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  1. Again, He is far from a bum
  2. He is far from a bum. You ruin your argument when you end with nonsense like that. He may not be worthy of the 15th pick(uninformed opinion) but he isn't a bum
  3. Very nonsensical post. Well done
  4. The murder suspicion was after the superbowl he just played in. Long after he was drafted
  5. The guys getting ready to write them checks that have a lot of zeros.
  6. That seems like a good team for him. Surprised the amount is that low
  7. I.liked then unliked this comment, just so I could like it again. Very well articulated. I started then stopped a similar post earlier. I was having a hard time explaining what I wanted to say. Well done, I agree 100%
  8. You don't NEED to know any of that. It isn't your business
  9. An athlete's major is no concern for anyone but the kid. The school and the NCAA. Why do you need to know that? As far as I know, high school grades and SAT scores determine if a student is college material or not.
  10. There are plenty of non athletic scholarship players that get arrested for many things, It isn't just athletes
  11. He was projected much higher than that
  12. He won't be there when the colts pick anyway

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