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  1. Indiana DYK In 1890 there were over 10,000 entities that were responsible for schools and by 1920 there were still 6,000 one room School houses. info from "Legislating Schools, and Paying For It" by Yael Ksander on the Moment of Indiana History site
  2. Indiana DYK Although the Indiana education System was laid out in the 1851 Constitution, it wasn't until 1897 that the first Comprehensive Compulsory Eduacation law was passed and direct funding in 1905 info from "Legislating Education, and Paying For It" by Yael Ksander on the Moment of Indiana site
  3. It will be Wild night
  4. June 21 Through the Years  

     1734- The slave Marie-Joseph Angelique is put to death for burning much of Montreal


     1768- James Otis Jr. Offends the King and Parliament in a speech to the Massachusetts General Assembly 


     1898- US captures Guam



  5. Not as a U.K. Fan
  6. Bam Adebayonwould be one
  7. Todd Marinovich and his Dad is another example of the Ball relationship
  8. I agree just used MJ as an example
  9. I would take it but my thoughts have been made pretty clear earlier
  10. Somewhat like Alex Smith or Marshawn Lynch
  11. He could be the next MJ and many(including me) will/have been turned off by LaVar
  12. The attitude LaVar has shown never works and often cipomes back to haunt people
  13. Maybe it's the coach in me but Mr. Ball turned me off from day 1
  14. I don't really care where he goes or who comes to Indy I just want PG gone

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