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  1. 31-14 Tennessee..... mariota kills us on the ground, Henry has his break out game, but Delaney walker will catch every 3rd down pass keeping our defense on the field
  2. Lol!! This is about to be embarrassing... mariota 300 yds/ 80+ rushing yds 4 tds combined Henry will have his career game... book it
  3. No.. we just loss the best game we've played.. and the worst is ahead of us.. raiders, vikings, packers, steelers...
  4. Our roster is Def worse than the Browns... only luck makes us s better overall team
  5. Let me clear this up...... I'm not against the notion of firing anyone.... we knew they were trash before the game... I'm saying the players had every chance to close this game out and they failed miserably
  6. I know we want to cut lose with FO and coaching.... they had nothing to do with making Lamar look like Barry sanders on a 3rd and 7 or completely miss judging what should've been a pick and giving up a touchdown in 2 minutes..... or whiffing on a Blitzer letting him kill luck, or giving up a40yd bomb in OT... these players suck (with the exception of a few)
  7. Along with whoever is wearing #30
  8. Don't sleep on Ridgeway!! I feel like he's going to start making noise
  9. Just wait till the Pittsburgh game... it will probably be even between blue and gold lol!!... steelers fans really travel... at the same token I went to the titans game in Nashville 2 years ago and couldn't believe the amount of colts fans I saw
  10. Zone!! blocking!! scheme!!!
  11. I mean Darius butler spent the whole off season at safety.... I don't see why not work out a package like so: Cb1- vonte Cb2- tj Fs-geathers Ss- Adams Nickle- Robinson MLB- dq WILL- akeem SAM- walden RUSH- mathis DT- McGill LE- langford RE- Anderson
  12. "St.Elmos on me if I don't get touched the rest.... annnnnnnnd that's sack number 5"
  13. "How the #@*% did your guy get to me before the ball did"
  14. Robinson single handedly gave them the touchdown.... that whole drive including that 56yard run was due to his terrible play
  15. Our d is allergic to momentum

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