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  1. So sorry for your loss!! Prayers for you and family!
  2. So sick of writers using the "suck for luck" excuse. Such crap, sure all those people involved losing their jobs were top priority. On the flip side, I sure hope Peyton doesn't do it out of my own selfishness. Still would love to see him join the Colts again in some fashion.
  3. Sounds as a wakeup call for Dorsett! Still hoping for him to showcase his talents. Not a bad idea bringing more competition in at the position. Moncrief needs to stay on the field and Dorsett needs to produce. Hope the arrow is pointing up for both!
  4. Would think Atlanta would jump to deal for him.
  5. Like it! Seemed to standout when given the opportunity.
  6. We are all in 1st getting younger and 2nd building through the draft! Total rebuilding mode. Wanted some top free agents like most, but understand what Ballard is doing. Does not want to overpay anyone. Biggest frustration for me, we may be wasting another year of Luck. Got to keep the faith that Ballard knows more than us.
  7. Just NO!!!
  8. I think he still sees Roosevelt Potts bearing down on him and conveniently moves out of the way for a critical first down when with the cowboys! Colts win, and Prime showed the wuss that he is and that's coming from an FSU fan!
  9. I know this is the nfl general section, but this should never show up on a Colts message board as a discussion! Bad enough we have to listen to tools all over sports media, the last thing is wanting to hear our fans saying the same things. Peyton put this organization on the map, and who knows what his accomplishments could have been if the Colts would have ever put the supporting cast around him as the pats have Brady. Without that cast he did remarkable things. Call me a homer and I don't care! Brady is great but will never let go of the fact the pats were able to go 14-6 without him and the one time we lose Peyton, 2-14 and drafting first, enough said!!
  10. Cook looks like Charles in a lot of ways! Not sure if Ballard had anything to do with Charles, but may be hard to pass up. I also could deal with the pick if he goes D the next several picks.
  11. Man the possibilities when he is 100%. Godspeed Andrew Luck!!
  12. Agree with you on Clemson, but that conference that can be somewhat inconsistent at times, has also gone 8-3 in bowl games so far. They are not trash, but I am bias while living in NC .
  13. They both have sold their soul to the devil. Will be around forever, JK!!
  14. Fans like to watch their team play 4 qtrs vs 2 every game! This staff has been pretty consistent on giving us 2 for quite sometime now.I totally get the frustration!
  15. That is correct, would had more hope for change. I also stated if they don't do anything signifant talent wise if they do come back. I have purchased the ticket every year because I live in NC. Don't have luxury of watching in person.

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