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  1. Per his request Denver selects WR Stacey Coley Miami @MTC and Tampa are up at 204 Your 2 Hour Window starts at 12:22 Cst and runs to 2:22(1:22 to 3:22 Est)
  2. The recent injury is what could make CK undrafted
  3. With pick 202 The San Francisco 49ers select RB Donnell Pumphrey San Diego State @jvan1973 and Denver is up Your 2 Hour Window opens at 11:53 Cst and rubs to 1:53(12:53 to 2:53 Est)
  4. Based on his request The Washington Redskins select OT Erik Magnuson Michigan
  5. So we make the pick for Chad because it has been an Hour on this pick and has missed one already
  6. Jim Abbott
  7. Here are the next 10 picks Top Remaining players
  8. As per @danlhart87 this pick is BPA New England selects WR KD Cannon Baylor @chad72 and Washington is up next at 201 Your 2Hour Window opens at 10:30 AM Cst and closes at 12:30 Cst(11:30 to 1:30 EST)
  9. Sorry I was thinking of his local ties
  10. PrincetonTiger picking for San Francisco TE Cole Hikutini Louisville @NFLfan you 2 Hour Window is open from 9:53 Cst to 11:53 Cst(10:53 to 12:53 EST)
  11. I was giving him extra time because .I was going to be away from the forum for a bit
  12. I live in Gibson County, Indiana on Central Time
  13. @CR91 and Arizona are up Your 2 Hour Window starts at 9:45 CST and runs to 11:45

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