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  1. I've been among some who has tried not to give Pagano such a hard time. There are some areas I won't make excuses for, but otherwise I've had a ton of sympathy for never getting the pieces he needs to play the football he preaches. He wants a good running game? We have a terrible O-line during tenure. We want to build a better defense? Our FA and draft picks on defense largely fall very flat. I know that the best coaches find ways to win games with what cards they were dealt so I can only make excuses so much. But the guy has not had a losing season yet. His game management though? Ugh.
  2. Agreed. It will make speculating the final rosters much more interesting!
  3. I'm sad because Andrew probably didn't actually throw any footballs in those promo shots. T_T
  4. From a guy who concerned me a bit with all his "high balling" free agency rumors, I'm very please to hear his confidence! I hope he really plans to come in and do work. We have a winning culture. We've been really disappointed in this team that last couple years, but there are a lot of teams who wish they could even scratch 8-8 most seasons. Let's get back to the top where we belong. I'm most happy to hear about the winning mentality he's seeing. I have to think most of the team, even the veterans, think of this as a wonderful opportunity to start over and make this team into something special again. Ballard on paper put together a stellar off-season. Let's see it start to translate onto the field!
  5. I thought the ranking looked bad, but a lot of teams above us seem reasonable to be there without knowing what we really have.
  6. I don't know if we will know for a while or ever what the real deciding factor was is Grigson getting fires, but I'd make a guess that despite Grigson's promising effort to improve the O-line in his last year, the defense was just so desolate. There were a few GM candidates available with good backgrounds in building defenses. I think in the end Irsay felt it was best to take the opportunity to do something fresh.
  7. Yep, I think he'll be more of a "slasher" than a bruiser, so he may always be part of a tandem, but I think he has great potential in our offense! Who knows until we see what we really have, though!
  8. Same! This weekend has been like Christmas as a kid. I'm so stoked and we still have 2 picks to go!
  9. Yeah, he'll probably be mostly limited to special teams and will be given more time to develop. I hope he can improve and the team can find use for his great size and speed. But all we have is optimism, but I think the pressure off him, should be a good thing.
  10. Seriously, on paper, our secondary could be nasty if the rookies come along and Vontae and Geathers can stay healthy. Long term I'm a little concerned since I don't know what we will do with Davis.
  11. Wow. Gotta respect him for that second quote! He seems to have a good grasp on how to try and keep his job the right way. His ship sinks with him if it does, he's not going to try and bury us just so he can bide time and keep his job. He's looking at the right way to do this long-term. Love his free agency, Love his draft so far. Let's finish this weekend strong!
  12. Hey, on the Brightside, it really really emphasizes how our offense has carried us over the last decade...
  13. My gut tells me Mack or Hill. I hope It's Mack, but would be also be happy with Perine, just don't know if Perine is our guy. Prefer Mack for his versatility. Offers something great for next season, not just until Gore is done.
  14. I mean, the strength of this year's draft is Dbs right? So if these great secondary guys keep falling to us because other teams are reaching for other positions, then I say we take them all day. We lack pass rush, but we can't fix everything this year and we still arguably need a CB more... That said I have this weird gut feeling based on what's still out there that OL is a very real possibility in round 2, there are some great guys who can come in year 1 and possibly be our RG while also having the versatility to be a RT option for the future. I can also see ILBs McMillan or Cunningham being real options. Lots of choices, but I can definitely still see a high value CB sitting on our lap come next pick.

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