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  1. Jim Irsay letter to Colts fans

    He said "hit the ground running" We are drafting Barkley
  2. I get it.... The article specifically states that their logic is based off the Bills being satisfied that Andrew Luck is healthy. Seems most everyone in the conversation read that part and understands we are debating on if Luck was healthy, could the Bills get him from us for Cordy Glenn and a 1st.
  3. The Broncos gave up 2 1st round picks and Horton for JAY CUTLER. I am pretty sure Andrew Luck will cost a team more than what Jay Cutler cost the Broncos....
  4. We’re not doing the Star Wars stuff again

    soooo.... ya, like i said, they have both.
  5. I 100% agree BUT the article reads: I think it would definitely interest the Seahawks if the Colts were to float an offer to send their 3rd and 4th round picks in exchange for Wagner and the Seahawks 4th rounder. Losing their 3rd round pick is not ideal, but finding an All-Pro talent there is likely a shot in the dark, and moving back from pick 100 to 116 in the 4th round would not sting too badly in a draft that is said to be deep in the middle. If this trade was an option, we would be dumb not to do it.
  6. We’re not doing the Star Wars stuff again

    Jags have Fournette/ Eagles have Ajayi/ Vikings have Murray and McKinnon They have great defenses but also a running game opposing teams fear. We need both.
  7. So you would rather have a 3rd round pick than Bobby Wagner? lol The Colts drafted: TJ Green 2nd, D'Joun Smith 3rd, Werner 1st, Hugh Thornton 3rd, Dwayne Allen 3rd, Fleener 2nd, Ben Ijalana 2nd, Drake Nevis 3rd, Kevin Thomas 3rd, Jerry Hughes 1st, Fili Moala 2nd, Donald Brown 1st, Tony Ugoh 2nd, Daymeion Hughes 3rd, Quinn Pitcock 3rd, Vincent Burns 3rd....... Now THOSE didn't work out. If every player on that list was 23 years old, I would still trade the entire group for Bobby Wagner. I think it would probably take much more than a 3rd to get Wagner, but those saying we need draft picks and would turn down a trade offer of Wagner for our 3rd round pick are absolutely insane
  8. now that right there would make some headlines lol
  9. KC coaches

  10. KC coaches

    1. I don't think we would have made the playoffs even with JG but maybe, just maybe lol 2. I still 100% believe Andrew Luck is our man at QB and will have his best career season next year. It would not make sense to heavily invest cap space in 2 QBs. Not to mention the 1st rounder and more it would have taken to get him in the off season
  11. KC coaches

    Ok... who should ballard have added to the roster to be the starting QB this year? Let me know who we could have signed/traded for that would have the Colts in a better position than they are right now. PS: I have higher reputation than you. therefore i hold higher rank on the quality post experts list. sorry
  12. KC coaches

    Any team with a good enough backup qb that your team is the same when he starts.... doesnt have a good enough starting QB. There was absolutely no one that Ballard could have signed or drafted that could have made the Colts a playoff team. PS: You are in the lead for the worst post of 2018
  13. Looking at top 5 picks the last few years

    This could realistically happen. Everyone is assuming Barkeley or Chubb will be there at 3 but I have been thinking what if they are both gone also. What do we do then? Trade down because someone will want the top QB before Cleveland picks at 4?
  14. Walker and his 2 starts

    I was messing with you but since you haven't caught on i will help you. If he has not done nothing, then he has done something. What you mean to say is "He HAS done nothing" or "He hasn't done anything". You are trying to talk so negatively about his play that you accidentally went double negative and made it positive. lol