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  1. Buffalo?

    I’ve been back and forth on trading back again but with no improvement along the oline if Nelson is there at 6 I don’t think you can move any further back imo.
  2. Hankins Released

  3. Even if the Colts grabbed every quality FA they still wouldn't compete this year for the SB...If Ballard hits on these first 4 picks and they progress well thought this next season he may be more inclined to spend some real cash next offseason as well as having at least 3 picks in the first two rounds next draft when they could possibly compete. No reason to break the bank this year when it doesn't get you that much closer.
  4. Although trading back for extra picks would be nice with so little overall talent if Chubb is there he would be my pick.
  5. That could be an unbelievable haul of talent.
  6. It’s been said time and again that Dorsey doesn’t like rookies starting at QB. This may very well be just a veteran QB starting while there rookie sits back and learns. They could still draft a QB at 1 but I bet it’s Barkley and then one of the QB’s at 4
  7. Its the Browns who now have a GM that has actually done good things in the NFL.
  8. I just don't see what the 3 cone drill has to do with lineman. WR, RB, CB, and safeties I can definitely see where it would come into play. But if a DE has to throw his head and body in the opposite direction and accelerate he didn't hold the edge and is getting smoked. Maybe someone could enlighten me.
  9. 4.41 at 233lbs is pretty impressive. In all reality though the combine won’t hurt or help Barkley since his tape is so impressive.
  10. Luck throwing HEAVIER balls than footballs

    Probably not. I had Tommy John my Senior year of Highschool and wouldn't touch a baseball until my physical therapist started me on a throwing routine. His shoulder is worth a lot more than my elbow.
  11. Luck throwing HEAVIER balls than footballs

    Best photoshop ever!!!
  12. Your Favorite Colts Team and Non-Colts Team?

    2006 Colts is an easy answer for me. Favorite non Colts team was the early 1990’s Eagles. I was a little kid in Delaware at that point and that Eagles Defense with Reggie White, Seth Joyner, Jerome Brown, etc was so fun to watch. Not to mention Randall Cunningham at QB
  13. More for Frank Gore?

    I love Frank but this team needs some younger blood at RB
  14. Colts hire Frank Reich [Merge]

    Sounds like Reich would be a good hire especially if he grabs an OC with play calling experience. Bringing back a lot of level concepts to the passing game will help luck quite a bit.
  15. I believed we should have went after Landry when the other guy was going to come here. Now that the offensive scheme is different Landry probably won't be the WR Ballard will shell out some cash for.