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  1. American Football Conference

    You're fine. It's the troll packers fan that's the problem. Someone needs to spray for them
  2. American Football Conference

    It's a shame the packers don't have a board for you to post on
  3. I don't care about your opinion. I'm not sure why you continue to give it
  4. Mike Mitchell....My Man !!!!

    This guy is right. Impossible to prevent serious injuries
  5. Mike Mitchell....My Man !!!!

    Wwf is fake
  6. That still makes zero sense, like most of your posts
  7. Why would pagano want him to miss?
  8. The 2 point conversion penalty

    Might as well lose the rest.
  9. Name One Professional Athlete Where The...........

    Brady has won MVP twice, the last time wss 7 years ago. So wrong again
  10. Indy - Buffalo Game

    You didn't pay 223 a month for the MLB network. If you did you're a bigger than I thought