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  1. Maybe Lopez was helping his old team
  2. I was not around for the last one to go Through the Tr-Stae
  3. Not sure who should get the lose last the Blue Jay Pitcher or Catcher
  4. Eclipse Day has arrived
  5. Both will be missed in their own way
  6. I thought I stopped being a referee years ago
  7. My Birthday is on Labor Day Week and remember them well
  8. They are going to do something
  9. As I have said many times before the only time I get remotely nervous(upset) is when the Princeton Community Tigers are playing
  10. Being negative especially if you can't do anything gets you nowhere
  11. Not worried about either
  12. Let me shout from the Hill in TigerTown Everything Will Be Okay
  13. Jerry Lewis will always be associated with my birthday

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