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  1. Safe to say that draft class was s success with Denzel good starting and the exception of djoun smith
  2. Maybe.... honestly I don't see it... but I def am frustrated do you probably have a point
  3. That was last year.... not the case for this year... we are playing like zombies out there
  4. We don't play with heart, couple that with not being that talented you have a recipe for either getting blown out or never closing the close games....... only person that seems like they actually want to win is luck
  5. More like un cooked grits
  6. He really deserves at least to lose his spot if not his job... who the heck will replace him
  7. Not the case in Alabama I got the Raiders vs falcons
  8. God.... being a colts fan in Alabama sux
  9. Our defense makes Simien look like Dan Marino..
  10. Every one is really pointing out great points and issues but 40 secs, hold them to 20 yds minimum, get the W....
  11. I get that..... but 50 yds in 40 secs you don't have to be the 85 bears to prevent that
  12. All very good points.... but at the end of the day don't let them get 50 yds in 40 secs
  13. How??? We had 40 secs to not let them get 40 yds.... this loss upsets me a little more than a blow out.... on a positive note... andrew is a beast when given time
  14. Why does every other team look competent

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