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  1. Could we see Green at CB this season possibly? I refuse to give up on him.
  2. Look at it another way... You could spend 1 year being a GM and working 100 hour weeks, then retire and work 0 hour weeks for 9 years, and have made more money than if you worked 40 hour weeks for 10 years...
  3. so dumb... Choice A: Pay a player to play punter. Get him without using a draft pick Choice B: Pay a player to play punter. Get him by using a draft pick Why does part of you go "uh oh" when our punter retired and we picked up a new one in free agency. As soon as I read your statement on how you felt about CB signing a FA punter, all of me went, "uh oh, this guy is posting just because"
  4. Name someone that was actually available at OLB that would have been a better signing
  5. Now they will probably trade him for 3 1st round picks
  6. Let's make it wheel of fortune. Is there a "S" ?
  7. I feel like this is some kind of riddle. I have tried multiple combinations of curse words but I can't seem to get it to make sense.
  8. I think they are still behind RG3 as their starter for next year.
  9. i heard Johnny Football hired an agent again... maybe they give him 1 more try lol
  10. My 2 keepers from last year were Adrian Peterson and Dez Bryant. I should have kept Amari Cooper and Lamar Miller.
  11. It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.
  12. Ya... a lot of comments were made in the heat of the moment. I for one made some dumb assumptions i admit to. It has been a frustrated few years and a lot of us boiled over on here. I am excited for the future of the colts. This is a BIG offseason for us
  13. No one is taking snide shots at jimmy raye. Just because you dont know what member berries are doesnt mean i was taking a snide shot. Just a joke. I really like jimmy raye from what i know of him. Glad he is part of our front office

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