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  1. Grades: Week 7 vs Jags

    We play plenty of man, and we get beat when we play man. Melvin is better in zone. Hairston has been very good. Davis hasn't looked that great overall, but I think part of that is the mix of coverages. Butler hasn't been sticky in man coverage in three years. And even if we do stick with man coverage on the outside, what happens to the ILBs? They get torched, routinely.
  2. Rules to hiring a new Head Coach

    Bad example, Bill Belichick did everything before he became a head coach, including DC for a SB winner.
  3. Rules to hiring a new Head Coach

    Trestman didn't exactly work out for them. They've since moved on, and Trestman's replacement is on the hot seat himself. Maybe they should have hired Toub... I'm not necessarily in his corner, just saying people around the league are intrigued by him. And there's at least one head coach who was a former STs coach, and he has a SB ring. I'm not dismissing Toub because he's 'only a STs coach.'
  4. Rules to hiring a new Head Coach

    He's been interviewing for years. The Chiefs have good STs, and they all speak highly of him. And then there's the connection to Ballard, which puts him high on everyone's list of probables.
  5. Rules to hiring a new Head Coach

    If Pagano does his presser as scheduled in 40 minutes, we'll know. If not, things get interesting.
  6. Rules to hiring a new Head Coach

    That conflicts with what Kravitz is saying.
  7. Gregg Doyle FTW

    Doyel is a troll. He's not an actual Colts fan, he's a sensationalist who thrives on saying and writing 'edgy and controversial' hot takes.
  8. TY toss the line under the bus

    I didn't say the receivers were open, and I didn't say Hilton played a perfect game. I'm saying that the OL got their butts kicked, and there's nowhere to shift that blame. Let's talk about Hilton, the receivers, the play calling, the QB holding the ball, etc., in a different conversation. Let's not use those other topics to try to shield the OL from the criticism they rightfully deserve. And yes, for the nth time, Hilton shouldn't have said what he said, when he said it. Yet, it was true and obvious, and it's what everyone else was saying. I totally disagree with any comments about Hilton's ego, or getting rid of him because he said something he shouldn't have said. I honestly think that's just ridiculous. Someone likely corrected Hilton, and he publicly apologized today, which is the right thing to do after making a mistake. But it's just that, a mistake, not a reason to get rid of him. Such a snap reaction to a player saying something a little out of line, in the middle of a frustrating season, right after a very frustrating and disappointing game. There's such a double standard from fans and the media on this stuff. Pagano gets killed for not giving sincere answers in pressers, then Hilton says exactly what he's feeling, and he gets murdered for it (people are talking more about Hilton's comment than they are about the god-awful OL play, which is dumb). If players and coaches don't say the exact right thing from the right paragraph of the 'acceptable media response chart,' they get treated like villains. Then out of the other side of your mouths, you decry political correctness. It's nonsense. It's especially nonsense in Hilton's case. He's been a model citizen his entire time here, and he's a top 10-15 player at his position.
  9. TY toss the line under the bus

    My problem is when the conversation shifts from 'Hilton shouldn't have said what he said,' which pretty much everyone agrees with, to making excuses for the OL and shifting blame to other units/players. The OL sucked yesterday, plain and simple. There are no excuses to make for them, and while other units/players weren't great, the OL's suckitude exists on its own merits and can be graded on its own merits.
  10. TY toss the line under the bus

    Joe, the former offensive lineman? What a crock.
  11. Postgage reactions, Jags -- merge

    That's unequivocal garbage.
  12. Jim Harbaugh

    I don't know who all the potential candidates are or could be. I have liked others at times over the past couple years. The way the Patriots run their offense, despite personnel losses at every position, gives McDaniels a great deal of credibility in my eyes.
  13. Jim Harbaugh

    By the way, McDaniels has become my first option over the course of the last two years. And I used to be firmly opposed to McDaniels.
  14. Jim Harbaugh

    I don't really trust anything Ben Volin says, but it's not hard to imagine that they've had those discussions, especially about the offensive concepts. I've been reading a lot about the EP system that the Pats have run since before Charlie Weis. The Colts ran the same concepts with Manning/Moore. I don't need to try to recreate the Manning era, but it's hard not to wish for the advantages of that offensive philosophy. People always talk about going no-huddle, but the reason Manning (and the Patriots at times) was able to excel with no-huddle has a lot to do with the simplicity of the EP approach.
  15. TY toss the line under the bus

    That's it, plain and simple. This roster isn't good because we haven't drafted well. And honestly, you can go back several drafts into the final years of Polian and see that this has been going on for a long time. It's mostly been masked by really good QB play. I gave Chuck and Co credit for keeping it together in 2015 when Luck was out, but they haven't done anything close to that so far this season. Which brings me to the other issue, and that's the coaching staff. I'm really irritated with what's going on and what's been going on, but I'm not overwhelmed with frustration or anger because I fully expect a new coaching staff in 2018. Ballard seems to be the real deal -- almost everything I've disagreed with him on, he's been proven right. And I assume he'll hire a really good coaching staff. And of course, Luck should be 100%. I think things will be better moving forward, but there's no denying this year's group is basically stuck in the mud.