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  1. I wouldn't be opposed to this. .. obviously,  but the best defensive player from Bama in this draft is jerran  reed I've seen him mocked as low as 20th..... if we grab him that gives us Anderson, parry, langford, reed, mcgill, art Jones, okine
  2. Any free agents you are interested in for the Colts?

  3. Any free agents you are interested in for the Colts?

    Dont Forget We have junior sylvester!! The kid IS going To be amazing If we give him a shot
  4. OL coach(es) possibly on the way out -- not confirmed

    ... I Love G.O.T..... And yea he Cleaning house
  5. Who's getting cut / not-resigned this offseason?

    Honestly to me our biggest off season priority(other than obviously OL, DL, CB) is actually quan bray(as a Bama fan that's hard to say)... But he will be an impact player for us just watch
  6. TY McGill

    Don't forget we have junior Sylvester waiting... I excited to see him play he could've helped us this yr had he not gotten injured
  7. The guy IA illegally blind.... Been done with after the fail Mary in Houston
  8. Sio Moore, Nate Irving, Denzelle Good

    what game was this. ... The Houston that he started in he was everywhere out there looked like a pro bowl ILB
  9. Geathers!

    I didn't realize he was that darn big. ..... He was covering Julio and the two looked identical in size! That's probably why he can step up and plant someone like he does really refreshing to see that again
  10. I'm here to eat crow

    honestly it's hard to ignore the fact that he could have that same impact later in his career but now not so much
  11. Receiving trio

    As long as ty and Moncrief are on the field whoever else is out there would be bonus
  12. Dorsett

    I think he does. .. And with more play making ability... What have you seen fromhim that shows his hands are questionable.. He's caught pretty mucheverything
  13. yeaaaaa soooo..... We only have 2 RBs
  14. Dorsett

    Whalen has been killing it for sure, but imagine if Whalen had dorsets speed he would have 80 yd tds every game lol
  15. Nick Saban

    Noooooooooo..... leave saban alone.. If we're going to hire some one and give them full/more control then we might as well give our current coach more control. ... That would seem to be the real problem. . Then if that doesn't work you know to get rid of him then, along with gm... I love my Colts, and I love my tide this move would hurt both clubs imo and I don't want that.

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