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  1. See the DB guru is really got some work to do!
  2. Spence has been solid so far!
  3. First game on nfl network that screen just shortened!! Well, least it's on!
  4. Yes. Been a colt fan since 77! Watched colts vs browns in Baltimore as a young boy for my first live game! Hated when they left, but followed as long as they kept the Shoe!! Old school!!
  5. Just makes it that much sweeter when the colts prove them wrong! Know one knows the colts like their fans. Media doesn't know anything about them because I am convinced they never cover them unless it's prime time. These so called experts have their favorites. No way they cannot have loyalty to former teams or markets. Refuse to watch any because would rather hear opinions from fans that have way more invested in love for their team than any pundit!
  6. This can't be right with Mariota and Newton already ahead of him on top 100!!
  7. I personally think all any player can hope for is to be in the discussion of "goat"! Truth be known, most players realize everyone plays under different circumstances. Coaching, rules, TEAM in general. I always thought Peyton just wanted to be in the conversation, that it is a huge success in it self.
  8. Don't get to worked up about it. Talking heads with heads talking out their * most of the time. Total popularity contest! If he was a cowboy or patriot, would be much higher. That's why I don't watch anymore. Plus I know all they talk about is Brady being immortal, especially since the SB! Save your health!!
  9. Hope he is ready for a breakout year! Pulling for him, really believe the talent is there. Want him to be the player the Colts need, where he was drafted is really irrelevant. As mentioned in earlier post, his draft status wasn't on him!
  10. Our division consistently drafting in top 10 every year getting younger and stronger. Some now are learning more from their mistakes therfore doing a much better job. Our division has been a cake walk for us for a long time but no longer. That makes a significant outcome in record and the Colts have made more mistakes or maybe just bad luck than in years past, but now we are learning also, hopefully. Our future seems to be heading up. All we can do is trust in the guys that are getting paid to make the right choices.Go Colts!
  11. Drew may need a poice escort!
  12. Hated our division teams before, totally loathe them now!

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