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  1. Wrong. Ask the teans that are always bottom feeders. Having a culture of winning is a much better strategy
  2. And the doomsday crowd is always here. Predicting failure before the season begins. Fans have no impact on how a season will end up. Being a champion or last place has nothing to do with us.
  3. We drafted inside the top 15-this year, And the top 25 last year. . I would rather be at 6-6 going into December than 2-10. That's just me
  4. Many top 5 picks have washed out of the league. MANY
  5. Even then it's a crap shoot
  6. If luck is healthy the whole year and we don't make a run in the playoffs , I'm guessing he will be gone. But unlike you, I'm not hoping for it
  7. Many many more never made it to a championship game
  8. Tell the jags and Brown's that. And malik hooker was considered an elite player. Drafting in the top five guarantees nothing
  9. No, last place is the last place you want to be.
  10. So who do you bring in that is guaranteed to be better?
  11. So have many others that ended up winning a superbowl
  12. Most coaches don't make it to, or win a superbowl. Change for the sake of change doesn't equal success.
  13. Jim.Harbaugh isn't leaving michigan unless he is fired. That's not gonna happen
  14. Not really. It's a glorified practice
  15. Edwin Jackson

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