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  1. What if it's 3? Then I have to go back and do it all over again, adjusting for that .5. I have to maximize my resources...
  2. Added Fortunato, no details, I'm assuming rookie minimum, and he'll have no meaningful impact on cap status. Weird signing, IMO. Updated with details on Aiken, still waiting on Woods. Once Woods' cap hit is known, I'm going to do a full calculation.
  3. I think Moncrief is plenty physical. He has a big catch radius that he is still learning to use, but he's already shown great improvement. He uses his body well in the middle of the field and in the red zone / end zone. He's a great blocker. Aiken is not more physical than Moncrief, and doesn't belong in the same sentence as Alshon Jeffery (who I don't think the Colts were seriously interested in). He's not as athletic as Moncrief (or as skilled, IMO). I think Aiken was signed because the staff wants another young receiver like Moncrief for a reasonable price, not in an effort to replace or marginalize him. If Aiken marginalizes anyone, it's Dorsett. And just like Aiken doesn't belong in the same sentence as Jeffery, Moncrief doesn't compare to Dorsett and Rogers, in terms of style of play and physical ability.
  4. As you know, I think the biggest issue with our offense is the play calling, not the OL (not saying the OL doesn't need work, obviously). It's true that the line would presumably be in good shape. But you could say the same thing at other positions. If we used three or four first rounders on receivers, we'd have a great receiving corps, right? (Grigson drafted ONE first round receiver, and people act like he drafted a first round receiver every year.) I'm talking about maximizing value. Use your resources as best you can. I don't want a budget OL, I have no problem with making significant commitments to it, but I really think we could protect well if we just stressed efficiency more. We ask more of our OL in protection than almost any other team. Even if you have five top 10 studs at OL, if we keep running this offense, Luck is going to face more pressure than he should. And if you really want to snap your fingers and fix the OL, you're better off doing it in FA, because good OL hit free agency. Good pass rushers don't, disruptive interior DL don't.
  5. Well, I agree with Doug on this limited angle. We can't give Ballard credit for the good stuff in KC and refuse to give him any blame for the bad stuff. Broader picture, I don't think KC's issues at receiver are related to any of the personnel they've brought in. I think they tried to go patchwork at the position, and suffered some injuries, and they have a QB that is overly cautious with the football, especially on outside throws. If we assume that Ballard's duties including influencing their draft board and their free agency moves, then he was involved in the Maclin signing (which isn't a bad signing, and most likely was something Andy Reid desperately wanted), he was involved in drafting Chris Conley in the third round (decent, not great), and Demarcus Robinson and Tyreek Hill (we know he was involved in Hill's due diligence off the field, we don't know how much he was involved in the talent evaluation). So even if I were to give Ballard 100% credit or blame on their wide receiver decision making over the last three years, I don't find fault with it. The worst thing you can say is Maclin regressed in Year 2.
  6. Sadly, no.
  7. What are you guys talking about?
  8. I'm thinking we all scout the same player.
  9. Not official, but it's something on Aiken:
  10. I don't know who this guy is, but I agree with him.
  11. Much better numbers. The 40 times always seem better at pro days, so I don't put too much stock into them, but agility numbers are a different story. And unless there's less gravity in Missouri than in Indy, 5.5 inches on the vertical is a BFD. His metrics got a boost, for sure. He probably opted out of the 40 because he didn't like his times, and that's fine. His 10 yard split at the Combine was good, 1.65. Garrett had a split of 1.63, Lawson had 1.68, Taco had 1.73, Takk 1.67, Williams 1.66, Reddick 1.60. I think you can table all questions about his athleticism. He's not a burner, but he's not a plodder, either.
  12. Why assume it's the low end of the 4-6 months? If it's 6 months, he's not ready until mid September, and would miss all of camp and preseason. If he has a setback, who knows when he'd be ready...
  13. Related to the ILB discussion, a standout from yesterday's Missouri State pro day:

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