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  1. ok, trade back 2 spots, add jordan howard and a early 2nd round pick.... count me in
  2. You would be all for the Colts trading the #6 overall pick for Jordan Howard and a 2nd round pick? i would cry if we did that.... like.... actually cry
  3. His last 2 seasons are similar to Randy Moss's 2 seasons in Oakland before going to the Patriots. Bilicheck saw this opportunity coming and traded away Cooks to free up cap space. I would bet a lot of money he ends up a patriot for 3 years.
  4. Kyle

    Rashaan Melvin

    I was never impressed by him. He is an average DB. Nothing special. He is not a #1 CB.
  5. Kyle


    Maybe the pats think they can pick or trade up a few picks and get WR Ridley to replace Cooks
  6. Kyle


    I would like to think you are right.... but Jacoby hopefully won't play another regular season meaningful snap for us, and Dorsett may be a significant part of the Pats offense next year
  7. Kyle


    so... the Patriots trade away a WR for a late 1st round pick and some how that means they are trying to move up to 6?
  8. I don't remember another draft in recent years being this up in the air. Maybe it is just because the Colts are picking early so I am paying more attention to the top 10.... but it sure seems like the top 10 could go A LOT of different ways. April 26th is going to be a fun day
  9. Sorry... I thought a made it simple enough for you to follow and understand but I guess not
  10. no one is saying "Just draft an ILB at 6" ...... If we feel TE is our franchise ILB to lead our D for the foreseeable future then he would be a great pick at 6 (obviously better at 12 if he was there because we gained extra picks trading down.....duh). If we do not feel he is that guy, then he would be a bad pick at 6 or 12.
  11. I just think for the Colts to move down from 6 it will take a way over the top offer. we shall see!!! cant wait!!
  12. I agree. For the Colts to trade down to 12, Buffalo would have to offer us WAY more than moving up 6 spots usually would cost. The Colts would be giving up a sure thing elite player and be taking more of a gamble at 12, and the Bills would be moving up to get their franchise QB. For the Colts to even start considering moving down, Buf would have to offer something like both their 1st rounders, both their 2nd rounders, and next years 1st. maybe even more I like the idea of a Nelson, Chubb, Barkley BUT 2 1st round, 5 2nd round, and 2 1st next year sounds intriguing
  13. not enough. If the Bills want our 6th pick, they are going to need to offer their 2 1st round picks, 2 2nd round picks, and next years 1st
  14. One thing is for sure... for our defense to be as good as us fans want it to be, we must find our "Urlacher"
  15. I dont understand how people can say things like this. Edmunds has the potential to be one of the very best ILB in the NFL. How can he be an ok pick at 12 but not 6? You either think he is the guy we want, or you don't.