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  1. I definitely see good pass rush traits in Harris, and he has some nice burst and bend, and some ability to close. I don't see anything resembling Dwight Freeney. He's also lacking in strength and power; he put on size in 2016, but still doesn't hold up that well. He has multiple pass rush moves and good hands, but he struggles to put them all together. Once he figures out how to combine his moves and really capitalize on his traits, I think he can be a high level pass rusher.
  2. Nor should it.
  3. I think everyone knows how I feel about drafting RBs early, especially with a premium first round pick. In short, I'm against it. That said, Dalvin Cook is really good. He has some issues -- he's smallish and lacks ability to finish between the tackles (projecting to the NFL, that is; he finishes fine in college), he has issues with ball security, and while he's a natural hands catcher he tends to drop some passes. There's also a few off the field incidents that he's been connected to, and teams will have to decide how they feel about his character and ability to be responsible. He's still really good. He would fit in any rushing scheme, but would be best in a zone scheme, especially a stretch zone. As a runner, he does compare to Edge, and he has dual purpose ability like Edge did. He's also a heady and alert pass protector. I haven't watched enough players to say definitively, but I would project him as a top 20 player in this draft, and I wouldn't be surprised if some team takes him in the first half of the first round. He's not as good as Ezekiel Elliott or Todd Gurley, but he's very talented. I would not want the Colts to draft him unless he dropped into the second round. Based on who I've watched so far, it's Fournette, Cook, McCaffrey, in that order. Fournette probably has the potential to go in the top ten. I don't think he's as good as Elliott or Gurley either, but his blend of size and athleticism makes him a different kind of prospect. Don't want him in the first, either.
  4. I'm sure it does. I've been wanting to do a research project like that for a while, but I get crazy with stuff like that. I'd go tumbling down the rabbit hole and might not ever come back up.
  5. I suggested isolating QBs because that's the position that teams obviously reach for. I think 2011 would throw all your metrics off -- Locker, Gabbert and Ponder were all top 12 picks, as hard as that is to believe. But it's fine either way.
  6. The "hit rate" when picking between 10-20 would be nice to see. And if you want to exclude or isolate QBs, that's fine.
  7. Not official until now.
  8. This is great stuff. I don't know if you still have your research available, but if so, please post it again.
  9. I really wanted Dorian Johnson, but somebody had to take him two picks ago...
  10. At #67, the Bears take Roderick Johnson, OT, Florida State. @LJpalmbeacher, the Jaguars are on the clock at #68.
  11. Myles Jack was reported to have a chondral defect, and the words "microfracture surgery" did start to pop up. He also had a torn meniscus, but opted to have it repaired instead of trimmed, which is what extended his recovery time. We'll see how that goes with time, but in theory, you can fully recovery with a repaired meniscus, whereas a meniscectomy means they've removed some of the meniscus, and you're likely to have continued issues. The chondral defect issue is another story. The fix is chondroplasty -- they shave and smooth the actual cartilage in the joint, which means some loss of cartilage. (Just like a nose job -- rhinoplasty, that's always made me laugh, like someone's nose is so big that they're comparing it to a rhino, how immature, lol -- except you don't carry 200-300+ pounds on your nose.) Same as a meniscectomy, you're likely to have issues in the future. I don't know the nature of Mewhort's issue -- whether he injured it abruptly, or if there was an issue that was building up over time, or if it's genetic and degenerative -- nor do I know the extent of it, or the scope of the operation. I'm assuming that it was caused by his on field injury, which could mean that there was significant damage and they had to remove a significant amount of cartilage, but not necessarily. And of course, loss of cartilage, could lead to microfracture surgery in the future, but that's out of anyone's control at this point. The Colts could protect themselves contractually, but that's another story. Cartilage and meniscus issues just make me nervous, because unlike ligaments which can fully heal (or close to it; DeJuan Blair is a former NBA player who actually had NO ACL in either knee, a result of surgery when he was in high school), once you have a chondroplasty or meniscectomy, that cartilage or tissue isn't coming back. Your joint is weakened and/or lessened to a certain extent, and always will be. And there's the likelihood of loose bodies as more cartilage is damaged, and it sometimes leads to microfracture, which as you stated is the bane of any athlete's existence. If the docs say Mewhort is okay, awesome. But the Colts should keep his knees in mind when they do his next contract, and he should probably work on some insurance himself, if he hasn't already.
  12. My brain translates this as "don't reach for need, draft well several years in a row and you'll have a good roster." I'm curious what the split is for top 16 picks vs 17-32. I bet there's a dramatic drop off. It would be interesting to see where the major drop is, not just at edge, but every position.
  13. I'm not a fan of Sidney Jones in the first. If he were healthy, I'd rather have McKinley.
  14. I didn't realize this was a different article than the one I read earlier today. It's possible for him to be okay for a while, but I think he'll deal with recurring knee issues the rest of his career. Maybe not anything chronic or overly concerning, but it's not good when your cartilage starts getting scooped and shaved. I'd be more worried if he was a skill player. If the doctors say he's good, I'd still re-sign him.
  15. "Chondral defect"

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