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  1. At #178, the Dolphins select Jalen Myrick, DB, Minnesota. @chad72 the Saints are on the clock.
  2. Our offense needs to fall in love with the quick hitter like Brady's offense. Brady is one of the fastest from snap to throw. Luck is one of the slowest.
  3. At #174, the Falcons take Corey Clement, RB, Wisconsin. @WarGhost21 the Browns are on the clock.
  4. You know what's concerning? The Vikings gameplan wasn't that much different than our typical gameplan, especially the route combinations. They did a better job protecting and giving help to the young OL, but the pass plays were still long developing, and a lot of the routes ran right into the strengths of the coverage. The Vikings did a horrible job in coverage, also, just like the Jets a couple weeks before. The offense had several miscues early in that game, and left a good 10 points on the board in the first half. They got bailed out by a stupid Vikings penalty that kept one drive going. It's easy to look at the result and say 'hey, that's the gameplan we need to use!' I thought that at first. But going back to rewatch that game, I saw a lot of stuff that I didn't like, schematically.
  5. Such a high risk draft. Easy to be excited about when your job isn't on the line...
  6. It's not just the media, I believe it's mostly pushed by agents. Specific to Hankins, Spotrac has update their numbers also, maybe based on OTC, and they show the $4.5m is guaranteed as of March 2018. Probably the 5th day of the league year, based on precedent.
  7. Because it exists.
  8. You're not making me feel any better...
  9. It's a CONSPIRACY! At #167, the Miami Dolphins take Josh Carraway, EDGE, TCU. The Giants are on the clock. 167. New York Giants - @GOZER168. Oakland Raiders - Autodraft169. Houston Texans - @OffensivelyPC170. Kansas City Chiefs - @PrincetonTiger 171. Buffalo Bills - @21isSuperman
  10. That has been my plan since the Rams moved. Now the schedule is out, and I already have a non-optional engagement that weekend. Unbelievable. I hate this schedule.
  11. Always a weird anomaly with the Colts schedule (not saying that's not true of other teams, but...) Week 15, Thursday night, against the Broncos. Decent matchup, not a Jags or Titans game like it always seems to be (except last year, which was Thanksgiving, so it was going to be a premiere matchup). One of the only positive takeaways from a Thursday night game is that you get 10 days before the next game, right? Wrong. Week 16, Saturday game. Against the Ravens. On the road. It's official, the schedulers hate us.
  12. Yeah, and even then, he had about an 8 year career, and was only a go-to back one season. Mario Williams lasted about 9 years. Matter of fact, if you look at that draft, not many of those first rounders lasted very long.
  13. Last month... That's why I said "anymore."
  14. If I had to bet, as of today, I'd say no. These next 170 hours are going to drag on forever...
  15. If we assume that we know everything there is to know -- that means there are no subsequent failed drug tests (since he's in the NFL drug program now), his shoulder is on track, there are no legal issues floating around, etc. -- then I think he's a worthy second rounder. But I'm nervous because it's been a while since he had any good news come out about him. There are reports he didn't interview well, he struggles diagramming plays (which he admits), he might have a temper issue, he has a failed drug test, there are concerns about his association (concerning given the recent events with Aaron Hernandez), and the shoulder. No longer an option at #15, IMO.

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