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  1. Superman

    Andrew Luck is throwing a football

    It's PFT, so yes.
  2. Superman

    Andrew Luck is throwing a football

    Good to see you.
  3. Agreed. Add in that safeties typically get drafted later and typically don't make as much money as corners, and it's easy to see why safety would provide greater value -- in this defensive system -- than corner. That doesn't mean I want to see the Colts turn their noses up at the chance to add good corners, either in free agency or in the draft.
  4. Superman

    Andrew Luck is throwing a football

    That was my interpretation as well.
  5. Superman

    Andrew Luck is throwing a football

    Right. That means he's already throwing 3 days in a row, although he's limited. He said he's not throwing a hundred balls a day, and he's not regularly using a full size ball. Still significant benchmarks to be cleared, but he appears to be past the worst of it. Now he'll have to gradually work up to a real QB workload, without any setbacks. And as CBFL says, he'll eventually have to play football.
  6. Superman

    Alex Marvez tweet

    Ask Quincy Wilson.
  7. Superman

    Andrew Luck is throwing a football

    I just updated my previous post. I was wrong.
  8. Superman

    Andrew Luck is throwing a football

    College ball is wider around the middle. And it's not The Duke, so, a technicality. Edit: I just fact checked this, I guess there is no size difference. I always felt the NCAA ball is wider than the NFL ball, but it seems they're both supposed to be 7 inches.
  9. Superman

    Andrew Luck is throwing a football

    He said he hasn't thrown The Duke. Has he been throwing the college ball all this time?
  10. Superman

    Andrew Luck is throwing a football

    Thrilled to be wrong on this. Let's see if he throws all 3 days or if he's still on an every other day routine.
  11. Yup. After this week, it's the dreaded doldrums of the offseason, for about 6 weeks.
  12. Superman

    Are we going to a RPO system.

    QBs are making a lot of these decisions before the snap, also, unlike the read option decisions which are based on what the read defender does after the snap. Much of the time it's a basic box count. I watched a video with Nick Sirianni recently where he highlighted a desire to get the ball to playmakers within five yards of the line of scrimmage. I'm very much looking forward to seeing this new offense in action.
  13. I wonder about that. When they shut Luck down, he left the country. I would think the mandated timeline would have been instituted when he got back, not before he left. I say that because it would seem like they would want to evaluate his status after whatever treatment he received in Europe. So he got back in late December, as far as we know. The full rehab timeline was originally 6-9 months. That might mean he could start throwing in late June, or July. That's in keeping with what Luck said at his last presser; he suggested he wouldn't be throwing publicly during the offseason program. Along the way, he's also built his body back up, which is something he wasn't able to do last spring/summer. I still don't think he'll throw publicly until training camp. I'm skeptical of everything the team is officially saying, to the point that I wouldn't be surprised to find out that Luck is already throwing overhand, to some extent.
  14. Superman

    Eric Swoope

    Something's got to give. I'm thinking they want 4 RBs, can't have both. They might also want 10 OL.
  15. Superman

    Luck close to throwing: Reich

    Don't hold your breath. During his last presser, he said he didn't intend to throw publicly during the offseason program. I'm not sure why it's news every time someone asks the same question that we already know the answer to...