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  1. TJ Green
  2. for the love of the game
  3. Grigson was obviously a *. I know most bosses aren't perfect....but it would be really hard to work your butt off to be your absolute best for a guy like that to get all the credit in the end. I believe that he was KILLING our team chemistry and was for sure not doing anything good for our locker room. I like the personnel changes we have made, love our draft, but the biggest move we made in the offseason was getting Ryan Grigson away from our facilities. Not only was he not doing anything to make us better, he was making players worse. IMO... if Pat would not have had to play for Grigson for a few years, he would not have gotten burnt out on football and would still be our punter.
  4. The last time our qb had off season surgery we hoped he would be back week 1 and lead us to the superbowl. He eneded up not playing all season and we had the #1 pick.
  5. i could not help it!
  6. It makes me sad everytime i scroll by this thread. Gavin was fun to debate topics with and seemed like a good dude. RIP
  7. 1714 means we are signing Maclin. In 2017 we will have the 2014 Maclin. In 2014 Maclin had his career best year with 1300 yards and 10 TDs.
  8. Depth Chart before signing CM 1. Gore 2. Mack 3. Turbin 4. Fergusson 5. Crossan Adrian Peterson could take a drink from the fountain of youth and go back to being 22 years old and sign with the Colts and there still would be 0% chance that Mack would go to the practice squad. P.S. I can't tell if you were serious or trolling for responses like mine. If you were serious...try harder. If you were trolling...good job, you got me
  9. I understand saying we shouldn't do the trade due to his locker room issues, mental stuff, and money situation....but saying we don't need his talent because we have TY Mcgill and Anderson is just plain dumb. If TY or Anderson were the starters on the opposing team's DLine we would be very excited. We have had such crap at DLine for so long that people start to think our average players are all-stars. We need a guy on the dline that the other team has to gameplan for. I hope Hankins is and Basham becomes the feared pass rusher the other team worries about. I am not saying we need to go out and grab Richardson, but if we did, he would be that guy the other team is scared of.
  10. i was exaggerating a bit in my other post, lol, but I know what you mean. We seem to always lose to Pittsburgh. The Chargers seemed to have our number back in the Manning days too.
  11. i agree. 18,355 is equivalent to 1500 yards for 12 years. With the way the game is played today, not sure anyone will ever beat that
  12. Well... some people consider Peyton Manning to be the best QB to ever play the game. Everyone considers him a top 10 of all time. I like Andrew Luck, but to expect him to end up having a better career than one of the best QBs of all time that revolutionized the game is silly.
  13. We would beat Green Bay over and over, year after year. Rodgers would request a trade after realizing he cannot beat the Colts. Green Bay would then go sub 500 for 6 straight seasons. The fanbase would fall apart and the Packers team would move to San Diego.
  14. There is no chance we go RB in the 1st after Gore and Mack each run for 1000 yards this year.

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