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  1. i was exaggerating a bit in my other post, lol, but I know what you mean. We seem to always lose to Pittsburgh. The Chargers seemed to have our number back in the Manning days too.
  2. i agree. 18,355 is equivalent to 1500 yards for 12 years. With the way the game is played today, not sure anyone will ever beat that
  3. Well... some people consider Peyton Manning to be the best QB to ever play the game. Everyone considers him a top 10 of all time. I like Andrew Luck, but to expect him to end up having a better career than one of the best QBs of all time that revolutionized the game is silly.
  4. We would beat Green Bay over and over, year after year. Rodgers would request a trade after realizing he cannot beat the Colts. Green Bay would then go sub 500 for 6 straight seasons. The fanbase would fall apart and the Packers team would move to San Diego.
  5. There is no chance we go RB in the 1st after Gore and Mack each run for 1000 yards this year.
  6. This is the first time in years I have felt we are killing it in the draft. A+
  7. I think we will draft Marlon Mack in the 4th and sign jamal charles
  8. I have been a Colt's fan for 20 years. They never gave me anything free... My son's birthday is the day we play the Cardinals at home. He will be 9 and has never been to a game. I have never been to a game where I didn't sit way up top. I looked up tickets and I cannot afford decent seats. I want to sit as close to the field as possible to give my boys the best Colt's football experience possible. Can I have free lower section tickets for my 2 sons, wife, and I? Can't blame a guy for trying... lol
  9. Could we see Green at CB this season possibly? I refuse to give up on him.
  10. Look at it another way... You could spend 1 year being a GM and working 100 hour weeks, then retire and work 0 hour weeks for 9 years, and have made more money than if you worked 40 hour weeks for 10 years...
  11. so dumb... Choice A: Pay a player to play punter. Get him without using a draft pick Choice B: Pay a player to play punter. Get him by using a draft pick Why does part of you go "uh oh" when our punter retired and we picked up a new one in free agency. As soon as I read your statement on how you felt about CB signing a FA punter, all of me went, "uh oh, this guy is posting just because"
  12. Name someone that was actually available at OLB that would have been a better signing
  13. Now they will probably trade him for 3 1st round picks
  14. Let's make it wheel of fortune. Is there a "S" ?
  15. I feel like this is some kind of riddle. I have tried multiple combinations of curse words but I can't seem to get it to make sense.

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