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  1. Dominic Rhodes would shoot out of a Canon too he was a beast man at least for those 2 yrs
  2. Can we ever have a 2nd corner that isn't always out with a groin
  3. In 5 years that maybe the first time I seen that lol
  4. Wth did he let that ball hit his chest
  5. Another game goes against our favor because of stone hand receivers.. I can't believe this
  6. The bears have a chance to come back and beat tenn but Jesus these receivers are worse than ours when it comes to dropping the ball
  7. Don't forget ty
  8. I'm with you... it'll be just our luck that the chargers play like the Browns today
  9. That's pretty much it... point blank
  10. I Expected us to lose... but we actually had a chance to win And screwed it up.. that's what upsets me with this whole thing
  11. Lol!!! Exactly
  12. From this being a totally different game!!.. not to mention ty dropping a65 yd yd pass .... I also will give tolzien credit he played a great game considering..
  13. Even in pre game warm up the receivers looked like they were out of touch with what was going on... and jesus christ our 3rd down defense is booty cheeks
  14. I have to give it to him! The receivers really let him down

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