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  1. 2nd Half

    Yep, just in time for us to go 8-8. xD
  2. Vontae Davis

    Heh heh
  3. Division Opponents

    Texans definitely look like they are bouncing back to a better form. But regardless, I'm just excited for the possibility to come out of tonight with the division still all tied up. Do what we can to give Luck the best shot to make something of this season. Very tough game tonight, but I gotta be optimistic!
  4. Amazing how talent all of the sudden makes a good coach.

    Of all the firings we had since Chuck Manusky was the one that I felt the least confident in. He was rarely given any talent to work with and STILL had some really good defensive games. There is a different between bad schemes and bad talent and we all remember how poor our run defense alwayd was, how our linebackers and secondary can't defend the pass... Not saying it was a a huge mistake getting rid of him or anything, but I would have liked to see what he could do with personnel who get the job done and at least a couple more actual playmakers.
  5. I feel like this is just such a tough question to answer because I feel like we just won't see the improvement much this year. Most guys need years to gel and develop, so I can at least say that I like that our defense got way younger and had a little more solid depth. What is lacking feels like good starters. But that is why this year is key. We got a lot of young guys on reasonable contracts, so I feel now we just need to add playmakers in the draft and are enough off in cap room to re-sign our top dogs and have some left over to add a guy or two to start and a few more to compete. I hope next year we go hard after pash rush and the trenches. I have to believe next year is the year we finally get a much needed young pass rusher. But the season always has a way of exposing holes we didnt know where there. I wouldn't be surprised to see myself begging for an O-line upgrade in the first for next year.
  6. 2018?

    I feel like like there are some very passionate arguements, strongly weighing on one side or the other in this thread. Personall I think the AFC is easily the most competitive, up-for-grabs division this season. To belittle someone for having a different opinion on who will end up on top just seems absurd. Each of these teams like quote improved and we finished 3rd last year, so I'm not crowning us AFC South champions until I see it coming into fruition. I'm going to try to lean on the classic, "With (a healthy) Andrew Luck, all things are possible," mantra.
  7. Dorsett a trade target?

    Agreed. I was about to say, am I the only one who still thinks he has time to prove himself? It's not like he hasn't shown up on the scoreboard. Maybe hasn't met expectations, but still deserves time to grow, imo.
  8. TJ Green at CB

  9. Pagano ranked as best HC in AFCS

    I've been among some who has tried not to give Pagano such a hard time. There are some areas I won't make excuses for, but otherwise I've had a ton of sympathy for never getting the pieces he needs to play the football he preaches. He wants a good running game? We have a terrible O-line during tenure. We want to build a better defense? Our FA and draft picks on defense largely fall very flat. I know that the best coaches find ways to win games with what cards they were dealt so I can only make excuses so much. But the guy has not had a losing season yet. His game management though? Ugh.
  10. Cut Day (90 to 53)

    Agreed. It will make speculating the final rosters much more interesting!
  11. Colts Color Rush Announced

    I'm sad because Andrew probably didn't actually throw any footballs in those promo shots. T_T
  12. Jonathan Hankins interesting comment..

    From a guy who concerned me a bit with all his "high balling" free agency rumors, I'm very please to hear his confidence! I hope he really plans to come in and do work. We have a winning culture. We've been really disappointed in this team that last couple years, but there are a lot of teams who wish they could even scratch 8-8 most seasons. Let's get back to the top where we belong. I'm most happy to hear about the winning mentality he's seeing. I have to think most of the team, even the veterans, think of this as a wonderful opportunity to start over and make this team into something special again. Ballard on paper put together a stellar off-season. Let's see it start to translate onto the field!
  13. ESPN Power Rankings - Colts at 19

    I thought the ranking looked bad, but a lot of teams above us seem reasonable to be there without knowing what we really have.
  14. Colts 2017 Draft Class

    I don't know if we will know for a while or ever what the real deciding factor was is Grigson getting fires, but I'd make a guess that despite Grigson's promising effort to improve the O-line in his last year, the defense was just so desolate. There were a few GM candidates available with good backgrounds in building defenses. I think in the end Irsay felt it was best to take the opportunity to do something fresh.