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  1. Is it possible he never plays again??? sure... in the words of Kevin Garnett, "ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!". I personally think there is about a 90% chance he fully recovers for next season.
  2. Mine is 101 and they could stop here. I guess that is the cutoff point
  3. 1 2 Jimmy's coming for you, 3 4 Show Pagano the door, 5 6 Never bet on the Knicks, 7 8 The Colts just aren't great, 9 10 I wish I could sleep until 2010
  4. agreed. We need a T, G, WR, TE, CB x2, OLB, DE, DT, and ILB. Then we will be sitting pretty
  5. Actually... without Luck, Kelly, or Vontae.... we really might be the worst roster in the NFL. Definitely bottom 5. QB LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL RB Gore/Mack one of our better positions FB I dont think we have one WR Hilton/Moncreif Not too many teams are scared of that duo TE Doyle I like him but he is no world beater OLINE Costanzo, Mewhort, Some dude, Good, Some other dude. We are in the bottom 5 in the nfl for overall Oline DLINE Not a single player that teams have to even consider double teaming. LB Simon is very good. He may be the only piece to the puzzle we have found at LB CB Melvin and Green. We have struggled to find a CB capable of covering an opposing teams #2 WR. With vontae out, we now have no one to cover the #1, #2, or #3 wr. FS Butler/Hooker I want to think hooker is a piece of the puzzle in place, but I did not even notice him in the game Sunday. I will contribute that to him have absolutely no help in the secondary SS Farley Really? like....for real? We have Butler who has always been a CB, Green who has always been a S, and Hooker a 1st round pick at Safety. And we go with Butler( a CB) and Farley as starting safeties, and Green (a S) starts at CB. and our top playmaker rookie starts on the bench. Especially without our 3 most important players.............we are a bottom 3 roster. We do not have a threat to the opposing team anywhere on offense, nor do we have an ounce of a threat of pass rush or playmaker on defense. Ok.... so after all the frustration of what players we put on the field, we still managed to hit Marlon Mack on a nice screen pass where he makes a catch, turns and sprints passed a man, makes another miss, steps across the pylon while extending the ball across the goaline. TD!!!!! oh wait, the ref called him out of bounds. Lets check the replay. He appears to be clearly in for the TD to everyone watching and the announcers. I am sure Chuck will challenge the play. Woohoo easy call for a touchdo....WHAT!!! THE COLTS HURRIED TO THE LINE AND SNAPPED THE BALL AS FAST AS POSSIBLE!!!! What in the actual **** just happened? So we field a **** roster, and still manage to have a rookie shine, and our coaching staff ****s it up. Ok. I am done.
  6. Kareem Hunt

    Losing Berry for the year is going to hurt their defense. Also, I am not sure if KC offense was that good, I think the Pats defense was just THAT bad
  7. Tarell Basham

    He will have 5 tackles, 2 sacks, and a forced fumble week 1.
  8. Forget touchdowns.... I just want to see him actually attempt a 1st down throw. Even if we don't ketch it, at least attempt a throw far enough to get the 1st down. Every time it is 3rd and long he drops back, pretends to look downfield, and dumps it off to a RB or TE for a 3 yards. Very hard to watch
  9. 2018?

    come on man. just stop. I was just trying to have an adult conversation and debate a topic with you. You went with all the cliche troll responses in this thread: i live in the past, i only think my team will win because it's my team, tried to make fun of the word "tactical" even though I said "factual", then told me you are right because you said so, trying to mock me for saying "dude", said to post you in January lol, then called me an internet tough guy for shutting down your lame non supported comments left and right.... you seem like you need a hug, or the regular season to start
  10. 2018?

    ok, now i get your thinking. You heard the guys on ESPN talking up the Titans so you jumped ship and climbed on the band wagon. You do realize that teams like the Titans and Jags win the off-season every single year right??? it wouldn't be much of a story to say the opposite
  11. 2018?

    trust me... there are a lot of words i want to call you besides dude but I would get banned and the forum blocks them all. Thanks for trying to make fun of me though. You have shown your level of intelligence and maturity in this thread.
  12. 2018?

    nah... he is going with the "I'm right because I said so" strategy. You know, like a child does.
  13. 2018?

    "only because it's their team" dude.... i just listed facts, stats, and reasons... sorry you don't seem to be able to do the same. "When is the last time your team made the playoffs": Colts: 2014 Titans: 2008 Try to keep up.... lol
  14. 2018?

    I can't get over this comment.... all we can base our prediction for this upcoming season on is what we have seen in the recent past and what happened in the offseason. Please give me some sort of factual evidence that shows how and why the Titans supposedly improved MORE than the Colts....
  15. 2018?

    That is ridiculous. There is no reason to think that. We beat them twice last year and (not living in the past) have arguably improved more than they have. We have upgraded at about 9 defensive positions. Name 1 position that we are worse off at? Name 1 player that we lost and didn't upgrade his position? The Titans are the same Titans they always are. They added some WR help.... ok..... We upgraded our secondary. We also will have a MUCH IMPROVED pass rush. I would bet a lot of money that the Colts don't lose twice to the titans. maybe 1 and 1.... but i bet we go 2-0 vs the titans and Jags, and go 1-1 with Houston