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  1. Brown had the big TD catch late in the game
  2. If they make the cut it will be an either/or thing with Brown and Howard not both
  3. As many of you know I am a proud Hoosier who roots from anyone from Indiana or the Tri-State
  4. I guess I am Little more optimistic because I have a few more guys safe
  5. By him signing only 2 Weeks after being put on the IR it sounds like it was not too serious
  6. He was a Saint Draftee out of Samford
  7. Looked like it was injury waiver so not sure how effective he can be
  8. Thanks @Superman
  9. Corey White was just waived by the Jets
  10. Thanks @Everyone
  11. Wonder who gets cut?
  12. Please merge with the thread started by @TKnight24
  13. Like the signing too

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