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  1. Why do Internet trolls Internet troll?
  2. We don't even know if Manning was officially offered anything. There are varying reports, but no one knows anything. I'm closing this, given there are multiple threads on this topic already.
  3. Oh well. They know that they haven't done a great job over the last five years. And if they don't like their standing at this point, they're free to resign their posts, effective immediately. Of course, they won't, because they're owed tens of millions of dollars a piece. But that's their decision. Of all the things to consider in this situation, the thing I'm least concerned with is the feelings of Grigson and Pagano. Sorry. And I'm not anti-Grigson or anti-Pagano.
  4. Osweiler has some of the worst mechanics ever, especially from a noisy pocket. All these overthrows are because he doesn't step into his throw. He's not transferring weight, he's throwing across his body and his arm angle is all wrong, leading to the ball sailing on him.
  5. He knows he'd get trolled to kingdom come if it doesn't happen, so that's probably a good call.
  6. Can't even leave to be an OC, unless the Colts give permission. Assistant coach is assistant coach, coordinator or not.
  7. Agreed. That might tell us something about how Dorsett practices. It might tell us something about the coaching, including how Luck is being coached. It probably tells us a little of both.
  8. I'd say so, but everyone has their own motivations. First, the Colts don't have an opening, yet. Second, the Colts don't have an empty front office, yet. So if the Niners offered him input into the GM hire, along with some personnel control, Jeff Fisher style, that makes that job attractive. If Irsay got rid of Pagano and Grigson -- who McDaniels might have some beef with over Deflategate, though I doubt it -- and offered McDaniels the same deal, I think the Colts would be more attractive because of Luck. But that's just my opinion.
  9. My theory is McDaniels is going to the Niners, and will help pick the GM, which is probably Riddick but could be Jimmy Raye.
  10. He was also a big part of that whole situation falling apart within a year. I'm not sold on Shanahan, but his candidacy gets stronger as more time goes on.
  11. Shanahan looks good now, especially today. A year ago, a lot of Falcons fans wanted him fired. To his credit, his offense has been great this season.
  12. Chappell is respectable. IMO, everyone else seems either embittered against the Colts because the scoops tend to go to national guys, or indifferent. By the way, I'm not trying to be dismissive of them just because I tend to disagree with them. I just don't like how they cover the Colts. I don't like their questions in pressers, I don't like the things they tend to focus on in their stories, and I don't think they do a good job of providing relevant information to their readers and listeners. All JMO.
  13. That's a good description of it. The technical designation of the offense is "Air Coryell," named after Don Coryell, the Chargers coach who made the offense popular. You can read more about it here, but keep in mind that wiki isn't always 100% accurate. Still a good jumping off point, if you want to learn more.
  14. I'm not hanging my hat on anything. I just disagree with this idea that none of the Colts playoff wins have been legitimate. It's something people only say because they want to sell Pagano short.
  15. Interestingly, none of those "local" guys are Indy natives. Then there's Mike Wells -- also not good at his job, IMO -- who would rather be covering the NBA. I'm very much over Kravitz and Chappell, but at least they were real Colts guys. It would be nice if Indy got some good beat guys.

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