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  1. Nice win by Oregon This could have helped UNC or UK
  2. Xwhat has happened to Kansas
  3. Yes NFL RB Sean Bennett was also an Harrison grad
  4. DYK Answer Calvert Cheaney and Walter McCarty went to William Henry Harrison High School in Evansville, Indiana NFL Linebackers Scott Studwell and Kevin Hardy were Warriors as well
  5. Until Houston stops playing games at QB they are not a SB contender
  6. I started following IU after BK left since I was not a fan
  7. Can You name them(DYK): An IU legend and a UK Legend went to the same high school in Evansville, Indiana
  8. There is speculation on the U.K. Rivals site that Alford turned them down
  9. His big brother is Sean Miller of Arizona
  10. Looks like IU got their man
  11. March 25 Through the Years 

      1584- Walter Raleigh is granted permission to colonize Virginia


       1931- The Scottsboro Boys are arrested in Alabama


      1947- Mine Explosion in Centralia, Illinois

      1965- MLK ends his march from Selma to Montgomery


      2015- Zayn Malik leaves One Direction

  12. What a Great Day Notre Dame destroys Ohio State and Kentucky is playing great
  13. I could be done with the Men's Tournament tonight
  14. I am so pumped Great Job JY and the Lady Irish
  15. Agreed Butler needs to win tonight Sunday not so much
  16. Has anyone ever seen the 80s slasher movie "Hospital Massacre" starring Barbi Benton? I only thing I remember I'd the opening scene since I only saw it once as a small child(I did what the movie was until last week)
  17. Go Lady Irish Go
  18. Nice tweet
  19. IMO he has priced himself out of the Hoosier State
  20. Sure does sound that way
  21. Very true
  22. Don't forget T. Y. McGill
  23. Sounds like something might happen
  24. Not sure the exact amount but it helps things out
  25. Boy did this not work out

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