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  1. Irsay/Ballard presser at 4pm

  2. Why Saquon Barkley should be our 2nd or third pick

    I believe the Browns will take him also. In that case, our pick at 3 becomes more valuable in a trade to any team looking for a QB.
  3. The Giants didn't take a dive and I'm glad that we didn't, either.
  4. Saw a report Ron Meyer has passed away .

    Venturi has a lot to say about Ron on the Dakich show today.
  5. Hookers Website Up!

    Why 24 instead of 29, or why did he take 29 with the Colts when 24 is available?
  6. Quan Bray to IR

    That also frees up a roster spot and lessens injury risks. Anybody can go back there, secure the ball, and take a knee. Every now and then, when the ball is kicked short, of course run it back.
  7. Tony Donahue: It's very possible that Luck never plays again

    That's always been possible. It was more possible that Peyton was done following his injury.
  8. Maybe now Colts can have a proper rebuild

    Fixing things as rookies? Not likely. Fixing things in year 3? Much more likely.
  9. Starting Offense and defense Next Season

    Way too soon to tell
  10. This is Marlon Macks world

    Turbin laid out a good block for Brissett's touchdown.
  11. Timeout, again.

    I couldn't believe that.
  12. Colts Injury 10/5

    He had a lot of drops that were frustrating, and really made me question why he refused to wear gloves. Obviously, was his preference, but hard to understand.
  13. Something I'll Never Understand.

    Actually, those who say this is ridiculous haven't heard the offers. It's like Lloyd's of Londons says about insurance policies they write. To paraphrase, "there are no bad risks, only bad rates".
  14. Rigoberto Sanchez

    He's done well, so far. Now, can he execute onside kicks like Pat could?
  15. Are you checking this each week?

    Interesting that we used only 2 defensive linemen on most plays.