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  1. Good for him. Andrew Berry probably had plenty to do with that.
  2. Seriously. Haden and Vontae would be a good starting CB tandem. Bitonio and Zeitler would upgrade both guard spots, Joe Thomas would upgrade either tackle position, and we'd have a STRONG starting OL for a change. Jamie Collins would be our best LB. Corey Coleman is good young prospect at WR. Duke Johnson is a good change back. Ogbah is a good Rush prospect. And I'm leaving out all the rookies, including Myles Garrett, one of the best prospects in a long time. Combine the Colts and the Browns and you might have the best roster in the league, with lots of young talent to cultivate and a good stable of vets to lead the way.
  3. Something the league said over the past two days is that having ties makes playoff tie-breakers easier, so they aren't that opposed to the idea of more games ending in ties. And they think the shorter overtime will push coaches to be a little more aggressive at the end of regulation and early in OT. We'll see about all that... I don't think games should end in ties, if you can avoid it, but I don't think it's the end of the world, either. Everyone gets all huffy every time it happens, but it's not that catastrophic. Definitely anticlimactic, for everyone involved. I'm far more irritated when only one team gets possession in OT. It's inherently unfair.
  4. So did the other team. But because they won the coin toss -- a totally arbitrary outcome that neither team can control -- they have greater odds to win the game. This article states that, even with the new rule where only a TD or safety ends the game on the first possession, the team that wins the coin toss wins the game 54% of the time, which is a 9% advantage for the team winning the coin toss (I remember it being ~60%, not sure if there's been a recent trend the other way, or if so many ties lately have impacted the number.) All because they won the coin toss. That's nonsense. Two teams play to a tie over four quarters, but the team that wins an arbitrary event over which neither team has control has a 9% greater chance of winning the game? Just give both teams a possession and let them decide the outcome, rather than a coin toss.
  5. Based on the contract value, it's possible the Pats don't wind up getting a comp pick for Blount. I don't think they would, if the comp pick system is based on base contract value, without incentives. But, they work the heck out of the comp system. They got a 5th round comp pick in 2017 for losing Akiem Hicks, a player they didn't even draft and only had for one season. They are line for comp picks in 2018 for Sheard and Bennett, also players they didn't draft and only had for a short time. This is the hidden potential value of Ballard's short term contracts for guys like Hunt, Mingo, Aiken, Bostic, Spence, Schwenke... if they have decent seasons and earn contracts from other teams, they factor into the 2019 draft comp formula for the Colts, and might bring back a comp pick. We don't have a lot of drafted players that will be demanding new contracts, and guys like Mewhort and Moncrief are probably in the team's plans (I hope). It's not a huge benefit next offseason, but if Ballard continues to bring in young guys on short deals, and if some of them hit for us, it might help us add draft picks.
  6. Overtime. Both teams should get possession.
  7. As long as Luck plays all season, yes.
  8. I've heard several people say that, even if you're fully recovered, it still takes some time to get back to normal. For a football player, that's usually another season. I didn't expect Anderson to be back to form until this coming season. The issue with the other knee might have added to his recovery time, with a full offseason under his belt, hopefully he's in good shape.
  9. Good comparison, based on his role and how important he'll be for his teammates, but I think Justin Smith gets sold short sometimes. He was a far more productive pass rusher than I think Anderson will be (unless Anderson just explodes over the next year or so, and that's possible, but I'm not holding my breath). Smith had 8.5 sacks as a rookie, and hit 7+ sacks 6 times over his career, finishing with 87 sacks total. He only missed three games over his career. Smith was a monster in his own right. And then the lesser noticed stuff, like the impact he had on his teammates, and how great he was against the run (an area in which I think Anderson can match him), and his longevity and consistency... he was a great player. I didn't realize he was the 4th overall pick. We would be lucky for Anderson to come close to living up to this comparison.
  10. I agree, I don't think he has the closing speed to get a bunch of sacks. But I do think he has the ability to beat blockers inside and get pressures, which are also important. And interior pressure can be even more disruptive than pressure off the edge, and can help the edge rushers seal the deal if the QB can't step up in the pocket. I think our interior DL is going to be critical to any hope of getting consistent pass rush this season, since we don't have any really good edge rushers (that we know of).
  11. I don't understand. They have resisted the two possession overtime (which is the most common sense thing in the world, IMO) because 'we want that excitement of knowing the game can end with just one play!' which is absolutely not compelling in any notable way (again, IMO). Yet, they are ready to enact this change that has the potential to increase the number of games that end in a tie, which is the most anticlimactic way possible for a game to end. I'm missing something.
  12. They added an electric receiver, and a functional and productive TE. They already had good backs, and were already one of the most efficient offenses in the league. They just added some explosiveness and the ability to rely on their favored 2 TE formations, assuming Gronk and Allen are healthy. Their offense is gonna be good.
  13. So, Dean Blandino drove the bus on this proposal, then quit, and now they're going to approve it. Meanwhile, we still have one possession overtime games. Smart.
  14. Last year, the Falcons had their entire draft class signed within a week. It seems to get easier every year. The precedents for any tricky issues have mostly been set.

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