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  1. Maybe he will give us a hometown discount
  2. Here sone more omissions I made Hamilton Tiger-Cats WR Brian Tyms Toronto Argonauts DB Cassius Vaughn DL Victor Butler
  3. Tri-State DYK Evansville and the Tri-State has been home to several great Athletes Here are a few Hall of Fames that honor them in the Pocket Greater Evansville Football Hall of Fame: Greater Evansville Baseball Hall of Fame: Greater Evansville Basketball Hall of Fame: National Semi-Pro Baseball Hall of Fame(This HOF is located in Evansville but has inductees from across the country):
  4. Goode is still huge
  5. I thought that was a typo
  6. I rarely watch a full NBA game anymore
  7. I forgot to add Winnipeg Blue Bombers QB Dominique Davis DL Drake Nevis
  8. June 24 Through the Years

     1374- An Outbreak of St. John's Dance breaks out in Aachen, Germany


     1779- Great Siege of Gibraltar 


     1813- Battle of Beaver Dams


     1880- First performance of "O Canada"


     1916- Mary Pickford signs a Millionaire Dollar Contract


     1939- Siam is renamed Thailand 


     1947- Kenneth Arnold makes first UFO sighting


     1950- Apartheid begins in South Africa


     2012- Lonesome George Dies 

  9. Indiana DYK There are 23 State Parks and 17 Historic Sites across Indiana
  10. Indiana DYK The first Train Robbery in the United States occurred on October 6, 1866 when the Reno Brothers stole $13,000 from a Ohio and Mississippi Train in Jackson County Info from the article "Facts About Indiana History: 7 Things You Might Not Know" by Tom Groenfeldt on the Newsmax site
  11. Indiana DYK December 11 is Indiana Day in the state but it is not a paid holiday
  12. Indiana DYK Fountain City(Newport) was known as "Grand Central Station of the Underground Railroad" info from the Indiana page on the History Channel Website
  13. Indiana DYK Indianapolis hosted the 1987 Pan American Games after Chile and Ecuador passed info from the Indiana page on the History channel website
  14. Indiana DYK Indiana is the 2nd Smallest State West of the Appalachian Mountains info from the Indiana page on the History Channel Website

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