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  1. Uggh
  2. Whew
  3. Cubs are playing great
  4. This is not a good year for the fans of SD teams
  5. Preparing Indiana History items while I follow the game
  6. Go get em AR
  7. I am around
  8. May 24 Through the Years  

     1830- "Mary Had a Little Lamb" is published


     1883- The Brooklyn Bridge opens to traffic


     1958- UPI is created

  9. Indiana DY(Indiana Personalities) 1973 Miss World, Actress and original Co-Anchor of Entertainment Tonight Marjorie Wallace grew up in Indianapolis
  10. Indianapolis DYK(Indianapolis 500 Legends) Veteran Indianapolis 500 driver Peter Revson was a nephew of Charles Revson; The Founder of Revlon Cosmetics
  11. Great info
  12. Princeton DYK(The Haunting? of Baldwin Heights) The school had a unique designation that it was made up 2 buildings divided by a open street and 1925 the "old" building was severely damaged by the Tri-State Tornado.After the Tornado until the demolition of the "Old" building several weird things happened including hearing and or seeing things, and cold spots. When my Aunt accompanied to my Mom(She taught at BH) to her Classroom she took her record player to keep from hearing sounds. My Mom tells another story that talks about one of the Baldwin Heights janitors who made sure someone was with him at all times while he was working at the school
  13. Princeton DYK(The Legend of Roy Swain) Here is a 1st Hand Account of Roy Swain written in 1969
  14. here it is
  15. I will look it up

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