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  1. coltsfan77

    CJ Anderson To Be Released

    Signed with panthers!! !! Thought he may have made a nice 1, 2 punch.
  2. coltsfan77

    Colts Updates, New Uniforms, & More 4/9/18

    Was referring to the AFC finalist banner. And yes they did. I am not from Indy, NC, so have just seen post and pics.
  3. coltsfan77

    Colts Updates, New Uniforms, & More 4/9/18

    Wished they at least made the patch smaller! 35 yrs is silly, imo! Almost as bad as that one particular banner.
  4. Agree! Has been my personal favorite for sometime. Barkley should be gone. Chubb, just not sold on. Nelson would be good, just not sure at 6 with many oline talent in draft. Would love to see the colts finally get a difference maker at mlb.
  5. Protest is everyone's right whether we agree or disagree. Personally didn't agree with the platform they chose. That is my right . Always thought they could have pulled resources, and we know they have resources, create some type of commercial or advertising that would have been more acceptable to everyone. When you make a stance as the one that they did, you divide people rather than bring people together. When people come together, that is unstoppable !
  6. coltsfan77

    Hankins Released

    Do not see Suh coming here even if CB wanted him. We are not competing for any thing real soon. He is getting up in age and most likely want to go to a contender. As far as JH goes, hate to see him go, but have to trust the process. Also we have to remember that our new DC was Mcdirtbags choice! So not sure if Ballard was completely thinking of moving to a 43 when we signed JH.
  7. There you go for all bashing the GM!! Have to give him a chance! Great move Ballard!!
  8. Totally agree! The only disappointment I have had was Hitchens and maybe Jensen. They both were way overpaid. Hitchens more so, because he seemed to be a lock. The teams with the most success has always been teams that are built within! Ballard was very highly regarded through the league, so I put my trust in that people who know football, more so than us fans! I still think he will add some quality players before free agency is over. The man has been here one season and already made upgrades. I think we all know if Luck had been playing, we would not be drafting 3rd!
  9. Do it!! Ex raven oline players seem to do well here!!Especially ex centers
  10. coltsfan77

    Looking forward to watching him play again...

    Just so many likes on that video! Can't wait for him to get back and tear the league up!
  11. coltsfan77

    Anyone else worried?

    My two cents are this!! I agree with the OP. We had great regular seasons with the old regime, but some shortcomings in the post season. As wonderful as the regular seasons were, we still left some championships on the table. I get where some say became better after Dungy but also you have to credit the QB also in the fact of maturing and putting the work in. I feel Manning with the work ethic he had would have succeeded a lot of that on his own. As far as going back to 43 d and cover 2, I get it. Do not want to see more bend but don't break defenses. It puts to much pressure on the O to score every drive. It may be great exchanging 3 for 7, but it also limits the offenses time of possession. During those glory days our defense put tons of pressure on our offense about every game. Manning did more with fewer possessions than any QB in the league and maybe ever. Do not want to put Luck through that. Just hoping this d is not like the ones we had but one with multiple formations and attacks, rather than wait and tackle. Other than our ends, there was not attack on cover 2.
  12. coltsfan77

    Talk about Eye Candy...

    Had the Bert Jones uniform! Would put it on with all the equipment and go out and play ball with my cousins all day! Best of times. We had a Steve Bartkowski,Earl Campbell,Harold Carmichael, Franco Harris,Ken Stabler, Steve Largent, Art Monk, and Roger Staurback! I always rocked the shoe though!!
  13. coltsfan77

    Talk about Eye Candy...

    Had posters of Jones on my wall as a kid!! My favorite QB by far at that time. He was Elway before Elway but better. Career cut short, would have been great to see what could have been!
  14. coltsfan77

    Welcome Coach Reich!!

    Love what I heard from FR!! Think we definitely got the better deal! He has a presence about him that will serve well for this franchise going forward I believe. Can't wait for free agency, draft, and season!
  15. coltsfan77

    McDaniels rejects Colts.

    Just putting this out there. First of all, never really wanted an expatriot coaching the colts, but that has already been discussed throughout this thread. This is what I am wondering. Reports last week had Luck going to LA to work with Brady's throwing form technician. Thought maybe that was suggested by JM and if so maybe he is getting not so good news about Luck. Hope I am totally off on this but makes me wonder. Anyway good riddance the little boy!