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  1. This is Marlon Macks world

    Turbin laid out a good block for Brissett's touchdown.
  2. Timeout, again.

    I couldn't believe that.
  3. Colts Injury 10/5

    He had a lot of drops that were frustrating, and really made me question why he refused to wear gloves. Obviously, was his preference, but hard to understand.
  4. Something I'll Never Understand.

    Actually, those who say this is ridiculous haven't heard the offers. It's like Lloyd's of Londons says about insurance policies they write. To paraphrase, "there are no bad risks, only bad rates".
  5. Rigoberto Sanchez

    He's done well, so far. Now, can he execute onside kicks like Pat could?
  6. Are you checking this each week?

    Interesting that we used only 2 defensive linemen on most plays.
  7. Rick Venturi On JMV 9-11-2017

    I listen to Venturi religiously. I know he's old, but I often wonder if he would have a shot to coach the Colts again. He's so very experienced and knowledgable and seems to have gotten a lot out of his time with Belichick. I also wonder if the Colts staff ever listens to his shows. I thought I heard Pagano once use a particular speech pattern that Venturi uses.
  8. Whats up with Vinny??

    Father time.
  9. tolzien

    Quite possibly, but only if the Colts are behind.
  10. Are the Colts a dumpster fire?

    You need smarter friends.
  11. He didn't do too bad.
  12. Colts Roster Moves (Countdown to 53)

    Maybe so, but Tolzien is not PS eligible. Morris is, as far as I know.
  13. Colts Roster Moves (Countdown to 53)

    I might have guessed Clark, except for the heavy balance of guards that leaves.
  14. Colts Roster Moves (Countdown to 53)

    Someone from the OL is going. We aren't going to keep 11 there.
  15. RB Matt Jones

    That's a big RB.