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  1. Thanks you can tell that I bleed Tiger Red and White
  2. I have no problem with Lebron just pointing out that stats can problematic
  3. Yes Comparing players in a decade or generation is perfect it gets very cloudy I will use a football analogy Johnny Unitas does not compare to Andrew Luck easily because of their respective Offensive Scheme and the talent dispersal Basketball before 1987 had no 3 pointer and at all one time players could be punished if they dunked the ball
  4. And in 20 years he will be just like Bill Russell because every generation has their GOAT and that is the problem All-Time Lists and GOAT talk is too political
  5. PrincetonTiger


    Yes or No would have been fine
  6. That happens when you start playing at 19 and can go or bring an all star team with you
  7. A lot of people do not like him because of the FA moves his has made IMO There are no GOATS in any sport
  8. The other big difference is that the other greats did not live in the FA era and had their success with one team It is ridiculous to try and that Magic, Bird, and Jordan were also fans because the had Kareem, McHale, and Pippen with them
  9. I guess I am in trouble because he is not on a list for me
  10. See my post above about how I feel about GOATs but I lose interest and/or struggle to follow any sports that rely on a multiple game playoff format
  11. In a lot of people’s eyes Wade is the only true HoF LJ has played for not to mention that he has often the been the face of the franchise IMO There is not a GOAT in any sport because you cannot compare greats from different times
  12. Walter McCarty has been in Evansville building a roster and staff and settling his family in town
  13. No one is a HoF until they get there There have been many a player who had HoF numbers who are sitting outside for multiple reasons
  14. Agreed the Celtics over the Cavs would be bigger The Celtics have made this playoff run with little to no participation from one of their top assistants