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  1. You are a great poster, I don't want to seem like I don't believe you, But do you have a link to that?
  2. He is going to be a PR nightmare for any team that drafts him
  3. Forrest Gump is far too skinny to play guard. He is a heckeva return man though
  4. The contract isn't that big.
  5. Like in 2012
  6. As are most things Bogie posts
  7. Marshall plays for the other New York team now
  8. They don't do it often
  9. Link??
  10. He is a zone corner
  11. The saints are getting ready to give them their 32nd pick back for butler. Why would they take our 2nd?
  12. The guy that stole this jersey also stole the jersey he wore in the Seahawks superbowl. Crazy stuff http://m.tmz.com/2017/03/20/tom-brady-jersey-suspect-video-released/
  13. At no point did he complain about lucks ability. He wants to know why he isn't given more control during the games.. None of the info you provided answers his question

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