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  1. Derek carr 5 years 125 million
  2. Derek Carr https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000816968/article/raiders-derek-carr-finalize-5year-125m-extension%3FnetworkId%3D4595%26site%3D.news%26zone%3Dstory%26zoneUrl%3Durl%3Dstory%26zoneKeys%3Ds1%3Dstory%26env%3D%26pageKeyValues%3Dprtnr%3Daround-the-league%3Bteam%3Dind%3Bteam%3Doak%3Bconf%3Dafc%3Bdvsn%3Dacs%3Bdvsn%3Dacw%3Bplyr%3Dderek_carr%3Bplyr%3Damari_cooper%3Bplyr%3Dkirk_cousins%26p.ct%3DAround%2Bthe%2BNFL%26p.adsm%3Dfalse%26p.tcm%3D%23fff%26p.bgc1m%3D%230964bf%26p.bgc2m%3D%23053a74%26sr%3Damp
  3. Anyone can in the backyard.
  4. They are considered other
  5. Irsay is paying the doctors. I'm guessing he knows. But he could also be blowing smoke to make sure tickets get sold
  6. The jets are going to be a train wreck next year. Basically like most years
  7. Not much of a fight. Looked liked security had it pretty well handled
  8. In what way does he have a ten cent head?
  9. Monster hit
  10. Any one that's ever been a freshman in a high school locker room could tell you, one or two games tops
  11. Highly doubtful. These guys have never played a 16 game season. Many rookies hit the wall late in the year. Two wins tops
  12. They would have no leadership at all. Vets would take them to school every week
  13. Stickem does not remove him from GOAT status. Have you seen the legal gloves the current players use?--Jerry is the GOAT at WR. No question
  14. Jerry Rice
  15. Why does the topic need to be removed?

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