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  1. Irsay saw a possibility to maybe make the team better, so he explored it. Not unlike what Grigson does with players on the team. Not every kick if the tires works out, but you gotta kick them, sometimes.
  2. It seems the point to take from this is the capability of an OL, at least the PFF measure of it, is not worth a lot of worry in building a team. The team listed with the very worst OL is in the playoffs and the team with the very best OL didn't make it.
  3. If you listen to Rick Venturi much, you will occasionally hear him talk about while working for BB, he always had a gnawing feeling in his stomach knowing that he was being held accountable every single day. So, you make a good point.
  4. You need to watch Rick Venturi's Final instructions from today. See if you feel the same after you do.
  5. Too early to say, but he may be turning things around, hopefully. His injury issues may have been a significant contributor to his inconsistency, thus far.
  6. The Colts trio of receivers is one of the best in the league. The running game leaves a lot to be desired. I hope and expect that Luck will pass a lot this season. Personally, I'd like to see plenty of short passes.
  7. I listen to all three of his podcasts every week. It's nice to access a real football mind. I suppose if you are a military history enthusiast you might like to sometimes listen to an articulate, retired general as opposed to your neighbor who never served.
  8. I have raised this point about the surface before, myself. Maybe this reply should go in another thread, but since you asked for thoughts... It should be fairly easy, at this point, to do a statistical analysis on injury occurrences across the league on the various surfaces. First thing to look at. How do the Colts rank as far as injuries go? Seems like many to us, but every team has them, so look at the data. Next, if the Colts do have many more injuries than other teams, is it conditioning (I'll guess not) or the playing surface? Do we have more injuries at home? Are visiting teams sustaining injuries when they play here? What are the types of injuries? How do they compare to teams that play on grass or other types of synthetic? Quite a few teams do play on grass so there should be some answers in the data. It might also be best to look at the types of injuries separately. I'm no sports kinesiologist, but I'll make a guess that high rates of ACL injuries are due to too much tack in the surface. Sure, the players can make sharper cuts and don't fall on their butts, but that's no competitive advantage if the opposing team can also make those sharp cuts. Instead, it's a disadvantage when you play half your games on this high-grip surface and the injuries mount up from a foot that doesn't release to prevent knee torque when it should. I have other thoughts regarding the surface and concussions which I'll save for another day.
  9. None of the teams graded an A and there were several Ds and a couple Fs. So, if those grades prove to be at all accurate, then Grigson and the Colts have drafted well. Preseason grades are often not worth much, but I'm cautiously optimistic with this draft class.
  10. It's time for the NFL to consider changing their policy on marijuana. 1) It's legal for adults to use recreationally in 4 states and that number is growing quickly. Marijuana is legal in some form in fully half the states. 2) It's not a performance enhancing drug. If my competition for a position on the roster is a stoner, I'm happy.
  11. I hope it stays just the way it is. I enjoy being able to see the lower round and undrafted free agents play and 2 weeks is not nearly enough to evaluate those players and also allow the established players time in order to work the rust off. If the season does go to 18/2, then I hope the final 53 goes to something like 58. Need some way to stash the players that you now gamble on even more since your evaluation time has dropped, not to mention the impact of your longer IR list with the 2 extra games.
  12. I'm not sure why, because I'm usually not the emotional type, but for some reason this photo made me cry.

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