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  1. I watched The later version of Bozo
  2. July 21 Through the Years  

     1861- First Battle of Bull Run


     1925- John T. Scopes  found guilty

  3. July 20 Through the Years  

     1903- Ford Motor Co. ships its 1st Car


     1969- Apollo 11 lands on the Moon


     1976- Viking 1 lands on Mars

  4. July 19 Through the Years  

     1848- Seneca Falls Convention  



  5. July 18 Through the Years  

     1792- John Paul Jones dies


     1944- Tojo resigns as Japanese P. M.


     1984- McDonald's Massacre in San Ysidoro, California 

  6. July 17 Through the Years  

     1902- Willis Carrier creates the 1st Air Conditioner


      1938- "Wrong Way" Lloyd Corrigan takes off 


     1955- Disneyland opens

  7. July 16 Through the Years  

     1790- Washington D. C. Is established as US Capital 


     1945- Atomic Age begins


     1969- Apollo 11 is launched

  8. TV Trivia Estelle Getty was a year younger than her TV Daughter Bea Arthur
  9. I have the entire original series on DVD
  10. The sad story of McLean Stevenson When McLean Stevenson decided to leave M*A*S*H it was to star in his own show but he had 4 failed series before his former show left the air 1976-1977-The McLean Stevenson Show 1978-In the Beginning 1979-1980-Hello, Larry 1983-Condo
  11. I was the exact opposite on ST Struggled to watch the Spin offs growing up but can't stop now
  12. Does anyone remember Holmes and YoYo?
  13. DYK The was an Unsold pilot called Poochinsky about a Cop reincarnated as a Dog

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