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  1. Moving the Chain is my favorite football talk show. period. Radio or TV. That said, the idea makes zero sense. Why would we do the trading back only to move back up? You can tell Jim just kind of had an idea that he wanted to stir the pot by having the Colts take a QB early. Both are known for having a bit of fun in their mock drafts, especially Jim, but this is a bit much. haha. Kinda throws off the whole draft when you throw out a homer so early.
  2. I really like Fitzpatrick and a lot of pundits I respect seem to as well so I have never seen a reason to not put him up there with those guys.
  3. Browns are in such a win win situation, it's crazy. They can get either Darnold and Chubb or Darnold and Barkley... geez. What a draft they are in store for...
  4. funktacious2

    Trade down again and take McGlinchy

    O-line. Stop ignoring the o-line... see how this isn't so black and white?
  5. funktacious2

    Colts sign Eric Ebron (merge)

    I'm not sure why People are labelling Ebron as a TE2. He has every opportunity to take the TE1 role from Doyle IMO.
  6. funktacious2

    LB Korey Toomer visiting Colts today

    Very well said draft wise, but if comparing plans, Grigson was still pretty active in signing or trading for some pretty notable players. But, in fairness, after going 11-5 in his first season, it's reasonable that he went into free agencies going for a championship after that.
  7. funktacious2

    Unpopular Draft Strategy

    Ah. The more you know. Good position to "rebuild" then.
  8. funktacious2

    Unpopular Draft Strategy

    What's the difference?
  9. funktacious2

    Unpopular Draft Strategy

    I think we have a good means to retool even if we stay where we are. We won't upgrade everything, but FA isn't over... we'll patch some stuff up. 4 picks in the first 2 rounds and an early 3rd is looking mighty nice if the plan for our future is really to rebuild our home-grown base.
  10. Chubb and Nelson were still probably the pretty obvious top candidates. They are blue chip players at positions that greatly need upgraded. I would argue that edge rusher is a more valuable position, but considering our continual woes on the o-line, the case for Nelson is very strong. For now I give the edge to Chubb since there is a chance we can get some great guards in the early 2nd or late 1st if we trade up. I don't think however, we are going to find an amazing edge rusher in the second or beyond, someone great maybe, but probably nobody elite. You would not see me upset if we picked Fitzpatrick, though. Anyone else, and I'd probably rather we trade back with the Bills and gather more picks... because oh my god we have so many holes.
  11. funktacious2

    tvturner's Mock #5

    I guess this works in a hypothetical situation where the Bills decide they don't really want to participate in the 2018 NFL Draft. Teasing aside, I do like the selections, I just have a hard time believing the Bills would offer us that much (even with us shipping pick 104). Again, no problems with the selections themselves, it's just a bit of a lofty "What if" even for a mock draft.
  12. funktacious2

    Saying it for weeks

    I'm pretty sure he said that last year and still made a decent splash. I don't expect a bunch of big names, but we do have money to spend, so i'm sure we'll spend it.
  13. Nobody likes a devil's advocate, but I gotta say... the Pats have a pretty solid track record of letting good or above average players walk. It's part of why they have such long term success. They draft fairly well and develop players well, so they can afford to save money by letting players walk. Something tells me they won't really care so much when/if Butler walks. It's a fun narrative, though.