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  1. Another WR?
  2. Maybe he wants to volunteer for a year and get some coaching experience. Probably is not hurting for pay, and the Colts already have a LB coach and an OLB coach. Would seem like a natural for the OLB Coach position, though.
  3. Yeah, the only possible way to go 5-11 is if Luck is out for the year. In that case, 5-11 is very realistic.
  4. I don't get it. What's funny about the title?
  5. That's what I thought, actually. I should have said who might NOT stick around, as it's hard to conceive that anyone might leave.
  6. I think the stat you might want to use is Average yards before contact instead of Percentage of yards before contact. The Average stat should be available somewhere as it would have to be used to calculate Percentage. The Average stat will give you an absolute number and it removes the skew from breakaways. As you point out, Gore isn't speedy and will never have many breakaway yards, or yards after contact. The result of that is the Colts' percentage of yards before contact skews high, all other things being equal when comparing other teams. Another stat which might also be helpful in assessing offensive lines would be percentage of run plays which yield negative yards. I think we might all agree that if a team has a lot of negative runs, they probably don't have a great line and the defense is likely getting a lot of early penetration. The only caution here with comparisons to other teams is that some running backs tend to dance around and look for a big break instead of hitting it hard right away. The dancers will probably accumulate more plays of lost yardage, even if they might attain higher runs per carry.
  7. I'll be interested to know who sticks around for two weeks.
  8. um...highest percentage of yards before contact and highest breakaway percentages are inversely related. I don't think you can draw a lot of conclusions about the line from percentage of yards before contact, as it obviously speaks just as much about the back's breakaway potential. In any case, what really matters to the team's success is yards per carry. The line makes big holes AND/OR the back breaks away, you get more yards per carry.
  9. He's not a lock, but I take clues from listening to Ballard during interviews and noticing whom he mentions and does not mention. Just a few days ago on JMV, when talking about the front 7, he mentioned... Sheard, Simon, Basham, Ayers, Edwards, Mingo, Hankins, Woods, Anderson, Ridgeway, Hunt. There are a couple names conspicuously not mentioned, excluding the rookies. Remains to be seen if there is any significance to this. Edit: Sorry, I think he was talking about OLBs and D-Linemen
  10. Good luck. Too bad it didn't work out.
  11. "he’d of been"?
  12. Given what Ballard said about turnovers and extra possessions, it surprised me that he would take a RB with such striking ball security issues.

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