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  1. What other sport takes 11 players being on the same page always. Putting together and changing game plans on the fly? Baseball is a great sport, But offensively it's an individual sport. Basketball also a great sport, one great player can tip the tide however. I don't know much about lacrosse so I can't really comment on that. There is far more to enjoy in football outside of violence
  2. The friends you make in a huddle are friends for life
  3. I can see two from my back porch
  4. There are many ways to incur brain trauma. Very few of them involve youth sports
  5. He isn't coaching for the right reasons then. Most school coaches are also teachers. For the most part, coaching at that level isn't very lucrative. I understand that at some of the big high schools it's a different story
  6. I played all the way from pop warner through my senior year. Played with a bunch of guys that did the same. Played against a bunch that did the same. Serious injury is very very rare. I understand why you feel the way you do. What happened to your grandson is terrible. But serious injury is far less than one percent in high school and below
  7. We are pretty fortunate to have a very active little community. This next year will be my last as my grandsons will be moving on to junior high. Every coach in our league has a son or grandson on their team, So we are all very conscious of teaching proper form ( which is far different now than when I played in the early 80's) I love it
  8. In elkhart Indiana, every jr high game, jv game and varsity game there are medical personnel on hand. In our little league, there are nurses at every game. Youth contract sports has not been proven to be anymore dangerous than riding a bike.
  9. That could be said of all things. But the rules are in place
  10. Not in actual insured leagues they don't. I have coached little league football for three years. We have to be recertified every year. League personnel are always around watching practice and games
  11. So keep them inside to avoid any and all chances of danger
  12. Not if you weren't wearing the proper gear. Youth sports are also teaching and enforcing heads up tackling. Also, there are medical personnel at every game in high school. In our little league there is a nurse at every game.
  13. 75 concussions occur per 100,000 high school football players. That is an extremely low amount http://www.headcasecompany.com/concussion_info/stats_on_concussions_sports
  14. How about bicycles and trampolines?
  15. Yet you support that evil dangerous game

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