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  1. As others have said, I'd much rather have Lamp, he's much more of a game changer in my opinion. I think he is just about a sure thing as Kelly was. I know we are all optimistic about Clark and Heag, but if one of those two guys goes down next year, I'm feeling like crying just thinking about how we are replacing them. Protecting our best player should still be our top objective.
  2. I don't think anything Ballard has done in FA is indicative of what we are going to do in the draft. We can speculate all we want, but I think what he's done so far can spell a few different things. Maybe he's leaving CB weak because he knows it's a good draft for CBs, or maybe he just got rid of Robinson because he played bad and wasn't worth the contract? Maybe the signings are just a way to try and get as much depth and competiton all around? Maybe we plan to just go truly BPA? Maybe it's a mix of all these things? There are so many theories we can talk about. I just don't think we can truly know how this man drafts until... well, you know... he drafts. That being said, whether it is his plan or not, I think outside of needing a corner pretty bad, I think he's set us up well enough that I could care less about most positions we draft or where we draft them. As long as the player can be a game changer, I'm happy!
  3. Exactly. The only thing I can think of is a team trading up to get the pick of their favorite OT. I've actually seen Ramcyck ranked around 15 from some top sites. Still doesn't seem likely but it would be nice. Denver needs Tackles and has some picks to spare.
  4. Right, and we are weakest at secondary. There couldn't be a much better draft to try and restock the position!
  5. Pretty intriguing mock. I love the aid to our secondary and the inside linebacker core, two of our biggest weaknesses. No pass rushers, but we can't fix everything. I also would prefer our pick of the pass catching-capable backs in the 4th round, but I can't complain too much. This should improve us this year and sets us up really well for the future.
  6. I think it'should pretty sensible. But I'd just go ahead and pass on Jones in the 3rd. Superb talent, but we could use a 3rd rounder who can possibly start this year. If he'said still there in the 4th, I would not hesistate.
  7. My gut tells me it won't be too flashy. Something boring but practical like: 1. Forrest Lamp OG 2. Jarrad Davis ILB 3. Akhello Witherspoon CB I wouldn't complain much. They're all needs and decent values at those picks.
  8. I'm pretty impressed outside of Peppers as the top Safety, otherwise I thought the rankings were great!
  9. Not sure how this can be a bad thing. It's doubtful it's anything but a cheap 1 year deal. More competition is good. I don't know why everyone thinks our WR group is so set. When TY gets taken out of the game or is injured, our other guys just sometimes disappear. Moncrief even is great in the red zone but kinda average across the rest of the field. I'd be content if this is all we have going into next year, but I'm not going to oversell us either.
  10. I'm just so delighted to have some young competiton. This free agency has shaped up so nicely to allow us to go closer to pure BPA... except for CB... gotta get a cornerback. xD
  11. Very fair point and it does have me rethinking it. My choice came down to a thinking which was that, for a guard, I felt getting Asiata there would be a great value, and we could still use more depth on the o-line, but in hindsight that 3rd round pick could definitely be used to find an immediate upgrade rather than a depth/competition pick.
  12. Fair concern. My issue with edge rusher is that everywhere the Colts draft naturally in this draft I just don't like the value of the edge rushers there. It's still a pretty big need, yes, but at least for now, i'm going to try and take the approach that it's going to take a couple years to get our defense where it needs to be. I think there will be a good value OLB in the second available, but round two is magic land for CBs and I don't think we should miss out on that since we didn't address getting a starting caliber corner at all in FA. UNLESS we try to package some picks or give away future picks to move up into the early 3rd where I believe a starting caliber CB will fall. Lastly, I think Reddick can be capable of rushing inside or out so it's not like this draft doesn't address pass rush at all at least.
  13. 1. Hassan Reddick (ILB/OLB)- I like him as a potential 3-down type ILB, who can also be moved all over the place to help with pass rush. 2. Gareon Conley (CB) - One of Conley, Moreau, Awuzie, Wilson, K. King will be there and I'd take any of them. That's a great feeling... 3. Isaac Isiata (OG)- We need a guard and this guy seems like a great value option. Very strong, and has raves for his on-field effort and work ethic. 4. Marlon Mack (RB)- The best chance at a 3 down back we're probably going to get this late. I like Perine and some others, but Mack has won me over today. 4. George Kittle (TE)- Very exciting prospect to add to our TE group. 4. John Johnson (S)- Still seems weird he's projected this low but whatever. Solid prospect who seems like he has the polish to possibly go in an usurp Green's role year 1. 5. Elijah Lee (ILB)- The right kind of raw prospect you hope to find a good value in at this point in the draft. He's got the size and speed to do the job, has solid tackling skills and showed coverage potential. I would love to bring this guy in to continue beefing up our LB core with depth and potential.
  14. I like Basham, but would prefer Lawson or maybe someone else, minor nitpick. I also am not a Jaleel Johnson fan. The rest of the draft is great!

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