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  1. Superman

    Chris Ballard Pre-Draft Presser 4/20/18

    I wondered whether they'd try him at Sam, but I never thought he'd be a good fit there. So in my mind, it doesn't really change anything. There's a lot of need at off ball / stacked LB right now.
  2. Superman

    Chris Ballard Pre-Draft Presser 4/20/18

    That was after the draft.
  3. Superman

    Chris Ballard Pre-Draft Presser 4/20/18

    Translation: "Brandon Beane, you have my number and you know my price."
  4. As if on queue, there's a new article from Holder detailing a conversation he had with Ballard about his team building philosophy.
  5. I'd like to see Peter King do a profile on our draft day like he did with the Niners last year.
  6. did one of these recently. They didn't rank anyone who was hired after 2016, except retreads Gettleman, Dorsey and Hurney. And that makes sense to me, and I might have cut out anyone hired after 2015. It's kind of ridiculous to try to rank or judge a GM 15 months into the job, when there's no track record of his ability to identify talent, work the draft, make good decisions in free agency, handle the cap, or run a team in general, including handling personalities and building a culture. Ryan Grigson won Exec of the Year in his first season. Not saying he didn't deserve it -- I think he had an outstanding first season -- but he didn't wind up being a good GM. He failed in a lot of ways by the time he got fired. And that took five years to happen. I think everyone loved the Niners draft last year, and was ready to crown John Lynch as the next great GM. A year later, Solomon Thomas might be a bust and Reuben Foster is a disaster. Three years ago, John Elway was the greatest dude in the league. Now, he's scrambling, failing on multiple QBs. One year ago, Les Snead was on the hot seat and had just blown the #1 pick + everything they gave up to move up to #1 on Jared Goff. Now -- ironically also premature -- the Rams are being crowned as SB contenders. If it takes three years to judge a draft class, shouldn't it take at least that long to judge a GM? Sure, there are some moves that can immediately be viewed as successful, and some that are immediately obvious as being mistakes. For the most part, though, it makes sense to just wait and see how things shake out. Instead, the common reaction is to lambaste someone the minute they do something we disagree with or don't understand. Like people ready to push Chris Ballard in front of a moving train because he wasn't signing free agents two days before free agency started. To the OP, this being a poll of people in the business, based on their respect for decision makers, I get it. But I don't care what people think of the Colts GM, I just care whether he gets the job done. And we can't even legitimately talk about that for probably another couple years.
  7. Seems like that's all you do anymore... I'm jealous.
  8. Superman

    John Simon Interview

    But why keep him at a premium price? Woods was a good player last year, arguably as good as Hankins against the run, and maybe better as a penetrator. He costs 30% of what Hankins would have cost. As for your concern, I don't think it's justified. For one, there are still several 300+ pound DTs on the roster. Second, the defense hasn't been good against the run even when they had one of the biggest DL units in the league. Most importantly, even when they made improvement against the run on a per carry basis last year, the defense was still bad. That's primarily because they couldn't rush the passer, couldn't cover the middle, and gave up more big plays than any other team in the NFL. The scheme change and adjustment in targeted personnel is designed to make the defense faster. And there's no reason to assume that changing the scheme means they won't be able to defend the run. There are a several good defenses that run the defense the Colts want to run. They're fast, they put pressure on the QB, they tackle well, don't give up big plays, and get big stops when the game is on the line. There's nothing inherently wrong or deficient with the defense they want to run.
  9. Because receivers aren't out of the league after their rookie contract.
  10. Superman

    John Simon Interview

    Bigger/heavier didn't exactly translate to more success over the last six years. Also, it seems like you're assuming the Colts want to use 275 pound interior linemen who can't play the run, which is probably a mistaken conclusion. As for Woods/Hankins, they would both be 1 techs in the new defense, probably limited to 20 snaps a game, at best. For Woods, that's about $8k/snap, based on his contract. For Hankins, that would have been over $26k/snap. They've made the big nose tackle a spot player, and they released Hankins because his contract didn't line up with his anticipated production. Why keep Hankins at a premium price when he's not a premium player? And the QBs being mobile is a good reason to have speed -- something the defense was desperately lacking -- not size. More important to than any of that is good players. Doesn't matter what the scheme is if you're lacking in talent and execution.
  11. Superman

    Henry Anderson losing weight for New Defense

    I've been thinking about this lately, Anderson played at about 285-ish at Stanford. I'm not worried about his size.
  12. It's not too cynical, it's probably true. The secondary might be okay, but they'll struggle because the pass rush probably won't be good. We have a couple decent run and hit linebackers, but not a whole lot of talent at that level either. To the OP, I don't think John Simon is a good fit. He's a hard worker though, and has some versatility, but I think he's going to be a liability.
  13. To put it mildly, this is the dumbest thing I've ever seen in my life.
  14. I'm going to come back to this because I want to watch him again. But I don't think this thread has simply been about Edmunds' question marks being overblown. I think it's been a case of the extremes, like a lot of other debates wind up being.