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  1. Josh Ferguson!!!!!

    Funny you say this. .. judging by the past it seems it's always been this way jax,hou,tenn have always had the good backs in the league while always have had the deciding factor... a legit top 5 qb... which is why we have owned the division 11 out of the past 14 yrs
  2. Josh Ferguson!!!!!

    Don't forget dalvin cook
  3. Josh Ferguson!!!!!

    Chubb I'd an absolute monster but I want us to get leonard furnette
  4. Josh Ferguson!!!!!

    Sure he's a udfa and looks to be a Longshot at making the team right now. .. but I believe he has what it takes to not only make the team but contribute this year.... he is the Type of back we have needed for yrs now. I thought he was better than lasco,Smallwood, and Jordan Howard... the boy can flat out toat the rock
  5. The New AFC South

    Afc south could be the next nfc west where one yr your division winner is 7-9 then the next yr you have 3 teams in the play offs
  6. Colts App Update

    The look and navigation is dope.... but video play is a Hassel for me
  7. Earl Okine

  8. Earl Okine

    What's about to happen is he's going to show tremendous ability in training camp and pre season and we'll trade him for 6th or 7th Rd pick next yr.... you heard it here first
  9. The unofficial, official UDFA thread

    Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We got Ferguson and maggit
  10. Need at RB

    Grab either Aaron green, Josh Ferguson, or Daniel lasco and we're set
  11. 2016 NFL Draft Thread

    As much as I wanted (lasco,Ferguson, Aaron green) I think about luck bleeding on the inside and I stay to love this pick
  12. Gigs / Pags this year

    Not to mention pat Robinson, D buts, and Geathers. ... secondary COULD BE amazing. .. I'm not a big fan of tj right now I still have a lasting memory of us scorching him with our TE in the national championship game. . But I'll keep an open mind after all, his measurables are all the way off the charts
  13. Colts select T.J. Green, DB, Clemson

    Definitely not tj couldn't tackle if you paid him (pun intended)
  14. 2016 NFL Draft Thread

    This pick sucks. .. dude is really fast and athletic but isn't polished at all just raw athleticism.... his tackling is God awful. ... why did we pass up kj Dillon and Darian Thompson for this dude
  15. Ryan kelly pulls a iverson

    Nope not at all. ..... I love it

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