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  1. Never said he would but on the other hand it could be an ego crusher to realize that the only reason your are on a team is to bring in a big fish and not your talent
  2. Especially now when you One-and-Done Guys like the Brow and College skippers like Kobe and Lebron who have a lot more years to put up numbers
  3. I bet GH would be happy to find out he has become a Bargaining Chip
  4. Still comparing Apples to Oranges for me
  5. 3 of the 5 starters did it for(40 Minutes) regularly for NDWBB team for much of the 2nd Half this year
  6. It probably means someone will go Yep
  7. I agree especially after this series If the Celtics had not bombed tonight they would have lost tonight
  8. That what you get from a Louisville product
  9. Might want to explain your analogy for the youngsters