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  1. The last is the problem with several guys in this draft class
  2. Please not in the First Round
  3. Not sure it was allegedly
  4. thank You @21isSuperman for finishing us up
  5. As I said in an earlier post I had a little people give me sage advice
  6. IMO trying to add weight to improve draft stock is not stupid but to an extent cheating During my playing days I always tried to bulk during the offseason since I routinely lost 10 to 15 pounds once practice started
  7. Or just not try to trick the system or be stupid
  8. I should be around
  9. The sad thing is that it happens at least once every year
  10. With 20 picks left and almost all on autopick and/or Pick sent in we should get done by earlier Tuesday at the latest
  11. I love the signing
  12. There is a name for that
  13. Do you have any memories and/or whereabouts of any of the Lost and/or inactive Forum Members since there have been who did not make the transition and/or have gone dark since 2011
  14. Did we do alright
  15. Sent a P. M about my pick for KC if I am out
  16. Just a Reminder to everyone Everything Will Be Okay
  17. The only team that has any control right now is Cleveland

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