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  1. Maybe he is eating a lot calories
  2. The United States will win the WBC title no matter what USA vs Puerto Rico
  3. 85 will always Ken Dilger
  4. He also said he was a CIA operative
  5. His size could be a problem
  6. He was a star in the CFL
  7. March 22 Through the Years 

      238- Gordian 1 and 2 become Emperors of Rome


     1622- Jamestown Massacre


     1630- The Massachusetts Bay Colony outlaws Dice, Cards, and Gaming Tables


     1638- Anne Hutchinson is expelled from The Massachusetts Bay Colony


     1765- The British Parliament passes The Stamp Act 


     1829- The Borders of Greece are established by the London Protocol 


     1871- North Carolina Governor William Woods Holden is removed by impeachment 


     1872- Illinois requires gender equality in employment 


     1894- the first Stanley Cup


     1945- The Arab League is founded


     1960- The first patent for a laser is awarded


     1972- The ERA is sent to the states


     1978- Karl Wallenda dies after a fall from a tight rope in Puerto Rico


    1993- Intel ships the first Pentium Chips


     1997- Tara Lipinski becomes youngest World Figure Skating Champ


     2006- 3 CPT Hostages are freed by British Forces

  8. It has been announced TV legend Chuck Barris has died
  9. Not a big fan of the bagge JM brings According to a report at least one team in the top 15 has taken Foster off the board
  10. Will think about it when AV retires
  11. Everyone wants to forgot that draft
  12. Good Luck to him
  13. March 21 Through the Years   

      1788- A Fire in New Orleans destroys much of the city


      1804- The Code Napoleon is adopted in France


      1861- CSA VP Alexander Stephens gives the Cornerstone Speech


      1871- Otto von Bismarck becomes Chancellor of the German Empire


      1871- Henry Morton Stanley begins his search for David Livingstone


      1946- The Los Angeles Rams sign Kenny Washington 


      1952- Alan Freed presents the 1st Rock and Roll Concert


      1963- Alcatraz closes


      1965- MLK leads Civil Rights March from Selma to Montgomery


      1980- Jimmy Carter announces US boycott of the Moscow Olympics


      1986- Debi Thomas wins the World Figure Skating Championship


      1990- Namibia becomes independent from South Africa


       2006- Twitter was founded



  14. Another Nice Signing by CB

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