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  1. so dumb... Choice A: Pay a player to play punter. Get him without using a draft pick Choice B: Pay a player to play punter. Get him by using a draft pick Why does part of you go "uh oh" when our punter retired and we picked up a new one in free agency. As soon as I read your statement on how you felt about CB signing a FA punter, all of me went, "uh oh, this guy is posting just because"
  2. Name someone that was actually available at OLB that would have been a better signing
  3. Now they will probably trade him for 3 1st round picks
  4. Let's make it wheel of fortune. Is there a "S" ?
  5. I feel like this is some kind of riddle. I have tried multiple combinations of curse words but I can't seem to get it to make sense.
  6. I think they are still behind RG3 as their starter for next year.
  7. i heard Johnny Football hired an agent again... maybe they give him 1 more try lol
  8. My 2 keepers from last year were Adrian Peterson and Dez Bryant. I should have kept Amari Cooper and Lamar Miller.
  9. It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.
  10. Ya... a lot of comments were made in the heat of the moment. I for one made some dumb assumptions i admit to. It has been a frustrated few years and a lot of us boiled over on here. I am excited for the future of the colts. This is a BIG offseason for us
  11. No one is taking snide shots at jimmy raye. Just because you dont know what member berries are doesnt mean i was taking a snide shot. Just a joke. I really like jimmy raye from what i know of him. Glad he is part of our front office
  12. i see how you could think that.... but it also could be that Irsay tried to make coaching changes that fell through due to no one wanting to work with Grigs. Irsay even sent Grigs and Pagano to counseling. it didn't work. he finally realized grigs is a * and fired him

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