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  1. il vecchio

    Trading down at #6

    Chicago doesn't have many picks to trade to go along with their 8th. They have the 39th, but I doubt they will give that up to go to 6. If they would, I hope CB will take it, whether Chubb is available or not..
  2. il vecchio

    Trade Down Mock

    5th round pick?
  3. Good question. If you mean how many ever start, I'd say at least 150.
  4. Nelson is too good to pass on!
  5. il vecchio

    Trading down again.....

    I wouldn’t complain too much about it.
  6. What would be Buffalo's motivation in giving up so many picks? Who are they trying to get ahead of that makes such a trade necessary? I've haven't seen many mocks that show a QB selected by TB, CHI, SF, OAK or MIA.
  7. il vecchio

    LB Korey Toomer visiting Colts today

    We won't know for a couple years. In the meantime, I'm completely on board with building through the draft and rolling over financial resources for free agents for a year. We aren't ready to threaten for the AFC championship this coming year, anyway. My only hope and expectation is that we add at least one or two top notch offensive linemen to protect Luck throughout this process.
  8. il vecchio

    Colts now at top of Salary Cap list

    Third. Cowboys are second.
  9. il vecchio

    Do the Colts have to spend most of cap?

    Unless Irsay is on board with a longer term plan. I'm guessing we will see a draft that builds up the trenches and protects Luck, and we just coast through this year while Luck is rusty, and spend more heavily on free agents next year, to coincide with the young players having more experience. In any case, there probably is almost no way to go 4-12 with Luck as QB.
  10. il vecchio

    Early FA winners/losers...NY Post

    Those numbers are totally meaningless.
  11. il vecchio

    Move over come the Colts!

    Stupid post, based on nothing but irrationality.
  12. Gus, stick to what you know best, methamphetamine.
  13. Browns WILL 1000% take Barkley at 1?? Nope. You're off by more than an order of magnitude. I'd say maybe 40% chance. Reason is that QB is so key to a team's success, that they are unlikely to gamble that their 3rd choice in QB is good enough, in the likely event that QBs go at 2 and 3, if the Browns take Barkley at 1.
  14. il vecchio

    McDaniels rejects Colts.

    Neither was McDaniels. Gotta get someone, at least for a year, and Venturi knows football like no other coach that I have listened to. Look at who we've had. Caldwell, Pagano. Both horrible at even discussing the game or strategy. Venturi knows the Colts players' strengths and weaknesses very well. Not only is he great after the fact, as you say, but he always comes up with a game plan in advance, based on the next opponents strengths and weaknesses. Not sure Pagano could.