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  1. Can you guess what round Jeff Saturday was drafted in?
  2. You are a panicked fan. You should not watch the draft. It's too intense for you. Go see your psychiatrist instead
  3. You are so clueless, It's sad
  4. I didn't realize the draft and other free agent signings were over. I can see why you are being nonsensical
  5. I don't care. I want good players. We, just got two. I bet vontae is happy
  6. Both are great picks by anyone who knows what they are talking about
  7. I always think it's funny when fans poo poo picks they haven't heard of. Anyone that thinks Hooker or Wilson are bad picks are either trolls or clueless
  8. I'm so happy with these two picks. It's been awhile since I haven't been scratching my head after round two
  9. Ballard isn't messing around. We aren't going to be punks in the secondary anymore
  10. So you hate the pick? I think most like it
  11. Good Lord, I hope who ever he announces is nearly as good as he was
  12. I think corner is our biggest need. Hopefully one falls to us
  13. I hope when it comes to staying healthy he isn't Sanders either
  14. His draft record is atrocious outside of his first and last year. Chris Polian atrocious
  15. While both are bad, neither is 10000x worse than what mixon did
  16. You realize he isn't a box safety right? He is a coverage guy. He can learn to tackle better
  17. Yeah, there is a reason these draft "experts" aren't employed by teams
  18. 100000x times worse than punching a girl in the face? Like what, freebase a new born baby?
  19. I'm sure plenty of teams have made that call since last night
  20. They had gruden playing the devil's advocate role. He talked about his inexperience and poor tackling.
  21. He may have had an inside source or two. Lol
  22. ESPN should utilize the talent they have left. I prefer mcshay over kiper. I know kiper is their guy, But his on air presence gets worse every year
  23. Improving the o line will do that

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