa John'

    If you live in the burg, why aren't you eating Panoonys??
  10. Gore to play elsewhere

    Yeah, you're drinking again. Sad..
  11. Ballard on the Herd

    I don't want a coach that doesn't want to be here. Didn't really want him to begin with. I think we got lucky
  12. If they sign hyde, they won't draft barkley I don't think
  13. Ballard on the Herd

    luck hasn't forgot how to throw a football. When the shoulder is good, he will be good. Maybe rusty, but he will be good
  14. Gore to play elsewhere

    Are you drinking again??
  15. Looking forward to watching him play again...

    If he was healthy enough to play, he would have. I don't think anyone here wanted him to comeback under 100%
  16. Average Qbs are taken over great rbs almost every year. It's been over 20 years since a rb went first overall, and he was a bust. AD went 7th .
  17. Josh Mcdaniels avoiding combine

    I doubt the staff at St. Elmos would refuse service to a millionaire.
  18. Colts sign Tyrell Adams

    Yeah, 25. Dude is ancient
  19. Colts sign Tyrell Adams

    Not many all pros available in February
  20. Well this is a brutal, but truthful, assessment.

    Where did you get your medical degree?
  21. Not that 45 year old.
  22. Unless he has some kind of injury, vinny will be the kicker next year 100%. They will bring in a camp leg, but it's vinnys job
  23. ESPN and Fox fighting to sign Peyton [Merge]

    If romo can pull it off, I'm sure Peyton would be fine. Its nothing like trying to play another sport