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  1. Morris wasn't good, he was wildly inaccurate most of the time. He does have a playmaking flair to him, and he came on toward the end of the game, but I wouldn't want him starting based on that performance.
  2. I think the whole 'this team is only Luck and has no talent otherwise' angle is way overblown, for sure. And I think, in general, the coaching staff did a good job in Luck's absence in 2015 to go 6-3 with below average QBing. But the roster isn't impressive, and the backup QB we have now doesn't inspire confidence or even slight optimism, and based on how the coaching staff performs when Luck is on the field, I don't see them doing anything great without him. If Luck missed the season, this is a 4-5 win team, IMO. If he misses the first month, I would expect us to go 1-3 with Tolzien, and I'd be thrilled with anything better.
  3. But not you. You knew after 400 snaps that Blake Bortles was no good and the Jags should cut him. Or just play him on special teams...
  4. Which position did he play?
  5. I actually think it's a very fair characterization of how many people feel, based on their comments. Maybe not you, but I responded to your post earlier in this thread. I didn't intend to twist your argument, but I don't really think you're giving the staff any kind of credit. That's not hard to understand, the staff hasn't proven that they can coach up raw players and turn them into technically sound players. But it's not impossible. And while I don't think he can play corner, I do see a benefit to exposing him to corner training. I think his biggest issue is tracking the ball and sticking to the receiver, so having to compete with receivers and corner will give him needed reps in pure coverage situations, even if he doesn't stay at corner. And if he shows he can do it, then we know we can use him as a matchup defender in big nickel and dime situations, like CBFL says. I'm just saying, give him and the staff a chance, and let's assume they didn't just see a "TJ can play corner" omen in their oatmeal yesterday morning and decide to ask him to do something new. Why not assume they've actually thought it out and have a plan?
  6. No reason to coach this guy up, he's a lost cause:
  7. If people have already determined that a player isn't good and never will be good, then any attempt to help that player realize his potential is seen as 'throwing something up against the wall' and a waste of time. In reality, this is, at worst, a harmless experiment that they'll pull the plug on after a few days. At best, they'll actually jumpstart Green's development and get more of a contribution out of him moving forward.
  8. Again, the point is not Green is likely to become an All Pro in Year 2. The point is very simple: sometimes, second year players get better. Pretending that Green is a lost cause because he wasn't good as a rookie is just being obtuse, IMO. And to the bolded, I don't think I agree.
  9. TJ Green played SS for the Colts last year, starting in Week 1 when he started alongside Mike Adams. He is a SS. And no one ever called Green a top player at any position, so why would you pass up drafting Hooker, regardless what you think of Green? That goes counter to what Chris Ballard said he would do: Green had practically zero bearing on drafting Hooker. One, he plays a different position, and two, Ballard telegraphed his draft strategy months in advance.
  10. I believe the NFL claims to have known about this before making their decision. They feel that, whatever the nature of their relationship, and even if this girl is shady to a degree, that there's evidence that Elliott was physically violent toward her, and caused her injuries.
  11. It's like the idea of a second year player getting better is completely unheard of and unreasonable. People would rather Green continue to be bad so that they're proved right than to see him get better and actually be a good player.
  12. Using their names in the same sentence is not the same as comparing. Stop mischaracterizing the point.
  13. Collins didn't have great college tape, in coverage. He was terrible in coverage in college (and Alabama didn't expose him to much man because of it), terrible in coverage as a rookie, and only slightly less terrible in coverage in his second year, primarily because he wasn't asked to cover as much.
  14. Green is a strong safety. Ballard drafted a free safety and two corners, and kept Butler as a free safety, because he doesn't believe Green can play strong safety? I think not. He drafted Hooker because he fell in his lap, plain and simple. Whether Green has a future or not should not have a bearing on whether you draft Hooker -- a consensus top 10 player in this year's draft, and I'm being conservative.
  15. I don't think his problem is with reading and reacting. His problem is tracking the ball when it's in the air, and sticking with the receiver as the ball arrives. He'll have to do both as a corner.

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