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  1. He's not a lock, but I take clues from listening to Ballard during interviews and noticing whom he mentions and does not mention. Just a few days ago on JMV, when talking about the front 7, he mentioned... Sheard, Simon, Basham, Ayers, Edwards, Mingo, Hankins, Woods, Anderson, Ridgeway, Hunt. There are a couple names conspicuously not mentioned, excluding the rookies. Remains to be seen if there is any significance to this. Edit: Sorry, I think he was talking about OLBs and D-Linemen
  2. Good luck. Too bad it didn't work out.
  3. "he’d of been"?
  4. Given what Ballard said about turnovers and extra possessions, it surprised me that he would take a RB with such striking ball security issues.
  5. With all the free agents he signed and the 8 draftees, this may be a harder than usual year for Colts' UDFA to make it.
  6. Might as well. Word is he has a celebrity sister, Bertha.
  7. King, Awuzie or Witherspoon
  8. If we take Lamp, I hope it's because we traded down with Oakland or the Giants or somewhere in that region.
  9. Corey Davis or Ryan Ramczyk? I don't think so. Not at 15, anyway.
  10. That looks like a fair and beneficial trade for both parties. I hope it happens.

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