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  1. I, more than anything, just want to see some consistency. Since the Luck era we seem to never be able to string together major wins in clear fashion. One week we blow out a team, the next week we tank. I want this team to be more well-rounded!
  2. LOL my thoughts exactly! The only phrase I can think of right now is "Now... how does that make you feel? "
  3. A lot of talent there for sure, but the risk is almost a bit too much for me to swallow. 3 guys with injury and/or character concerns. Yikes! I hope they would pan out, but if not then we are in trouble. I guess it depends on what the organization thinks of these guys.
  4. Yes, unless the 12th best player in the draft falls to us, which doesn't seem too implausible.
  5. He was still like a 6th rounder who made quite a few big plays. Maybe I give him you much credit, but I'll always think he beat out my expectations.
  6. Hilton, no brainer. Enjoy the draft and scouting stuff, but I'll admit that I barely knew who he was. I give Grigson a lot of credit for not only recognizing the talent and drafting Hilton, but also trading up to get him. Brazil was a great WR pick up that year too. It's a shame he ruined his career with off-field issues.
  7. Joe Mixon is an absolute perplexing case. He could go anywhere from the 1sr round to umdrafted. My gut tells me he is fine before the end of the 2nd round though. Someone will have faith in him.
  8. We are a lot younger and our depth looks to be in place. Now to just draft our starters over the next couple years!
  9. At pick 15 Foster Reddick Conley Lamp With trade back McKinley Harris Davis Humphrey Obi Ramczyk
  10. No pass rush in the draft and don't take a corner until the 4th, and while he's a talented one, he smaller and would be nicer to have as a slot guy or possible shift to FS. He's just not the answer to the gaping hole we have at CB...
  11. Like a ton of others have said, picking Lamp will feel a lot like picking Kelly last year. It's not an exciting pick, but he looks like a sure thing and protecting Luck is obviously still most important.
  12. Overall I just move how we built a solid depth and competition on defense, but as far as specific players go, I'll have to say Aiken. I like Moncreif but Aiken has a chance to make a big splash too.
  13. Gosh, I mean i really would love to see us take care of some defensive stuff in the first two picks, but I can't really argue the talent level we'd be getting out of him even as a second rounder. The guy would be going in the top 10 if he hadn't made the mistake he did. A true 3-down back with all-pro potential. Talk about taking pressure off Luck. Still there are promising backs in the mid-late rounds. Lbers and secondary for our first 3 picks please!
  14. This is just exciting for obvious reasons. Hankins is a true upgrade at a below average position of need. We can't fix everything in one draft, but this will certainly give us one less thing that needs fixed. I'm a bit giddy because there is just bound to be good LBers availbe in rounds 1 and 2 and good secondary guys through round 3. Anything can happen, but I feel like we are primed to be taking those positions across the first 3 rounds.
  15. Such an weird comedy that was... good premise though.

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