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  1. I'm thinking 3 for sure, but probably no more than 4.
  2. Looking at top 5 picks the last few years

    My early looks at Key and Chubb make we quite excited about the potential for having our pass rusher of the future. Other thoughts on this thread is simply, "Teehee, I'm so excited. Gonna be a fun off season"
  3. Saquon Barkeley...

    Unlike a lot of people on here, I'm not fully opposed to him. A good back really can make a bad/mediocre offensive line look more decent, and it's not like we don't have a chance to improve our o-line this offseason. Maybe pick up an OG in FA and a OT early in the 2nd or something? Doesn't really fix our pass rush, but just like last season, I don't know if I see us fixing all of our issues in one season. Not saying he's my top choice, but I think he's an options we should look really seriously at.
  4. My early thoughts on FA are OFFENSE! The value just isn't really there on the defensive side of the ball. I think I can see us picking up a vet CB and a competing ILB, but the potential is there to bet big on a No. 2 WR, one of the best guards available, and a veteran RB all in one FA. Last year the off-season felt ALL about defense (with a need for RB depth and O-line of course). This year I see no reason why defense is more important than offense. We were just bad all around this year, and I'd love love to see us invest well into the side of the ball that automatically has the most potential because Andrew Luck is playing on that side. In other words I'd be delighted with: OFFENSE Jarvis Landry- WR Andrew Norwell- OG Jack Mewhort- OG (I don't think his market value is going to be too high, so I think re-signing for a modest rate is likely) Carlos Hyde- RB DEF Trumaine Johnson- CB Kevin Minter- ILB Bring back Mevlin and/or Desir Probably bring back Bostic Bring us back some healthy safeties with a full off-season, get us a pass rusher in the draft, and above all a healthy Luck and I'd feel good just at looking at the early potential of us nailing this off-season.
  5. Andrew Luck to Address Media after Friday Practice

    My most fact-less, baseless, gut remark is that the guy just looks like he's working his way out of a depression. He looks mentally exhausted like he just had gone through so much pressure, thoughts, messages going through his mind. But his time in Europe seems to have potentially done just as much for his mind as it has physically. My other thoughts were that he said a few weird things (not rare our favorite awkward QB). Such as his comment about not being able to see the positive in anything in early December. He could be referencing so many things, but it makes you wonder what aspects he's really referring too.
  6. The good news is that 3-4 of these guys would probably be an upgrade over Moncrief, so if they hit the market, I'd be very happy to see the team going knocking. Much like the draft, I prefer value/quality over need in FA and this is a good WR free agency class!
  7. I don't usually think interviews occur until the season is over due to a general understanding that coaching candidates are often still under obligation to continue coaching for their current teams. So I see no reason to clean house just yet. It would just seems like a fruitless statement firing at this point. But who knows, I guess.
  8. 2nd Half

    Yep, just in time for us to go 8-8. xD
  9. Vontae Davis

    Heh heh
  10. Division Opponents

    Texans definitely look like they are bouncing back to a better form. But regardless, I'm just excited for the possibility to come out of tonight with the division still all tied up. Do what we can to give Luck the best shot to make something of this season. Very tough game tonight, but I gotta be optimistic!
  11. Amazing how talent all of the sudden makes a good coach.

    Of all the firings we had since Chuck Manusky was the one that I felt the least confident in. He was rarely given any talent to work with and STILL had some really good defensive games. There is a different between bad schemes and bad talent and we all remember how poor our run defense alwayd was, how our linebackers and secondary can't defend the pass... Not saying it was a a huge mistake getting rid of him or anything, but I would have liked to see what he could do with personnel who get the job done and at least a couple more actual playmakers.
  12. I feel like this is just such a tough question to answer because I feel like we just won't see the improvement much this year. Most guys need years to gel and develop, so I can at least say that I like that our defense got way younger and had a little more solid depth. What is lacking feels like good starters. But that is why this year is key. We got a lot of young guys on reasonable contracts, so I feel now we just need to add playmakers in the draft and are enough off in cap room to re-sign our top dogs and have some left over to add a guy or two to start and a few more to compete. I hope next year we go hard after pash rush and the trenches. I have to believe next year is the year we finally get a much needed young pass rusher. But the season always has a way of exposing holes we didnt know where there. I wouldn't be surprised to see myself begging for an O-line upgrade in the first for next year.
  13. 2018?

    I feel like like there are some very passionate arguements, strongly weighing on one side or the other in this thread. Personall I think the AFC is easily the most competitive, up-for-grabs division this season. To belittle someone for having a different opinion on who will end up on top just seems absurd. Each of these teams like quote improved and we finished 3rd last year, so I'm not crowning us AFC South champions until I see it coming into fruition. I'm going to try to lean on the classic, "With (a healthy) Andrew Luck, all things are possible," mantra.
  14. Dorsett a trade target?

    Agreed. I was about to say, am I the only one who still thinks he has time to prove himself? It's not like he hasn't shown up on the scoreboard. Maybe hasn't met expectations, but still deserves time to grow, imo.